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The Invitation

Oasis answered the door expectantly. Philippe had told her she would be getting a package, and it was finally here. As she signed for the envelope, she could hardly wait to see what was inside! Bounding to the couch, she landed with a “thump” telling herself to very calmly open this, so as not to damage the contents.

Slowly she opened the envelope, with her heart beating painfully in her head. Enclosed was another VERY formal looking envelope and a note from her Master. She decided to read the note first hoping to find he was sending for her again.


Enclosed you will find an invitation. The host is a very close friend of mine, and has requested I bring a guest. As I have already accepted for you, your presence is expected. This is a very casual affair and you will present yourself as follows:

You will wear an acceptable dress with heels no less than 4 inches tall. You should not adorn yourself with perfumes or much makeup as this is stated “casual”. You will wear your hair down, and beneath your dress you will be presentable to me.

I will send a car for you tomorrow at exactly 4pm. Do NOT run yourself late as punishment would truly be severe if you were. You will also need the invitation enclosed to present once you are there. I will not be there to greet you, but you are to find “Chef” Lucien Morlet. He will be expecting you, and you will be under his instruction for the duration of the evening.

“Je veux que mes amis se regalent sur vous”

Je vous embrasse tendrement,

Oasis looked questioningly at the instructions. “I should find these words of French” she mused to herself. “Ohh lala!!” she laughingly exclaimed, ” I will know soon enough!” She carefully opened the invitation. When she removed the fragile contents, a waft of some unidentifiable scent was exposed. Inhaling deeply she unfolded the invitation. The paper was silk screen and seemed very delicate in nature. As she held it to the light shining upon her from the sky lights above, she saw an embodiment behind the print. She focused only on the emulation. What became clear were two forms, seemingly sexless, engorging upon one another. Startled by this finding, she was reminded of the book, Imajica. In this book two people were able to completely consume one another literally with their minds. Thinking that at least she would have some literary knowledge to expand upon, she put the contents aside to go to her closets and find the acceptable attire.

Watch Your Manners!

Dressed in an oriental cheongsam, Oasis paced nervously on her four inch black strap heels. She anxiously rechecked herself in the full length mirror. Her shoulders were bare in the cheongsam and the emerald green mixed with black print accentuated her stunning eyes. The button collar at the throat, complimented her elongated neck. “If I could pull my hair back to an oragami style this would be perfect” she said only to her reflection. Looking at the clock she began to pace again.

At exactly 4:05pm the door bell rang. Oasis had already seen the driver pull up in front of her house and decided to count to twenty before opening the door. She was unsettled and nervous about even the slightest tardiness due to her command to be on time. “Twenty” she countrd and opened the door. Before her was a man dressed as casually as she, “Oasis?” he inquired?

“You are late!” she scolded brushing past his proffered arm. Impishly amused by her bold behavior Sir Dauzat followed her to the car. He opened the back door of the Mercedes allowing her to enter silently before placing himself behind the wheel.

After some minutes of silence, Sir Dauzat looked in the rearview mirror to see her expression. By the set of her mouth and drawn face, he could tell she was angry, but he could also sense the underlying incertitude beneath the exterior. “Oasis?” he asked. She only looked at him in the mirror with eyebrows raised questioningly. “I am Sir Dauzat, and your Master Philippe has sent me for you, to guide you before your arrival to dinner. You may address me as Sir.”

He was pleased to see the astonished and worried look in her eyes as she realized the treatment she had put forth to not only her Master’s friend, but also another Maestro.

“Please forgive me Sir. Master gave no indication to whom exactly would be collecting me, and also did not explain I would need further guidance.” she extended, feeling very uncomfortable with her new circumstances.

“I may or may not forgive you Oasis, but Philippe was worried about your lack of training for this social affair, and now I can see he had good reason to be.” He let the silence extend between them for some miles. The scenery beyond the windows now, showed winding road and impressive woods on both sides of the highway. He could sense rather than see her uncertainty in how to proceed. He enjoyed this for a few more moments before addressing her again.

