Making Work a Better Place Ch. 05B

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The forty foot yacht is cutting its way through the azure waters, women are sunning themselves on the deck, and I’ve got a mojito in my hand. Our captain looks like he can and is doing this in his sleep. Walter is rubbing lotion onto Keisha and Louisa while I finish Paulette and Peggy. Paulette got Donna first of all. Peggy has already oiled up me and I’ll take care of Walter next.

Soon I’m pretending I’m piloting the yacht and the captain is pretending to let me. He’s given up with that whole ‘Port’ ‘Starboard’ nonsense and now just points where we want to go with his bottle of bourbon. I offered to get him a glass and he mumbled something about ‘Nancy-boy’. I find that funny and I don’t even know any guy with the name of Nancy.

Peggy comes up and sits by me at the wheel. She slips an arm into mine and puts her head on my shoulder. I can’t figure if she is happy or sad.

“Anything wrong?” I ask.

“No … yes; Joshua can I talk to you about something?” Peggy responds. Hey, how come she can answer a question with a question but I can’t? I’ll ask Peggy about that in a second.

“Go ahead.”

“What would you do if I was no longer married?” she inquires.

“Well … I imagine I would ask you out. I’ve always wanted to date you. I … I can’t forget that night in the bathroom while Malcolm and Brianna. I feel bad about it,” I confess.

“Why would you feel bad about it?” she says turning serious.

“I didn’t think you wanted to do it and I was … afraid you wouldn’t be nice to me anymore. I’d miss you if you went away.”

“You weren’t afraid of my husband?” Peggy questions.

“Oh God no, the man scares the crap out of me, but I … I think you are more important to me than that,” I reveal to her.

“Joshua, are you in love with me?” Peggy says softly in a voice almost lost in the waves and wind.

“Wow… I guess I am,” I say as surprised in my words as Peggy seems to be. “I love you. At least I think I do. I don’t think I have ever been in love before. Is it supposed to suck this much?”

“Why does it suck?” Peggy asks.

“You are in love with someone else,” I joke. “You are my friend and that’s all you are ever going to be.”

“You would never try and seduce me?” Peggy smiles over at me. That makes me laugh.

“Please, Peggy you are the smartest person I know. What chance would I have in seducing you? You don’t care about my money or my looks, and that’s all I got,” I point out.

“Sometimes you are pretty stupid,” Peggy grins mischievously.

“I think that’s been established,” I snicker back.

“Joshua. I’m not married,” Peggy informs me.

“Oh, did he die?” I exclaim. I thought the guy was unkillable — like the Terminator (the original one).

“No,” she sighs, “he never existed. I made him up.”

“So you two are not divorced?”

“No,” she sighs again, “he’s a figment of my imagination. He didn’t die and he’s not divorcing me.”

“So he’s gone from your life and never coming back?” I respond hopefully.

“Yes, he’s gone away forever,” she giggles.



“Can we have sex now? I mean right now, in the cabin,” I beam with my sexiest ‘come hither’ expression. Peggy punches me in the arm.

“I expect to be romanced,” Peggy explains then sensing my confusion adds, “go tell Paulette you want to romance me and follow her advice, but no sex for you until at least ten o’clock this evening and only if you behave.”

“Oh, you mean no going out with Gustav, right?”

“If I see you with another woman you are going to have a long, lonely vacation, is that clear?” she smiles in the way that tells me I’m going to be working late and on a Friday night too.

“What about Paulette?” I grin.

“Paulette is okay, but you had better give Donna and Paulette plenty of time together.” I have to think that over. My head hurts and I’m rewarded with a neural malfunction. An original thought occurs to me.

“That means I’m not going to have sex with Paulette, doesn’t it,” I blab. Peggy strokes my cheek and runs her hand through my windblown hair.

“Sometimes you surprise me and yes that means you are only going to have sex with me this vacation. I’m happy you figured that out on your own.” I smile at her like a fool.

“I just told you that you might not have sex for two weeks and you are smiling. What have I missed?”

“Peggy, you aren’t married and you want to have sex with me –eventually. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out this is a good thing. Sometimes you can be silly.”

“You never asked if I love you,” Peggy asks me after a moment.

“Of course you love me,” I reply, “otherwise you would have killed me by now, or quit.”

(Later at the club)

There is something better than wanting something you cannot have then getting it, I discover; it is wanting something you know you can get eventually, but not right now. Okay, there is something even sexier than that; having Paulette rubs her ass against me when she knows what Peggy is doing and knowing she’s not atakent escort going to give me anything.

