Made for Each Other Ch. 01

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A/N: Hi everyone, long time reader, first time writer. This story contains two of my very specific fetishes:

– Enormous, completely unrealistic and over-productive genitalia for literally no reason.

– Constant building, release, and resetting of sexual tension between reluctant but undeniable (taboo) soul mates.

If you don’t like, don’t read, and please, let me know what you think! Enjoy!


“Oh, oh my god… oh FUCK YEAH! JESUS CHRIST!!” the girl panted, overwhelmed with ecstasy as the first third of my cock plunged into her tiny, tiny pussy.

“JESUS, RYAN!! HOLY FUCK!” After a few moments she quivered in wordless silence, already cumming as I pulled my cock out in an attempt to thrust deeper.

I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes at her theatrics. Sex with Emily didn’t do nearly as much for me as it did for her.

I’m sorry, that sounds cruel. She couldn’t really help it. My girlfriend was beautiful, no doubt- a stunning blonde bombshell, 5’6″, lean, perky in all the right places. The thing that made sex for us so…difficult was primarily what some might call a “me problem”.

As I attempted to once more pierce my girlfriend’s puny canal, only eight inches of my 17 inch, soda-can diameter cock could sheathe themselves in her warmth before I completely and utterly bottomed out.

“OHHHH GOD! God, babe, you fill me so good, oh God… fuck me, fuck me…” Emily entered a low-functioning trance as her ravaging continued. I did my duty, mindlessly thrusting as my mind wandered to the engineering problem set I had been putting off all week. I had to do that tomorrow.

Despite Emily’s best efforts, I knew I wasn’t going to cum tonight. Not from this. Her pussy was too shallow, her other ministrations not particularly effective in her near-catatonic state. Her nails raked up and down my chest, a motion so repetitive it started to hurt.

As we remained in missionary, her trance state all-consuming, I brought a thumb down to lightly tease and then vigorously massage her clit. That did her in. With a gasp she came once more; her body locked up completely, and the poor girl passed out.

I gently withdrew my aching cock from my girlfriend. I sighed as I marched to the bathroom, leaving the warmth of my full bed for the chilling darkness of the hallway. My cock was dripping precum in teaspoons, and I cursed when one of the drops slipped through my fingers and splattered onto the wood floor in the hall.

“Shit” I whispered. I’d have to clean that up later.

I entered the bathroom and turned on the light, briefly dazzled by the sudden change in light. I looked at myself in the mirror, shaking my head at my bizarre pornstar body. Six foot three, 210 pounds of lean muscle with a semi-erect member that seemed to reach my knees. I had shaggy brown hair that fell around my ears, but otherwise there wasn’t much hair elsewhere on my body- I was always a bit insecure about that. I was still rather boyish, but had chiseled features where it counted. Ultimately, I can’t say I have much to complain about.

The one thing I did have to complain about was rapidly deflating, so I quickly began stroking it back to full hardness. Nine, ten, twelve then suddenly seventeen inches of wrist-thick meat stood proudly over a pair of balls that rivaled oranges on a good day, but right now they were pushing grapefruit size. I was seriously backed up.

My cock, the size of which most would refuse to believe, is a serious hassle. Resting at a flaccid nine inches, I need to hold it in my hand when I take a shit. Loose shorts are an absolute no-no, and I’ve spent pretty much my entire post-pubescent life in compression shorts.

This is also a problem, since I get boners near-constantly, and my balls swell up like balloons if I don’t cum at least three or four times a day. When I haven’t cum for four or so hours, I literally get a perpetual half-chub that leaks precum and stains all my clothes. Every morning I wake up with cum-stained sheets.

And the worst part is, for some reason I’m having a hard time cumming with my girlfriend. As great as a big cock is, it doesn’t do me any favors when I can’t fit it in the girl. I’ve never been able to go balls-deep, and I fear I never will. When I was young and inexperienced I could still cum from getting about halfway in, but that seems more and more like an unrealistic dream the older I get.

Tonight was no different. The more I stroked, the less cumming seemed like a viable outcome. I redoubled my efforts.

A pair of enormous, impossible tits, the most taboo pair of breasts imaginable, flashed in my mind.

Nope, nope, can’t do that. I chastised myself. My cock had other ideas, though. A dollop of precum flew across the room and stuck to the mirror.