“Oasis, Philippe did not Starzbet have time to send you further instructions, but in asking for my assistance, he has shown you are of great value to him. The people you are going to meet and see tonight are of the “Old Ways”. Had you treated one of them so boldly without thought, you would have ended up spending the night, in for you, unimaginable discomfort. I have my own submissive to prepare for this night, but agreed to do this not only for Philippe, but to save you from yourself as well.”

“Thank you Sir” Oasis injected humbly. With her mind reeling on what the “Old Ways” could mean for her immediate future, she was still touched to her core by her Master’s apparent concern for her safety. Trying to calm her now screaming nerves, she sat silent, head bowed, hands placed together in her lap.

Sir Dauzat looked in the mirror again to find a much different Oasis than the one he had collected earlier. With her head bowed and eyes down she looked almost like a child in meditative prayer. He had expected her to gush forth with pleading apologies in realizing her error, but in not doing so, she had at least gained his approval for remaining calm. Had he been able to see her expression, he would have read the fear and anxiety she could not outwardly show.

“Our host, you will address as Sir Blackheart, is very selective in the company he allows to be near him, or to attend his social affairs. Unless you know for sure one is submissive, you would be wise to address another in an acceptable manner. The staff, who are not owned, may be answered or addressed without formality. You should not have much difficulty distinguishing a submissive or staff. A submissive, male or female, will be bare from the waist up, and a member of staff will be wearing a coordinated uniform. Anyone else, Oasis, you must address respectfully or you could receive a mandamus. Good or bad once ordered, Philippe could not help you. Do you understand?” he asked.

“What is a mandamus Sir?” was her only question.

“A mandamus, Oasis, is a judgment upon you for punishment or reward by Sir Blackheart himself. Were it to be punishment, by “Old Ways” standard, it would be carried out with or without Philippe’s permission. A reward would be given to your owner first, then if he so chooses , he may bestow it upon you.”

Taking a deep breath she only said simply, “I’m scared.”

“You are right in your fear” and then more encouragingly, “Philippe would not have accepted for you if he did not have faith in your abilities to perform.”

With that said, he had no further instruction for her. The rest would rest upon her shoulders to weave her way through. He marveled at her ability to stay so still and silent. Some of his own would have been quaking with fear.

Preparing Dinner

“Stop Sir! Please stop!” Oasis exclaimed.

Startled by her unexpected exclamation, Sir Dauzat pulled the car to the side of the road. They had reached a crest in the road overlooking the main house where the dinner party would take place. His first thought was that the calm and serene Oasis had finally awaken with fear.

She quickly emerged from the car and stood gazing down upon the house in front of her. Her eyes shined brightly with a glazed look of enchantment. “Holy cow…” she breathed softly, “We are not in Kansas anymore.”

Laughing more with amusement, at her childish statement, than with relief, Sir Duazat emerged and stood beside her.

“This cannot be real Sir. I am surely being taken to a far away castle that only exist in fairytales. It looks as if the sun exist only to shine for this wondrous mirage.” She spoke in awe.

The house faced the eastern part of the estate. As the sun set in the west, sharp beams of light expanded through the endless contours creating a sun burst effect. Gazing upon this splendor, one could clearly assume fairytale or the true great fire within. Many had come here lost in its effect, only to find the incredible fantasy or the everlasting horror which is far more lasting. Oasis, feeling hypnotized could only gaze in wonder.

“Oasis, we must go now in order for you to be punctual” Sir Duazat said patiently.

With a tremendous sigh, Oasis pulled her eyes from the incredible vision and returned to her place in the car. She felt tears well up inside, and with great effort fought to get control. She wished for her Master. He at least would understand her wonder and enchantment of such an incredible play with the sun. A lone tear slipped from the corner of her eye, leaving a glinting reflection down her cheek.

As Sir Duazat began his descent towards the house, he glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Seeing the tear trace light down her cheek, an incredible lust invaded him. He quickly focused back to the road before him. Should he see such sweet regret from her again at dinner, he knew he would forgive the transgression’s of before.

