Marlene and the Biker

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Note: This is a story about adult sexual activity and is intended for adults only. Everyone in this story was over eighteen at the time the described events took place. While the events in this story are based on true experiences some names have been changed and times have been compressed for this format. The events took place decades prior to the current epidemic of STDs therefore the practice of safe sex was not at issue.


Even before we were married, Will and I enjoyed sharing stories of our previous sexual encounters; going into great detail about how it happened and what we enjoyed about having sex someone else almost always led to our having great sex afterwards.

While it excited me to listen to Will tell me about wooing and bedding some other girl, it was difficult for me to share such personal information at first but, eventually, I was able to overcome my reluctance, especially after a glass of wine or two.

One evening after dinner I refilled our wine glasses as we began to clean up the kitchen. We sipped our wine and chatted about our day as we went about our chores.

“Do you remember my Aunt Ruth who came to our wedding?” I asked Will

“Yes, she’s the one from upstate New York. A police woman I think.”

“That’s the one, she’s a police dispatcher. Today I was thinking back to when I visited her after my high school graduation; it’s hard to believe it was fourteen years ago. Anyway, I thought you might like to hear about my experience there.”

Will chuckled, “You know I love hearing about your youthful indiscretions.”

“Well, as a graduation present, she sent me a train ticket and invited me to visit her; she promised to take me to New York City to see a play and to shop.”

Will and I moved into the den with our wine glasses and curled up on one of the sofas. It was not my intention to describe my entire trip in detail but rather to tell him about something we both loved hearing about and telling about-having sex with someone else. I began my story:

The trip was my first train trip alone; it lasted more than twenty-four hours. About ten o’clock the first night porters began passing out blankets and pillows for everyone then the lights were dimmed. I was sitting alone since there were not many people in my car; I let the seat back, pulled my legs up, and spread my blanket over me.

A young college aged couple sat across the aisle from me. The man sat with his back to the window and the girl curled up against him in a spoon fashion facing me; she smiled at me and wiggled against her partner. I pretended to close my eyes but I could see enough to know that the man’s hands, even covered by the blanket, were moving over her body, finally settling near her crotch; she began to move her hips slowly against him. I could hear their heavy breathing across the aisle; there was more hand movement under the blanket, the girl lifted her hips slightly off the seat, and the hands moved down her legs leaving an imprint of her panties around her thighs.

She stretched out her hand to the arm rest for leverage and pushed her body against her partner. I opened my eyes for just a moment; I saw the same look on the girl’s face that I imagine I have the instant a hard cock is pushed into the wet folds of my pussy. The girl opened her eyes and we immediately made contact; she smiled and closed her eyes again.

I moved a hand under my blanket, my fingers settled on the damp crotch of my panties as I continued to watch the scene unfolding just a few feet away; my fingers moved over the nylon fabric made slick by the juices flowing from my well. I pressed my middle finger into the folds of my vulva to spread the slick, natural lubricant over my clitoris. I wondered where the man’s fingers were; were they slick from her juices as well?

I laid my hand on Will’s crotch to make sure he was enjoying my story; he was.

By then the couple had given up all pretense of being discrete. The man was thrusting hard against the girl, the blanket had partially slipped off; I could see the girl’s panties around her thighs and a thick patch of pubic hair across her pubic mound, both were moaning; they were well on their way to an orgasm and I was about to join them.

I let my blanket slip down exposing my open legs, my fingers worked feverishly over the wet crotch of my panties; the fornicating couple across the aisle took notice. The girl and I stared into each other’s faces but there were no smiles exchanged, only looks of intense pleasure.

A few minutes later the girl reached down and pulled her panties up; I knew the man’s semen was oozing from her pussy and into her panties. I was so jealous.

I adjusted my blanket, closed my eyes, and thought about the many times I stood in the shadows of the bathroom that adjoined my parent’s bedroom and masturbated as I watched them have sex but, this was a very different and arousing experience. The train car was very public; anyone could walk by at any time, the fornicators were complete strangers to me, and for the first time I shared the very private and personal act of pleasuring Şanlıurfa Escort myself with others. The experience expanded my sexuality immensely, adding to my proclivity for being somewhat of a voyeur and exhibitionist.

