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Subject: Manada de Lobos Manada de Lobos This past June I was cruising up Interstate 15 out of San Bernardino. There is a great cruising spot on the old section of Route 66 down by Lytle Creek. Having not been there in quite some time I thought it might be worth a swing through to see who was there and what was going on. I had hopes of reconnecting with some of the married and mildly bi guys who cruise that area for quick head on the way home. It was early evening so my timing was perfect to hit the head while heading home to momma crowd. I pulled off the Kenwood exit and went down the hill to the old Rt 66 route. It was a beautiful evening, not too hot, nice breeze in the canyon and I hoped to get out of the car and do a bit of walking around. Wearing only nylon shorts and a tank with tennies I was dressed for the heat. As I passed the loop area where guys cruise I noted a few cars and light trucks and two semi’s parked on the south end. Truckers know they can score here and the area is pretty safe from those interested in interrupting late night fun. I pulled in to the north loop and parked. As I looked over my left shoulder and noticed a guy heading down the trail to the bench overlooking Lytle Creek. By the number of cars I could tell there was some action available. Now to connect. I hopped out of the car, grabbed the waist strapped fag bag I carry with me and slowly headed down the trail. I got to the bench in time to notice a younger guy looking over the edge. He avoided eye contact and edged his way further down the trail. I lingered and watched and came to the conclusion that he was a newbie and was not sure how to connect but was also so paranoid as to resist any attempt to connect. This is typical of guys who read about these cruising spots but don’t bother to read between the lines and find out not just the where but the how of cruising and hooking up. I did not want to scare him off so I drifted across the bench trail to the knoll and let him check me out. He will think about it and later, when it is darker, may be ripe for a score. I will just give him room and time and see if he loosens up later on. As I moved down the left side of the bench trail I noted the little trail that goes up on to the knoll and in to the thick brush. Up on top of that small knoll is a network of trails with little grottoes in the brush that are ideal for discrete play. I have given a lot of head up there over the years and met some great guys. Tonight the numbers were in my favor so I worked my way up the trail to see who might be around and who might signal “yes.” The first place you will hit is a bigger grotto in the brush we all the Arena. It is a clearing about 15 feet in diameter but the brush is so tall it overlays the area giving a canopy of cover. On the west side are three big boulders just high enough to sit on and get serviced. Behind those is another short trail leading to a smaller grotto we call the Master Bed Room. As I rounded the corner in to the Arena I noted 3 guys standing around the biggest boulder with a guy sitting on the boulder and another guy on his knees giving him head. The guy on the boulder was a Latin guy about 50 with a shaved head, small goatee and mustache wearing the tell-tale white wife beater shirt and khaki shorts. His partner, the one on his knees was a guy about 20, Latin with the same rig on but longer hair and no facial hair. He was so in to his work kocaeli escort he did not notice the addition of a gringo. The three guys in the audience had their cocks out and were stroking, all younger guys, all Latin and dressed the same. This was obviously a head dog using one of his bitches and the rest of the pack was watching the alpha dog dominate his bitch and the rest of the pack. This is not an uncommon dynamic especially in the Southwestern neighborhood gangs. These are not cartel guys, not dangerous, but are close knit social groups who might dabble in light duty capers but are generally not a threat. If you are a gringo and they do not make you as a threat you are OK. Many of these guys have done time and are not about to go back for something stupid. If they make you as a fag you are fine as long as you are willing and able to put out. If not, you are going to get pants-ed and humiliated but not hurt. The alpha dog looked up and made me for a fag. He smiled and pushed his bitch down hard on his cock. As he did so he looked me square in the eye and indicated I was welcome to watch. I wanted to do more than watch so I slid in between two of the wolves and watched the boss get head as I rubbed my crotch. The guy to my right, about 35 and a stocky, muscular dude with some serious tats turned half to his left so his cock was pointed almost at me. I stared at his beer can as he stroked it and noticed the alpha still staring at me. I looked back at him and he motioned with his eyes for me to go down on his soldier. I fell to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. Two strong hands took control of my head and we were off to the races. In my peripheral vision I could see the other two soldiers watching me do my work and they would occasionally smile at the stud I was servicing. This went on for about five minutes and at that point the number two was ready to cum. He made no effort to hold it back and as I felt him get rock hard, his balls moving up in to launch position and his glans almost painfully hard he pulled my head down on him full depth and then filled my throat with hot semen. I stayed down on him and took his load and after his seventh or eighth shot of cum he relaxed a bit and let me go back to working the full length of his cock. I continued to work on him and I could tell this was something new to him. As I monitored his reaction I worked his head and shaft and gently massaged his balls. If he got too sensitive I eased off and gave him some space but went right back to work when he relaxed a bit. Throughout this escapade he remained hard and was enjoying the extra attention enormously. I could tell no one had done this for him before and took advantage to show him what real oral service means. My friend shot twice more and then indicated he needed a break. I released his cock from my suction and he backed off a bit allowing me to stand. When I was erect I turned to face the Alpha Dog and noted that he had just shot his load and his bitch was trying to choke down the cum. Mr Alpha Dog was not going to let this pup get away without swallowing all of this load but he was getting a little resistance. As I watched I felt a hand on my left butt cheek. The grasp felt amazing through my light nylon shorts and I leaned in to it. I felt a body come up behind me and another hand slide around my right side and in to my crotch. My new friend came up against me full length kocaeli escort bayan and I could feel his legs against mine, his crotch and bare cock against my fanny