Making an Offering

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“You brought me to a church?” you ask, as your heels click on the stone of the old, rural sanctuary. “I thought you were taking me out to the country for something romantic, and you take me to a church? What the fuck?”

I enter behind you, watching your ass twitch in the high-cut, black skirt that you’re wearing, the one I have no doubt you put on just to tease me with. You’ve been teasing me for as long as I’ve known you, and I thought it might be a good night for some payoff. “I would expect you of all people to appreciate this,” I respond, watching your tight white top reappear from the shadows and reflect the light from the rustic lamps along the wall, spaced between the dark reds and green of the stained glass windows. I stay back in the shadows, preferring to watch your legs pass by the pews, my own black button-up and slacks hiding in the darkness, as you look back over your shoulder at me.

“Appreciate? I’d appreciate dinner. What do you intend to do here? Pray for my mortal soul?” I drift back between two stone columns, hiding in the shadows.

“Maybe we should. You’re being a very bad little girl.” You pause for a moment and smile warmly, recognizing that description of yourself. Your eyes scan the back of the church from side-to-side, trying to find me in the shadows. “Maybe your soul could use a little cleansing. Maybe it’s time for you to do some prostrations.”

“Yeah?” I watch your lip rise in a slight smirk, and I know how badly you want to look me in the eye as you do this, to flash that inner slut from your eyes to mine. “What’re you gonna do, try to make me cum during a church service, see if I can keep from screaming?”

“The last service ended an hour ago,” I answer with a smile. “Everyone’s long gone from now.”

“Are you going to make me service the priest?” I listen carefully to you, unsure whether that’s a hint of boredom or excitement in your voice, then I scoff.

“He’s drunk in the back. Every week after the service, he finishes off the communion wine and passes out in the sacristy, so I wouldn’t make too much noise if I were you. I’m not sure how heavy of a sleepier he is. In fact, I’m not sure how long he actually stays passed out. Though I suppose he eventually gets up to lock the doors. I guess there’s a chance we might find out.”

“How do you know all of this?”

This time, I know it’s excitement that I hear in your voice. I smile. “I have my connections. Now, are you prepared to begin giving your offering?”

“Yes sir,” you answer, suddenly very passive and demure.

I scan your body, the firm legs, breasts pressing against your shirt, beautiful face in a slight pout, all placed in the middle of the aisle, squarely in the center of the church. Somehow, you managed to find the perfect spot to be bathed by light. “I’ve heard a rumor that you’ve been studying how to do a striptease?”

“Um, yes, sir.” I try not to gasp as I watch you bite your lip, stare at the floor, then raise your eyes back up without lifting your head, still unsure of exactly where my eyes are.

“Show me what you’ve been studying, so I know exactly what sins you have committed.”

For a moment, I think you’re about to giggle, but your face maintains its composure, as you coyly respond. “But sir, how can I give you a lapdance if I don’t know where you are?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” I say gently, then more firmly, “For now, do what you are able there upon the concrete. Oh, and leave the skirt and heels on.” I lean against a column, still hiding in the shadows as I study your body, your hands slowly sliding down your sides to your hips, which quickly jut out to a beat within your mind. You slowly begin rotating your hips, teasing with the control you have over your hips and abs, then turning around and bending over, your ass sticking up in the air at me, shaped perfectly by your skirt, a skirt that you quickly flip up and down, giving me a quick look at your pussy. I smile to myself, knowing that you left the panties at home just for such an occasion, or at least to fill my fingers inside of you at the restaurant. I can feel my cock pressing against my boxers and slacks, grown hard just from watching the initial motions of your body, aware of all the games I have in store for you. I watch as you spin back around, then kneel on the floor, jutting your knees out to the side and thrusting your pelvis up and down on the concrete, your hair flying wildly, then you breath blowing your hair up from your face, your eyes still feverish, as you rise to your feet, pulling the bottom of your shirt up, revealing your sexy navel, teasing me with its gyrations as you turn around and remove your shirt, letting it whip to the ground beside you, the muscles in your back teasing as you turn back around, letting me view your full firm breasts. I let out a slight gasp, then watch as you drop to the ground again, your back sliding down against a pew, your stomach and hips gaziantep escort bayan rising and falling, as if you’d just cum from dancing. You roll forward to your hands and knees and begin crawling from the light to the darkness. I step forward to the edge of the shadows, letting the bulge in my pants fall just into the light, where you slowly pull yourself into a kneeling position, head tilted back, eyes looking up at me, begging me to fulfill your desires. You gently toss back your hair and then let your mouth slowly fall open.