Sir Duazat Starzbet Giriş proffered his arm once again to her. She emerged this time with no hesitation to the gallant display. Before them stood an immense gallery of steps. To each side of the main case, were stepping stones made of mica to enhance the reflection of the sun. If gazed from above, it would seem, the main case were flowing through a channel of splendid light. The affect was not lost to Oasis, who kept looking from side to side, to be sure she would not fall through. As they neared the main door, Sir Duazat requested her invitation. She gave it over knowing she would have no souvenir to relish, as he released it to the doorman. That done, Sir Duazat said his farewell.

“Oasis, I must leave now to attend my own. I will feast upon your beauty again soon.” Looking into her eyes, he traced the path of the lone tear down her cheek. “Remember my instructions,” he said simply and left her.

Requesting Chef Lucien Morlet, she was lead to an anti-chamber. Not knowing what to do, she sat nervously on the only stool in the room. Shortly, a bare breasted woman appeared. Not speaking, she efficiently removed the dress and undergarments Oasis had so carefully chosen. Only wanting to protest this action, Oasis mindfully allowed this to happen, remembering Sir Duazat’s careful instruction. Another bare breasted woman arrived bearing a silk cloth. Gathering both sides to one hip, she tied this about Oasis leaving one side exposed from hip to foot. Feeling very uncertain being exposed this way, she could only assume she would now be recognizable as submissive. The first woman opened a door behind her motioning for her to follow.

She was lead down a steep stairwell lighted only by gas lamps on alternating sides. She could see the one before her and feel the presence of the one behind. She wondered if she would ever see the grandeur she knew existed of the house she imagined. Feeling very forlorn, she dutifully followed. The next doorway she entered, she was instantly blinded by the modern electric light. As her eyes adjusted to the change, Oasis could see she had been brought to the kitchen. The exquisite aromas made her mouth water and stomach growl. Suddenly, her two escorts knelt to the floor, pulling her along with them. In a sideways glance, Oasis saw a man, she could only guess, to be Chef Morlet. Seeing such an intense look upon his face, she lowered her eyes to the floor.

“Debout!” He commanded harshly.

Quickly the two raised her, and stood aside, leaving her displayed in front of him. He slowly walked a circle about her, motioning the first to untie the makeshift covering. Once gone, he repeated his circle issuing soft “hmm’s” and “awe’s”. Oasis felt very humiliated, and with a great effort of will, stood before him silently.

Swiftly he turned on his heels clapping his hands together. “La meduse vivra!” he exclaimed walking away quickly.

Oasis stood puzzled by his statement. She knew of Medusa, but could only guess the rest. “Live?” she thought. Quickly she was led to a bathing trough, where her two escorts expertly cleansed her entire body. She was embarrassed when one of them touched her intimate parts, but allowed them their duty. Out of the bath, they both dried her carefully, taking great pains to gather all moisture even between her legs. With amusement, Oasis thought, “if they keep touching me they may have to “dry” me all night. This thought brought Philippe to her mind. He would have enjoyed watching this happen to her, and seeing the reactions in her eyes. The need to have him there was so overwhelming. She could not understand why she wanted him to see all of this, but felt the stirrings of desire more intensely thinking it would please him. Feeling lonely without him, she followed her escorts obediently.

They led her through the kitchen, past an array of prepared foods, and the staff bustling around. No one even glanced in their direction, seemingly oblivious to the nudity around them. Her escorts stopped before yet another doorway. Pulling a cloth from the basket left near the door, one of them placed this about her eyes. Feeling disoriented immediately, she put her hands in front of her to regain her balance. As she did, one of them gently led her hands behind her, and bound them together criss crossed at the wrists. Panic enveloped Oasis to near the breaking point. She did not want to be blindfolded, but especially did not want to be bound. She pulled at the bindings and shook her head to free the blindfold, but these two were more than efficient in their service. Taking an arm from each side, they now led her stumbling ahead. She tried to keep her direction as they led her forward to an unseeing destination. Pausing only briefly, she felt two different sets of hands upon her body. Slowly she was raised and placed upon, what she could feel beneath her, a cold hard surface. Before she could react, two cold steel bands Starzbet Güncel Giriş were locked upon her ankles, binding her to this place. Her hands were released but held firmly, as she was gently forced to lie back. Her wrists were then bound by more cold steel. She could only hear the hustle of movement from whence she came.