Donna rubbing her hands all over Paulette isn’t helping, not one bit. Peggy is dancing at my side, rubbing up against my leg and I’m vaguely aware of multiple guys sending looks of shock, anger, and envy my way. They probably think I’m heading for a four-way but I know better. Peggy has already told me ‘no’ — twice. I slip my hand down from the small of Peggy’s back to the top of her ass so she bites my arm. I’m trying to figure out if that’s a good thing.

She doesn’t give up her nibbling on my arm so I think I’m golden. Peggy pushes her hand into my hair and pulls me down while Paulette and Donna go into a deep, passionate kiss which only presses Paulette into me harder.

“I am so wet for you right now,” Peggy pants into my ear.” She laughs when I whimper. “Nothing before midnight,” she taunts. I look toward the restroom, “No slipping off either,” she giggles while I sob. I’m about to explode.

“He’s as hard as an iron rod,” I overhear Paulette telling Peggy. “I don’t know my much more he can stand.” I want to dip Paulette and kiss her for having sympathy for my plight, but I know if I put my lips against hers I’ll explode in my slacks and Peggy will most likely not let me get anywhere tonight.

“Hey Joshua,” someone calls out to me. I look over and find myself matching gazes with Camrym Gray, a ‘little sister’ of my Fraternity. She’s ‘Old Money’, which is to say she’s socially higher up than my ‘New Money’ which is a way of saying my Grandfather got his hands dirty. How someone tells one of us from the other is a mystery to me.

“Who are your … friends?” she asks in the same way she used to kick bimbos out of my bed when she wanted to talk with me on the morning. She used to snicker at me as I tried to keep myself covered in the sheets while helping the girl from last night find her clothes. If I didn’t help the girl find her clothes, Camryn would toss them out naked. She was bossy that way. She married some banker guy who went to prison for taking other people’s money. Wasn’t that what bankers were supposed to do? Anyway, Camryn divorced the guy and got most of the assets the Feds didn’t take. I wonder what she’s doing here.

“Donna, Paulette, Peggy — this is Camryn, with a ‘y’, Gray. She’s an old college friend.”

“Where did you find these … enchanting little people?” Camryn says with a shark-like smile. For some reason all three women with me don’t take that well.

“Donna’s a research scientist, Paulette is in Accounts Receivable, and Peggy is my life. I couldn’t live life without any of them,” I respond. Camryn blinks, the smile fades then returns.

“Does your Daddy know you are fucking the help?”

“Huh? The help; I don’t get it. These people are my friends,” I reply honestly.

“Josh, why don’t you and I have a little talk before your Daddy finds out what you are doing,” Camryn suggests. Invoking my Dad scares me.

“Joshua who is this bitch?” Donna says in a sweet voice that really isn’t sweet. Camryn bristles at the words and the tone.

“I’m the person who can get your ass fired when Joshua’s Father finds out you are sexing up his Son for his money,” Camryn replies in kind. Peggy and Paulette stiffen and I think Peggy is about to say something, but I’m getting angry.

“Camryn, what in the hell is your problem? These people mean a lot to me and they haven’t asked for a dime. This vacation was my idea. Sure Peggy made the arrangements, but that is what Personal Assistants do. Besides, Dad signed off on this trip because I’ve been doing a good job at the corporation. I couldn’t do it without these ‘little people’ so fuck off until you learn some manner.”

Camryn couldn’t be more surprised if I hit her with a brick in the face and for the life of me I can’t figure out where most of those words came from. I’m usually a live and let live kind of guy but something Peggy told me about seeing Donna and Peggy as ‘my people’ makes me feel strange. I don’t want anything to happen to them. I don’t want other people to treat them the way people have treated me most of my life. I know I’m an idiot, but they aren’t and they don’t deserve to be treated like they are.

Camryn turns and leaves with a huff. I’m suddenly in the middle of a triple decker girl sandwich. Peggy sees my confusion flashes me a winning smile and says,

“You did well, Joshua.”

“Weren’t we dancing?” I remind them all. Instead of being rewarded, I am thrown into hell. They are all three grinding their asses against me and Peggy still won’t let me sneak off to the bathroom to rub one out. This will teach me for opening my mouth.

Peggy is quickly leading me off the floor into the cool sea breeze. The salty air feels good and I sense the heat leaving my body.

“Feel better?” Peggy asks me. I nod.

“Thank you,” she whispers to me after our first kiss.

“Sure. Tell me what I did and I’ll do it again,” I grin back ataköy escort at her.

