Man Of The House Ch. 02

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Karen was recovering on the couch. She must have passed-out for a short while or hopefully, had just awaken from a terrible nightmare. No such luck. As her eyes focused, she saw her son Mike, kneeling next to her. Alternately rubbing her trimmed bush and sliding his long, bony fingers into her sore, wet pussy. Karen worked to analyze what and why this all took place. Her son was laughing menacingly and in a harsh voice, calling her his “cum-slave” and “fuck-toy.” Her butt was sore from the spankings he had administered and there was an unmistakable taste of cum in her throat and semen drying on her chin and puddling in her ample cleavage.

Mike, her twenty-two year old son, was naked. His breathing hard and his dark hair disheveled. His tanned skin was flushed and sweaty, but it was his cock that caught her attention. Standing straight-out 8-9 inches and impossibly thick she had the curious impression that she could not have ever taken such a monster in either her vagina or her mouth. In her fantasies, it was always a huge cock she craved. And in her night-stand she kept a big rubber dildo that she rubbed against both sets of lips. But now, the very real, very enormous cock belonging to her son, was eliciting emotions in her body that should not be there.

She tried to recreate in her mind, what exactly had happened. Karen had been playfully spanked by other men, but never had her ass been smacked so hard and so often that she needed to keep the pressure on her hips instead of her butt. And though she had pleased her ex-husband and earlier lovers with her mouth, no one had ever been allowed to finish inside her. But, now Michael was finger-fucking her and calling her names that she had never imagined. And for some bewildering reason, fluids were running down her thighs, her nipples stood erect to the touch, aching to be squeezed, and each nasty name set off sparks in her mind. “Can this really be my son?”

“Good Karen, You’re awake”, he started. No longer bothering to call her “mother.” “I think you came so hard the last time, that you passed-out. Now that you understand the new rules, let’s start lesson

.” Mike stroked his thick meat like it was a trophy escort bursa and slapped it sharply against her chin and cheeks. His mind now flush with power and excitement.

“What lesson, what rules?…please Mike?” She slithered towards the back of the couch but this served no purpose. Mike grabbed a handful of her jet-black hair in his strong hand and twisted her head back so that Karen was staring up at him as he hovered over her.


bitch, suck my cock and balls and beg me to give you my seed.” Karen nearly swooned. She attempted to clamp her teeth shut and close her moist dark eyes. One swift slap across her cheek ended that brief show of resistance. “Do you need more discipline or are you ready to proceed?”

Karen saw clearly now that her life has been one continuous stream of orders given and meek submission; her husband, her boss and now suddenly, her son. Men used her body literally or figuratively. This time though, things seemed a bit different. Her body and soul had been empty for so long, and she had only been going through the motions. It felt good to have a man issue orders to her, again. Though the little angel of her subconscience nagged at her, still. “This is incest”, she struggled with the thought. “My son fucked me, and now wants me… no, demands, that I suck his swollen cock and beg for the pleasure of it.” She sensed him gripping her ears and positioning his fleshy beast at her lips. Her surrender was now total. The wave of anticipation building in her was like a volcano.

Mike’s bulging penis slid roughly into her mouth, Karen was amazed at the sensation she experienced here and between her legs. He started gently but it was not long until the pumping increased and he grasped her shoulders to gain leverage. “Open wider, I’m gonna fuck your mouth like a whore and give you a load of sweetness.” She knew he expected her to swallow, but she couldn’t. The gagging and choking forced his cock out and in his wrath, he directed a long stream of jism over her lovely face. The salty ropes of goo sprayed in her black hair and splashed onto her dark brows. Thick gobs of milky semen slowly stole down her face and clung bursa merkez eskort in long strands from her chin. Gravity then forced these strings to fall onto her neck and chest. Mike milked his tool and squirted still more cum onto Karen’s plump tits and belly.

When his cock grew soft, he began like an artist with finger-paints, to spread his cum all over her heaving breasts and blushing cheeks and nose. He scooped gobs of gooey cum from her body and forced her to lick them off his fingers. He reached behind her head and bent her neck forward and compelled her to lap the cum from off her swollen nipples. “Now clean me off and suck me ’till I’m hard again. Put a nice shine on it, I want you to keep my cock hard and warm.” Once more, Mike’s long, thick member snaked its way down her throat.

“Why am I so excited? How can I be so thrilled to be forcibly raped by my own son? I’ve had fantasies of being held down, and in dreams I’ve been called whore and bitch…but incest and rape should not get me so wet!”

Mike’s cock grew amazingly large again, the bulbous head and straining veins looked unreal as it plunged into her like a piston, her saliva smoothing and greasing its path. She took a deep breath and resigned herself to her fate. Karen wrapped her hand around his enormous cock and worked her fingers up the length of his shaft. His cock glistened with her spit and her long fingers, the pink nails shiny from cum, worked furiously to pump more semen from the tip. “Karen, tell me what you want and do it correctly.”

With a deep sigh and in a little-girl voice, she replied, “Please Michael, fill me up, your bitch wants you to fuck her and let her pleasure you in any way you choose.” It was impossible to tell who was getting the most excited but certainly Karen was near orgasm and Mike was in dreamland.

He yanked her from the couch and on to her knees. “Show me what you’ve learned, you horny slut.” With just the slightest hesitation, Karen stroked his blood engorged tool, the purple knob throbbing. She greedily sucked it into her mouth and slurped it hungrily down. She loved the rough skin sliding in bursa sınırsız escort and out. She loved the sensation of this huge prick pounding the back of her throat. And she loved that she could give a man, even this particular man, her son, such an amazing feeling. A switch was thrown. Karen was now a sub.

Secure in that knowledge, she let her son’s cock pop out of her lewd mouth. Her pink lipstick was smeared all over her face. Cum was drying on her chin and flaking off her tits and stomach. The image drove her passion, she felt invigorated and wanted this feeling to go on forever. Karen was still pumping his big cock in her petite hands and saliva splattered his legs and her face. She rose to her feet and led him by his cock to the side of the sofa. She leaned over the armrest and placed one hand between her legs. She slowly played with her pussy lips and slipped two fingers into her warm gash. Her pussy made a sound both erotic and nasty.

Her fingers made a sloppy noise and she guided his stiff pecker with her free hand. As it pressed against her vagina they both felt the head enter with very little effort. “Please Mike, fuck my tight little twat, and make me your bitch. I need fucked and I want you to treat me like the dirty little whore that I am.” He explored deep inside her steaming pussy. As he squirted another blast against her inner walls, he emitted a deep groan and shuttered mightily. She shook so hard that she needed to hold the couch for support, her legs buckling beneath her. Their orgasms together were drowned-out by their combined moans. He wrapped his long arms around her waist and reached up to grab her heavy, swaying breasts.

He continued to pump her hot snatch and she thrust her meaty backside in rhythm with his pounding. Both of them were sweating and gasping for air as they collapsed onto the thick oriental carpet. Mike lay spread-eagled on the floor and Karen snuggled alongside him and laid her wet thick hair on his chest. Mike cupped her tits and rolled one nipple in his fingers. She gently lifted his sticky, limp prick from his loins and worked it over in her hands, examining every amazing inch of it and savoring what it could do for her. He gave her a playful but solid thwack on her ass and they both laughed at the sound her plump, wet butt produced. “You better take it easy on my ass if you want to keep poking me like this.”

Mike let out a very contented sigh, “Ah… now on to lesson

To be continued.

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