Mark and Andrea (plus two); One Last Time

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Mark and Andrea (plus two); One Last TimeIt had been days since Mark and Andrea had fucked in the men’s room at work. Their days off from work kept them apart. By the time work was starting back up again, the two were horny and ready to fuck at the drop of their clothing. But Mark had time to think about things and knew this little affair was just that and couldn’t last. Though Andrea knew how to suck a dick and loved to swallow his cum, he loved his wife and needed to the affair.He drives over to Andrea’s house prior to work. His wife has gone out to a neighboring casino and will be gone all night. This stirs the debate within Mark all over again. Andrea greets him at the door. Her body is wrapped in a towel and her hair is still wet. She smiles and nods for him to come in. Mark follows her, but stops in the living room as she continues to her bedroom.”Come on back here,” Andrea smiles, gesturing Mark to follow further.”I don’t think I can. I don’t think we should do this any more,” he tell her.”Well, I have to get ready for work, so come talk to me in my room and we’ll discuss it,” she says, dropping her towel at the doorway to her expose her bare back-side with her round hips and firm ass.Mark knows it’s a trap but his erection is leading the way. He steps into her bedroom.”Can you close the door so I can get dressed?” she asks, sorting through a pile of clothing to find a uniform for tonight. A light mist of perfume fills the air. It’s intoxicating and Mark feels his dick stiffen against the fabric of his jeans. He watches her body move as she bends over the bed. Her ass jiggles slightly and her tits sway as she reaches for various garments. He steps up to her and places his warm hands on her damp hips. He knows better, but is filled will an energy. His erection pushes against his pants and pokes against her firm buttocks. She stands straight, knowing she has aroused him.”My! Is that for me?” she asks, slipping a hand behind her and lightly stroking his cock through the clothe.”We can’t do this anymore,” Mark weakly pleads.Andrea backs up tightly to him. Her wet hair is under his nose and her shampoo is electric, His hands fall upon her shoulders, slowly sliding down her back, and under her arms. He tries to push her away, but she pushes against her with her hand firmly grasped around his cock. She pushes backwards until he is against the wall beside the door.”Fuck me and I’ll let you go,” she whispers, squeezing his dick to make her point clear.Desire overcomes Mark. He buries his face into her neck and nibbles at the flesh. Andrea gasps with excitement and thrusts her breasts forward. Mark slides his hands around her body, cupping each breast, and giving them a playful squeeze as he pinches the nipples. Her tits around and smooth; a little on the large side, but fun to play with. He continues to kiss at her neck and fumble with her tits as her nimble fingers loosen his pants. With the belt undone and the zipper down, Andrea presses her ass against his pelvis. She rolls her body up and down his, gradually causing the pants to drop down his legs.She turns within his grasp and smiles encouragingly. Dropping to her knees, she pulls his boxers down, forcing them and his pants to meet his ankles. His cock springs before her green eyes. She draws her red hair around to one shoulder and leans forward with a hungry, wide mouth. Subtly is out the window as she takes the full length of his cock into her mouth, not stopping until the slight stubble on his balls touches her chin. Her fingers work at the shoelaces as her lips close around the hard shaft. Her mouth slides up towards the tip, stopping with the purple helmet still in her kaynarca escort mouth. She sucks tightly, rolling her tongue around the sensitive tip, guiding Mark to lift one leg as she removes his clothing.With the lower half of his body naked, Andrea bobs eagerly along his cock, feeling it swell within her mouth. She drags her teeth along the length, but keeps the tip in her mouth, determined not to let Mark go. Her fingertips play along the inside of his legs, stopping to stroke his balls, milking as much cum into his shaft as it can handle. She reaches behind him and grabs his hard ass, trying to push him deeper down her throat. Then, her fingers come around the front of his body and start to unbutton his work-shirt. His cock remains in her mouth as she looks up with deep, green eyes.Mark assists her with the rest and drops the shirt to the floor. Her fingers pinch his nipples and dance over his abs.Then, there is a noise from the living room.”Someone is out there,” Marks says.Andrea pulls her mouth away, leaving a string of pre-cum connecting her lips to his cock. She sucks it in, licks her lips, and says, “It’s just my cousins. They’re not working tonight and came over to have someone babysit their k**s.” She stands up and jerks Mark