Aunt Ruth met me at the train station the next evening; we had a wonderful time getting caught up on family gossip, walking around the town, and meeting her friends. As promised, later in the week we took the train into the city, saw a Broadway play, and shopped at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s; a real treat for a small town, southern girl.

During my visit I noticed that several times a day a large, bearded man rode his loud motor cycle down the drive way adjacent to Aunt Ruth’s lawn. When I asked about him she would reply, “Oh, that’s just Burley Bill.” She seemed reluctant to say more.

Burly Bill was by far the most interesting person I met. His nick name described him perfectly, he was a big, barrel-chested, biker type in his forties; he had long grayish, red hair plaited in a pig tail that hung down his back, and a full beard of the same color. Tattoos adorned his upper body, a heavy, gold ring hung from one of his ears.

He was a welder by trade but you could also see examples of his impressive metal art work around town. His house was a two story building with a garage and shop beneath his living quarters tucked in some trees behind Aunt Ruth’s house; his driveway ran along her property line. During the day you could hear metal being hammered, cut, and ground by high speed grinders.

One afternoon Aunt Ruth and I were in the yard picking flowers when Bill stopped by on his motor cycle.

“Hey Ruth, I see you have company. Is this your niece from Florida?”

“Yes, this is Marlene and you had better behave yourself around her.” My aunt said to him with a smile.

Bill laughed, “Now Ruth, you know what a gentleman I am around young ladies.”

I was a bit taken aback by the leering looks he gave me from top to bottom and pretty disgusted by his animal like looks; he had hands that were more like paws than hands and looked as though they had never been completely clean. He had a sweaty, grungy biker look about him.

The last afternoon of my visit I was out in the yard admiring the flowers while Aunt Ruth was working the second shift at the police station; I heard the sound of Burly Bill’s loud motor cycle roar down the driveway. I was standing close to the driveway so I waved as he approached, just to be friendly. He slowed down and rolled to a stop with his engine still making its loud grumbling sound; I could feel the vibrations of the engine in my body from several feet away. I had to put my fingers to my ears until he turned off the engine.

“Hi Sweetheart, how’s your visit going?”

When he spoke his deep voice was gravelly but soft. I was both repulsed and fascinated by him; I had never been that close to a man that big, a man that animal like. He wore large oily boots, too tight jeans, and an open front, sleeveless denim jacket with chains. His hairy chest, stomach, and arms displayed tattoos of snakes, skulls, and half-naked women. He was disgusting yet my nipples immediately hardened and pushed against my knit top; I was certain Bill took notice of them by the way he looked me over.

My mind was spinning but I managed to stammer out something about his “bike.”

He emphatically informed me, “Honey this ain’t no bike, it’s a hog, a Harley Davidson Hog,” Then he looked at me and asked, “You ain’t ever been on a hog before, have you?”

“No, of course not.” I replied trying to be emphatic.

“That’s a shame; it would change your life forever.”

He lifted his leg to do that kick thing to restart it.

“You come back when you are grown and I’ll take you for a ride you will never forget.”

Well, that just pissed me off so I asked him, “How do I get on this damn thing?”

I threw my leg over the back of the seat like he told me while trying to keep my skirt in place and not showing him everything I had. I placed my feet on the rear wheel pegs and took a hold of his sides as he kicked the starter.

We roared down the road; I felt the cool evening air move over my body but more than that, I felt the engine vibrations through the seat directly into my crotch. For a short while I tried to keep my skirt from blowing up and exposing my panties to everyone we passed but gave that up and let the vibrations carry me away. After several miles I complained about my feet being too hot from the pipes beneath them; Bill stopped in the middle of the country road, lifted each of my ankles, put them in his lap, then we roared down the highway again.

I could not believe what was happening to me, I knew this man, whom I found repulsive and disgusting, less than an hour yet I had my legs spread wide open and wrapped around him, my feet were close to his genitals, I was riding on some monster machine that was more like a giant sex toy than a mode of transportation. My nipples vibrated against his back causing a sexual current to surge directly to my pussy; I began to experience Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan orgasm after orgasm.

I wondered if Bill was experiencing the same sensations I was. Did the vibrations of the engine send sensations up his genitals like they were me? Was he thinking about fucking me? I cannot believe I was thinking such thoughts. Was it the “hog” that had me so turned on or was it some primal urge to fuck this animal?