Oasis began to imagine all sorts of unspeakable things. The worst of which, she was to be some sort of sacrificial offering to some unforeseen god. She imagined her blood gushing about her neck, and pooling about her ears. Could she find her voice at that moment, she would have been screaming with terror.

Medusa Lives!

Very slowly rational thought came for her again. She allowed this to wash over her troubled mind, as she lay there alone and untouched. Was she really in mortal danger? “No,” she thought, her beloved Master would not really allow another to harm her. Other than being spread so openly, was she really hurt in anyway right now? ” No,” the cuffs that bound her were snug but not biting, and the cold against her backside was receding as her body warmed it. She thought of Philippe. What were his reasons for wanting her here this way right now? She could only assume to find pleasure in her humiliation, and to entertain his friends in such a way. She relaxed knowing she would endure this and all things for him, and also find a part of herself in this play.

Without warning the blindfold was removed . Oasis, too lost in her own thoughts, did not hear her escorts return. Her sight slowly adjusted to the sudden light, and she could finally see some of the grandeur she wished for. As she looked about the room, she noticed, she was not alone in her placement. More tables, not alters as she feared, were inhabited by nude woman as well. Smiling now at her vivid imagination, she felt better knowing she was not the sacrificial lamb of the evening.

She felt more than saw her escorts behind her. What she did see were trays upon trays of food being wheeled and placed about their tables. Watching this unfold, Oasis looked on as the food was arranged around the women on the tables. Knowing her purpose in this play now, she realized that she was also a part of this human buffet. Though insanely erotic to her, she felt a deep anger swell from within. “He could have told me!” She thought. Her escorts began their work upon her. One on her hair, that was being painfully twisted and pasted into sections. The other began brushing a sweet glaze over her body, shining bright as patent leather. A powdery sugar was lightly sifted over this, and had she not closed her eyes, she would have been adorned there as well.

Opening her eyes, she saw him smiling above her. She could physically feel all of the anger surface to her eyes, and knew they would be shining as brightly as her body did now.

“Careful Medusa, I have no desire to be turned to stone,” Philippe intoned seriously, although the amusement could still be seen in his face.

“Why did you not tell me Philippe?!!” she growled at him. “I have been through hell and back within my mind wondering what was happening to me!” Oasis felt hot and stinging tears forming in her eyes and fought to control them, knowing he would enjoy such a site.

“Did you not read my instructions little Medusa?” he asked. “Je vous que mes amis se regalent sur vous. Did you find no meaning in this? Ahh, I can tell by your face you did not. It means, I want my friends to feast upon you. So see? I did tell you, hot headed one.” Laughingly stated, he only gazed with amusement into her shining eyes.

Her anger surfaced even more hotly. She felt the heat from it might melt the glaze and sugar that was drying upon her. Since she could not move her body, the only thing she could do in defiance was to close her eyes. As she did the tears, she fought so hard to control, overflowed her eyes and ran a stark streak down the glaze to her ears. She felt angry not only with him, but with herself for not being more diligent in understanding what he had written, even though it was vague. She knew at some point she would meet people and friends of his, but she never expected to be displayed so openly, and certainly not to be eaten from or viewed as other than herself. Her mind reflected upon trust and acceptance of the self she had given over to him. Knowing he would be watching her every expression, could she bear up to others partaking from her body, even in amusement? Was it the anger he was trying to invoke from her? Possibly to bring a realism to her role, for her eyes were those of ever changing color, and at times could bring the phrase “looks that kill” to life? As she analyzed her feelings, the anger subsided, and she only wished to ask these questions of him.

He waited patiently, as her eyes opened to him again. The expression on his face had changed to one of adoration, rather than amusement. Though the questions were on her lips, she could not speak for fear of breaking such an intense gaze from him. Slowly he moved from her gaze, and with his tongue traced the passage of tears from her ear to the corner of her eye, bringing his face to view once more. She understood without words that even her anger belonged to him as he drank from her well of emotions.

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