Mark’s Dilemma Ends in a Mess

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Joe’s thoughts that they may not have another romp with Jen seemed to be on point over the next few weeks. Jen and Mark were busy packing up the house and taking care of everything needed prior to their move down south. Jen did secretly video chat Karyn a couple of times as Mark was pounding her with all he had. Karyn noticed that he seemed to have excellent stamina. Still, it appeared that Jen and Mark would be headed south soon, with no repeat get together.

About a week before they were leaving, Mark came over to talk to Joe. “Hey Joe, do you play poker?”

“Not really,” Joe answered. “I know how, but I’m not much of a gambler. Why, what’s up?

“My buddies and I were to have one last poker game before I moved. Two of my friends are sick, and we can’t play with 3.” Mark continued, “truth be told, Jen is having her girlfriends over and I was hoping we could play here.”

“I suppose I could sit in, if the stakes aren’t too high, but I need to check with Karyn.” Joe answered just as Karyn walked in.

“Hey Mark, what are you two up to? What do you need to ask?”

Joe reiterated Mark’s dilemma to Karyn.

Mark added, “we really are pretty mild. We play with chips, no money. Really just an excuse to shoot the shit and drink a couple of beers.”

“Well, as long as you pack it up by 11, I’m fine with it.” Karyn agreed.

“No problem, thanks Karyn!” Mark immediately called his friends, Lee and Brian to update their plans.

The four guys were playing about an hour when Karyn came down from upstairs in her swimsuit. Joe was actually surprised that she was wearing her conservative one used for family events. Karyn stepped through the sliding door into the early darkness and out of sight.

“Like I told you before, she has a lovely ass, you lucky dude,” Mark teased Joe. Lee and Brian looked uncomfortable.

“You should know the way you pounded it that night,” Joe shot back. Now Brian and Lee looked at across the table shocked, their jaws open in surprise. “WHAT?” Yelled Brian.

Joe gave the short version of the couples’ evening together. Lee kept shaking his head saying “no shit?”

“No shit,” replied Mark. “Before I was with Jen, these two worked her over pretty good gaziantep escortlar this summer.”

“Guess I’d like to see that ass for myself,” Brian laughed.

“She’s probably naked in the pool, want me to ask her to slip back in without her suit?” Joe asked.

“No shit?” Lee and Brian said in unison.

“No shit.”

Joe headed out to the pool, “feeling naughty?”

“If I wasn’t before, your question got me started,” Karen replied. “One little comment and I’m already getting wet! Did the other guys leave? Are you and Mark getting all randy in there?”

“When you walked by, Mark made a comment about your ass, eventually we told the other two about our swap, they’re pretty randy too!” Joe snickered.

“Oh my,” Karyn replied. “All four? My fantasy come true.”

Joe wrapped Karyn’s naked body in a towel and led her inside. Without looking at the guys, he led her to the couch, set her down and unwrapped her. He was aware of movement at the table as the guys got up for a better look.

Joe paid immediate attention to Karyn’s dampening, shaved pussy. He separated her lips with his fingers, drips of her sex liquid forming on them. Joe plunged his tongue deeply into Karyn’s throbbing sex. Karyn sighed and grabbed Joe’s hair.

Joe found Karyn’s clit, wrapped his lips around it and began sucking, periodically darting his tongue out, swirling it around the sensitive organ. He knew what she liked and was focusing all of his efforts in order to get her engine from 0-100 in seconds.

Karyn’s mind was starting to narrow its focus, honing in on the pleasure rising in her loins. She did realize that there were three men undressing nearby, but she did not care at that moment as the temperature in her pussy was quickly boiling over.

The fact is she loved being an exhibitionist.

Lee, Brian and Mark stepped closer, watching as Karyn’s eyes fluttered and rolled back into her head. She was moaning as her jaw began to quiver. Soon, the quivering moved south. Her chest was rising and falling quickly as her breathing became ragged. Then seemingly from nowhere, she lost all control of her muscles. Her core and legs quivered, her hips driving upwards into Joe’s mouth, her juices filling it beyond capacity, dripping down his beard. Finally, she let out a loud groan,

“OOOooohhhh FUCK, FUCK, fuck that’s good.” As her orgasm peaked, Karyn became rigid, squeezing Joe’s head, trapping it between her legs. He continued to stimulate her sensitive lips and clit to prolong her release. Finally, she began to relax and Joe was able to move out from between her thighs.