I was obvious to the scenery we passed as we roared around the curves, up and down the hills, and through the woods. Soon Bill slowed down to make the turn into his drive way then sped up as he roared passed by my aunt’s house where he had picked me up less than an hour earlier; I didn’t protest. He drove into the garage beneath his apartment and turned off the engine. When he lifted his leg off the hog I was left sitting there with my skirt up, my legs wide open, and my panties soaking wet; there was even a shinny, wet spot on the seat between my legs.

He looked down at me, “Is that the first time you have had those long, pretty legs wrapped around a big sized man?”

I was caught off guard; I couldn’t get my mind and body in sync. I stammered, “I enjoyed the ride.”

I just sat there; I couldn’t move. Bill looked down at my still open legs and wet spot on the seat then laughed.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you ain’t the first woman to cream her panties on that saddle.”

Bill took my arm and supported me as I threw my leg over and moved off the seat; my mind raced, he called me a woman, he knew what I was feeling, and he knows he’s going to fuck me. I hoped my rubbery legs would hold me up.

My ass bumped into him as I stood up but he did not move back to give me room, I felt a bulge in his jeans press against me. I was trapped between this sexually aroused, animal like man and the still hot machine which had sexually aroused me; I felt his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him, grinding his bulge harder against my ass. I planted my feet and pushed my ass against him and began to move my hips; I wanted to feel more of this disgusting, animal-like man.

My breathing grew faster, my pussy started to tingle as his big hands started to move higher to my distended nipples. His rough fingers rolled them, pinched them, and pulled them, I knew there was no turning back, I knew this huge, burly man was going to fuck me and I wanted him to fuck me.

I felt his hot breath against my neck and ear, “I’m going to fuck your young, juicy cunt like you have never been fucked before.”

I wasn’t going to allow him to “take” me or over power me, I was going to be a willing and enthusiastic participant; I was going to fuck him for my pleasure.

“If you want you to fuck me, take me upstairs; I don’t want to fuck in your garage.”

I could not believe what I had just said; not only had I never talked like that to anyone but I had never had anyone to talk so vulgar to me. I guess being more than a thousand miles away from home with someone I would probably never see again gave me a certain freedom of expression, a rutting animal expression and I liked it; I liked talking dirty.

Bill followed me, his big rough hands played with my ass all the way up the stairs. Once in his apartment I unfastened my skirt and let the fall to the living room floor then began lifting off my top. Once in the bedroom I reached out to unbuckle Bill’s belt and pants. I wanted to see what had caused the hard bulge that he had pushed against my ass in the garage. As I worked on the belt he removed his denim vest exposing his burly, hairy, tattooed chest. I unzipped his jeans, pushed them to his knees; as I reached into his jockey shorts he used each foot to push off his boots.

My hand found the cause of the bulge he had pressed against my ass, I was impressed by the way it filled my hand, I pulled it into the open; my eyes widened with surprise when I saw it. It was not long as dicks go but what it did not have in length it more than made up in girth. It was thick, uncircumcised, and dark brown in color; it had a rather menacing look about it. I pushed back the foreskin and discovered a large mushroom shaped head with a dark grayish color, not the shinny plum color I was used to.

“Are you afraid of it?”

“No, of course not; it isn’t any different than all the others I have seen.”

I lied; I had only ever seen five erect cocks and one belonged to my father and one to my brother.

I sat down on the bed and took Bill’s, also large, cod sack, that’s what country girls call balls, in one hand and his thick brown cock in the other hand; I lowered my head and began to kiss the rather ugly head and flick my tongue around its glans. I quickly realized that I recognized a very familiar aroma; Bill, the big burly, rough, tough, animal like, biker guy was wearing baby powder.

I guess, in reality, we all stray from the image we like for others to see. There I was a young, nice, small town, southern girl up North and within two hours of meeting a menacing, repulsive biker, I was sitting on a bed in only my panties Escort Şanlıurfa with him standing in front of me naked, his dick in my mouth.

I laughed and gave Will a big kiss.

