Marathon Suck.

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Marathon Suck.One day when driving in my car in the UK I stopped off at toilets to have a pee. I went up to the urinal and when I finished and was leaving, a man entering nodded to me to look towards the cubicles which were up a narrow passageway from the urinals. I looked up and there was a group of men with their cocks in their hands and all were wanking. Some were wanking their own cocks and some were wanking others’ cocks. I was amazed that I hadn’t noticed this when I came in. It stopped me in my tracks, even though I was in a hurry for a business appointment. Seeing cocks displayed like this was my delight. I love cocks. I noticed also that many hands were down the back of trousers and must have been groping asses. I rushed up to join them. They seemed to be watching what was going on in one of the cubicles. Inside the cubicle, with the door open were three guys. One was sitting on the toilet having his cock sucked by one of the other men, who in turn was being fucked up his ass by the third man. It was a public threesome and they were at it real hard. They had no concern for who was watching them, and they were putting on a great show. In a few seconds my cock was hard and I got it out and started wanking. güvenilir bahis siteleri A hand came over and took over wanking my cock and I reciprocated with this guy. The man who was fucking the one doing the sucking,suddenly started cursing and it was evident that he was about to shoot his load. A few moments later he withdrew his cock, wiped it with his handkerchief, adjusted his dress and moved off, naturally fully satisfied with a good cum. I took the opportunity to move in and went over and started to massage the ass of the guy sucking, using both my hands. I put one hand round and started to wank his cock. He put his hand round and pointed to his ass-hole gesturing for a cock to go up him. Oh my god, I was so excited that I just put my cock to his hole and pushed it in. I put both my hands round to his cock and balls and kept massaging them. I fucked him. The cum from the first man was oozing out from his hole and running down my balls.The feeling was electric, my cock was pounding with lust and it was a tremendous fuck and knowing that there was about seven other guys watching and wanking behind me, added to the pleasure. The man sitting on the toilet suddenly shot his load into the mouth of the guy I was fucking, who then shot his load into the face of the guy he was sucking. It was chaotic and I could feel my cum beginning to surge. Suddenly the guy I was fucking stood up and pulled away from my cock. He turned round and kissed me, my mouth opened and he transferred the cum in his mouth into mine. Fuck, the taste was delicious and I started to wank myself as I swallowed it. What a load to come from a man’s cock into a man’s mouth and then into mine. It was a magic feeling and I was in sheer lust. But I hadn’t shot my load. The men behind were still wanking and I wasn’t finished. So I moved up to the first guy and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck it for him. He never flinched. These guys were so lustful they would do anything for a great cum. As I was bent over sucking this guy another came up behind me and pushed his cock up against my hole. I always carried tooth-paste, which was my favourite lubricant for the lovely cool minty feeling up my ass. So I reached in withone hand and pulled it out of my pocket and reached it round. He applied some with his fingers and shoved his cock in.He had a nice sized cock, not too big, but it had bahis firmaları length, and it was lovely feeling it slide up over my prostate and then getting fucked. The guy I was sucking soon came in my mouth and I swallowed my second load of cum. I moved to the next man and the fucking continued while I sucked. If I can remember correctly I was sucking the forth guy when the man fucking me let out a gentle scream and shot his load up me. I felt it hit deep inside and the feeling was delicious. He pulled out and disappeared. Two more to go and they were the only two left wanking. So I sucked them both off. By this time there was another group beginning to gather and watch. They had started wanking and groping each other. But I had had enough. Eight loads of cum I swallowed that day and when I think back, is it any wonder that I am and always will be a cum slut. I left, I don’t know what the second group got up to, but they couldn’t beat the lustful experience that I just had. I have always loved sucking cock and when offered the opportunity I just cannot resist it. I am addicted to it and drinking lovely sexy cum.By the way I was late for my meeting.I am beginning to run out of true experiences to tell here. This may be my last, but if I remember some more I will certainly tell them. I have had a great life of sex and urge all my readers to take every opportunity to get as much as they can, with either men or women or both together.

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