Male Man’s Delivery Ch. 03

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‘Spin the Throttle’ – The First night

Lou, Sherry, Katie, and Cherise as well as Jerry all separated into little sections of the room. There was quiet mumbling, giggling, and whispers among all the girls. They were trying to talk to each other, but Jerry said “No Talking, that’s not going to be fair, since I’m the only guy here!”

They all burst out in laughter and looked at him with mischievous looks on their faces. Jerry knew because he has played it several times before in college and not long ago, in fact.

He knew what to expect. Now the question was who would be the most timid in their quests for fun? Who would put in requests for the most modest of ventures with whom?

Even more interesting, who would put in a request to see or do something with another girl? Obviously, if someone turned down a request, he or she would be required to take off an article of clothing or maybe required to do something else; it all depended on what he wanted done.

Now if anyone could guess who wrote it down, and that could be easy too, since Jerry’s writing, was clearly definable as opposed to the girls writing, each would get a chance to give him or her kiss of any desired choice. They could kiss, anyone in anyway, on their lips, and however they so pleased.

Obviously, Jerry was going to be a recipient of many kisses, but he was looking forward to the kisses. The girls probably hadn’t realized it yet, but so would they after it got started.

“Alright, said Jerry, are all of you ready? Anything goes you know. Well almost anything that is. I’m not into BDSM or any other kinky crap. So we’ll throw it out if it borders on it.”

Lou asked, “Huh, what are you talking about? Isn’t that fair game?” She was kind of kidding, but wouldn’t do it herself, either.

Everyone agreed and all papers were folded and put into a large bowl. There was a shit-load of ideas. There was more then he expected.

“We’re going to go around in a circle, but alphabetically too, so situate your self that way. Cherise, Jerry, Katie, Lou, and then Sherry sat themselves in a circle on the floor. All but Jerry were apprehensive about going on with the whole game.

“Alright Cherise, you are first. Pull a piece of paper and read it to us and follow the instructions on it, okay?”

“Give Jerry a hug and kiss, but touch him somewhere naughty too, it says, said Cherise, hehehe, oooohh. Can I really, oooohh!”

Jerry looked at her, smiled, opened up his arms, and said come and get me; I’m as ready as you want me to be!”

They group laughed and Cherise did too. Cherise leaned over, hugged him and kissed him too. She wasn’t sure she should just go for it, so she only put her hand up inside of his chest and caressed his pecs. They all got a kick out of it, including Jerry.

“Hmmm, said Jerry that was a nice kiss, but let’s have a little more fun next time. Your turns over, but you and I can get it right another time, okay?” He laughed and winked at Cherise.

“My turn alright, and he pulled another folded piece out from the bowl. Ask Jerry who he would like to have sex with first here. Hahaha, laughed Jerry. That is an unfair question, isn’t it? Hmmm, I think I have a fair answer to it. Let me preface this answer for all of you, first off. I’d do it with all of you, without question, if you wanted to have sex, okay. However, to be honest and fair, I would love to have sex with….he looked at all of them, smiled while pausing, and then looked Lou’s way and said, I would love to make love to Lou!”

Lou didn’t say a word. She blushed and was flabbergasted he’d think she was that special. She wondered, “Why me? What is so special about me, that he’d want to have sex with me first?”

“What’s wrong Lou, asked Jerry. Did I give a bad answer?”

The other three girls knew he’d say it; however, they’d love for their name to be called out too. It was obvious to them, she was the most special, and they knew, he’d fuck them too, given a chance.

“Yeah Lou, you’re the one girl! You’re the one; woo hoo”, shrilled a couple of the girls.

All of them, even Lou, erupted in laughter. His answer turned her on too. “You go girl; you go! Do him and do him good girl, hehehe!”

Lou giggled and thought “Yeah I should do him”. She smiled at Jerry accepting his offer.

“Okay, shoot, no one’s taking off any clothes yet. Damn, I want to see some skin sometime!” He smiled at all of them.

“Jerry we do too, but we want to see some of your skin. But we want to see some specific areas only, okay”, said Katie and Sherry.

They all found the game of “Spin the Throttle” fun, but why isn’t a bottle being used, Cherise wondered.

“Hey Jerry, why aren’t we using a bottle, like you initially told us?”

“Ohhh, replied Jerry, we can do it that way. Both ways are cool. Get one of those empty beer bottles. No, actually, get a few of them, make sure they are clean and dried out too, alright?”