“Have I been a bad girl?” you ask.

“I’m afraid you’ve been very bad,” I answer, unfastening the belt from my pants and watching your eyes dance the glint from the belt buckle, a mixture of fear and excitement playing in them.

“Stand up,” I order. You slowly rise, leaning forward just enough to allow your nipples to scrape against my rigid cock. When you’ve risen, I grab you by the shoulders and spin you around, quickly wrapping my belt around your hands and fastening it back tightly. I watch as your fingers dance around in open space, looking for something to hold onto. Once again, I grab you by the shoulders, this time, pushing you down to your knees as I twirl you back around, my bulging pants a mere inch from your lips. I watch as you lean forward, opening your mouth desperately, then jerk your head back by the hair. “Ask permission, whore.”

“Please,” you gasp.

“Please what?”

“Please give me your cock.”

“What ever do you want that for?”

?So you can shove it down my throat.”

“Mmm, that’s a good little slut,” I answer, stroking your hair, watching your head lean desperately into the touch. “If you can open my pants with your tongue, I’ll feed it to you.” I watch a look of confusion flash through your eyes, then you lean forward, taking the button of my pants in your mouth and tug at with your teeth. You look up at me again, pleading with your eyes, unsure of how to proceed, but I merely smile down at you, enjoying the feel of your chin rubbing against my shaft. Your eyes drop down as you continue tugging, pulling at my pants with your teeth, trying to slide the button through the hole with your tongue. I hear you groaning and whimpering with frustration as you continue to work the button to no avail. Finally, you sigh and allow your shoulders to slump, your eyes drifting upward again, defeated and saddened, a single tear sliding down your face.

“You want that cock so badly, don’t you?” I ask, not moving a hand to help you. You slowly nod you head. “Would you like me to help you?” You nod once again. “You know if I help you now, you’ll have to make up for it later, don’t you?” A brief pause, then you nod once again. I reach a hand forward and nimbly pop the button through the slit, smiling at the wonder in your eyes, then pulling my hand back. “Continue,” I say. Before the word can even finish leaving my mouth, your teeth are tugging on the zipper of my pants, yanking it down to the bottom in small bursts, Then, you reach back up and grab the elastic of my boxers with your teeth, once again tugging and pulling at it, this time using your whole head, jerking it from side-to-side until you’ve pulled it below my cock and balls. My dick pops out, fully hard and slaps you in the nose. You look up at me, your eyes full of happiness, and open your mouth, ready to swallow my whole cock in one motion. “Not yet,” I whisper sternly. “You haven’t earned that privilege yet. Work your way up.” You drop your eyes resignedly, so I pull back on your hair again. “Is there a problem?”

You shake your head no, and lower your mouth to my balls, keeping your eyes on my face to show me how much you enjoy what you’re doing, enjoy the sensation of your tongue rolling across my balls, sliding them into your mouth and sucking on them. I moan with pleasure as you massage my balls in your mouth. You take this as your cue, and flick your tongue around the base of my cock, polishing the bottom, before allowing your tongue to slowly side up the underside of my shaft, then circle around the ridge a few times, before continuing on up to the head. You make sure to lock onto my eyes as your tongue flicks up a string of precum and pulls it out from my cock before lapping it into your mouth. I can see your body tensing, your muscles all wanting to swallow my entire cock, but you know better, and instead suck lightly on the tip.

While your eyes are locked on mine, I slowly slide my hands behind you, and, with one quick motion, grab the back of your head and shove my cock fully down your throat, until my hips are pressing against your lips. Your eyes flash open with fear, then begin watering, as your nose flares trying to suck air in. I can feel you beginning to gag, but I don’t let go. “Is this what you wanted?” I ask. “Mmmhmmmhmmm,” you moan. I laugh and pull my hips back, watching you gasp for air, then I shove them back forward, deeply fucking your throat, but not using full force. Your eyes calm, enjoying the sensation of a cock sliding in and out of your mouth, begging me to increase the pace, which I do, each stroke slightly faster and deeper than the one before, until I am fucking your face full force, your tongue desperately lapping at the edges of my cock as it races in and out of your mouth, my balls slapping against your chin, hips hitting your lips with each stroke. I can feel my balls start to swell, and I release your head, pulling my cock just out of reach of your lips, right before my body is ready to cum.

