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“Oh my god, Nick, what is that?” I heard Marlo’s voice say as I startled awake. I could feel my blind step-sister’s hand on my morning wood through my pajamas.

I struggled out of sleep and up in the bed, and then brusquely brushed Marlo’s left hand off from where it was resting, on my very hard six and a half-inch cock.

“Fuck!” I cried, “What the hell are you doing!”

“You overslept. I was just trying to wake you up to tell you that breakfast is ready.”

My sister Marlo is a 19-year old brunette with medium-length hair who is sensitive about her looks, although I think she’s beautiful in her own goofy way. Her front teeth stick out a bit, because she refused to get braces, and her blind brown eyes look, well, blind. But she has a nice and rather curvy figure, and she’s definitely cute. And at 5 feet 9 inches she’s kind of tall, although thank goodness I’m an inch taller.

Anyway, she was sitting on the edge of my bed, herself still in her flannel nightie that revealed some of the shape of her medium breasts with their nipples poking the fabric. She’s been blind from birth, and had been adopted by my parents when they didn’t think they could have kids—and then the next year I was born.

“Was I touching your penis?” Marlo said, and then covered her mouth in a pantomime of surprise.

Her performance would not have won an Academy Award.

I’m sure she knew she was touching my cock, and since I was really soundly asleep she might have had her hand on my erection for maybe a minute or more before I woke up. But you need to be careful about teasing a blind girl, and possibly she had accidentally— without being able to see what she was doing—put her hand on my crotch, and then she was maybe too shocked by my erection to move her hand away? Didn’t seem entirely likely.

Anyway, Marlo couldn’t see me blush, and actually this wasn’t the first time she’d touched me there. When we play-wrestled she’d sometimes win by at key moments putting one of her hands on semi-erect cock saying, “What’s this?” And I’d get distracted and let her go and say, “Stop that!” as she still clutched my hardening penis—and then she would pin me. But I think this was the first time she’d touched my cock when I was completely hard.

“No!” I said with a sigh, “You pervert. You were touching my pajamas.”

“But what was that hard, warm thing under your pajamas?” Marlo said, and laughed.

“Uh…It’s just a toy I sleep with,” I said grimly, in what was an obvious lie, but which I hoped would put her off since clearly we were already on dangerous ground, just one day after our parents had left on their two-week trip to Europe.

But Marlo was clearly in a mood for some reason to push it, and to my amazement she said with mock innocence, “Oh, can I play with your toy?”

And then she started reaching back to my still hard morning erection.

“No!” I said in shock, and swatted her hand away again. What had gotten into her? I finally realized that it was because Mom and Dad were gone. And suddenly there was part of me that wanted to call her bluff and let her touch me there if she wanted to, but having been swatted away twice she seemingly was ready to give up for the moment.

“Touchy, touchy,” Marlo said, and then added in a matter-of-fact way, “Anyway, breakfast is ready. Come on out and eat it before it gets cold. I made eggs.”

I wondered if maybe I had I been blowing things out of proportion, and imagining things, in my sleep-addled mind.

“Okay. Thanks sis,” I said, a little confused, “I’ll be there in a minute.”

With that Marlo got up and expertly guided herself without the use of a cane out of my bedroom and back to the dining room. We kept the house clean so she wouldn’t trip, and she only needed to use a cane when walking outside.

Often I jerked off first thing in the morning, but locking myself in the bathroom for that didn’t seem like a good idea at the moment (that would take a little while, and her sense of hearing was good), so I just brushed my teeth, managed to pee once my stiffy had gone down, washed my hands, and then came out to the dining room.

Marlo cooking eggs was really a nice accomplishment. Of course blind people can cook, but it’s not easy. We have a special stove and ingredients in special containers that help make this possible.

Anyway, I wanted to show Marlo that I appreciated her work, and also that I was not upset about the “erection touching episode,” as I was already thinking of it, and so I said as I saw the nice breakfast of scrambled eggs cooked with white cheddar cheese and pepper like I like it, toast with butter, and grapefruit, “Wow, thanks Lo,” which is a nick-name I sometimes use for her. And I added, “This looks and smells great!”

“Thanks! Nothing’s too good for my little bro,” Marlo said, and then with a mischievous buck-toothed smile she said, “Did you bring your bedtime toy with you to the table?”