All 4 of the girls wondered why cleaned and dried out. They would find out soon enough why he wanted them clean gaziantep escortlar and dried out. Yep, soon enough they would all know.

“Okay, okay, Jerry said repeatedly, maybe we should pause so we can set some rules; do we even need rules, hahaha!”

No, we don’t need no stinkin’ rules, cried Cherise, let’s just have fun. Let go of any inhibitions and have funnn!”

“I agree, replied Katie. I wanna have as much fun as a girl can have. I wanna have as much fun as anyone could have. It sounds as if it could be very, very fun!”

“Yeah, chimed in Lou, I’m intrigued, that’s for sure, hehehe!”

“Alright, added Jerry, then this is how it goes. I don’t know if any of us are good bottles spinners, but occasionally I come across someone who has a knack for spinning one and does it extraordinarily well. Maybe one of you guys has that talent. I’m in trouble, I think if one of you has that potential talent.”

He went on, and Katie knew she had a knack for spinning it just right after he said it; “we go around the circle. Each takes a turn spinning it. Who ever it lands on, they take out a piece of paper. They MUST do what it says. If they refuse, one of two things occurs.

Either they pay a dollar to the kitty. If they refuse to pay a dollar to the kitty, then they have to take off an article of clothing. Now another option, as opposed to removing a piece of clothing is to sit out three turns. It actually sounds easy, but it isn’t. You start feeling a need to want to participate as you see others having fun. You’d be amazed how true it is.”

“So let’s get going, said Sherry. I’m ready, are you all ready?”

“Whose turn is it now?” Jerry looked around because he was confused.

4 bottles were brought out. Cherise had a good idea what Jerry’s intentions were, but the others, at first, were clueless.

Jerry had made up a unique list of items they all should do, including a few for him. To him, it would be interesting if they would do what he asked them to do.

Katie spun the bottle. It landed almost exactly between her and Lou. Jerry spoke aloud and said, “No one move an inch!” They all did as he ordered. “Without moving anyone, look at the position of the bottle. It is almost exactly between Katie and Lou. Who should get the chance to pick?”

Sitting for a few seconds in silence, they stared at its position. Katie knew the answer, of course. She wanted it to be her. Lou and the others weren’t as sure. Jerry didn’t care. He figured the general focus was going to be on him, since he was the only guy in the group.

“Let Katie have this pick; she spun it, so let her pick, fair enough?” Jerry looked at all of them to see if they’d agree.

They all nodded and agreed it was cool. Katie laughed, as she was excited to be the one who had to pick from the bowl. The others sat there smiling and agreed it seemed as if it was becoming more entertaining.

Jerry marked all of his with a little check mark inside the first fold.

“What’s this check mark? Who did this? Katie asked a second time.

Jerry acted innocent. Katie opened it up, read it, and burst out laughing; she said, “Jerry, you’re too much. You want all of us to do this, she asked. You are very naughty, hehehehe!”

“Do what, chimed in everyone else? What does he want us to do?”

“Read it aloud”, exclaimed Cherise?

“What does it say? What does it say?” Lou was curious as ever.

“He wrote this guys, ‘everyone must get a piece of ice, rub it on your nipples and select whoever you want to feel your nipples, afterwards’. What do you think everyone?”

They sat there speechless. Jerry’s thought was, “Does he really mean it?”

He got up and went to the kitchen. He opened the freezer, brought out ice cubes for everyone, including Katie. They couldn’t believe he was serious, but they played along. Each took a piece of ice, slid it down their fronts and rubbed their nipples until they were rock solid and almost frozen.

“I want Lou first to cop a feel, and then anyone else is free to cop one too.”

“No shit? You mean it, really, don’t you? Lou was excited as hell. She got up from her spot, crawled over to him, unbuttoned one button with some trepidation, and slid one hand down and felt his rock hard frozen solid nipps. She got a kick out of it. Then Katie, Cherise and Sherry did so afterwards. Each liked this game a lot more, since it involved Jerry.

“Now, do I get that same chance as you three?”

“Hehehehe”, the all giggled, but were a little hesitant to say yes to a guy. Lou offered herself up freely.

“Ohh, I’m so relieved at least I get a beautiful, wonderful specimen of a woman”, and he laughed heartily. She smiled, pulled her shirt wide open for him to slide his hand down it and cop his feel on her larg nipples. “Wow, those are special, whooaa!”

She giggled and then blushed at his comment.

“Me, me, me, chimed in the other three; they stretched out their tops so he could go down inside of their bras and feel the hardened nipples.