“I know you are working hard. You’ve been working hard the past few weeks and I have to admit I didn’t think you could do it,” she tells me.

“Peggy, you are the first person to expect something from me that I haven’t resented. You make hard things seem simple. You make it so I can do stuff — good stuff. Without you I wouldn’t know Paulette, or Donna, or Louisa.”

“You did the work,” Peggy assures me. “You deserve the reward.” I shrug. I’m not sure how much work I actually did. I memorized a few lines and channeled some college acting classes, but all the hard stuff was done by other people.

“I did what I was told to do,” I remind her.

“Joshua, when I as assigned to your office I figured my career was over. Everyone in the company knew about you and who and what you were. My big worry was keeping you out of my pants, so I invented a bad-ass husband to keep you at bay.”

“I keep telling you that you are a smart girl. It worked. I was afraid,” I nod.

“After I got to know you … I started to like you, so I tested you and I’m sorry about that. It wasn’t fair.” I stare at her because I haven’t a clue what she’s talking about and I sense she knows that. “I told you to stop sleeping with the other office employees because I was jealous and wanted you for myself.” I wait for the punch line.

“Joshua, do you know what ‘jealousy’ means?” she inquires. I shake my head. “It means wanting something you can’t have or don’t serve.” My head hurts again.

“You wanted me but thought you couldn’t have me … well that wasn’t your brightest moment. I would have done whatever you said.”

“That is where the ‘don’t deserve’ part comes in. You were so trusting and tried so hard to do what I asked you to do. Even when you had no idea why I wanted you to do things you did them anyway.”

“Peggy, you are smarter than me,” I state as if that explains everything. Now she looks confused. “Peggy, you have something I’ll never be able to buy, and will probably never understand, but I know being smart is a good thing and that you are a good person.”

I’ve screwed up because there are tears in her eyes. I struggle to figure out how to take my words back. She rushes into my arms for reasons that escape me. I wrap my arms around her and run a hand through her hair.

“Sorry,” I say weakly. “I didn’t mean to …”

“You idiot,” she giggles through tears, “you’ve made me happy. Be quiet and let me enjoy the moment.”

“Okay,” I mumble.

“Do you want to have sex tonight?” she says. I wonder what I’m going to have to do now. It will be worth it, but I hope it doesn’t take too long. I’m so horny for Peggy I could drive an eight inch spike through a rail road tie with my dick.

“Yes,” I respond carefully. Sometimes this can be a trick question.

“So do I,” Peggy purrs into my chest.

“The beach is right here!” I exclaim urgently.

“No, we’ll go to the penthouse.”

“We could do it in the car,” I beg.

“Penthouse,” she giggles, “but it is good to know you are eager.”

“Oh, I passed eager about an hour and a half ago,” I testify.

(At the Penthouse, several slapped hands later — we will forgo the giggled threat of castration)

“Mmmphhh …” Peggy mumbles as she pushes me off of her. I place my hands on the wall beside her shoulders. “I need to tell you something. There is another reason I’m here tonight.”

“You want to have sex more than once,” I announce gleefully.

“Besides that,” Peggy smiles. I start vibrating like a little boy whose ingested way too much sugar.

“Okay,” I gurgle past my hormones.

“I’ve been talking with Paulette and … and I think she’s in love with you too.”

“That’s okay.”

“That’s okay?” Peggy looks confused. I sigh. Sometimes people make life more complicated than it has to be.

“Sure, I have a big house. We can all live together,” I pronounce as if it was the simplest thing in the world because, well, it is.

“What happens if I don’t want to live with Paulette?” Peggy says cautiously.

“That wouldn’t be fair to Paulette would it? She’s given us everything and asked nothing in return. She’s your friend and my lover.” Peggy looks at me in a real funny way and now I’m confused, frustrated, and a little angry.

“Don’t ever call yourself stupid again,” she smiles at me. Okay, now I’m only confused and frustrated. “You make life seem so easy sometimes the rest of us forget that sometimes life is easy. Don’t ever change.” She emphasizes her happiness with me by massaging my cock through my pants then she starts unbuttoning my slacks.

Inside my head, my two neurons are doing a happy dance because one is drunk and the other one is horny and they are both about to get laid. I slip my hands down Peggy’s thighs and pull her very short dress up. I keep riding my hands up as she kisses me and sucks on my neck. I keep reaching and reaching and atalar escort soon my hands are exploring her hips and ass.

“Joshua,” Peggy pants.

“Yes,” I groan.

