Madison’s Confession

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The story follows Madison and the Janitor, which followed Madison and her Neighbor, Madison in Trouble… oh just read the stories that have come before this one first and for Madison’s physical description. 😉

Every Friday depending on what grade you were in, you had to go to confession. It wasn’t a big deal. A lot of people would make up stuff just to get it over with quickly. The priest wouldn’t let you leave until you had something to confess. I usually was pretty honest about it except I wasn’t sure if I should tell him about my last week’s happenings (see stories mentioned above). Hearing about all my fucking with the teachers – that might get me thrown out, too.

I was next in line for the booth. I was glad I wore panties today. I wasn’t horny either. I was more worried about if I was honest what the consequences would be. Julie stepped out of the booth I was waiting for. She was crying and just walked away. My nerves were high as I approached the booth. I opened the door and sat in the dark room and took a deep breath. Mr. Johnson asked his usually question if I have committed any sins.

I hesitated for a moment, “Yes, sir, I have.” I leg drag out a little unsure still about what to tell him.

“Tell me, Madison, what have you done wrong?” He questioned sincerely.

“Well, Sir, I’ve, um… I’ve been late to class a bunch this week.”

“Why have you been late?”

“You know, this and that and.” I didn’t finish my sentence.

He waited a bit to see if I was done, “That’s hardly a sin, but do you think your teachers deserve that type of respect you’ve given them lately?” I sat and thought about that one. I think they like having to discipline me and be their personal cocksucker, but I knew to just answer that question, I think.

“No, they haven’t liked it at all.” I confessed.

“Is there anything else you should tell me, Madison?” The priest asked innocently.

“Umm, well, I’ve been… kind of a bad girl, sir.” I knew it was the right thing to tell him. And part of me like hearing myself be called a bad girl. I was fidgeting with my hands in my hair. Thoughts of what has happened that past week filled my head. I thought about Mr. Leon spanking me for being fresh, and telling the principal while bent over his desk with my skirt around my waist that I needed him to punish me, and having the janitor make me beg him for it after being caught on his desk touching my little pussy. I felt a small tingle start between my legs.

“How have you been a bad girl, Madison?” Innocently asked again, as if any of his students could really do anything ‘bad’.

I didn’t know how to say it. “I’ve… done some naughty things with some people I shouldn’t have, sir.” I wanted to tell him.

“Are you referring to sex?”

“Well, um, yeah.” I replied.

“Are you finding your body acting in strange ways that feel good?” Feel good, I thought to myself, felt great having my ass over my teacher’s knee while each time he spanked me my pussy ached. My mind was loaded with naughty images. And the more he asked these innocent questions the less innocent I felt.

“Yes, sir.” I was struggling not to release a moan.

“Tell me everything you did so that I may lift the burden of these sins and show you down the correct path again, Madison.” He was so sincere it was making me want to act even badder than before.

“Uhg… I don’t know, I’ve been very bad, sir.” Gosh, I wanted to tell him everything about how I felt and how good it all made my pussy feel, but I was hesitant. I mean it was a priest!

“Don’t worry, this is just between you and me. You need to let these evil things go so that you may better yourself and rid the evil. Please go on.” He answered in a gentle voice. He was pretty young for his position. I’m not even sure if he really was a priest but that’s how all students thought of him. I think he was in his early forties. Instantly my mind began thinking of naughty thoughts of him. He didn’t always do confession. He was only part time and took his job very seriously, which made my dirty thinking a bit easier.

“Um, well, you see, when I was late for one of my classes, it was over the school limit. I had to go see him after class. When I got to his office, he told me that if I didn’t do what he said that I’d lose my scholarship to college…”

“Tell me how you were bad, Madison?” Sounding concerned and helpful the priest responded.

“I, I, um, had to, oh geez, I had to suck his coc, I mean, his penis, sir.”

“And did you like it?” His tone was turning from sweet to serious.

“Yes, I did, sir.” I couldn’t believe what I was telling the priest. Being alone in that dark room, I was starting to get hot. My pussy was tingling more now. I wondering if telling him would make his cock hard. Then I imagined the young new priest’s cock. I wondered if it was a nice fat cock with a thick mushroom head that easy leaked precum. To wondering if he liked pound girls little pussies doggie style in the confessional.