“You haven’t earned that yet,” I say with a smile. A flash of protest crosses your eyes before you quickly correct your expression, straightening your back and humbly waiting for your next command. “Stand up and place your ass against one of the pews. You may want to hold onto the top.” You quickly obey. I remove my shirt and walk over to stand before you, my body pressed against yours, my cock slipping between your legs, resting just below your wet pussy, feeling the juices against your pussy, your thighs, your skirt.

“Are you a wet little slut?”

You nod, and I kiss you behind the ear.

“Is my dirty whore soaking for me?”

“Yes,” you whimper. I lower my head and kiss the edge of your neck.

“What would you do for this cock?” I move forward letting my shaft slide against your pussy.

“Any..anuh…anything,” you stammer. I kiss the edge of your clavicle.


“Anything for you,” you gasp. I feel your head struggling to stay up, so I raise my head and run my tongue against the tip of your lips.

“Good. And you will. But it’s not time for that yet.”

Your head falls against my shoulder, and I hear you begging. “Please, fuck me. Please. All I want is for you to fuck me. I’ll do anything.”

“Raise your head,” I order. You do. I look you in the eyes. “It’s not time for that yet.” You look back at me, your eyes pleading, but I don’t relent. Instead, I begin kissing your neck, listening to you moan, as my fingers dance across your body, teasing your thighs, your hips, squeezing your nipples between them, running along your ass. Your wet lips cause my cock to stiffen and twist beneath your pussy, as I slide my head down your chest, then take your left nipple into my mouth, sucking gently on it, then teasing its rock hard surface between my teeth as my tongue flicks across it. Your moans border on whimpers as I switch to your opposite nipple, then let my lips trail down your body, teeth and lips dragging across the curve of your hips, your body turning, trying to shove your pussy into my face. “Hold onto the pew, or I’ll stop,” I order. I look up into your eyes and see the fear as you turn your ass back squarely against the pew, your body fighting against your muscles that so desperately want a release. I continue kissing along the edge of your pelvis, then drop to my knees and begin kissing the inside of your thighs, following the curve of the muscle up into the crux of your thigh, where I leave forceful kisses, first on one side and then the other. I stare at your pussy, soaked in juices and smile, inhaling the scent as my breath rises and falls against your skin. I let my tongue fall forward and flick across the tip of your pussy lips, watching your entire body tense with pleasure and anticipation, slowly I slide my tongue inside of you, smiling as you tremble with each stroke of my tongue. I know it won’t take much more to make you cum, so I slowly work my tongue inside of your body, exploring your pussy with soft teasing strokes, before letting my tongue work its way up work and rest flat against your swollen clit. I stare up at you, my blue eyes sparkling, the only pressure coming from the slight palpitations of the blood rushing through each of us. I can see the fever in your eyes as I suck your clit into my mouth, pulling it tight between my lips, as my tongue begins running fiery laps around it. I smile as I feel one of your legs wrapping around my shoulder and head, pulling my face deeper into your pussy, your juices covering my mouth and chin, as I furiously tongue your pussy. I take a spare hand and slide two fingers into your pussy, ready to fuck you feverishly with my fingers as my tongue ravishes your clit. However, within a couple of strokes, your body is bucking and trembling, your one knee holding you up shaking as you explode in a powerful orgasm. I smile knowing you want to grip my head and writher as you cum, but only have a pew to hold in your hands. Slowly, the tremors stop, and your leg falls from my shoulder back to the ground, then gives way as you fall to your knees beside me. I lean forward and kiss you, your lips sucking my tongue into your mouth and licking your juices from it.

I break the kiss and place my lips against your ears. “Do you still me to fuck you?” I ask.

“Please, sir. Please give you me your big, hard cock. Please pound me. I want you so bad.” You nod your head furiously as you continue to beg for my cock, causing me to laugh at your desperate enthusiasm.

