Male Cherry goes…POP!

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Male Cherry goes…POP!I know some of you will read this and think “How boring! the typical girl meets boy, girl seduces boy and girl gives boy his FIRST sense of pleasure from the gentle firm grip of pussy muscles wrapping around his dick”. (The thought it self makes me want to moan,suck on my fingers while I ride a long fat dick).But! If you are thinking that, you are WRONG. The first time I took a man’s “virginity” is quite the opposite, quite more freaky. As some would say, I popped his man cherry. Now, for those of you who are still not up to speed- in layman’s terms: I fucked a man in the ass for his and My first time. For some men, the thought of being fucked is seen as being gay, soft and feminine. For the rare type of man…I like to call him the freaky Alpha male. For the Alpha male with a tiny bit of freaky mixed with a lot of curiosity- they crave to be in situations where they are for ONCE not in control. This man, “Bryan” is 38 years old, black, successful-to say the least. He is the CTO of a very well known company in L.A.,Ca. I met Bryan while back in California. I had decided to go out with my girls on a summer Saturday night. I had on 5 in heels, shorts to show off my sexy legs and thick…juicy thighs and A sheer top which left enough for one’s imaginations.We entered the lounge to the sounds of Soca music. One thing you MUST know about me is: I LOVE Island music. With that said, I made my way to the dance floor and instantly became a sex kitten on the dance asyabahis yeni giriş floor; winding my hips,body rolling, throwing my head back as if I was in Ecstasy and as guys tried to come up behind me and dance with me, I politely let them down as, I wanted to finish putting on a show in the middle of the dance floor. Once the song went off I went to the bar to order myself a Raspberry Lemon drop. Before I could give the bar tender my card, a strong… masculine chocolate hand reached in front of mines and rejected my card, giving his. I looked at him and before me stood a man who was towering over me. Having on 5in heels, now standing 5’8 this man was clearly at least 6’3. I was amazed by his smooth chocolate skin, bald head (though I’ve never been into guys with bald heads). Bryan was sexy to say the least. He leaned into me and said: “Don’t worry, I got you. Drinks on me. Im Bryan by the way”. I was stunned! I could smell his cologne and this alone made my panties instantly moist. I told him my name and we shared light talk and a drink until another song came on that made me sway my hips. He asked me to dance and I didn’t deny him. I wanted to feel his dick pressed up against my ass while we danced. This man’s sex appeal was so tantalizing I wanted to imagine that I was fucking him on the dance floor.At the end of the night we lost each other in the crowd and by this time my girls were a bit too drunk and I wanted to get them out before the big asyabahis giriş crowd would leave. As we were heading towards the door someone gently held the lower of my back. My natural reactions caused me to quickly turn the person’s way with my “no bullshit tolerated” face on. My face instantly softened up when I saw that it was Bryan. “Drea, I can’t let you leave without getting your number”. I told him to use it with purpose. We shared a laugh and I didn’t hear from Bryan until the following weekend. I found out that Bryan was from LA and was visiting my part of Cali for the weekend. We talked quite frequently and he turned out to be such a gentle man. The first time we had the conversation that would change his world and mines was late night, he asked me, “What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to sex?”.The question threw me off a bit. I told him well.. I am in no way into females, trains, anal and crazy stuff. He then asked me, “would you fuck a guy?”. I thought the question was a trick questions and so I said: well yea! I love dick. So of course i’d fuck a guy. He said no, what if a guy wanted you to fuck him…with a strap on?My heart began to race. I was thinking : “who had told him my deep dark fantasy?” No one had known that I had a desire to bend a man over and experience what it was like to please a man in many ways and especially in an unusual way. I said, “what are you do’s and don’ts during sex”-trying to obviously ignore his question. He asyabahis güvenilirmi said the only thing I am not open to is sex with men. Everything else is a go. I was amazed! Was this the guy I had been searching for? One who was into damn near anything? I asked him : “well, would you let a woman fuck you with a dildo?”. There was a long pause and then he said yea. He had been curious about it after seeing Femdom porno and he said he enjoyed a woman fingering and licking his ass. Now, I’ve never licked a guys ass but, I seen no harm in fingering a guy’s ass and possibly trying the act of licking it.During the months leading up to our trip to Vegas I had seen Bryan maybe 5 times when he was in my area for business. We didn’t talk about our mutual fantasy much but I had a feeling sooner or later one of us would break and someone would initiate the fuck. Bryan called me one afternoon while I was at work. Before even speaking he said:”How soon can you get packed?” I said what? Hello to you too. Packed for what? Let me find out your running from the police and you want me to be your Bonnie. we shared a few laughs and he said that he wanted to take me to Vegas so we could hang out, party and eat good food. “I have our hotel booked and you’re flying with first class with United. I’ve sent you your ticket, print it out. you leave at 6pm tonight. Look, I gotta go. See you later!”. Before I had time to interject he had already hung up. I made weekend plans with the girls but, I was sure the would understand. I had talked about Bryan to them, of course leaving out the fact that I fantasized about fucking this man- literally.Once I landed in Vegas I knew that I would live up to the City’s manta: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.To be Continued….

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