After several minutes of kissing and sucking his dick he literally picked me up and threw me back on the bed like a rag doll then he yanked off my panties. There was no way I was going to allow this huge man on top of me; as soon as he got on the bed I reached out and got a good a handful of his balls then tightened my grip slightly,

“Whoa sweetheart, what are you trying to do?”

“I’m going to fuck you but I’m going to fuck you my way. Now lay down on your back. I promise you, you are in for a treat.”

He did as he was told. I looked him over carefully and wondered why I wanted to fuck him; there was absolutely nothing attractive about him, even his fat cock was ugly. I was repulsed by him yet I wanted to fuck him, a nice girl like me.

I stood up on the bed and straddled his shoulders so he could look up my legs and see my very hairy pussy. I ran a hand down my body and into the thick patch of pubic hair then opened my vulva with my fingers so he could see the glistening pink hole I wanted him to fuck. I lifted a foot to his large, hairy chest and rubbed it lightly before offering my foot to his lips.

“Kiss my foot and suck my toes then I will let you taste my sweet, juicy pussy.”

Again, he did as he was told; chills ran over my body when he twirled his tongue around and between my toes; when he had thoroughly completed the task he sat my foot down gently and lifted the other one and repeated the process. I slipped two fingers into my wet, glistening pussy then bent over to let him taste my sweet nectar.

In one swift move his hands sprung up and hit the back of my knees causing them to collapse; he caught me when my pussy was just inches from his face.

“You’re a sassy little bitch; I may just have to take you down a notch or two.”

I grabbed his ears and giggled, “Shut up and eat my pussy!”

I didn’t have to tell him twice. With his big hands on my hips he guided me to his lips and tongue; I had never experienced a bearded man eating my pussy, his beard tickled the inside of my thighs as his tongue tickled my pussy. He had just gotten started good when I lifted one of his hands to my mouth then took his large, calloused, middle finger in like it was a hard cock; when I removed it, it was covered with my saliva.

“Here, gently slip this up my ass while you eat me.”

I felt the pressure then the penetration; he stopped at his large knuckle then I felt his large thumb at the entrance of my vagina. With a gentle push I immediately felt both his large finger and thumb penetrate both of my holes. His tongue lapped at my clit and his thumb and finger worked in and out of my pussy and ass.

I rode his face like I had ridden his hog and it was producing the same results. My moans became screams as my entire body was swept away on the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I had to support myself against the wall until I could regain use of my mind and body.

I moved off of his face and fingers then bent to kiss his bearded face; the juices of my pussy saturated his beard and left my sweet aroma. I moved slowly down his body; I stopped long enough to rub the foreskin of his turgid cock over my nipples. When my nipples were down to his knees I pushed his legs wide open and began to explorer; I lifted his cod sack and kissed each small egg-sized cod before taking each one into my mouth.

Bill was a two on my scale of cock sizes; that meant the width of two of my hands from the base, the pelvic bone, to the tip of the head (my hand was three and a quarter inches wide measured across the knuckles). I did not count the foreskin since his was the first uncircumcised cock I had seen. A two was the shortest cock I had measured; my high school softball coach almost had a three, my brother, don’t ask, had a two plus but I could easily wrap my hand around both of those. When I tried to wrap my hand around Bill’s cock, there was still space between the tip of my longest finger and the tip of my thumb.

As Bill looked down at me from several propped up pillows; I looked up at him as I kissed, licked and sucked his fat cock and balls.

“You know, I love to swallow a man’s thick, hot cum. I may unload your balls and swallow your cum if you will promise to do the same after I let you fuck me. Have you ever tasted your own cum?”

Bill replied, “No, I haven’t and I don’t think I’m going to start now, besides, I’m not sure you could handle my full load.”

“Then if I cannot take your full load you won’t have to but, If I do you have to clean up the mess you leave in my pussy, deal?”

He chuckled. I didn’t care if he made the deal or not since I had already made up my mind to suck his balls dry. When I pushed back the dark foreskin it formed and even wider roll of meat around his already thick shaft. I began with my tongue then quickly moved to the engorged, ugly head; it was a mouth full but after a few minutes I was mouth fucking Bill’s fat cock. With each bob of my head I took a little more of his cock into my mouth; several times I gagged until I got my breathing in sync with bobbing my head; I quickly learned that breathing through my nose was absolutely necessary when I had that much cock in my mouth.

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