off with one hand. “That’s not a problem, is it? All you need to do is fuck me and you can get out of here and go back to your wife.”Mark grabs Andrea, spins, and pushes her against the wall. She gasps in fear and excitement. Her pert breasts stand proudly out from her body.Mark puts his face between her tits and gradually licks down her body. There is no hair around her pussy; just the way he likes it. His mouth gently kisses her pussy lips, like he’s kissing her own lips. He has a brief make-out session with her pussy, feeling the lips swell against his mouth. He darts his soft, pointed tongue between her slit, licking at the edge, hearing her shutter as she draws in an excited breath. He licks her pussy, feeling the juices flow within her. Her taste only makes him want more. He paws open her pussy, spreading her lips with both hands. He thrusts his tongue into the moist, pinkness of her womanhood and uses a thumb to roll along her clit. She starts to buck with pleasure and soon cums against his mouth, but Mark doesn’t stop. He keeps licking and playing with her clit. Her breaths are short and her moans are getting louder, causing Mark’s dick to get harder.”Fuck me,” Andrea whispers. “Fuck me.””Louder,” Mark says into her pussy.”Fuck me,” she chokes in a normal tone of voice.”Let them here you,” Mark growls before pushing his face deep into her wet twat.”I want you to FUCK ME!”Mark stands up. He grabs one tit firmly with one hand and his erect cock with the other. He plays with her breasts, kisses her with her juices on his mouth, and strokes his cock against her opening. He bangs the tip of his shaft against her clit and whispers, “You want me to fuck you?””Yes,” Andrea cries in a whisper.Without a word, Mark lets go of his cock. In one swift movement, he opens the bedroom door and pushes Andrea out into the living room. The conversation between her two cousins stop immediately upon seeing the naked Andrea stumble from the bedroom. She tries to cover her tits and keep her balance, but Mark steps from the room right behind her.The couch is nearby. Andrea falls against it, nearly embarrassed as she attempts to hide her nudity. Mark, boldly, makes no attempt. He lets his hard cock swing mightily as he approaching Andrea from behind. He moves Andrea higher up on the couch. Andrea, not understanding what is happening, is laughing in disbelief. Even as Mark lifts one leg and rests orhanlı escort her knee on the couch, she still is clueless. Then she feels him plunge into her wet pussy. Her mouth gasps open and her eyes go wide. Marks hands are firmly upon her hips and he is slamming into her like it’s an extreme sport. She draws away from the couch, bracing herself with her arms, giving Mark a better angle to plow into her. His balls slap against her clit. Her tits swing heavily. Her moaning continues even as her cousins look on.Mark looks at the two stunned females sitting on the nearby furniture. “Hi, Maxine. Hi, Jen.”The girls are still stunned as they watch, barely echoing a “hello” in return.Mark rocks against Andrea for a few more thrusts, slapping her ass solidly. Then, he stops. Moves around to the front of the couch and sits down next to Maxine. He grabs Andrea’s hand and guides her around the front of the couch with him. He puts his hands on Andrea’s hips and gets her to knee on the couch with her pussy hovering over his throbbing member. He thrusts upward slightly and rubs his cock against her dripping entrance. Then, he pushes down on her hips and her body drops over the length of his cock in one shot.Andrea starts bouncing upon Mark’s hips as he fondles her breasts.”Do you like what you see?” he asks Maxine.She’s a small woman with dark hair and skin, more obviously Native American than the other two girls in the room. She smiles nervously.”You ever taste a white cock?” Mark asks.Maxine shakes her head.Mark raises Andrea up off his hips just enough to allow his cock to spring free of her hole. It’s large and pulsing for the ladies to see.”Go ahead,” Mark encourages. “Give it a taste”Maxine slides from the couch. Her tiny hands grip the shaft and move it towards her mouth. She puts her mouth around the tip and starts sucking, sliding down the shaft a little at a time as Mark licks and bits at Andrea’s erect nipples. He spends time with the sensitive underside, letting Andrea know that hasn’t forgotten about her. Then, Andrea reaches behind her, touches Maxine on the head, and guides her head towards her crotch. Maxine understands and aides the hard cock back into Andrea’s delicate hole.Maxine sits back down beside Mark. One hand lightly touches the front of her pants. Mark reaches over, touches Maxine’s chin, and draws her lips to his. Andrea continues to bounce upon Mark’s dick, fondling her own tits as she watching the two kiss. Then, Mark drops his hand down, firmly resting it against wetness beneath Maxine’s pants. Her legs spread wide and Mark slides a hand inside her pants. Maxine