“Ooooohh that’s awesome! I liked you feeling me there”, said Katie

“Me too”, the rest said in agreement!

All of them loved that first experience. It was Lou’s turn. She spun it hard. It spun around and around and finally stopped on herself. She smiled as she reached for the bowl. Jerry hoped someone would get one of his real interesting ones. He also hoped, if they did, would they follow through with it.

He was as lucky as lucky could get. She picked one of his again. It had the check mark on it. They all noticed it too. All of them were anxious to see what it read. She opened it up. She read it to herself. Her eyes opened up like two large holes. Her jaw dropped. She looked right at Jerry, but no one else. She thought and thought about what it said. She looked at what was written again. She looked at Jerry again. Jerry didn’t smile, nor was he worried. He figured out what it might have said, but he wasn’t very sure about it either.

Sherry spoke out first, “Lou, what does it say? Lou? What is it saying?”

Lou looked at Sherry. She looked back at the piece of paper. She looked up at Jerry and then at the piece of paper again. All the while, she remained quiet. Finally, she read it. “It says to pick one person in the group you’d like… but she paused and wasn’t sure she could go forward with the request.

“Pick one person to do what Lou? To do what”, asked Katie.

“Oh no, I know what he wants someone to do, said Cherise. You dirty, dirty dog you, hehehe! You are so, so naughty. If I am right, and I can’t believe, you’d stick something like that in the bowl, someone’s going to, maybe, get a huge thrill if they want it, hehehe!”

“Want what, chimed in Sherry. What does it say?”

Jerry interrupted it all by saying, “Lou no one has to do anything, but if you refuse to follow through and don’t assign someone to do something, then either you pay a buck, sit out three spins, or take something off.”

She contemplated what he said and what the piece of paper read. She looked up and then smiled. “Okay here it goes. It says, pick someone out to…she paused again… to lick someone else’s ‘you-know-what’. Who wants the honors?”

“Hahahaha, I do if no one else wants to, said Jerry. Does anyone want to be a participant?” He smiled with a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

Cherise volunteered.

Jerry looked at Lou. “Lou who does she get to, lick out?”

Lou sat there in stunned silence. She had no idea this was going to get this in depth in nature. She wasn’t sure she should volunteer a friend to have her pussy licked or have a friend lick Jerry’s dick, for that matter. She hesitated.

Cherise boldly said, “I’ll lick anyone’s pussy, Lou. I will. I’ll even lick Jerry’s cock, if that’s cool with everyone.” She was more then ready to take the first step.

It wasn’t cool with Lou. The part about her volunteering to lick his dick, that wasn’t cool with her at all.

“I’ll let you lick me, shouted Katie. There was a hushed giggle. Jerry was gleaming though. He was proud of what he requested. He wasn’t going to allow himself to feel bad.

Katie stood up, and with her back to Jerry and Sherry covering her ass so he couldn’t’ see it, Cherise went up, stuck her face in Katie’s cunt and licked her out. Katie truly got aroused by Cherise’s tongue. All of them heard a slight moan from Katie. It was a natural moan too and not some made up sound. Even Lou saw Cherise do Katie, so it was legit!

Jerry sat waiting. Katie pulled her undies and shorts up. Cherise and Sherry turned to face Jerry and Cherise asked if they could put it back in the bowl.

“Only if the other one’s agree to it”, replied Jerry. That is the only stipulation. He made it up as he went along.

Lou was the only one with some reservations. She needed some appropriate enticing. What could that be that would properly entice her to become emotionally involved? It was Sherry’s turn. She as well as everyone else, except Lou was having a riot. Jerry saw it in her face. It wasn’t that detectible, but he saw something in her eyes that said, “I’m bored. This isn’t as fun as I thought.”

She was not as adventurous as the others were, but then they didn’t know Jerry as well and wanted to. However, since he was a guy and they were all females, why not take advantage of something good while one could.

Sherry spun the ‘throttle’. It landed on her. Sherry didn’t hesitate and quickly picked out a folded paper. She read it. “Make out with Jerry and then Jerry gets to make out with anyone he wants too.”

She jumped on it. She stood up, walked to him, stretched out her hand offering it so he could stand up. As soon as he did, she launched into him. She gave him a great lip smacking vacuum-packed kiss as well as adding a touch of long-term tongue to boot.

“Whoooaa, he thought to himself! Wild as hell, he thought, what a tongue! What a kiss too; Jesus, she sure can do it!”