and his chest on my back. He moved his head around and on to my right shoulder and whispered in to my ear “you give up pussy?” I pressed my fanny in to his crotch and the only thing preventing penetration was my nylon shorts. That answered his question in the international language of gay cruising. The Alpha Dog stood up and went in to leather bag he had sitting next to him. He motioned for the other soldier to come get something from him. In his hand he had a tube of Joy Jell and some of those fancy french tickler rubbers you see in dispensers at truck stops. Meanwhile my friend was dropping my shorts and ushering me toward the big boulder right next to Alpha Dog. To the left of Big Dog the boulder was about 3 and a half feet high and flattened out. I felt myself being pushed to the point where my feet were at the edge of the boulder. My shorts were down at my feet and the other soldier handed me the tube of lube. I put a squeeze on two fingers and opened myself up. As I was lubing up I turned to get a look at my stud’s cock. He was about 9 inches in length, uncut and had a huge pair of hangers nested in beautiful curly black hair. He unrolled the rubber and I worked some lube on to the tip. It felt like a snow tire with the studs on the end and below that were ribs. This is going to be interesting I thought! My friend guided my shoulders such that I bent over at the waist presenting my ass to him while my hands braced me against the top of the boulder. I felt him cum up against my pink eye and then push in. He stroked himself in to me an inch at a time until he was completely in me. Alpha Dog sat to my left and watched his crew work as I took the cock of his first soldier. I looked around and smiled at him indicating that I knew my role and how to deliver. I also noted his other troopers watching intently as his number three took his pleasure in my pussy. Number three stroked in and out of my and the treads on his rubber worked on him as much as they worked on me. These guys had all been jacking it pretty hard watching the boss get his pleasure so I pretty much assumed they were all close to cumming. No need to Kegel or do any pussy games with them. I just opened up and let them have their ride at their pace. This guy kept a steady pace for about 3 minutes but I could feel him swell and harden and I knew he was close. He backed off a few times in order to stretch out the fuck but after the third break he couldn’t hold it and plunged deep in to me as he came. I could feel the head of the rubber swell with his juice and felt him convulse and grab my hips as he drove in to me. As he convulsed for the last time I felt him sliding out. I wanted to hold him in me and milk his cock with my pussy/ass muscles but he was done. He backed off and peeled off the rubber. It was full and his smile told me I had done a nice job for him. But there was no time for congratulations. Soldier number 4 was pressing at my opening demanding the same or better treatment. He was not as long but much thicker than number 3 and his girth stroked my walnut with each entry. I was getting harder as he stroked in and out of me and knew if he did not cum soon I would. He was getting close when I shot and the convulsions of my orgasm put just enough kocaeli bayan escort Kegel on his cock to make him shoot. Likewise he shot seven or eight hard wads and held in me and let me milk him. We stayed in position as I milked him until he started going soft. He was soon done with me and withdrew. Likewise his rubber was flooded with baby batter. These are some virile men!! Now that everyone had shot a load I looked at the Alpha Dog. His number 2, 3 and 4 were sitting on the adjacent boulder smoking a joint and his bitch was still at his feet. I noticed he was once again rock hard and he looked in to my eyes with a look that said “you are not done yet, bitch.” He stood and came around behind me. No rubber this time. Alpha Dog is going to breed. His powerful hands grabbed my hips and he pressed full length in to me. He was a full eight inches but as thick as his number 4. I took the cock and fell in to pace with his thrusts. Once again my walnut was getting a working over and I became erect once again. We were in a hard pace with him plunging in to his base and his exit almost leaving me and then immediately reversing and plunging back in to me. This went o for about 4 minutes and I noted I was once again on the edge of orgasm. His cock was getting harder and his balls had retreated in to launch position. When we started his balls would slap against my taint as he rode me. Now they were neatly tucked up in firing position and he was ready to go. His fingers dug in to my hips as we rocked and thrust in to me. The pressure increased until I heard a deep groan and an exhale and then felt him flooding my insides. He held deep in to me as I put on my best Kegel and milked the hot semen from his cock. As I did my orgasm releases and the convulsions sucked his cock and juice deep in to me. He started to chuckle and relaxed his grip on my hips as his cock began to soften. We separated and I stood up, turned and looked at him and the rest of the group. Alpha was wiping himself with a paper towel so I reached down to my fag bag and pulled out a couple of handiwipes and a small bottle of hand sanitizer out and handed Alpha the handiwipes. His bitch was looking at me and looking at him with a questioning look. Mr Alpha spoke up first. He asked me if I lived in the are a. I told him I traveled thru at least once a month. He the told me they lived in Rialto and he had a place to hang out and play. Would I be interested I cumming by, he asked? I told him I would absolutely cum to his place or any other place to get down in a gang bang with his crew. He then went around the group and introduced his soldiers. They nodded and I gave my name. The last, his bitch, Marco, he explained was fleeting up to full membership, manhood, soon. I offered to get Marco off with a blow job or pussy and Mr Alpha looked at Marco, thought a minute and said sure, suck him off. He has been a good boy and when you cum back we will have a mounting party where he can fuck you and then he will be a man. I got on my knees in front of Marco and took his cock. He lasted about 45 seconds and then shot a huge load. I put the suction on to show him how to take a load, swallow cum and keep stimulating a cock all in the same move. When he went limp I pulled off. I gave Mr Alpha my card with numbers and e-mail. He wrote his cell, e-mail and Squirt ID on a piece of paper and handed it to me. We got up to leave, I going the longer way to the shelf and the crew going straight to the Rt 66. Mr Alpha turned to me and said, I like you mijo, you’re OK. See you in three weeks. We will have a nice time. Last week we did the mounting party. I will write that up next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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