starts moaning in sync with Andrea, pinching at the nipples of her small breasts through her shirt.”Get naked,” Mark says, helping her loosen her pants.Maxine stands and takes off all of her clothing. As Andrea slides her pussy up and down Mark’s cock, he encourages Maxine to stand on the couch. Her short body places her pussy perfectly in line with his mouth. He licks at the moistness dripping down her thin legs. Her pussy is tight against his mouth. His soft, delicate tongue easy licks along the walls of her cooch. He moves his hands between her legs, spreading her wide, allowing his tongue to probe deeper into the delicious twat.Jennifer moves to the other side of the couch. She places a hand upon Mark’s solid abs. She feels the six-pack and the rock-hard pecs. Then, her hand moves downward, gradually coming between Mark and Andrea. She grabs onto Mark’s cock. Andrea, with the tip still within her pussy, looks over at her cousin. Everyone stops for a moment.Mark shrinks away from the pussy over his mouth and looks at Jen. “You ever tepeören escort have a Marine cock before?” he asks.”No,” Jen whispers with a smile.”Go for it.”Jen slips the cock free of Andrea’s pussy. The tip slides softly along the wet walls and firmly along her clit. Andrea squeals with delight and watches as Jennifer takes the pussy-coated cock into her mouth. She is inexperienced and doesn’t know how to handle the member in her mouth, so Andrea guides her head up and down the shaft as Mark continues to lap at Maxine’s dripping snatch.”Can I fuck him?” Jen asks Andrea.”Na-uh, I’m next,” Maxine says, breathlessly. She looks back at her cousin. “That is, if you don’t mind.”It’s not how Andrea wanted their time to go, but she was turned on by the whole encounter. There was silence in that moment, except for the subtle sounds of Jennifer sucking dick.”Everyone off the couch,” Mark says.Seconds later, he is on the floor. He draws Andrea’s legs around his head and laps at her pussy, wetter than ever. Jennifer sits on the couch with her shirt on and her pants hanging off one leg, toying with her pussy as she watches Maxine slowly lower her tight, brown little body onto the meaty white shaft pointing skyward. Her pussy is so tight around his throbbing cock that Mark has to ease her down or risk blowing his load inside of her right away.Once she is firmly in place, she starts riding him with glee. Andrea, her pussy against Mark’s face, is facing the back of Maxine. She leans forward, places an arm around Maxine, and pulls the girl backward slightly. One hand plays with Maxine’s nearly flat chest, pinching the budding nipples, as Maxine screams with delight at the new angle of penetration. “Oh fuck. Fuck, this is wonderful,” she screams.To keep his cool, Mark takes his mind off of the pleasure his dick is getting and focuses on eating Andrea’s juicy pussy more. Andrea, getting swept up in the moment, allows her hand to drop between Maxine’s legs. She strokes at the girl’s clit as Maxine rides Mark’s hard cock.”Oh, God, I’m going to cum!” Maxine screams. She pulls free of Mark and squirts down his leg and onto the carpet.Without missing a second, Jennifer moves from the couch. “My turn.” Facing her cousin, Andrea, Jennifer slaps the meaty cock inside of her. She gasps as she gradually takes the entire thing in. “Oh, that’s bigger than my husband’s. Um, fuck me, Marine.”Mark encourages Andrea to get off of his face. He rolls over, placing Jennifer onto her back. He grabs her legs, spreads them wide, and starts slamming into her tight little hole. He grabs the collar of her shirt and rips it free of her body. Her average size tits bounce with every solid thrust. Sweat is dripping from their bodies as Mark bangs Jennifer harder and harder.Jennifer squeals, “Oh, you’re gonna make me fucking cum. Fucking cum. Make me cum. Oh, fuck! YES!”Mark pulls out and grabs his cock, squeezing it tightly to prevent himself from cumming. He looks over at Andrea on the couch, watching the events unfold before her eyes. Mark moves over to the couch, kissing Andrea passionately upon the lips. She slowly rolls backwards, allowing Mark access to her cooch. Gently, he slides inside of her. Once all the way in, he slowly circles his hips, determined to bring Andrea the most pleasure this one last time. She places a hand upon his shoulder and the other upon his hip. His thrusts are smooth and caring. She doesn’t want this moment to end, but she feels them both getting close.Marks cock get harder, more swollen. Her pussy is gushing, dripping down her legs and onto the couch.Softly, she said,” Cum inside me. Cum,” she encourages with her words and with her eyes. “Fuck, cum inside me,” she moans loudly. And Mark does, ejaculating a massive load into Andrea’s twat and Andrea cums, too.”I’m cumming,” Mark bellows.”Fuck! I want to have your baby,” Andrea says.Mark’s eyes go wide. He thinks, “What have I done?”

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