“Ha ha!,” I said, digging into the eggs, and now knowing for sure that I hadn’t imagined escort bayan things. And so I added, “Yeah, sort of, but it’s a kind of toy that can change size, and it’s smaller now.”

We obviously never talked this way around our parents. And in fact we’d never gone this far before when alone together, although some weird moments had happened between us over the years about bodies, weird sort-of flirting, and stuff.

She kept up her teasing smile and tone of voice, and said, “Your toy was kind of big before. How big would you say it is—7 inches?”

I stopped mid-bite to open my mouth in surprise that she’d said that, but then chewed and swallowed and decided to play along with her on the thin ice.

“Actually, it’s six and a half inches when it’s big.”

And in fact, as we were talking about my cock it started to get hard again, which was actually somewhat obvious as I looked down at the beginnings of a little tent in my pjs as I was sitting there—but, of course, she couldn’t see that.

“Well,” Marlo added in a joking tone of voice, “If you ever want to let me play with your six and a half inch toy, let me know.”

“What?” I said, shocked again, and laughed. But then I made an effort to keep up with what she was doing, and aded, “Okay Lo,” I said, “You’ll be the first to know. But keep this in mind. You’re not the only sibling who can sneak into the other’s bedroom when they’re asleep and…” I wasn’t sure what to say next.

“And what?” Marlo said.

“And touch someone else’s…toy,” I said awkwardly and uncertainly—and suddenly felt like I’d gone too far and felt ashamed. What was I saying to my blind step-sister?

But she said, “Go ahead! Since Mom and Dad aren’t here, I don’t care. Come in my bedroom any time you want.”

“But what if it’s the middle of the night?” I asked, shocked again by what I was saying.

Now it was Marlo’s turn to pause while eating. She looked a little surprised, but was clearly determined to appear bold.

I felt guilty in that I had the advantage that I could see her, and she couldn’t see me. But as you’ve already guessed that actually wasn’t much of an advantage.

Marlo said slowly, “As you know, our bedroom doors don’t have locks. Mom said we needed to be available for the other person at any time, day or night. And so feel free to come into my bedroom in the middle of the night, or anytime you want—to talk, touch toys, or anything you want.”

As she said this I couldn’t help but let out a little gasp of surprise. It wasn’t just what she said, but the the way that she said it, in a slightly sexy way. But since Marlo does have a lot of real toys and stuffed animals, I wondered if maybe I was leaping to conclusions. I couldn’t quite tell if she was joking or not.

Marlo smiled in victory at my stunned almost-silence, and ate another bite of her breakfast with her Cheshire cat grin.


After breakfast I did the dishes and fed the cats. We have two girl cats, Rey and Holdo, named after characters in the the Star Wars movie The Last Jedi that we like. When we watch movies together I usually describe what’s happening in each scene to Marlo as it’s happening. I’ve gotten kind of good at it, and it’s one of our special bonding things that we do together.

“Hey, you want to go to the pool?” I suddenly heard behind me.

Turning around I saw that Marlo was already in her swimsuit—a revealing dark blue bikini that I’d never seen before.

Marlo’s breasts are curvy and almost pointy, and the top of the bikini showed off her very nice cleavage. It almost looked like she was in Wonder Woman’s sexy underwear.

And her bikini bottom was rather revealing too.

“What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” Marlo said, seeming pleased at my evident surprise that she correctly perceived from another little gasp she got out of me.

“Oh my god,” I finally said, not even trying to hide my awe at Marlo’s sexy body, as I kept looking at her up and down. Lo’s other bathing suits for her whole life had been one piece ones that covered up as much as possible.

“Thanks,” Marlo said, and blushed.

“Do Mom and Dad know that you have this bikini?” I asked as I studied her bikini bottom and thought in a forbidden way about my step-sister’s cunt. This was not hard to do, because she hadn’t shaved and quite a number of pussy hairs were outside of the bikini—making it almost seem that you were already looking at a little of Marlo’s black-haired pussy.

“No. Rachel got it for me as a present, and dared me to wear it once Mom and Dad left.”

“Ah, Rachel, now I understand,” I said.

“Rachel says hi to you, by the way,” Marlo said, adding, “And she probably wouldn’t want me to say this to you, but she thinks you’re tall, dark, handsome, and nice.”

“What?!” I said.

Rachel was Marlo’s sighted friend, and actually a stunningly beautiful blond woman with a weird sense of humor and an equally hot body that was even more voluptuous than Lo’s. Rachel altıparmak escort bayan was way out of my league, but she had kindly responded in a mild way to my pathetic attempts to flirt with her when she came over to see Marlo.