God damn it. The more I tried to restrain myself, the more images of my sister began to flood my mind.


Gravity-defying, teardrop-shaped globes Lefkoşa Escort that bounced with every infinitesimal movement. Breasts that made the concept of a shirt reaching a girl’s waist seem impossible. Nipples that made every bra their bitch. All of this on a girl of unparalleled beauty, who just had to be my younger sister.

I ejaculated quickly and with great force, unexpectedly splattering the mirror with my jism before I directed the rest of my never-ending spray into the toilet. I shuddered with glee as I sprayed quarts of spunk into my overworked sewage system.

It was just what I needed. Unfortunately, getting there without images of a certain someone was becoming increasingly difficult.

I grabbed one last tissue, remembering the precum stain I needed to pick up in the hallway.

When I got out there, it was gone.

Shit. Maybe I stepped on it. Or did I forget where it was? I did a quick sweep of the immediate area, but the cold in the hallway got to me- before long, I was snuggling back up under my covers, maneuvering my way into a spooning position with my peacefully sleeping girlfriend.

Sadly, as I lay there cuddling her, I knew something had to give.


The screams echoing from my brother’s room surely had my father rolling in his grave. Or, perhaps more optimistically, cheering on his admittedly talented son.

Me, though? They just had me feeling vaguely riled up, tossing and turning even as my boobs protested every movement. I threw my covers off, feeling hot all over as still Emily’s screams reverberated through the household.

None of this would be happening if Grandma hadn’t had to go to that funeral. She told us to take care of the house, and no parties! Sadly, she hadn’t said anything about noisy girlfriends.


“We get it, Emily! My brother is massively hung!” I quietly called out to the whopping no one in my room. I liked the girl well enough, but sometimes it almost felt like she did it on purpose. Some girls can’t help but show off what they’ve managed to nail down.

Infuriatingly, my pussy was aching. It didn’t help that they were doing this while I was insanely horny. I reached around my stupidly large tits to paw at my panties- absolutely soaked. Jesus, was that all it took for me now? I was already gushing just at the thought of sex- definitely not the specific participants in the other room.

I should explain about my boobs. They’re dumb. They’re the size of fucking watermelons, so big that I haven’t seen my navel while standing up for a long time. I’ve pretty much given up on legitimate bra sizes, but my tailor says they’d be about a P-cup. They’re pretty perky, thank God, protruding from my torso about a foot and a half while still hanging to a little below my belly button in a sort of teardrop shape. Right now they’re both resting on my bed, sliding off my torso like two glaciers carving out a new valley. Even if my tits are stupid, I have to admit I love how the weight of them feels, lying in bed like this.

My nipples are ridiculous as well- about an inch and a half when I’m really aroused (like right now), they look more like corks than fucking nipples. They’re pliant but firm, rounded off around the edges but still oddly cylindrical, and absolutely fucking freaky when compared with any normal person in the world.

Still, I can’t deny how good they feel, and as such I brought by left hand to my left nipple as my right continued massaging my cunt. If I was doing this, I might as well go all the way. I lightly moaned as more and more cunt juices soaked through my panties and began pooling in my sheets. My pussy is absurdly productive- just another way in which I am extremely abnormal, sexually speaking.

As I massaged my sensitive spots, moaning with increasing intensity, I thought of Josh, the sweet boy from my English lit class who I’d been seeing. It wasn’t anything serious, but he saw past my freakishly oversexualized exterior and still worked up the guts to ask me out, props to him. He was good looking enough, and pleasant to be around. We hadn’t done anything sexual yet- not that I was getting my hopes up. Past boyfriends… hadn’t exactly delivered in that department.

As I thought back on my history of depressing performances from “nice-enough” guys, my arousal, understandably, flagged.


And, there it was again.

Shit. I fingered my pussy with newfound abandon, switching to three, then four fingers before finally fitting my whole fist into my squelching cavern. Invasive thoughts of my huge-dicked brother wormed their way into my brain…

My nipples began squirting milk. This wasn’t uncommon these days, even if I didn’t much care for the habit. The doctors said my body was perpetually in reproductive overdrive, and naturally, this meant breast milk when Kıbrıs Escort aroused, or even just after not pumping for a few days. Definitely an unusual obstacle for a 19-year old girl to deal with, but one I had grown frustratingly used to.

I kept my fist in my pussy and reached for my custom pump. Sadly, groping in the dark, it was nowhere to be found.

