Marital Lust 06: Party of Three

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The night had been unbelievable. Truly unbelieveable. In fact, I think I’m still trying to figure out at what point I truly registered that any of it was happening. Maybe I wasn’t too surprised when Samantha made her first move; we’d been flirting enough and drinking enough for one of us to let our guard down. But for my wife to watch us have sex? And get off on it? I wasn’t completely surpised because clearly some of that had been out at the club in Vegas and in the bedroom listening to Elle’s audio. I guess when you are given an opportunity to completely let your guard down like she had been, you completely give yourself over to whatever desire is running through your body.

I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true; being able to throw away all of her inhibitions while her wildest fantasy was fulfilled right in front of her took my wife to… another level or another place or something. While Samantha was riding me, I caught a glimpse of her and she looked like someone completely different. Not that she was always demure and innocent when we were together, but that look in her eyes was wild, and it didn’t go away with her orgasm because as I was coming all over Samantha, she looked… well, she looked hugry, which is why she went to town on those cum soaked tits.

Man, that was so fucking hot. Even now, I can close my eyes and see it and I start to get hard. Had I not just been completely spent, I probably would have. And once I did, I could have stood up, walked over, and put myself between them, but something told me that it was something that I was supposed to sit back and watch. Even then, though, the two women weren’t putting on a show for me; as they kissed and explored one another, I realized that it was more like they were letting me watch them. Within moments, they had completely forgotten I was in the room.

That, believe it or not, was fine. I watched the way they passionately kissed one another and the look on my wife’s face as her friend went down on her. Yes, I certainly watched both women’s bodies, but the smile on her face was one of the sexiest things I saw the entire night, and that scream when she came made me hope they had something else in store for me after they were done with one another.

Suffice to say, they definitely did.

Samantha was moaning and I was stroking myself while staring at my wife’s round ass, which was tilted up and pointed in my direction while she ate her friend’s pussy. More specifically, I was staring at her swollen lips, which had already been licked and fingered and looked so… wanting, and I … well, I wanted to. Instead, as Samantha bucked and came, I just sat back and pumped my cock with my hand.

It was when I said “Holy shit” that they remembered I was still in the room. In fact, they actually looked surprised for a second and then had to giggle. It was kind of funny, I guess. But then they shared a conspiratorial glance and my wife smiled and stood up. As she walked toward me, she swung her hips and I took her entire body in–her ample tits, the curve of her ass, her bare pussy, and that same look she’d given me time and again when she was up to something. Perhaps it was time for us to show off for her friend.

She sat next to me on the couch and started kissing me, a hint of Samantha on her tongue along with her own arousal. And speaking of Samantha, she sat in the chair and watched for a few moments before she decided to get up and sit on my other side and kiss my throat. Her tongue and breath were hot against my skin and made me kiss my wife even harder. That is, until I turned around and kissed her. And unlike when we’d first kissed earlier in the night, there was no hesitation; my tongue didn’t gently slide into Samantha’s mouth, it flew in. She pressed her hand into my chest and I drew her closer to me, while on my other side, my wife took her turn at my throat and neck.

When I decided she needed attention again, I began kissing her, and soon I found myself alternating between the two of them, tasting each of their soft tongues. Both women became more passionate every time we kissed, and their hands moved up and down my chest and stomach before eventually sliding over my dick. Samantha began bahis şirketleri playing with my balls and I broke off a kiss with my wife and took a deep breath, then kissed her. My wife responded by kissing my throat while wrapping her hand around my shaft. When she started stroking, I kissed her hard as a way to signal approval. Then, she broke off the kiss and slid her way down my body and off the couch.

I sat back and sighed as she started licking up and down my shaft while Samantha continued to massage my balls. It was so fucking amazing, and just when I thought I couldn’t be more aroused, she took me into her mouth. Earlier, Samantha had put my entire length down her throat all at once; this, however, was deliberately slow. My wife went just past the head at first and stopped to suck on it, then licked around the tip, being sure to squeeze my head with her hand to get a bead of precum into her mouth. Then, satisfied with her work so far, she went a little further, then a little further, and then all the way down, making sure she slowly sucked the length of my shaft each time she came up. This, if I can brag about her talents, was her specialty, and it always brought me right to the edge. She was deliberate with each motion, teasing me each time and almost daring me to shoot my load into her mouth.