“You can stop looking; I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Outwardly I grunt. Inwardly I go ‘Hot Damn!’. I hoist Peggy up by her ass and she wraps her legs around my waist. I’m kicking my shoes off as I’m racing for the bedroom. Peggy works my short sleeve shirt off forgetting that I need eyes to steer by. I must be one of God’s little angels because we don’t’ careen off a wall or trip over a piece of furniture.

As I enter the bedroom I’m kicking off my pants. Peggy breaks away from giving me a tremendous hickey to giggle,

“Should I think you have done something like this before?” Oddly the only thing that I can think of that might be funny is me running toward our bed with my pants flying off my body.

“Seven years of college weren’t totally wasted,” I chuckle, “that and the capital of all forty-eight states.” I also slip the tip of my penis along the edge of her ass and vagina, making her quiver. She wasn’t the only one going commando.

“Ugh … Joshua, there are fifty states … oh yeah …”

“Grrr … yes, but I get … a bye … on the first two.”

“Clever boy,” Peggy moaned into my forehead as I slowly settle her onto my shaft. He head is barely inside and I hold her there.

“Leave it right there,” she gasps. I agree. Peggy is tight and I totally understand that she doesn’t have a husband.

“Peggy?” She moans then kisses me. “You really haven’t been in anyone in a while,” major kissing, “have you?”

“Nine years,” he grunts as I slip her a little farther down. Nine years! Damn, I hadn’t gone nine days without sex from the time I went to college until I met Peggy.

“I’ll take it easy as I can,” I manage to gasp out.

“I trust you,” he moans in response. Until now, the only time someone uses ‘I trust you’ to me is when it is followed up by ‘to fuck up.’ More than ever, I want to make this work.

“Hang on,” I tell Peggy.

“Okay,” she breathes into my ear before taking a piece. Ow! I put a knee upon the bed, rocking us slightly. I slip a little more into her and she whimpers. I move the other knee up and her nails start digging in. It is hard to figure out what’s going on because my heartbeat is thundering through my temples.

I start knee-walking us forward until we are in the middle of the bed. Peggy is sticking to me with our mutual sweat. I’m finally all the way in her and I think she’s crying. I lower us to the bed, first to my arm then to my elbows until she has her back to the sheets. I pull up and she looks up at me with confused, lust-filled eyes.

“Are you okay?” I pant.

“Everything’s perfect,” she sobs. “I don’t want to fuck it up.” Okay, now that is the dumbest thing she’s ever said. I respond with a fierce kiss.

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my life,” I tell her. Her eyes well with tears.

“Except for Paulette,” I confess honestly. Peggy punches me in the chest and starts giggling.

“You are impossible,” she laughs. I answer that with a slight withdrawal from her womb. Peggy gasps and bites her lower lip. I move back in and she sighs from deep within. “Again,” she whispers up at me.

I move a little more in and out with each stroke. She moves her head back and forth and begins chanting something that I can’t make out. I opt not to stop and figure out what she’s saying. Fortunately she gets louder.

“Harder,” she groans. “Harder.”

What can I say, I love the woman. I put a hand on one of her thighs and begin pushing it up, giving me greater access. When I get both legs up she’s giving guttural groans with each down stroke. I’m getting so much into what I’m doing, I miss the signs until she grabs the back of my head with both hands and pulls me down, painfully twisting my hair.

Violent orgasm; Peggy is all over the place, thrashing and screaming until I’m starting to think I’ve hurt the woman. Her hips are bucking up against me, she’s trying to scalp me, and I can feel the blood from the wound her teeth are making in my shoulder. She doesn’t speak in any terrestrial language (I love the word terrestrial even if I have to keep a sticky note in my wallet to remind me what it means), instead making an animal-like growling never before heard by man.

I repeat; I think I may have hurt the girl. She convulses once more and her eyes roll back in her head and I’m struggling to remember the number for 911. Her eyes return to their upright position and they focus in on me.

“Thank you,” she rasps. I’m dumbstruck.

“You are welcome?”

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” she continues to say through tortured lungs.


“Didn’t you come too?” she asks. Her vaginal muscles clamp down and she looks suddenly embarrassed.

“Uh … no?”

“Let’s do it again!” she gasps. Again, I’m dumbstruck. If I have sex with Peggy again I’m going to want one of those paddle-thingies that run electricity through you in case your heart stops. I don’t’ know who will need it more.

“Next time let’s not wait nine years,” I manage to get out before she kisses me again.

“Deal,” she agrees with more enthusiasm than I thought her body could currently muster. Peggy appears to be the Energizer Bunny because the next words out of her mouth are,

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