I left it in the bathroom. God damn it. I reluctantly withdrew my hand from my snatch before getting out of my bed, covering my nipples with futile little tissues that quickly became soaked through. With great courage, I quietly opened my door and stepped out into the hallway.

Just as I opened my door, I realized with a start that Emily’s screams had ceased. Peeking out of my cracked doorway, I noticed a figure in the darkness- Ryan was making his way into the bathroom.

“Shit,” he whispered, seemingly looking at something on the ground.

My eyes adjusted slightly to the darkness, and there was my brother, fully nude. I couldn’t help but admire his form, tall and muscular, with chiseled abs and solid, athletic legs. His posture was easy and relaxed even as he looked down at his enormous, dripping penis.

The thing was magnificent. I could only guess at its size, but my brother’s penis seemed to stick out of his pelvis like the prow of a beautiful and powerful pirate ship. Ramrod straight and stupidly thick, it seemed to defy all laws of physics as it bounced up and down when he bent to inspect the unknown item he dropped. Still, he shrugged, seeming in a hurry, and rushed into the bathroom.

I remembered where I was when, in my arousal, I rubbed my thighs together and found them totally caked in my juices. I cursed my luck as my nipples, too, continued to spray the walls of the hallway with little regard for my time or patience. My timing could not have been worse.

Still, I couldn’t help my curiosity. I went to the spot of floor that my brother had inspected. I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight- a clear puddle of liquid had gathered on the floor. A substantial amount of it, too.

Cum? No, precum, I gathered, having plenty of experience with the fluid from my own adventures with overzealous boyfriends.

My brother hadn’t cum with Emily? She was silent. There had been a seemingly abrupt end to their lovemaking. Had something happened? Was she ok? Was there any possible way I could find out without seeming like a total perv?

Drip. Drip.

My own vaginal fluids pooled on the floor, right next to my brother’s ejaculate. Perhaps I was a perv, after all.

I bent down, gathered a large portion of the clear liquid on my finger, and ravenously gulped it down. I don’t know what came over me, but the naughtiness of eating my brother’s cum, from his stupidly oversized penis, after his girlfriend had failed to satisfy him, put me over the edge.

I had an enormous, squirting orgasm right there in the hallway. It took everything I had to remain on my feet. My nipples blasted the walls and my cunt basted the floor. My feet were drenched. I hadn’t cum that hard in a long time. And I hadn’t even been touching myself.

I basked in the afterglow for a moment. Then, once more, I had to remember where I was.

Shit. Fuck. Shitfuck. I quickly dashed into grandma’s room at the end of the hall, my tits bouncing and spraying milk with every step (though, luckily, my milk flow was slowing post-orgasm). I grabbed two clean towels out of her bathroom then ran back down the hallway, cleaning everywhere I had soiled with my sloppy, abundant produce. I mopped up the large pool of liquid at the foot of the bathroom door, and I finally retreated into my room just as the bathroom door came unlocked.

I lay back on my bed, chest heaving from exhaustion and exhilaration. Although it had been absolutely stupid of me, I couldn’t deny the thrill of the experience.

I went to close my eyes, but I felt a distinct sensation at the tips of my tits. My nipples were hard once more, and already leaking thin streams of milk.

I sighed. It was going to be a long night.


I woke up to an empty bed. Emily had an 8 AM lab on Saturdays- talk about miserable. Just another reason I was an engineering student. At least we only needed to go to class.

I also woke up to a chest caked in dried semen. My flaccid cock greeted me, sticking out from under my waistband as I reached down to shove it back into my boxers. I grabbed a tissue and mopped up my chest and neck, annoyed by just how far my nocturnal emissions had traveled.

Emily, as usual, had left an adorable note on my bedside table.

Thanks for LITERALLY fucking me senseless last night. XOXO — Emily

Ok, maybe it wasn’t so much adorable as it was kinda kinky.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel bad. Emily was a great girl- she was kind and had a great sense of humor, and really smart too. I wondered if she had any idea how Girne Escort much I was faking it.

I had the house to myself this morning, so I went downstairs in my boxers to whip up some breakfast. I immediately regretted this decision when I entered the kitchen to be greeted by Cameron’s incredible ass clad in weirdly sexy pajama shorts. Wasn’t she supposed to be working today?!