“Is there more, Madison?” Bringing me back from my fantasy world, gaziantep escortlar his voiced sounded more interested now. I told him how about the principal and how I had to have a meeting with the two of them. I told him that I had to ask for more punishment and how he fucked me on his desk.

“Sounds like you like them treating you like this. Tell me, did it make you feel good to do what they told you?”

“Yes, sir.” I could now feel my pussy seeping onto my panties.

“Is there more you want to share?”

“Well, I can’t stop thinking about it and my puss… I mean, I want to touch myself all the time. During class yest…”

“Why do you want to touch yourself?”

What was he asking exactly? His questions were all said in a very solemn tone like the principal and my teacher said when they were controlling me, it was beginning to do something to my body. I wanted to tell him more and more about how I was such a bad girl.

“Because it feels good, sir.” I was getting hot. I lifted my skirt a little and started to rub my now wet pussy through my panties.

“Do you think it’s right to do whatever feels good anytime?”

“Um… No…” No. As I continue to use one fingertip slide across my clothed pussy I could feel the wetness of my pussy seep through my panties to my fingertip.

“Are you touching yourself right now, Madison?” OH GOD! Having him ask me set my pussy on a new level of hot. I found my clit and start to rub it slowly with my fingernail through my wet panties teasing myself. I found my breathing becoming labored and the hairs on the back of my neck starting to stand.

“I can hear you, I know you like telling me how you’ve acted. Tell me, is your pussy wet?” The way he said the word pussy was so sexy. It just rolled off his tongue so smoothly. The speed of my finger on my clit increased. His sexy words were going to bring me to orgasm.

“UHH-hUHhh…” I let out as I rubbed myself through my very wet panties now.

“What a bad girl. Letting your teachers treat you like a ‘slut’ and you enjoying every minute of it, right? You need to repent for your sins, Madison.” As I listened to his soft voice I continued to tease my wet pussy.

“How should I do that, sir?”

“First ‘spread’ your legs more for me. I think this is going to take some time. I think in order for you to not want to be such a bad girl we will have to do some things first.”

I spread my legs more as I played with my wet pussy. I watched as my skirt rose up my thighs. I let out a soft moan unintentionally. I was so hot. I started fantasizing about the priest playing with my young pussy.

“What kind of things, sir?” The anticipation was killing me. With one hand I slid my soaked panties to the side and gently began fingering my pussy. I could feel my wetness coating my finger instantly as I ran it up and down the length of my slit.

“We will discuss that in private at a later time. Know that you are a very bad girl, Madison and you will need to be punished until you stop your behavior as a slut. This will not be a fun time, but a time for learning. I want you to meet me in my chambers in one hour. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.” I moaned as I continued playing with myself in the confessional booth, my legs completely spread with a foot on each side of the booth I was sitting on. I could help myself. I inserted a single finger wish it was a fat hard cock and began slowly sliding it in and out.

“Now get to your next class and take your hand away from your wet pussy.” He said that word again. It was so smooth and sexy the way he said pussy. “And don’t touch it until then, either!” I was stroking my clit with my thumb and gentling continued to fuck my tight hole. His idea of controlling me was making my pussy seriously ache.

“Bad girl. I said take your hand away from your dripping pussy!” He didn’t raise his voice to add a level of authoritative tension to it that I also loved. I obeyed and licked my finger clean wondering if he tasted better.

I got up and left the booth and went to my next class with thoughts filled of acting like a slut. I couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for me in an hour. For the entire class time, I spent fantasizing about him doing very bad things to be. I don’t think I heard a single word Mrs. Karry said the entire time. When it was time, I made my way down to his chambers. I had actually never been in. My heart was pattering and my teeth were chattering. I walked in and it was a huge room. It was square about the size of three living rooms long. It was where a few of the holy men gathered to study. At the opposite end of the room, Mr. Johnson was sitting at a large desk, the only desk in the room, doing some paper work. He didn’t notice me. Over towards where I was standing in the very back of the room was a good sized table where two men were reading textbooks. They were all dressed in the same get up, a monk like robe that looked all one piece in a nice light tan. I made my way down the room to Mr. Johnson.

He finally looked up and looked me straight in the eyes. “Glad you made it. Are you ready to set yourself straight no matter what?” Instantly I felt my nipples harden against my tight white blouse. I wanted him to look down at see. I wondered if he knows my pussy was already soaked.