“I can’t believe Rachel said that—although her saying ‘nice’ is really the kiss of death. But anyway, she didn’t actually see you in this bikini, right?” I added.

“No,” Marlo blushed, and said, “Why? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, You look great. You are really beautiful in that, Lo. Only, it’s kinda like seeing my sister in her undies.”

“But you think I’m beautiful?” Marlo said, with a tone of vulnerability.

“Oh yeah,” I said, not being a cruel person. Marlo and I do like to tease each other, but actually we’ve almost always gotten along really well, and we really do love each other. And we do try to boost each other’s confidence. And Marlo was beautiful, especially in that bikini—in a buck-toothed and blind way.

I said sincerely, “You are really beautiful in that, but there’s just one thing…”

Marlo said, “What?”

“I don’t know how to say this without just coming out and saying it, but some of your…vagina hairs are outside of your bikini.”

“Vagina hairs!” Marlo said and laughed, “Is that what you call them? I know where your teenage mind is buddy!” and she laughed again, finally adding, “They’re pubic hairs!” And then laughed some more.

“Yeah, pubic hair! Sorry” I said, turning red with embarrassment and laughing too.

But she was embarrassed as well, and finally said, a few seconds after our real but awkward laughter died down, “Mom usually shaves me there. But she forgot to before she left. It’s kind of delicate for a blind person. Would you do it?”

“Me?” I said, hesitating, and then as she looked downcast I added, “If you want me to, sure, but shouldn’t we get Rachel or another one of your women friends to do something like that?”

“Rachel’s away on a trip too for the next couple of days. And all my other friends are blind.”

“Oh. OK. Sure. I do shave myself, and so I guess that’s something that’s in my skill set, but…”

“But?” Marlo said, “You’re going to chicken out? A while ago you were going to come visit me in the middle of the night, and now you can’t even help me with a little grooming?”

“No! I…uh,” I said, suddenly realizing it was probably rude and stupid not to do this, or to make a bigger deal of it than it was, and so I finally blurted out, “Sure! If you want me to do it, let’s do it! Shall we go to the bathroom?”

“Yeah, good idea,” Marlo said, and so we both walked in there.

In a little while she was, at her suggestion, positioned on the closed toilet with her legs apart, and I was down on my knees, with my face less than a foot away from my step-sister’s pussy. Yes, she had a bikini on, but it was maybe the closest my face had ever been to a woman there.

Since I was a somewhat shy 18-year old virgin, with almost no experience, I was trembling a little and couldn’t help myself from breathing a bit hard as I was right next to my sister’s crotch, holding what she’d given me—a small can of women’s shaving gel in my left hand, and a women’s razor in my right.

“You seem a little nervous, Ben. I can feel you breathing on me. It’s ok. I think you’ll do fine. Let me get a little closer to you and spread my legs more apart so that you can see better.”

And as she said that she spread her legs wide apart and scooted toward me on the toilet until my left hand was actually touching the middle of her warm bikini clad pussy—which, after a second of shock, I pulled away.

“Sorry!” I said.

“No worries!” She said, laughing at my nervousness. She was clearly calmer about this than I was, and added, “I think you might need to touch my bikini sometimes as you shave my vagina hair.”

“Ha ha!” I said, “very funny. You’re not going to let me forget that I said that.”

“Nope,” she said, and laughed again and then smiled in her buck-toothed way that I find so adorable.

But suddenly I got really serious, because I didn’t want to make a mistake. I decided to try to start with her left inner thigh, which was indeed right next to the swelling mounds of her pussy.

I said, “Okay, I’m going to rub a little bit of your shaving gel around this area”—and in my nervousness I was pointing in a way tgat she obviously couldn’t see.

“What area?” Marlo said.

“Sorry. This area,” I said, and then slowly and gently rubbed my index finger up and down on her pubic hair of her left inner thigh, just where her bikini started.

“Oh, that tickles,” Marlo said, and giggled and squirmed a little.

“Sorry,” I said, realizing how tricky this was going to be, and then I added, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.” I had been enjoying almost touching Marlo’s pussy.

“Why not?” Marlo asked, suddenly seeming like her feelings were hurt, “What you did only tickled a little. It actually nilüfer eskort felt kinda good.”