“Then go walk to the back of the pulpit and bend over the altar.” You quickly rise to your feet, then slowly walk to the altar, sultrily waving your ass and hips until you lie across the altar, tits pressed against it, and your ass shaking in the air at me. I fish a special surprise from my pants pocket, then walk steadily forward until I am standing behind you. Without saying a word, I place a hand on your ass, and shove my cock into your pussy. “Ohh, fuck, yeah,” you gasp. “Fuck me!” I begin fucking you hard from the start, long deep strokes from my cock burying themselves into your pussy, your hands still tied behind your back, your face buried into the altar. With my spare hand, I deliver a sharp spank to your ass.

“Oh, yeah,” you moan.

“You like that?” I spank you again, continuing to fuck you with force.

“Yeah. Spank me.” I deliver another blow. “Fuck me.” I shove into you. “I love your cock.” I grab a handful of your blond-brown hair, and pull your head around to me.

“Look at me when you say that.”

You stare me straight in the eyes. “I love your big, hard cock in my pussy.”

I release your hair, grabbing your hips with both hands, slamming my hips into your ass, my balls slapping against you, as my cock fills you up, feeling your wet, tight pussy surrounding me. You drop your head again, content to have your face shoved into the altar, as I shove you forward with each stroke. With your face buried into the altar, I lube two of my fingers with spit and slide one into your ass. You gasp with surprise, but then arch your back, shoving your ass up to swallow more of my finger. With this encouragement, I slide a second finger into your ass, loosening up the tight opening as you moan and writhe, loving the feel of a cock in your pussy and fingers working your ass.

“You like that, you little whore?” I ask.

“Oh, fuck yes,” you gasp.

“You gonna cum all over this altar for me?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Give it to me.”

I feel your legs tremble and then quickly pull my entire body away from yours.

“What the fuck?!” You turn and glare back at me, while desperately rubbing your pussy against the altar. I quickly place a hand at the back of your neck and pin your face to the altar.

“Excuse me?”

“Sorry,” you whimper.

“I believe you owe me a favor for the help I gave you earlier,” I bark. “Now, it’s time for that to be returned.” I pick-up my little surprise from the floor, and cover my cock and your ass in lube, then place the head of my cock against your ass, rubbing it against you.

“Please give it to me,” you beg.

“Oh, is this what you want?”

“Please fuck my ass. I’m a dirty slut that needs her ass fucked.”

I slowly press the head of my cock through the opening of your ass, feeling it pop inside of you as you let out a quick grunt, followed by a moan. I place a hand on your back, steadying and massaging you as I ease a little more of my cock into you, just enough to gently fuck the tip of your ass, loosening it for more. Your moans increase as you start to relax, and you begin begging for more, arching your ass back to my cock. Slowly I work my cock inside of you, inch-by-inch, filling your tight little ass up, as your soaked skirt falls around our bodies. As my hips press against your ass, I hear a slow, guttural moan rise from deep inside you, and I begin fucking you with long, deep strokes, loosening your muscles just enough for me to glide through the clenching around me. I can feel my dick trembling and balls tightening, but I hold back, steadily increasing the pace as you beg me to fuck you harder. I lean forward, reaching around with one hand to massage your clit, while the other slides up and begins twisting one of your nipples, my pecs pressed to your back, breath falling on your neck, as my cock fills your ass, the strokes increasing in pace. Harder and faster.

“Fuck me.”

“You like my cock?”

“Oh yeah. Fuck that ass.”

“You like it that way?”

“I love your cock in my ass.”

I stroke even harder, continuing to massage your clit and torment your nipple. Our bodies begin shaking and gyrating as my hips slam against your ass, my dick filling your tight little ass. I can feel the muscles begin to grip and clamp even more as an orgasm washes over you, massaging my dick so much that I explode into your ass, stream after stream of cum filling your ass, as you let out a vicious scream of pleasure.

When the scream ends, we both hear movement off to the side of the sanctuary. “Shit,” I hiss under my breath as we look at each other and quickly run for the door, picking up our clothes along the way.

Outside, on the opposite side of the car, as we pull our clothes back on, we exchange a deep, passionate kiss, my cum still dripping from your ass, as our tongues and lips mingle. Once back inside the car, somewhat clothed, I smile at you. “Still hungry?” I ask.

“Always,” you answer.

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