“Yes sir, I want to be a good girl.” I said standing before his groping eyes. His eyes lingered on my nipples sending electric charges straight to my tingling pussy.

“To be good, you must first tell me what you did that you liked to be bad, Madison.” He put his pen down and rolled out his chair and crossed his hands over his lap as he waited for my answer.

“Sir, didn’t I tell you before?” I said a little confused as I began to tug at the hem of my short uniform skirt.

“No, I need you to tell me what you liked about it, not just what you did. Come around here.” I walked around and stood next to him as he waited again. I was beginning to get nervous. I didn’t know what to say.

“OK, maybe we should do your awareness with your punishment.” He unfolding his hands and spread his legs a little. “Lay across my lap. All bad girls need to be spanked.”

I didn’t see any point in struggling. I wanted him to take me over his knee. I glanced towards the back of the room to see if the two other priests were paying any attention. They still had their heads down in their large books. I listened and moved myself over his knees. I wiggled around trying to get square on his lap, but really to see if I could feel anything else. Surprisingly, I didn’t. I guess this was just to teach me and tried to put my horny thoughts away.

“I am going to spank you and with each one you are to tell me something you did bad. I will keep spanking you until I hear what we both want. Understood?” I felt his hand over my skirt. My heart began to pound. It was just resting there. I loved being in this exposed position.

“Yes, sir.” I answered and as soon as I did I felt his hands go under my skirt. He moved the hem of my skirt to my waist. He caressed my panty-covered ass for a moment and then pulled them down to my knees. I could feel the wetness trying to stick to my pussy as his peeled them down. I knew he’d see how excited I was about his ‘treatment’.

SMACK!! Without further warning he spanked me on my right ass cheek, not too hard. I let out a small grunt. I hesitated and didn’t know what to do.

“Well, tell me something you did naughty young lady!” His voice wasn’t very soft anymore.

“I sucked Mr. Leon’s cock.” I said in my little girl voice.


“I asked the principal to punish me.”


“I let them both fuck me at the same time.”


“I played with my wet pussy on the Janitor’s desk.”


“I begged him to let me cum.”

SMACK!! The stinging was beginning to spread thru out my body.

“I ate Mary’s pussy out.”

SMACK!! This went on for some time. I told him about almost everything. Even how I let my neighbor fuck me.

“I don’t know what else to say sir, please my ass hurts.”

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! “You haven’t told me what I wanted to hear yet, Madison.” SMACK! SMACK! He spanked me quickly on each cheek. I could feel them reddening. “Try again!” He was screaming at me as he spanked me.

“I was a bad bad girl.” I then remembered the two other men and that in my current position, my head was lower than the height of the desk. I wondered if they could see me… if they could see my reddened ass.

SMACK! “Better, but still not it. Maybe if I spank you even harder you’ll know.”

SMACK!! Oh it felt soo good.

“I acted like a slut.” My pussy was aching. I could feel my wetness pouring out of my pussy.

SMACK!! “Why?”

“Because I liked it.” I tried to push my ass higher. His hand was landing on each cheek perfectly. It was that fine line of pleasure and pain.

SMACK!! “Why?”

“I don’t know! Please!” I could smell pussy everywhere.

SMACK!! SMACK!! “Why did you like it so much?”

“It made me hot! Please! It hurts! I can’t take anymore!!” My ass was so red. I wanted him to play with my hot tight pussy already! But he didn’t let up at all.

SMACK! “This is a lesson! Did you think you would enjoy this like the others? Tell me what I want to hear and I’ll stop.” SMACK!!

“I am a slut! I like guys wanting me! I want the attention that I make them hot! Please!! I like knowing that I’ve made their cock rock hard. I like how them make my pussy drip. I don’t know what else to say!” All of a sudden he stopped spanking me. He began to rub my cheeks softly. I wasn’t horny after this spanking, but I knew my pussy was drenched.

His fingertips traced smooth circles on my tender flesh closer and closer to my steaming pussy. “You like that don’t you?” He teased.

“Ohh, yessss.” I moaned and tried to push my ass closer to his fingers.

“You need to be treated like a complete naughty slut?”

God I never wanted to be fucked so badly in my life, “YES, sir!” I hissed.