My sister’s tits were her crowning achievement, but her ass was no joke. Her tiny waist seemed to double in size at the pelvis, and her incredibly round, creamy cheeks stuck out like a shelf. Even though her proportions defied all laws of physics, Cameron was still in incredible shape, so her insane ass still led down to perfectly sexy, toned legs.

When I finally shook my eyes free of my sister’s astounding behind, I noticed the show her top half was presenting. Her long, dirty blonde locks draped over her sexy, slim back with ease, but it was what protruded from her back that caught my attention. Sticking out from both sides, covered only by a thin white t-shirt that could only dream of holding my sister’s impossible melons in place, was my sister’s… side-under-back boob? Is there even a term for something so preposterous?

The bottom halves of her tits rested in the space between her arms and her torso as she fried eggs on the stove. I could literally see the beautiful, pale undersides of Cameron’s chest lumps from behind her. Good lord, this girl… And why was she here?

My cock was already twitching, and I immediately began my retreat. In my hurry, though, I stepped just a bit too loudly on tile floor…

“Morning, bro!” Cameron said, turning to face me, spatula in hand. It took everything I had not to look at her chest, instead opting to awkwardly cover my half-nude form and continue to walk away.

“Hey, Cam, I am, SO sorry, I thought I was home alone, and-“

She laughed at my antics. “Calm down! It’s uh… nothing I haven’t seen before. Jane gave me the day off today. Something about a minor family emergency?” She noticed I was still going to leave. “Ryan, jeez, relax. Come on. I wanted to surprise you with eggs and bacon!”

AH! This girl was killing me! Luckily she turned to flip the eggs, and I took that moment to shove what I could of my rapidly inflating cock and balls between my legs.

“Ok, something’s up. You’re never this nice to me.” We laughed together as I slowly and awkwardly waddled my way to a kitchen stool, thighs pressed together around my soon-to-be dripping cock.

“No tricks! I swear! Just felt like doing something nice for you. Plus, it, uh, sounded like you worked up an appetite last night.”



Fuck. Did I really just say that?

I couldn’t help but bite my lip and look at my brother over the counter. I was almost sad that he had chosen to sit somewhere that completely concealed my view of his lower half. Still, it was probably for the best- my pussy was already moistening at the sight of his incredible swimmer’s body.

“Ohhhh shit, I am so sorry Cameron, seriously, I tell her to keep it down-” the guilt in his voice was palpable.

Ugh. Of course he didn’t want his little sister getting off to- I mean, hearing him and his girlfriend get off!

“Oh my God, I’m just teasing, dude, you’re fine!” I assured him, sending him a bright smile as I finished the eggs and began piling them onto the plate. Four for my brother- he clearly needed the protein- and three for me (so would I, if my growing tits had anything to say about it).

He blushed bright red and seemed to fiddle with something under the counter. His shoulders flexed slightly with every move he made. “No, really, though, it’s unacceptable, and pretty embarrassing…” God. He was so cute.

“Hey. Chin up. No such thing as bad press, right?” I shot him a wink this time. I was flirting with him hard, but I couldn’t stop myself!

“Haha! No, I um, guess not.” He trailed off as I handed him his plate. “Hey, Cam? You, uh, running a circus, or what?” He gestured with his chin vaguely towards me, a mischievous smirk on his face.

I laughed, though I didn’t understand. “Umm, what do you mean?”

“You’re, uh, pitching a couple tents, there,” he said. He turned bright red as he pointed to my tits.

I gasped in horror and tried to cover my chest in vain. “Oh my god!” I shouted, immediately running to the bathroom. I hoped my scream concealed the squelch of my pussy as I ran.

Fuck my stupid, ridiculously fertile body!

I hid in the bathroom and quickly took out my landed on my stomach with an audible plop, and if I wasn’t so embarrassed I might have been a little turned on by the sheer weight of them. My nipples stuck out

“Sorry, Ryan! That was really gross of me! I’ll put on a bra!” I yelled to him.

He answered back calmly, surprisingly right outside the bathroom door. The irony was not lost on me. “You’re fine, Cameron, I’m sorry too. I just meant to tease you about something- I dunno, since you were teasing me about sex and all…”

I couldn’t help but smile at his sweetness. “Yeah, I get it, no big deal. Still, thank you for telling me. I should definitely put some clothes on.” I tried to play the situation off with a laugh.

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