But as much as I could have, I knew she had something else planned and wasn’t going to let me come so quickly, even if Samantha was going to make it tough to resist with her hand on my balls. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, trying to block out everything else. Samantha took her hand off my balls and placed it on my chest then kissed me again. I responded by sliding my hands over her tits and when we broke off, she sat up a little more and put them in my face. I licked each of her nipples and she took a deep breath and pressed her body harder against mine, squeezing my chest with one hand and my head with the other, burying me in her tits. Meanwhile, my wife kept sucking my dick and slid her hand over my balls, squeezing them for a moment before rubbing my taint. I tilted my hips and slid further down her mouth toward her throat. She responded by bobbing up and down faster and going just as deep each time, which forced me to stop kissing Samantha and say, “Oh fuck that feels good.”

“She looks really hot right now,” Samantha said.

“I know,” I replied, and we sat and watched her for a few moments until she took her mouth off my dick with a “pop”.

“Having fun?” Samantha teased.

My wife stood up and pressed me back into the couch. She kissed me and then Samantha, drawing her close right in front of me. Their breaths were heavy and both women were devouring one another the same way they had when they were across the room. I slid my hands down their backs and over their asses while feasting my eyes on their passionate kiss and large breasts and smelling their sweat and arousal. That alone was making me ache.

Sensing this, my wife broke off the kiss and while trying to catch her breath, asked, “You want her again?” She kissed me again before I could respond and added, “You want to make her come again?”

I nodded.

“Let’s make her come.”

She stood up and took Samantha’s hand, then directed her to sit on my dick again, this time facing away from me. Samantha spread her legs and sat all the way down in my lap, taking my cock as deep as it would go. It was even more amazing than earlier, and she began riding back and forth. For a moment, I thought back to Ashley in Vegas and how she’d slid her gorgeous ass over my cock, then how my wife fucked me the same way back in our hotel room. I leaned back and let out a moan, then slid my hands up her body and began squeezing her generous tits.

Samantha took a deep breath and leaned back against me, changing her motion so she was grinding on me. I pumped my hips to match her movement and within a few moments we were both breathing really hard. My wife sat down next to us. “Yeah, baby, fuck that pussy,” she said before she started kissing Samantha, “Take that cunt.”

I pumped harder. Samantha rocked faster, then moaned as my wife began rubbing her clit. My wife and I shared a devilsh grin. bahis firmaları We were completely in control of this woman and it was everything we both wanted in that moment. My hands were still on Samantha’s tits, grabbing them harder and kneading them while I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She moaned again and then kissed my wife, who rubbed her clit harder.

After a few moments, the women came up for air and Samantha moaned again, then started to breathe heavily as her orgasm mounted. I kept up my pace and pinched her nipples, encouraging her to come all over my cock. Then she stiffed against me, and wrapped her arm around my head, pressing me into the couch while she threw her head back.

My wife, who was still working Samantha’s clit, started sucking on her throat and Samantha arched her back. She tried to say something but couldn’t as she came while the two of us continued to pump and rub her. She bucked against me and stiffened again as she yelled “Fuck!” Then, she crashed and I felt all of her weight on me while her legs quivered. And to be frank, I am surprised that I hadn’t come again. So I eased my grip on her breasts and kissed her tenderly on the ear while we both took calming breaths.

My wife, on the other hand, had other plans. Once Samantha was breathing more steadily, she held out her hand and lifted her friend up, then picked up a throw pillow and tossed it on the floor. A moment later, she laid on her back and spread her legs.

I didn’t need to be told what to do. I’d been waiting all night for the chance to take her. Samantha sat next to me and for a moment, we both watched my wife run her hands over her tits, down her thighs, and between her legs. She bit her lip and stared at me while rubbing her wet pussy. Instead of getting up, I decided to tease her by stroking my cock, which made her rub herself harder. When I decided that I’d teased her enough, I stood up and walked over to her, then got on my knees and started kissing and sucking her tits. She squirmed as I swirled my tongue around her nipples, and after a minute, I made my way down her belly to her pussy, which was soaking wet and smelled so inviting. I teased her clit and she squirmed again.

This was going to be so fun.

I spread my tongue as wide as possible, savoring every inch and every drop of her then licked around her clit before sliding down so I could lick her hole. She breathed sharply and tilted her hips, and I began to alternate between playing with her clit and tongue fucking her, the intensity of both getting harder as I heard her breathe heavier and heavier. I slid my hands under her ass and squeezed, teasing around her hole with my fingers.

Her thighs tightened around me, and she put her hand on my head and said, “Come up.”

I stopped and took a breath. “Come up?”


I decided to play coy. “What do you want?”

“You know.”

“I do?”

“Yes,” she said impatiently.


“I want your cock.”