Just then I felt multiple sets of hands touching me and my head began to spin as I felt my nipples being thumbed, a finger being shoved in my mouth for me to suck, and a hard cock creeping along the inside of my thigh. As my eyes came into focus, the three priests were carrying me to the carpeted floor in the center of the large rectangular shaped room.

As they tugged and pulled on my limbs I was finally released on to the plush carpet. I felt a set of hands on each of my legs as they spread me. The third pair of hands was covering my eyes with a blindfold. I couldn’t see anything. Instantly my sense of feeling being came very strong. The slightest touch on my thigh felt like a tongue swiping across my slit or a gentle bite on the side of my torso felt like two fingers pinching my already sensitive nipple.

Before I had time to adjust to my surroundings, a tongue was already lashing at my dripping clit and a huge fat cock shoved into my watering mouth. All sense of thinking or any rational though ceased and sexual aggression set in. I found myself devouring the cock that was roughly fucking my face, balls slapping and all, as well as trying to lift my hips to the man’s tongue that was lapping on my aching pussy.

The man’s tongue eating my pussy was licking me like a dog reunited with his master. He continued to focus his attentions directly on my swollen clit sending me into a frenzy.

The man who was fucking my face with a huge cock repositioned himself so that he was standing in front of me with each of his legs about a foot further of my head and lifted my face to his crotch while continually holding the back of my head to meet his forward thrusts.

I began to wildly thrash about as I began a series of orgasms like I’d never knew be possible when I felt the third man touch me. He began slowly as if we were just starting our foreplay, oblivious to the two other men who were obviously on a faster level. He started with gentle bites around my torso as his fingers ran delicately over my tummy, which is a huge erogenous area for me.

As the tongue lapping at my swollen pussy never let up and another man fuck his cock into my mouth with such force that I didn’t have much of a change to swallow as his balls slapped against my chin with each fast thrust, the third man began gently assaulting my nipples perfectly. He moved his mouth up my rib cage as his thumbs and first fingers forced my nipple to become even more erect. The man’s trail of bite increasing became rougher and harder. Until finally I could feel his breath trailing just lower of my left tit, he bit me so hard that my occasional moan that I got out was no a full scream.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!” Of course this gave a result of getting my face fucked even harder and my pussy eaten faster. I had cum so many times that I could feel the leakage going down between my ass cheeks. Then I felt a man’s mouth of my left tit and became a little scare from how hard he had just bit me. I knew if he bit that hard again it would seriously hurt, but he just breathed on my tit with his mouth covering the entire thing as his hand fondled my right tit, thumbing it up and down. My body began convulsing on top of the thrashing.

On top of the tongue flicking across my engorged clit, I felt a finger trailing its way around my wet up and my cum lubed asshole. Oh god, not my ass I thought. Then the man’s mouth on my tit let out his tongue and flicked it around my erect nipple for a second or two before lowering mouth and sucking the entire thing. I felt his lips enclose around most of my breast and his teeth enclose around my nipple. Ever so gently he bit my nipple as the fat cock fucking my face got even fatter. As my mouth fell as full as I thought possible and my chin got slapped with a heavier set of balls with each thrust, the man began to cum down my throat.

The unknown man eating my pussy said in a deep sexy voice, “Cum all over the slut’s face.” He instantly took out his cock and began to spray my blindfolded face with his hot tasty cum. This caused my entire chest involuntary thrusted upward as I released the biggest orgasm yet as I opened my mouth as wide as I could to receive every drop of his sweet cum.

“Look at this cum slut trying to swallow all my seedy jizz.” I really was a slut. I really wanted every drop of his cum down my throat. Although I did like having it all over my face, too.

Suddenly the man by my pussy stopped eating me, the man who had just cum all over my face proceeded to rub his cock cum covered cock across my face and the man biting my nipple went back to only running his finger tips over my sensitive tummy my body began to relax. I was huffing and puffing and still blinded. I could feel my lips swollen and loved the feeling of the unknown man’s cum on my face. My whole body felt over sensitive as I had probably cum about a dozen times. That can take a lot out of a young girl.

“This slut, cum slut, needs phase two, gentleman.” Spoke Mr. Johnson. And instantly I was picked up again. This time I was placed on all fours and felt a man’s cock at my pussy and heard another one coming towards my lips. Without warning the man with the incredibly wide girthed cock rammed inside my tight little hole and stopped.

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