Marjorie Ch. 03: Lift to WI Meeting

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Over the last two weeks I had seen Marje and her husband Jim five times for wild dominant sex. Marje loved my hard cock, really seemed to enjoy being teased mercilessly until she was literally screaming in frustration and then I would make her have the biggest squirting orgasms of her previously prim and proper life.

Jim had not been keen on the meets to start with but really seemed to be enjoying them now, he didn’t join in except to blow his load in his pants right at the start of the session, yes he had a premature ejaculation problem. I was grateful he did, that was probably what had pushed Marje into getting in touch with a ‘real’ man as she put it, the years of sexual frustration.

I had been exploring my dominant control fantasies with the older couple. Marje enjoyed spanking, tit torture, mouth fucking, being tied up and lots of hard pussy fucking. I was thinking about pushing it to the next level, either anal or spunk swallow.

She seemed to enjoy me mouth fucking her and even the salty taste of my spunk but had always baulked at me blasting directly into her mouth. I was day dreaming at work mulling over these possibilities.

“Mark, Mark, MARK,” my boss Ben shouted, I looked up with a startled expression, “you’ve forgotten about our 10 o’clock meeting haven’t you.”

“Err yes sir, sorry sir, I’ll be right there”, I grabbed the document I’d been working on for a week and rushed into his office with an embarrassed look.

An hour later I walked out with a smile, I might have lost track of time and missed the start of the meeting but my document was killer, he loved it, I could feel a pay rise or a promotion on the horizon.

I sauntered back to my desk and decided to check my messages on the ‘dating’ website, I wonder if Marje had been back in touch, it had been a few days. I still hadn’t shared my mobile number with her, I felt I had more control with email and I could make her wait for a reply.

Marje had left a message early this morning,

“Hi Mark, the meeting on Monday was fantastic, squirting directly onto Jim’s face was a huge turn on, my tits and ass are still a bit sore though, that flogger was a lovely present. Anyway I was just looking for a favour, it’s my monthly WI meeting tonight and Jim can’t take me, could you give me a lift? I know its a big ask and don’t worry if your busy I can get the bus but then I have to wait around for over an hour. The meetings at 8pm and its a half hour drive. Let me know, Love Marje”

I was supposed to be out with the lads tonight but I could probably give her a lift and then meet up with them in the pub later, I’d only miss the first half of the football. I had a wicked idea for my prim and proper old matron Marje before her Womens Institute meeting.

“Hi Marje, yes that’s no problem I’ll pick you up a bit early at 6:45 because I have to be somewhere else at 8. Mark”

Her response came back a bit later, “Oh Mark that’s great, I’ll think of a way to thank you at our next meet! Love Marje”

I pulled up outside her house in my Audi RS3 sportback, I know, a bit of a boy racer car but I love it, I reckon Marje was going to love the heated leather seats too. She was waiting so I didn’t have to pap the horn, she got in and gave me a beautiful big smile,

“Hi Mark.”

“Hi gorgeous, you look…like your going to a WI meeting,” I laughed.

She laughed too, “I know not the sexiest outfit you’ve seen me in is it.” She was actually wearing the very same thick tweed suit from our first meeting, with a lacy blouse buttoned up all the way to her chin and some dark brown sensible shoes.

As she said it wasn’t sexy in the slightest but the thought of what I was going to get her to do while wearing it was starting to turn me on.

She told me where her WI meeting was, I dropped the clutch, squealing away from the curb, the acceleration pushed her back. I saw her hand reach for the door handle and grip tightly,

“I like to drive fast Marje, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No not at all that’s fine, your doing me a favour after all.” I could see the knuckles on her hand go white with the force of her grip, I inwardly chuckled.

We arrived fifteen minutes later, I’m not sure how Jim drives but to make it last thirty minutes I had Escort Bayan images of an old classic Cadillac ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ style. I drove towards the front entrance and could see Marje getting ready to exit but instead of stopping I drove past and headed for the furthest corner of the car park, backing into a space in the corner.

She looked at me surprised, “I thought you had to rush off.”

“Change of plans Marje, I can stay until it starts.” I leaned in for a kiss, she looked a bit nervous but accepted even opening her mouth when my tongue pressed insistently. I gently tongue kissed her for a few minutes to put her at ease.

I pulled back and she quickly looked around to make sure no one had seen, especially not one of her matronly WI friends.

I casually said, “Lift up your skirt Marje,” her mouth dropped open and she looked at me horrified, “well get on with it,” I demanded. She moved her shaking hands down to the hem of her skirt and very slowly lifted it up while constantly checking no one was looking. A pair of huge pale green silky knickers came into view.

“Marje, I am very disappointed, I thought I told you to never wear knickers when your with me,” I said forcefully while looking very sternly at her, “take them off…NOW”. She had just been looking at me with a disbelieving expression until I yelled ‘now’ when she jerked up in her seat.

This was the moment of truth, I was relying on her still wanting lots of cock action from me, otherwise she might just tell me to bugger off. I held my breath, while trying to look stern at the same time!