She finally, after about 5 minutes of doing him, pulled off. She was as turned on as anyone could get. “Let’s do this sometime, alone”, she whispered quietly in his ear.

He smiled without openly identifying what she whispered. He left it at that, but as she stepped back to sit down, he quickly winked at her. No one saw it.

He immediately turned all attention to the one he liked the best. He looked towards Lou. He gave her a warm and soft smile. She still had that bored and almost dejected look on her face.

He walked over, as the other girls knew he would and crouched down next to her. He looked her straight in the face. He smiled directly into her eyes. He held her hands. Then he took her by her cheeks. He held her face softly. He gave her a definitive ‘puppy dog’ look.

She fell for it and she fell for him. She cracked a big loving smile at him. When she did that, he wrapped his arms around her, then stood up, walked away from them all, and said “I will be back in a little bit” and winked at all of them.

The all encouraged both of them to have a good time. Lou laughed and held Jerry’s hand. She turned at the girls, before entering a hallway to a bedroom. In the bedroom, he didn’t close the door. He just wanted a little privacy so they could focus on a good sensuous kiss.

He worked wonders on her and eventually, she did the same back at him. They kissed as they did the night before and she got him horny again, in that time; she worked him with her lips. She was bringing his cock out of dormancy.

“Wow Lou, can you kiss or what? She could deep six him as good or even better then anyone he had ever kissed in his life. He could completely strip down right that moment and have sex with her, if she wanted to.

She wasn’t inclined at that time. In the future, yeah she often thought about some sex with Jerry and many times in the shower, in fact.

Upon completing their kissing fest, she was in good spirits. She walked out smiling like daisies in springtime, only better.

The others were anxious to watch, but sat around realizing it was 6:45AM. The sun had come up. Each was tired. They all wanted some sleep and were well overdue, as their bodies were recognizing the deprivation. Yawns were sprouting up on all of them, except for Jerry and Lou at the time.

She had a revitalized energy now. The others wanted to continue the game, but showed signs of wanting that sleep too.

“Jerry, you know what? Most of us are tired. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to lie down with you and take a nap”, Cherise said giggling wearily.

Katie and Sherry agreed they wanted to go further with the game, but they needed sleep.

Lou was wide-awake. She wasn’t ready for a ‘night’ of sleep. Of course, it was early morning and it was Saturday, so mainly none of them had any important plans. They all could do what they wanted.

“Jerry? Would you consider continuing this game tonight?” Sherry was interested and spoke for the others.

“Umm, well I was thinking about clubbing it tonight. But I haven’t actually made plans. But I sure would love to come back over at about 3:00 this afternoon or maybe a little later and we all can do something together as well as this. How’s that sound?”

“For sure, answered Katie. I’m game if you’re game. They all laughed. Is that cool everyone?”

Even Lou agreed. She whispered into Jerry’s ear. Jerry whispered back. The rest were curious what was going on.

“These pieces, they aren’t safe, so to speak. I think I should hold them until later today. Lou and I will put them in a bag and take them back to my place.”

“What, what… why don’t you just sleep with us, joked Katie. We can do everything for you here. I mean anything and everything.”

All five of them laughed and laughed. Cherise began to say she could give a sponge bath or even better a tongue bath. Katie offered to give a massage, in her bedroom, alone too. As for Sherry, she offered to serve him breakfast or any meal in bed. Of course, it would be just the two of them, she added.

Lou ordered them all to go to bed, jokingly. “Ladies, Jerry is my responsibility for the rest of the day, until we start up this afternoon. He and I will keep these pieces in strict confidence and I promise you, neither of us will peek at any of them.”

Jerry looked at her in surprise. “I am her responsibility, he murmured to him self. He looked down at her. Ahhh Lou, what can I expect from you, since you will be taking care of me?”

“Shhh Jerry, I’ll show you soon enough… baby!”

“Oooooh, the rest of them screamed out without any jealousy. What does that actually mean? We wanna know?”

Lou laughed at them, they giggled back at her, and slowly everyone headed off to bed as Jerry collected a couple of things and he and Lou headed to his house for…whatever was next.

Upon arriving at his house, he offered a glass of warm milk. She refused because she actually wanted to get it on with Jerry a little. Jerry would get it on, but only to a degree.

He became more tired. She saw it. She massaged him and tried to play with him and tease him. He enjoyed it, but he grew too tired. She, like Jerry, was deprived of her sleep and both stretched out in his bed with most of their clothes on and fell fast asleep.

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