Magical Mystery Tour Ch. 04

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Fantasy 4: Muy Caliente

Arnold Craven’s rolls up his magical mystery tour with Salma Hayek

Our man about town Arnold Craven entered Cedars Hospital to visit his friend Johnny Olron who recently figured out in a car race accident. “Valves burned out,” Johnny had said on the phone.

Along the way while waiting for the elevator door to open, he overheard a chatter from two nurses about a guy sent in to the E.R. whose dick got glued to his hand after he mistook Epoxy glue for lube when he masturbated. Arnold was appalled and couldn’t help grimacing at the ludicrous incident.

Finally he entered Johnny’s suite room with walls painted half orange and half white and was greeted by an abundance of flowers from well-wishers. A squeal erupted from a young and tall pretty nurse as he caught sight of Johnny slipping his free hand under her short uniform. Arnold shook his head at the mischief of his friend despite his condition of being bandaged and having one leg suspended and in a cast at that.

“Johnny,” he called, jolting the nurse to quickly pull away from Johnny. She acted like nothing happened and turned to her tray on the table.

“Arny!” Johnny yelled. “Come on over here my friend and meet my lovely sweetheart here. “Alisha, meet my good ol’ friend Arnold Craven.”

“Hi Alisha,” Arnold said noticing a blush on her cheeks.

“Hello, please to meet you Mr. Craven,” she said coyly extending her hand for a shake and Arnold acknowledged it. “I’m pleased to say that Mr. Olron is recovering well.”

“Good. I can see that,” he said grinning.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve to run along now Mr. Craven,” she said and turned to Johnny. “Mr. Olron please follow the treatment.”

“Sure, sweetheart, but don’t forget my treat,” he said looking at her as she made an impish smile and started for the door. When the door creaked and closed to a thud, the two men burst into laughter.

“You old pussyhound bastard, you can’t keep your hands off anyone’s pussy, can you?”

“With a beauty like that how can I?”

“Oh look at you, I can’t believe you’re still having an erection even though half of your ass is covered up in cast,” Arnold said, noticing the tent in Johnny’s sheet.

“The problem is getting it down,” chuckled Johnny. “Look at my finger,” he said showing his finger still glistening with her pussy juice. “I’ve been sweet talking her to give me a blowjob and she’s rarin’ to give it to me when you came,” he said his eyebrows moving up and down and grinning like Jack Nicholson.

“A blowjob here in the hospital? You’re incorrigible!” he said amusingly as he took his seat across his bed. “How long are you staying here?”

“I don’t know. Several weeks maybe. Now I can’t do my fantasy trip with Rosey. So how about taking my place, buddy? It’s been paid and the potions have been done and ready. In fact I had them brought up here ‘cause I knew you were coming today.”

“You mean, I’ll take them here?”

“Yeah, they’re in the fridge concealed in two Coke Cans marked X-1 and X-2. Take a look.”

“Who’s the girl, Oprah?”

“Nah, Madam Rose changed her for reasons I don’t know, and so I opted for my second choice which was Salma Hayek.”

“That hot Latin spitfire?” Arnold’s eyes lit up. “Oh my god, I bit a bone steak when I saw her once at Alfredo’s.”

“Now I figure you’d fuck her to the ground from dusk till dawn. Ain’t that right, my friend?” chuckled Johnny.

“How could I refuse. She’s a magnificent beauty. What about the complimentary entertainment that usually goes with the potion?” Arnold asked.

“Me and Alisha. She’ll come back and you sit there and watch her give me the mother of all blowjobs,” he hissed giving him a naughty wink.

Arnold hurried to the fridge and found the two marked Coke in cans.

“Now start drinking them when Alisha comes back.”

“I don’t understand. I have the impression that you seem to be part of this thing which is clouding my judgement right now of whether I’m at the moment dealing with real or the unreal situation here. I mean why in heaven’s name are you involved in the complimentary thing whereas you are just a customer like me in this game.”

“Yeah I know but I’m not. This thing happens to be out of their routine. And I requested that the potion be brought here for you so the real complimentary stuff was scrapped. This complimentary thing that you’re going to see if it ever happens is my own idea. Anyway the important thing is that the magic potions are here and if you drink them then your fantasy will take place.”

