Manhandled at 19

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My neighbors Dad Tony was an out of work 46 year old Latino. He was a big man in thickness, 6 foot tall about 250 pounds. Solid strong man, hairy all over and he had boner for my ass. I guess it was the way I dressed when I came over to visit with Victor, his son. I had about 3 different tight shirts and 2 different shorts I’d wear. One pair of shorts my favorite, was tight fitting Levi pants cut super short, they went right up my ass. I had a bigger than usual ass for a guy. And the other were just cut off sweat pants, but still very short.

Tony would answer the door when I came over, and was soon flirting with me and making sounds like he liked what he saw. I thought he was harmless until that day he was waiting for me to wash up after fooling around with Victor. I always used the bathroom before I left back home next door to wash my face and gargle out my mouth, and sometimes wipe off any cum that didn’t make it in my mouth.

I walked in and froze at the sight of Tony standing there completely naked. My jaw dropped at the sight of his man cock. It was hanging so low and proud, and so hairy. His whole body was so hairy and I was instantly attracted to him after that. Tony grabbed me by the arm, pulled me in and closed the door. He started kissing me and grabbing my ass. He was so strong, I can tell he could’ve raped me right then and there. But he pushed me down from the top of my head and on to my knees I went.

Tony’s cock was 6 inches just hanging limp. He told me to suck it and I started giving him my best oral skills. To feel that huge cock grow in my mouth was making my cock hard. And soon he was rock hard and I was taking him down my throat. Tony was so impressed by my skills he didn’t take long to fill my mouth with his huge thick load. I swallowed it all down and kept him in my mouth until he was limp again.

He told me to come back tomorrow after Victor leaves to work. He grabbed my ass with his strong hands and told me he wants to fuck me. I agreed and quietly left back to my house. I could not be more nervous that next day. I still came over wearing my favorite shorts and shirt to give Victor his daily blowjob. Tony was waiting in the kitchen for me to leave. When he seen me he called me over to him, my heart started Mecidiyeköy Escort pounding as I approached him. Tony grabbed me rough by the back of my head and pulled me up against him. He had a handful of hair controlling my head, as he gave me a tongue filled kiss. His other hand grabbed a handful of my ass and squeezed it. He told me if I was ready to get fucked. I just shook my head yes and he let me go.

I started walking away and he called me one more time. I turned around and he had his rock hard cock out. He was waving it at me with a fist full and I walked back up to him. I was so amazed at the size of it, I hadn’t really seen it fully hard because it was down my throat. I dropped to my knees in front of his 9 inch hairy super thick man cock. I grabbed it and stroked it and licked it from bottom to top. Then I realized, my ass is in trouble! Tony told me he’ll be waiting in the garage for me.

I went back home and checked the time, 1:30 pm. Victor leaves around 3:10 pm so I had some time to clean up. I showered and gave my ass a good clean out. I also lubed my ass just in case he didn’t have any, and I brought a small bottle. I dressed simple, easy off cloths, and sandals. I did wear my cut off sweat pants for Tony. And by the time I was ready I heard Victor’s ride pull up. 3:08 pm, my heart started pounding and my hands shaking. I was so nervous, I never had a real man before. And he was very dominate, I knew I was in for a rough ride. But I wanted him, bad!

I waited until 3:20 before I walked outside and looked over toward his garage. I seen Tony sitting down in his chair watching TV and drinking a beer. He spotted me looking and waved me over. My legs felt weak walking over and my heart was beating so fast. I walked into his mancave and he closed the garage door. It was one of those older spring loaded doors that closed real loud and hard. It got real dark, only the TV light was on, and a neon clock that read 3:27. Tony turned on a lamp by his love seat and started to get naked. I knew his wife or Victor didn’t come home till after 7 pm, so I felt at ease about not getting caught.

Tony got totally naked and finished off the beer he was drinking. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed 2 more. Escort Bayan They were cans of Tecate, he handed me one and he took another big drink. I took a big drink myself and made a face. He laughed and walked up to me and told me to drink it all. Then he pounded down the one he just opened. So I did to, but it took me a few minutes. He threw away the empty cans and told me to come over by the love seat.

I walked over there and he told me to get naked, I did as he said. Tony grabbed me by my hair and kissed me again. We made out for a while and then he pushed me down to my knees. He shoved his cock into my mouth and started fucking my mouth. He was very rough, all I could do was open wide. He had both hands full of my hair as he fucked my face. I couldn’t pull away so I just let him. Tony stopped and pulled me with one handful of hair and I had to walk on my knees to the love seat. He kinda threw me by my hair and I landed up against the love seat chest first.

Tony roughly pushed me from behind till he had me face down on the seat cushions. I heard him lubing up his cock, by now the alcohol had kicked in and I spread my legs and lifted my ass up. Tony kneeled down behind me and started shoving his big cock into my ass. I lost my breath and tried to squirm away. Tony grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back, it hurt and he was not gentle. It stopped me from trying to move and he slammed his cock in my ass balls deep. I screamed, I never felt so helpless as he started pounding my ass.

Tony began to pound my ass, slow but brutal hip thrusting balls deep strokes. I was screaming out like a bitch with every stroke. He still had me by the hair as he continued to destroy my poor asshole. Then after about 10 minutes he finally let go of my hair and pulled his cock out. He sat down on the love seat and told me to ride him. As I climbed on him I seen a bunch of my hair all over my chest he pulled out of my head.

I was able to climb on him like nothing because he was so big. I never rode a real man before, just homemade dildos. It was not the same at all. As soon as I got him in me he thrusted and buried his cock into my ass. Tony grabbed me by the ass and started fucking me super hard. I leaned back and istanbul Escort bounced with him. Tony was digging his fingers in my ass from where he was grabbing it. It hurt like hell and when I tried to move his hands he started fucking me harder and I had to hold on to his legs and keep my balance.

He kept fucking me, I wasn’t riding him, I was just trying to stay on. Finally he stood up with me and held me from under both legs. Tony began to fuck me by far his hardest now. I was crying for him to stop, but he just kept on. I blew my load all over in between us, and I heard him start to grunt. Then he gave a deep moan and started to dump his load in my ass. He didn’t stop his brutal pounding and his cum began to drip out of my ass. Tony was able to keep fucking me for another 5 minutes as I just held on hugging him and he finally dropped both of my legs. And a great big gob of his cum came out of my ass and started sliding down my thighs.

I could barely walk as he commanded me to bring him 2 more beers. I did as he asked and he told me to kneel in front of him as he sat in his love seat. He said we still have time its only 4:50pm. I already felt so exhausted and tore up. But he pulled my head down with a handful of hair and put my face in his cock and told me not to stop sucking till he was hard again. I did what he said and it took me a good 25 minutes to get him fully hard again.

Tony made me lay down on my stomach on the ground. Then he lubed up his cock and my ass and spread my legs wide. He buried his cock balls deep in my ass and gave me a brutal half hour long pounding. I cried for the first 10 minutes or so until I got hard again myself. Then I started to kinda enjoy it, but he got rough with me again. He was squeezing my ass and his fingers were deep in my flesh. He was even squeezing my sides up along my body. It hurt like hell! Then when he was ready to cum again he made me get on my knees and he blew his load in my mouth, and I came too.

He threw me back when he was done and I had to catch myself from falling back. He said I could go now. I got dressed as fast as I could and went through the backyard and jumped the fence into my backyard. I went straight to the shower, cleaned up and laid down and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with bruises all over my ass and my sides. I could barely walk and didn’t see Victor until the next day.

I never let Tony fuck me again, but I did suck his cock in bathroom a few more times. I’ll never forget my first older man, I was 19 and he was 46.

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