As Karyn recovered, Joe gave the other three men some instructions. They were to take turns, but if they thought they might cum, they had to pull out and let the next guy take over until Joe told them it was OK to finish. They all agreed.

Karyn got on all fours, bent over a rectangular ottoman. Brian stepped forward. He was tall, thin and sported a full beard. He appeared to have the smallest cock of the group, but about average. Brian got down on his knees behind Karyn. He bent over and started licking the sticky cum juice from her throbbing slit. Karyn enjoyed how his beard felt, rubbing back and forth against the sensitive flesh. As Karyn’s juices started flowing heavily again, Brian got up on his knees and slid his cock into her.

Brian just started fucking Karyn with heavy, fast thrusts. He acted as if he hadn’t had sex in ages. With each stroke, he was knocking the breath out of Karyn. She thought she might cum again, but after just a couple of minutes, Brian stepped back and Mark took over, temporarily lessening her excitement.

Jen had been telling Karyn about Mark’s stamina. She was amazed how long he could fuck her, delaying his orgasm. Karyn was about to get first hand confirmation. Mark slid in, he was built like Joe so he felt familiar to her. Mark started at a slower pace than Brian. Each minute, he increased his pace, just slightly.

Within 5 minutes, Mark was pounding Karyn every bit as hard as Brian had been. As his big balls slapped Karyn’s darkened clit, Karyn knew there was no turning back this time. “OH FUCK ME MARK- FUCK ME! Oh MARK, MARK, FUUUUUCCCKKK MEEEEEEEEeee!” she screamed out as an orgasm sprung from deep in her gut and out in a shocking explosion. “YESYESYES, OHYES, SO FUCKING GOOD JOE, HES SO FUCKING GOOD!!”

Mark continued fucking Karyn hard another 10 minutes, pulling another hard orgasm from her before he tagged out to Lee. Lee was a tall, African American. He was a little out of shape, but still retained some of his college basketball physique. His cock was big, but not huge. He was not circumcised, but he was so hard, the head was free of the foreskin. He plunged into Karyn. The increased size took her breath away for a moment before she started enjoying the feeling of being full.

Lee took a different approach. Lee took slow, long strokes, bottoming out, the head of his cock hitting the deepest recesses of Karyn’s still hungry cunt. At the same time, he reached around and stroked Karyn’s clit with his long, thick fingers. Karyn’s electrified nerves could not take much of this dual stimulation. “Lee, Lee, YOU FUCKING BLACK STUD, FUCK ME, FUCK meeeeeeeeee…” Karyn’s entire core bucked in hard spasms of pleasure. Lee stopped, but continued to play Karyn’s clit with his fingers as her body quivered in a gel of orgasmic delight. At that, Lee pulled out and Joe moved in for a turn.

Joe rolled Karyn over. He kissed her hard before tugging at her nipples with his teeth and finally penetrating her. “Hope you’re having fun! I love you baby,” he whispered in her ear. As Joe began to fuck his wife, Mark stepped up and offered his manhood to Karyn’s willing lips. Karyn began to stroke the base of Mark’s cock with her right hand will sucking and licking the tip. Mark began grunting as he was no longer able to hold back.

The scene was too much for Brian. He stepped to Karyn’s left and began jerking off furiously. Mark’s grunts became quite loud as he began shooting a large load into Karyn’s mouth. She could not handle all of his cream and it began dripping from her lips while she continued sucking him. Almost immediately, Brian started cumming, aiming his white hot streams to fall on Karyn’s sweaty tits.

Lee took Mark’s spot and Karyn started to attack his big cock. She used the same stroking and sucking technique she used on Mark. Lee, who had been masturbating on the side never had a chance. He started spewing giant shots of his cream, pumping more and more into Karyn’s mouth. By now, Joe was ready too. He pulled out and shot his load all over Karyn’s bald pussy.

As Joe withdrew, Karyn grabbed her towel and ran upstairs to shower, fully satisfied, the reality surpassing her fantasy.

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