Arnold examined the cans and nodded to Johnny and raising the one marked X-1, meaning that this is the first that he should drink and then the next. When he pulled the ring of the can, he heard Alisha entered with a knowing smile. Alisha stood at the side next to the bed and ran a stethoscope across Johnny’s chest. Johnny pulled her arm to him and murmured something to her ear. Arnold took in a lot of leg view from her as the Samsun Escort hem of her uniform rode up just below the underside of her ass. He wondered if she’s wearing a thong or nothing underneath the uniform. Alisha squealed a naughty squeal and glanced over her shoulder at Arnold.

Arnold ran his tongue fleetingly across his lips at the erection-inducing sight of Alisha.

“Arny, here answer the message on my cell phone.”

Arnold took the cell phone from him and read the text message: State password and fantasy with S.H.

He replied. Umbop. Surprise me with some action. Give S.H. to me not as an actress but as herself but having another kind of profession. I want it to happen in my house and I wish to play as myself again.—Arny.

The cell phone chirped back immediately after he sent the message. Done. Have a good time Arny, she’s yours.—M.R. Arnold was extremely excited.

Arnold put the cell phone on Johnny’s bedside stand and seated back to his comfort and refocused his attention to Alisha and Johnny as they smooched and touched each other. He put the can to his lips and took the first gulp of his potion. The taste was funny but bearable. Alisha sat beside Johnny and leaned over to him. Her legs encased in sheer white hose were in a position to flash lingerie but she appeared too careful about it.

But even as Alisha knew very well how to sit without flashing her panties, the naughty activity between him and Johnny would not be able to control her movement. Besides she realized suddenly that it was a great turn on when somebody was watching. So she thought, what the heck, Arnold would be as turned on as I am if he’d get to take a peek.

The afternoon sunlight filtered through the blinds and it seemed as though it was brighter as it peered into the insides of her legs. As Alisha rummaged around Johnny’s ears, tickling him with tiny kisses along the side of his neck, slowly her legs spread apart and her tiny panties appeared into view—nice lacy white.

Johnny sneaked his hand between her legs and rubbed on the fattening, bit of flesh concealed by her panties. Arnold could see the darkness lurking on both sides of the crotch as Johnny’s fingers rubbed over.

While Alisha leaned and rubbed noses with Johnny, her legs spread further apart. Arnold inhaled sharply as his questing fingers pushed aside the panty crotch disclosing the curly tangle of pubic hair. Quickly his finger located what the hair was hiding and she began squirming. Arnold was glued on his seat but his uncontrollable excitement made him spill his potion slightly over his bulging pants twice.

Soon Alisha had uncovered the part of Johnny where his erection was coming into a full stand. Holding his cock in one hand, she stroked gently his testicles with the other, then slowly began to move her hand up and down.

“You have a gorgeous cock, she said fascinated by the giant strength of him. She pushed his cock against his body and bent to lick his balls delicately. Finally her tongue slid along the underside of his cock until half the length of him was engulfed in her mouth. Johnny winced as her head bobbed up and down. He reached for her chest buttons and undid them until her laced bra peeked out of the gaping uniform.

“Show your big tits to my friend, will you?”

Alisha obliged and unsnapped the catch of her bra in front and her 36 c tits tumbled free.

“Oooh, aren’t they delicious, Arnold?” Johnny said hefting one in his hand and thumbing lazily across an erect nipple.

Arnold simply nodded and watched with silent appreciation.

“Take off your undies, sweetheart,” Johnny murmured. Alisha pulled her dress up to her waist and then pushed her panties down, slowly but deliberately all the way down and picked them off her feet and wore it on Johnny’s head like a mask.

“Urghhh, I can’t breathe,” Johnny complained.

“Yes, you can,” she giggled.

This time Arnold could get a really good look at the wonderful curly hair, so soft and so secret between her legs. Alisha grabbed his free hand and greased his middle pussy finger with her saliva.

Johnny returned to caressing her cunt, opening it with the V of her fingers, so Arnold could see how pink and juicy she was, under those thick dark bush. While he fingered her wet folds she sucked at him in her lips and pumped him rapidly in her hand. Both of them were moaning and groaning as they raced to reach their peaks .

Arnold became so thirsty and soon consumed the two cans as Alisha and Johnny cried out in shuddering mutual orgasms. Alisha waited until Johnny was relaxed and rose to her feet. “Rest now and I’ll come back to wash you off,” she said and walked to the bathroom.

“Bravo,” Arnold said clapping his hands lightly. “I think you’re doing well because of the treat that they’re giving you here rather than the treatment.”

“I always say that sex is the best therapy,” Johnny said showing a very satisfactory grin.