“Well,” I said, deciding to confess a little of what I was feeling and thinking, “I am your step brother, but I’m also an 18-year old guy. You’re my blind step-sister, but you’re also a pretty woman whose privates I’m kind of almost touching. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you Lo, and I hope you trust me, but…” I was suddenly feeling like we were both getting very vulnerable here to an epic mistake.

“I do trust you, Nick. Completely. You should know that. Keep going.”

“Well, Okay,” I said, with some hesitancy, because I wan’t sure I could completely trust myself.

Getting back to the task, and looking again at Marlo’s pubic hair that was outside of her bikini, I suddenly realized something else, and said, “And, Marlo, well, now that I think of it and am seeing the situation…up close, there is something else, and this will probably change your mind about me doing this.”

“What is it now?” Marlo said, a bit exasperated.

“Well, if you really want me to do a good job, so that no pubic hair is visible when you wear this bikini, I think you might need to be shaved wearing something that’s a little smaller than this bikini.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” Marlo said, “Mom usually just does it when I’m nude.”

“Well then,” I said with both relief and regret, “clearly we need to just wait for Mom to get back from the trip,” and then I started struggling to get myself up from the confined space I was in between the bathtub and my sister’s crotch.

“No, silly!” Marlo said, “Don’t give up so easily. I’ll just put on some undies that will make it easier. I’ll be right back.”

I sighed, finished getting up and let her by, and then waited myself on the closed toilet for Marlo to get back. I heard her in her next-door bedroom open her dresser drawer, take out some undies, and then I could barely hear her taking off her bikini bottoms and putting on some underwear.

Marlo walked back into the bathroom, spread her arms out to present herself, and said, “Ta da! Will these work? They are some slightly small undies I have.”

She was in a pair of white undies that seemed a bit small for her, for they revealed a bit more of her pubic hair, and they slightly hugged the form of her pussy mounds.

“Oh! Sure. Let’s try!” I said. Clearly she was determined to do this.

I was accepting that while our parents were gone Marlo wanted to show off for her brother, and maybe get some human contact along with the grooming. Fair enough. Go with flow, I told myself. Marlo had often confessed to me that she was lonely, even though she had some friends. But she’d never had a serious boyfriend.

I got up and we awkwardly moved around each other as she again assumed the position of spreading her legs wide for me on the closed toilet.

I was somewhat turned on, but also somewhat successfully controlling it at that moment, because mainly I wanted to be careful. But I noticed that right at the center of her widely spread legs there was a tiny damp spot on her white undies, which I realized must have come from her vagina. Was she getting excited too?

Ignoring that, I said, “Ok, I’m going to rub in the shaving gel.”

I already had a little gob of the clearish shaving gel and a little bit of water from the sink, and I started slowly rubbing it into her inner thigh, right next to her pussy.

She squirmed a little as I did this, but then almost purred, saying, “That feels nice, Nick. A little tickly, but nice.”

“Good, I’m glad.” I didn’t dare say that I was enjoying basically touching around my sister’s pussy. My cock clearly was enjoying it too, because as I was doing this it went from a semi to a minute or so later straining and throbbing with hardness in my undies in my PJs. I knew what I had to do as soon as I got done trimming Marlo’s pussy.

“Okay,” I said, again very serious, “now I’m going to start shaving this side, and so stay very still.”

“I will,” she said. And she did.

I did sometimes need touch a little of the side of her cunt through her underwear with one hand, as I shaved with the other. I could hear Marlo’s breath start to get a little faster as I was delicately touching in different places that side of her pussy mound with my fingers. I also had to rinse the razor in the sink as I shaved her, and that in turn got bits of water on her white undies, which slowly made the undies damp. This slowly made her hairy cunt underneath undies more visible.

When I wasn’t shaving I stole peeks of Marlo’s spread pussy through her increasingly wet underwear. My cock continued to strain with hardness, and I eventually I thought I could sense some pre cum oozing out of the head of my throbbing erection.

“Ok, now I’m going to massage your other side,” I said, making a Freudian slip.

For once Marlo didn’t make a teasing comment.

And so I started to do that, gently massaging the little bit of shaving gel around the other side of my sister’s pussy, and even a little onto her pussy mound, in a gentle but thorough way—maybe a little too thorough.

“Mmmm,” she said, as this went on a little longer than for the other side, “that feels good.” And then she added, “I hope you’re enjoying yourself a little too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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