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I wrote this recently for a cuckold who contacted me, and after reading it, he encouraged me to share it. This is my first attempt at writing such a piece, and I hope, for those of you who wish to be cucked, that you find enjoyment in it.


Listen to me carefully. This is not a request. This is an order. I am your mistress, and you are my cuck. I control you, which means I tell you when you can cum, where you can cum, and when you can stroke yourself.

We’ve been together for some time now, but I want more out of our sex life. You don’t, so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.

For weeks now, I’ve been nurturing the cuckold in you. Whispering fantasies into your ear about finding another man to share out bed from time to time, or even permanently. Each time I whisper such naughty things into your ears, you stiffen up, tug on your cock, and ejaculate.

Such behavior from you infuriates me almost as much as it excites me. You see, I need a real fucking, something which I know you are utterly incapable of providing. I want to have a hard cock slamming into my pussy, taking me to heights previously unknown in our relationship. Heights which I haven’t experienced since before we were together. You infuriate me by cumming because I want your seed in me. But you excite me because I know you’re warming up to the idea of opening up our relationship, with you being cucked. Even if you don’t know it.

Weeks pass, and I find a man on the Literotica website who wants to fuck me as much as I want to fuck him. Eventually, I invite him over for dinner, telling you that you’re cooking for the three of us.

When he arrives, you are confused. You don’t know why he’s here. So I explain it to you. “He’s going to fuck me tonight,” I tell you. “And you will watch.”

You start to protest, but I shoot your way a glare of epic proportions. I have no time for your complaints. Not anymore. Tonight is my night. You’re simply there to observe. You’ve lost your right to my pussy. Do you understand?”

You nod slowly, the reality of the situation finally dawning on you that you’ve been groomed to be a cuckold. It’s what you wanted all along, the submissive nature of your subconscious coming to the forefront. Bostancı escort You will now and forever be a cuckold.

We finish dinner and I have you attend to our guest while I prepare myself for my breeding. Yes, I meant that. My breeding. Because I am fertile tonight, and the man I’m taking into my bed will be the one who seeds me. The one whose line will continue. Yours will only carry on in name.

I come out in a leather corset which clings to my curves like a glove, and fishnet on my legs, with a slit for my pussy and ass to be explored. My breasts hang over the top of the corset, leaving nothing to their imagination.

My lover immediately rises and adjusts his pants. “My God,” he says. “Let me take a look at you.” I spin around, proud that I have this effect on him. I could care less what your opinion is. Why? Because again, you are my cuck. Get used to it.

He comes closer to me, and takes something from my hand not holding the crop. “What is this?” he asks.

“It’s for my former bedmate,” I reply. “To keep him from touching himself.”

My lover chuckles. “You are evil, woman. I love it.” He turns around and looks at you. “Here, BOY. Take your clothes off and put this on.”

You’re slow at first, so I take my crop and smack the wooden floors with it, the harsh cracking sound making you jump. “Okay, okay!” you mutter. “Fine, I’ll take my clothes off.”

“No backtalking!” I order. “Learn your place. And hurry it up.”

Finally, you’re naked, and you slip on the leather g-string garment I had designed for you. Your poor excuse for a cock slides into a small sheath in the front, and I give it a tug on the side to make sure it won’t be moving around. Then I take your hands and tie them to your side, making sure you can’t break free. It’s time you learned your final lesson.

We walk upstairs, you walking behind my lover and I, and when we reach the master bedroom, you’re sent to sit in a nearby armchair. It’s hard for you to sit though, the leather strap between your but cheeks pressing against your balls. You struggle to find a comfortable way to sit, and moan in discomfort, but again, I don’t care. Your existence now has very little meaning.

My lover quickly strips before taking the crop from me. He Anadolu Yakası Escort uses it gently on each of my butt cheeks at first, gradually increasing the pressure. But I don’t mind. He and I have secretly hooked up before, fucking wherever and whenever we can behind your back. We’ve already established how much I can take. The crop is more for you if you continue to misbehave.

You strain as you watch my ass be beaten, and you groan, but we ignore you. And once my ass can’t take anymore, he puts down the crop and walks over to you. “Keep quiet while I fuck her,” he orders. “While I BREED her. She is mine now. And if you complain, or try to stop me, I will be merciless with this.”

You shudder at his words. He is the new alpha of our house, your Master, and I am his beta. Your mistress. I think maybe you’ve finally realized what our new hierarchy is. Together, he and I will breed more Alphas, and there is nothing you can do about it. But watch and wish that you could fuck me. You will never get another chance to cum inside me. You’ve lost that right. Your only chance for sexual fulfillment now is to behave long enough that we let you cum. You have no free will anymore.

My lover walks back over to me, and repositions me at the end of the bed, so you can watch him penetrate me with his much more suitable weapon of choice. I’m so aroused now that there’s no need for foreplay. He plunges into me as you watch, your jaw clenched. But as he starts plowing into me, your face changes to one of awe. I can hear the leather tighten around your cock as it swells, and I get a sick sense of pleasure out of it.

You struggle a little with your bonds and my lover barks at you. “Be still! Or you won’t get to enjoy any of her. Do you understand? She is mine now, not yours. I decide if you can have any of her.”

Immediately you cease your struggling, but your body tenses again, and I see you looking down at your cock and then over at the bed where I’m being ravaged by my lover. But then my attention is drawn away from you again, because I feel myself teetering on the edge of a precipice. I’m about to cum.

And cum I do, only seconds later. I cry out my lover’s name, not yours. Again, I don’t really care what you think. We both know you’ve Kadıköy Escort never been able to satisfy me the way he is satisfying me now. He keeps on going, sawing in and out of my legs with reckless abandon. It’s the most amazing feeling, being taken by him.

I’m approaching my second orgasm when my lover tells me he’s about to cum. He pulls me up by my hair as and you watch intently, he kisses me hard and then groans. My lover is cuming in me, filling me to the brim and beyond. The warmth of his seed and the pulsing of his cock does me in and I cum with him, my kiss muffled by his lips and tongue.

I collapse on the bed, my lover still inside me, holding in his cum with his cock. There is silence for what seems like an eternity. But then my lover chuckles. “Look at him, my love. Look at our cuckold.”

I glance over at you. Your shaft is harder than I’ve ever seen it before. Painfully erect, the blood circulation is almost cut off and the head is a very deep purple. “Should we let him out, beloved?” I ask my lover. “Should be let him cum?”

My lover responds, slowly pulling out of me. Then he walks over to you and releases one hand from the strap tying it down. “You may stroke your cock three times. If you defy me, and take more than three strokes, however many extra you take, you will get punished for. One crack of the crop per extra stroke.”

You quickly reach forward and yank on your cock. The leather is so tight you have a hard time jerking it, and it takes you six strokes before a minuscule amount of cum erupts out of you. I’m not surprised. As you groan from your disappointing ejaculation, my lover pushes you out of your chair and smacks your ass three times with the crop. They are not gentle, and they leave marks.

My proudest moment of you in recent history is when you take them surprisingly well, and then look up and ask, “May I have more, Master?”


A little over ten months later, our baby boy is in his crib, sleeping soundly. My lover wraps his arms around me, and whispers, “Are you ready to try for number two? I think our cuck has gotten too comfortable of late, and now that the doctor has cleared you … I want you and need you. I promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Only be gentle to me,” I murmur, unzipping my lover’s pants and pulling out his already engorged cock to stroke it. “Go hard on our cuck. You know we’ll all like it. And he has been very helpful with the baby lately.” My lover nods in agreement, so I smile and then lead him by his cock to our bedroom.

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