After Alisha Samsun Escort Bayan washed Johnny with warm washcloth and patted him dry, Johnny said something like enjoy your date, Arny take a Hayek.

After a while Johnny became drowsy and soon drifted into sleep. When Alisha left, Arnold fell asleep too on the chair like a drunken sailor and the potion he drank began to effect its magic.

The ding dong of the doorbell had woken Arnold up. He rose from the sofa and realized that he had napped in the living room of his house wearing a robe.

Where was his houseman, George. “Oh, it’s his dayoff today ,” he mumbled to himself and rose to his feet to call the guard in the intercom to ask who were his visitors. The hollow voice of the guard at the gate came and said they were the pool cleaners. “Alright, thanks Billy,” he said remembering he’d asked for them to come over.

He let the cleaners wearing striped blue uniforms with “Talk Dirty To Us” written at their backs enter the pool area and immediately they started working. When they were through one of the men told Arnold that their boss would come in and check what they’ve done and bill him either cash or charged.

When they piled back inside their van the driver of a red Ferrari in front emerged out and walked toward the house. By the looks of her she was a drop dead gorgeous babe. She was dressed in a black cat suit with red piping zipped down at the top to flaunt her hefty cleavage. Her eyes were obscured by wrapped around dark glasses and over her shoulder hung a hobo bag. When she neared the porch he recognized her instantly as that Latin Spitfire Salma Hayek, half peasant half bombshell beauty whose screen presence was hot and sexy and smart as a fox. She mounted her silvery, wafer thin-platform strappy sandals with rhinestones on to the porch and walked over to Arnold standing by the door.

“Morning Mr. Craven,” she said removing her sun glasses and extending her hand to him in business like fashion. He shook her hand and gazed on her face whose bedroom eyes and come-hither pouts almost knocked the daylights out of him.

“I’m here to check your pool to see if my people have done their job to your full satisfaction. May I come in?”

“Yes, I’m glad to know that your company strives for perfection,” he said making way for her to enter.

“Thank you. It’s the only way to gain trust from clients.”

She strode inside and Arnold led her to the sliding door that opens to the pool area. As they walked over side by side, he noticed that there were assorted flowers floating in the swimming pool.

“I wonder what those flowers are for?”

“It is just to perfume the water and they’ll be taken out by my people before I leave. Flowers have effects on people, like in aromatherapy. Don’t you think so Mr. Craven?”

“Of course, though I don’t know much about that,” he admitted. Salma placed her hobo bag on a round table shaded by a big umbrella and darted her eyes around the pool site.

“You have an absolute dream house here, Mr. Craven, the pool overlooking the soothing blue of the Pacific Ocean. Fantastic view,” she said in an assured tone. “Can I strip down to my bikinis so I can take a little bit of the sun right here while I do my inspection, Mr. Craven?”

“Only if you call me Arny,” Arnold said.

“Sure I will, Arny.”

“So be my guest.” Arnold said waving out his hands.

She smiled and began stripping down her clothes to reveal her spectacular figure clad in skimpy pink bikinis. Arnold could feel the gravity of her enchantment. So strong that if he hadn’t had a good grip of himself he could have forced himself into her like a wild bull deprived of a mate.

“Can I get you something like a drink, breakfast, um…” He swallowed hard as he gazed at her sultry body, the sexiest he’d seen.

“No, thank you.” she cut in. “I won’t take long to take much of your time.” She started strutting around in her high heels around the pool side and Arnold relished taking in every detail of her devilishly designed body.

After she completed the round, she took hold of her bag and unzipped the top. “It’s a bright sunny day, isn’t it Mr. Craven. It’s sure nice to get a good tan today.” Arnold was standing right beside the pool with unfaltering gaze at her intoxicating body.

“I guess you could say that again,” Arnold said hoping what she was getting from her bag was a lotion that she might ask him to apply to her body.

When her hand emerged from the bag it had a gun with a silencer in which she’d quickly pointed to Arnold, with her left hand cupping under her right and getting into a shooting stance.

Arnold’s mouth dried out and hung agape. Before he could utter a word, the Glock gun with a silencer spat three bullets catching him on the chest. Blood spurted out from his chest as he staggered and fell backward.

Puzzled, confused and hurting Arnold dug his fingers on his chest. “You shot me!” Oh god there’s Escort Samsun blood all over me, I’ll die! Why did you shoot me? I’ve done nothing to you!” He cried out while his robe had flapped opened at the center and his dick got exposed as he had no underwear.