She looked around again, gave me a harsh look and then pulled the massive silky bloomers off displaying her beautifully smooth pussy. I inwardly gave a sigh of relief, I was really enjoying dominating this older woman and didn’t want it to end.

I held out my hand, she gave them to me, I stuffed them in my car door pocket making a mental note to remember to remove them, trying to explain those to friends or family would be interesting.

“You do realise I need to punish you don’t you?” I reached down between her legs, she looked startled, I lifted the seat lever and pushed the seat back as far as it would go. I then reached down at her side and rapidly turned the adjuster knob, the back of her seat reclined, Marje had disappeared from outside view.

“Turn over and lift up your skirt, I need to give you twenty spanks.”

“But Mark its a-“

“No buts, do it and for that dissent its now forty spanks,” I surprised myself with how well I was playing the part of a cruel headmaster.

She awkwardly rolled over and lifted the heavy tweed skirt to display her lovely large bottom, I had to stop myself from grinning, I managed to keep a stern face.

“You need to count each spank out loud Marje and say thank you sir, if you miss a number it doesn’t count and you get that spank again, do you understand?”

“Yes Mark,” she had obviously decided to accept her fate. Without any warning I crashed my right hand down onto her large bum cheeks very hard, she squealed but forgot to count. I landed another huge blow on her ass, I took pity.

“Marje, if you don’t count out loud the spank doesn’t count, this is the only reminder I’m going to give you.”

“Oh shit, ONE, thank you sir.”

I rained down another monstrous spank on her beautiful wobbling bum cheeks.

“TWO, thank you sir,” Marje said through gritted teeth.

By the time Marje had counted to ten her ass cheeks were starting to blush but her face was already bright red from all the huffing and puffing. My right hand was starting to get sore but I didn’t care I was determined Marje was walking into that WI meeting with a hot stinging ass.

I brought my hand down hard on Marje’s large meaty cheeks again, I was loving this dominant situation, spanking an older sub in a public car park before she goes into a WI meeting.

“ELEVEN, thank you sir.” The deprecating obedience was really turning me on, I reached down to adjust my straining hard on. I crashed down another hard spank on her ass.

“TWELVE, thank you sir.”

At the count of twenty five Marje sounded like she was hyper-ventilating and I was getting a bit worried, her ass cheeks were definitely Bayan Escort red now and my hand felt like it was burning. I carried on smashing my hand back down on her buttocks.

“TWENTY SIX, thank you sir.” I didn’t stop to think just crashed my hand down again.

“TWENTY SEVEN, thank you sir.”

My hand was really hurting now, the count was thirty six, but I wasn’t sure I could carry on. I was trying to think how I could use my left hand but it was impossible, I stopped for a moment and massaged my own hand.

Marje’s ass was really red now, I was surprised she hadn’t complained and even more surprised she wasn’t crying, I was on the verge of crying myself, fuck my hand hurt. Spank I smashed my hand down again.

“THIRTY SEVEN, thank you sir.” The end was in sight, I automatically brought my hand down again.

“THIRTY EIGHT, thank you sir.” Marje was sobbing now but without any tears, it was kind of like dry retching for the eyes, I was beginning to wish I had said thirty instead of forty. I crashed my hand down again, I couldn’t stop now.

“THIRTY NINE, thank you sir.” I stopped for a rest before the last one to think about the next move, I smashed my hand down again for the last time.

“FORTY, thank you sir.” I reached over and gently massaged her dark red bum cheeks, trying to alleviate the pain in her cheeks and in my hand. I dragged my hand up and down her ass crack, gradually pushing it further down towards her pussy each time.

She was moaning now, I wasn’t sure if it was from pain or pleasure, I hoped it was pleasure, she opened her legs wider, I pushed my fingers into her pussy from behind. Her pussy was very wet which was encouraging, I thought I might have pushed her a bit too far but if she was this wet then maybe she had enjoyed the spanking.

“Roll over Marje,” I grinned, that sounded like a song title! She complied, “spread your legs.” Her face was bright red, she gave me a withering look but spread them as wide as she could in my small car.

I leaned over and kissed her as passionately as I ever had, I was proud of her and tried to convey that through the kiss. I reached past her, wound the recliner knob while lifting the seat back with my left hand until Marje was again sat up.

While kissing her I tenderly stroked her pussy lips, she was dripping wet, maybe she had enjoyed it more than me, I had to use my right hand even though it was numb and felt like it was going to drop off any minute.

I started frigging her wet hole quite hard, I think we had both forgotten about the outside world, it was a good job I had parked in the furthest corner. She had calmed down quite a bit now, she wasn’t sobbing any more but she was still breathing very heavily, her tweed covered chest was heaving impressively.

I started rubbing her clit furiously, she closed her eyes as the juice started flowing out of her pussy, she was making a right mess of my leather seat. I stopped short of making her cum, I had managed to release my aching cock through my trouser zip.