I paused for a moment and let out a little laugh, then sat up on my knees and placed my hands on her hips, positioning her for a moment. I took my dick in my hand and rubbed the head on her clit. She breathed sharply and begged “Please…”

“Please?” I asked, pressing a little harder.

“Please fuck me with that cock.”

I rubbed her clit some more and then slid it into her aching pussy. She arched her back and took a deep breath, and I knew right away that this wasn’t going to be slow or romantic at all. She was more aroused, so much more wet than she’d been all night and was getting so close to her own mind-blowing orgasm. And I knew that she meant it when she wanted me to fuck her. I was going to use every inch of myself to take her cunt and wreck it, throwing her past the edge where she’d use up every last drop of lust she had.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she told me as I began slowly pumping in and out of her. I worked myself to a steady pace that was more than gentle but was still meant to make this take a while.

Samantha knelt next to me and placed one hand on my chest while she caressed my ass with the other. “That looks so hot right now, baby,” she said. I didn’t know if she was saying kaçak bahis siteleri to to me or to her or to both of us, but I didn’t care. I kissed Samantha while pumping away and as I did, my wife slid her legs around me so that she had me in a grip. That made me pick up my pace and I felt Samantha’s hand grip my ass while I did.

I broke off the kiss and looked down at the way my wife’s tits were bouncing with my thrusts and then caught her eyes for a moment. They were glazed over, which made me smile, so I started rubbing her clit. She moaned and made her legs tighten their grip. Samantha slid down the rug and kissed her with a sloppy, wet, fucking horny kiss. I began to go faster and this time it was her moaning into her friend’s mouth.

A few moments later, Samantha came back up to me, sliding her hands all over my wife’s body as she did before finally settling on her clit, brushing my hand aside and rubbing her hard.

My wife moaned loudly. I quickened my pace, and I could hear her wet pussy along with the sound of my slapping against her. Samantha’s finger moved faster.

“She’s so close. Make her fucking come,” she ordered.

Samantha kissed me before taking her hand away and sitting on the rug next to my wife. She spread her legs and showed me the swollen cunt we’d both made come already. I took all of it in–her trimmed bush, her swollen lips, and her hard clit–and knew was already soaked. Then, when she began rubbing herself and I could hear how wet she was, I put my hands under my wife’s thighs and slid them up so they were against my torso, then began thrusting.

She moaned. I thrust faster. I looked over at Samantha, who was now pumping two fingers in and out of her cunt. “Not yet, baby,” she said, “Make her come first.”

I have to admit, this was tough. I could feel myself ready to come, and squeezed so that I wouldn’t, which I’m sure registered on my face, but neither woman noticed through their heavy breathing and moaning. Then, my wife rushed right up to the edge of the orgasm she’d been holding back and went right over, arching her back and gasping for air.

I kept pumping. Samantha continued to finger herself and bit her lip, all the while giving me a look that told me to keep going. My wife was still coming and had reached her limit, the point where she would usually signal for me to stop or tell me to come, but even if she did at that moment, I didn’t care. That cunt was mine and I was going to fucking take her way past where she’d ever been.

She had my hips in a leg lock and was whimpering. I tilted her thighs further back and pounded even harder, holding myself off as best as I could.

“Stay with me, baby. Just a little longer,” Samantha ecouraged as she continued to fuck herself.

My wife panted as I continued to pound her. Then, she slid her hands over her breasts and squeezed her nipples, before throwing her head back and starting a moan that began low and built. Samantha moaned as well, her thighs clenching. I kept pounding my wife’s cunt, my hips slapping against her thighs. Then, Samantha yelled and her thighs shook as she came with her fingers inside of her.

“Come for me,” she commanded both of us as she kept pumping her fingers in and out of herself.

My wife’s moan crescendoed and she shouted louder than any of us had all night while every muscle in her body tensed. Then, she came again, squealing, shrieking, and bucking against me. I stopped holding my orgasm back, and drove my cock into her as deep as I could, moaning as I came.

I don’t know how long it lasted for both of us, but when we were both done, I slipped out of her and our eyes met again. She was completely exhausted and glazed over. I sat back and Samantha crawled over to me. She kissed me passionately and then we sat together for a moment, watching my cum drip out of my wife’s pussy.

“That’s so hot,” she said and then crawled over to my wife and kissed her. “That was so fucking sexy.”

I laid down on the other side of my wife, still trying to catch my breath a little. She turned to me and kissed me, then said, “Thank you.”

I laugh and kissed her back, then Samantha and I rested against her. We were all so tired but it was such a perfect moment, another I think of a lot when I remember this night, because even though we all knew it was pretty late and we should be getting home, we let ourselves bask in that feeling before dozing off for a while.

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