“Sorry buddy, I’m what they call ‘the cleaner,’ Salma said gazing coldly at his dick. “I’ve an order from the CIA to liquidate you. The reason? I really don’t know.” She shook her head. “I just do my job and see to it that it’s done clean.”

“Oh god, I’m pissed off, oh…that hurts, please help me! Call an ambulance, for crissakes I’m dying here!”

“Sorry, it’s nothing personal. You’ll have to die. In a little while you’ll be lightheaded and in 15 minutes or less you’ll be dead due to loss of blood.”

Arnold groaned, too shock to utter another word, his mind raced as to how much strength was left from him. He was in an incredible pain, and oxygen was loosing rapidly from him.

“Oh poor boy, your big dick is out in the open, what a waste. I should have fucked you before I killed you.” She made a tsk, tsk sound while unscrewing the silencer and blowing at the tip of her pistol.

After she returned the gun and silencer in her bag, Salma walked over and stood over him her feet on both sides of his hips and gazed down at him. From his lying position, his eyes could still see the shape of her pussy through the stretch bikini fabric and the curving undersides of her ripe, opulent breasts riding high on her chest with the nipples poking the fabric

“Oh god,” he moaned and his dick started to rise.

“My oh my, you’re dying and yet you’re dick is rising?” she said casually in a carnal tone.

She knelt before him near his face and his eyes managed to bulge a bit either because he was a few inches to her magnificent body or the few minutes ticking off before he dies.

“If I’ll fuck you right this moment, you won’t enjoy it and you’d definitely die sooner. I regret that it had to come this way.”

Arnold was panting for breath. He mumbled something that she couldn’t understand.

“You wanted to fuck me, right?”

He nodded. “If only you let me lived,” he croaked.

“I’m sure you’d love holding my breasts?” She said as she wandered her hands down her body, lifting and cupping her marvelous breasts, squeezing them enticingly together with her eyes half closed.

“And you’ll definitely wanna do this,” she said as she smoothed herself caressing over slightly round belly, her full luscious hips until she brushed her hands over the softness and shape of her pussy, fingering herself shamelessly through her wickedly sexy bikini.

She turned over her shoulder and peered down behind her back and saw his cock in full stand.

“I’ve never seen a man dying with his cock still upright. Oh god you really wanted me.” The corner of her lip curled up.

Arnold was now lying under a pool of blood.

“I gotta go swim for awhile and when your dead, I’ll put you in that big bin over there and pour you chemicals that will melt your body until there’ll be no trace of you. Gone with the wind just like a bubble,” she said rising on her feet.

“What kind of a babe are you?” Arnold asked his breathing uneven.

“Let’s not go into that. Who says that life is always fair? You got to die one way or another. Bye-bye horny boy. And those flowers are really for you,” she said and rose to her feet.

“And why me?”

“Somebody had to and that happens to be you.”

“Ow shit,” he croaked.

Salma took off her strappy sandals, hitched up her bikini bottom and dove into the pool. She swam several laps and Arnold’s eyes followed her to the pool. He was getting weaker and weaker almost loosing sight of her as if he was drugged. However he mustered all his strength to roll his body toward the pool and thought that he’d rather die in the water with those flowers wafting fragrance into his nostrils. He dropped into the pool face down. In a few seconds Arnold lay floating dead in the water his blood spreading around him.

Salma watched his floating body from the shallow end of the pool panting slightly. Then she climbed out of the pool, took the mattress from one lounging chaise and laid it down the pool’s side walk. From her bag she withdrew a skin lotion and then sat on the mattress, poured lotion on her palm and rubbed it all over her body. After she’d covered all her skin, she laid on her back on the mattress, basked in the sun rays and enjoyed the pleasant breeze brushing over her bare skin.

After 15 minutes had passed Arnold’s eyes opened in the water. Astonished, he felt his strength coming back to him. For unknown reason he felt reborn and much more alive. He swam toward the shallow level and stood on the pool floor and examined his exposed upper body. To his surprise, the bullet holes had vanished and so was the blood that tainted the water. “Must be the water! It’s a miracle. This is something from the water because it tasted and smell differently.”

Salma was napping down on her stomach unaware that Arnold had risen. He had wrapped his silky robe around his waist and stood next to her, his body a Grand Canyon of his manhood. Her smashing petite figure lay on the ground with her legs slightly spread from her full round butt.

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