“Suck it,” I commanded. She looked at me puzzled, I glanced down, she finally realised what I meant and bent down without any hesitation. She opened her mouth and engulfed my cock, I closed my eyes savouring the sensation of her tongue swirling around my bell-end.

I looked out of the car window, thankfully there was still no one around, I grabbed hold of Marje’s head and lifted until only my bell-end was still inside. I started thrusting up into her mouth, I glanced at the clock, it was 7:30, still thirty minutes before prim and proper Marje had to make an entrance at the WI meeting, plenty of time for a glorious mouth fuck.

God I loved using this older woman’s mouth, the fact we were in my car in a public car park just heightened the experience. I started pumping my cock into Marje’s mouth faster and faster, concentrating on the sensations in my cock, completely oblivious to everything else. My bell-end was smashing up against the back of her throat but she didn’t complain or try to lift off.

This gave me a fantastic feeling of complete control and domination, Marje was turning into a wonderfully obedient girl. She was clamping her lips around my shaft very tightly, I think she was aware Escort of not getting too messy before her WI meeting.

I grabbed hold of the headrest on her seat with my left hand and the door handle with my right, the extra leverage allowed me to buck my hips up much harder and faster. Marje’s head was bouncing up with every powerful thrust but like a good girl she was diving back down with it on the down stroke.

I could hear squelching noises coming from Marje’s mouth, presumably from all the drool in her mouth, she was breathing very heavily through her nose.

I was lost in the moment now thrusting hard and really enjoying the sensations coursing through my cock, I remembered to glance at the clock, 7:45. I stopped pumping my hips.

“Lift off Marje,” she carefully sat up clamping her mouth shut and swallowing the excess drool, “there’s only ten minutes left before your WI meeting so now you have a choice,” I paused to let her get her breath back.

“I’m going to carry on using your mouth and when I’m ready to cum I’ll tell you, you can keep your mouth on my cock and swallow my load or lift up and I’ll blast it all over your face. Either way you are getting out of the car and going to your WI meeting.”

Marje didn’t even react to my little speech she just leaned down and accepted my cock back into her mouth, I was pretty sure she was going to go for the swallowing option and that really excited me.

I was thrusting hard again in no time, banging up against her throat, I don’t think Marje had realised but people had started to arrive. There were groups of old lady’s stood near the entrance chatting, what a turn on watching them as I pumped my rock hard cock into Marje’s mouth.

I let my excitement build quickly now, savouring the lip pressure on my shaft, enjoying the wet sploshy sounds coming from her mouth.

“Oh Marje, that feels amazing, but use your tongue more, that’s a good girl swirl it around as I fuck your mouth,” I paused, “lots of your friends have arrived now,” her tongue stopped for a moment as I said that but she kept her mouth clamped to my shaft.

“I wonder what they would say if they could see me roughly fucking your mouth, you naughty girl, I bet your pussy is dripping wet too, you nasty slut.” My balls had that familiar churning and tight feeling, I was nearly there.

“Oh yes Marje, I’m gonna cum soon, that’s it make it cum you greedy girl, oh yeah, oh fuck, oh yes here it cums, oh FUCK, swallow it you cock sucking WI slut, ” I continued pumping hard as my spunk blasted into Marje’s mouth, splattering up into her, I could see her swallowing fast.

“Oh my God Marje, that is amazing, watching your WI friends chatting while spraying my spunk up into your greedy mouth, you naughty girl.” I slowed down my thrusting as she cleaned off my bell-end with a lovely tongue swirl.

“Good girl, you can sit up now.” She cautiously sat up trying to look invisible, we were quite a long way away so there was no chance of anyone noticing but her obvious fear was amusing.

“Lift up your skirt again and spread your legs,” she obeyed keeping her eyes on the chattering old ladys. I leaned across and roughly started frigging her with two fingers, she made grunting noises as I mashed my fingers in and out.

She was dripping wet again, I brought my fingers up to her mouth and watched her lick them clean. I didn’t even have to tell her to do it, it was a completely automatic slutty reaction, my cock twitched.

I moved my hand to her clit and rubbed her nubbin super fast, she was whimpering and moaning now, bucking her hips, her pussy juice was really flowing but she still couldn’t take her eyes off the old ladys.

I looked at the clock, it was 7:56, I stopped and pulled my hand away. She snapped her head round and looked at me with a very frustrated pleading look.

“Sorry Marje, there isn’t enough time,” I laughed.

“I’m free tomorrow night, so I’ll come round, make sure you don’t touch yourself tonight or tomorrow until I get there.” I didn’t give Marje the chance to respond, I reached over, grabbed the door handle and pushed opened the door.

Marje quickly pushed her skirt down, grabbed her handbag and walked shakily towards the Womens Institute meeting.

I was grinning as I watched her gingerly walk towards the meeting in her tweed suit, I bet she was trying not to cause to much friction down below because of her sore ass and to make sure she didn’t orgasm in front of all her friends, I am evil sometimes.

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