Madame Ebony

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“Welcome to Madame Ebony’s Boudoir. Please give me your credit card number and date of expiration so we can proceed.”

The caller nervously supplies the information requested while the woman enters the data into her computer.

“Well, darlin’, do you have any special fantasies that you want me to indulge tonight,” she says, emphasizing special provocatively.

During the long pause that follows, she stifles a yawn as she scans the menu of scripts displayed on the monitor. Once the meter is running she doesn’t rush her callers, at the prices she charges she is happy to let them take their time.

After a minute of silence she inquires, “Are you still there?”

The sound of someone clearing his throat can be heard faintly. Finally a hesitant voice says, “Yes, I’m still here.”

“Don’t be shy, sweet cakes, I won’t bite. I’m a girl who just loves talking about sex. It doesn’t matter whether it’s awkward first-time sex or hot and kinky monkey love, I like to talk about it. So tell me what gets you hot and I’ll take you there.”

Apparently reassured by her words the man blurts, “I keep having this fantasy about a big black woman cutting off my balls and making me be her oral sex slave.”

The woman quivers involuntarily as he speaks, a powerful lust slowly begins to grip her loins. She struggles momentarily to regain enough composure to reply…the screen saver switches on obscuring the menu that will not be any help anyway–these are uncharted waters.

“My, my, you certainly know how to get my motor running. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’ve been reading my diary.”

She pauses and then in a quiet, confidential tone she tells him, “I’ve been looking for someone to neuter and turn into my personal pussy-licker for a long time.”

She reaches her hand into ığdır seks hikayeleri her panties. A finger strokes her clitoris and another slips inside of her cunt, causing her to squirm slightly as she notices how wet she has become.

“Let me tell you a little about myself,” she continues. “I’m just over six feet tall with a thin and muscular runner’s body. I have fine Ethiopian features, silky blue-black skin and closely cropped hair. I’m very strong and aggressive. And I have a penchant for submissive white men. Right now I’m standing here completely naked rubbing my clit and getting very aroused thinking about making you into a eunuch and having you service me with your mouth. That turns you on, doesn’t it, slave?”

“Y-yes…Mistress,” he manages to stammer.

In her best sultry voice she asks, “Well, are you ready to turn your fantasy into reality to please your ebony queen…to sacrifice your manhood to demonstrate how much you worship me?”

“If that’s what you want, Madame Ebony,” he answers meekly.

“That is exactly what I want, slave!”

She takes a moment to collect her thoughts.

“You’ll need a few things before we start. Get several pieces of twine and the sharpest knife you can find. Bring them here and I’ll tell you what to do next. Don’t keep me waiting, slave. Go!”

The sound of a receiver being hurriedly placed on a hard surface, followed by retreating footsteps, can be heard through the speaker of her hands-free telephone. As she waits, the woman occupies herself by pulling her hair into a ponytail and applying a light blush to her milky white cheeks. After a few minutes have passed the speaker comes to life.

“I’m back, Mistress. I have everything you asked for…now what?”

“Are you naked?”


“Then get naked!” she orders.

Again the sound of a receiver sharply banging against something solid emanates from the speaker. Distinct sounds of clothes being removed hurriedly follows.

“Okay, I’m naked.”

“Does your phone have a hands-free feature?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Turn it on…I want both your hands free. And adjust the volume to high…I want to hear everything as you obey my commands.”

A few seconds pass before he announces, “It’s on and adjusted as you requested, Madame Ebony.”

“Good. Now I want you to pull your ball sac as far as it will stretch and tie one piece of twine around it as close to your balls as you can. Then tie another piece of twine around it as close to your cock as possible. Once you’ve done that, take another piece of twine and tie one end to the twine by your balls and the other to the base of the heaviest piece of furniture nearby, and then pull it as taut as you can. Let me know when you’re done.”

The phone goes silent, except for occasional muted grunts, as he complies with her orders. After a minute or so he comes back on the line.

“Okay, everything’s done.”

“All right, pick up the knife in your left hand and place the edge of the blade against the underside of your ball sac between where it’s tied off with the two pieces of twine. With your right hand start stroking your cock slowly.”

She pauses for effect, really getting caught up in the fantasy.

“Close your eyes and imagine you are here with me, kneeling at my feet and licking my pussy…sucking my clit…sticking your tongue in my ass…kissing your way down to my feet and worshiping them with your mouth.”

“Mmmmm” is the only response.

She continues speaking to him in this manner, slowly building the intensity of the scenario. Usually she is either bored or amused by her callers’ fantasies. But this one has captured her imagination and aroused her in a way she didn’t know was possible. Already she has climaxed twice and is now soaring towards what will undoubtedly be her most intense orgasm ever.

“Do you still want to become my eunuch and oral slave, darlin’?”

So strong is the impending eruption that she is just barely able to articulate words.

“More than anything!” he manages to reply, after struggling a few seconds to focus himself.

“As you get ready to cum, picture in your mind my hand on the knife…and at the very moment of orgasm grasp my hand and guide the blade forcefully upwards, slicing completely through your scrotum.”

This verbalization of the act triggers simultaneous orgasms of sufficient intensity to cause them both to swoon. Several minutes elapse before she recovers enough to become cognizant of the world around her. She is laying on the floor…she notices that her panties are around her feet, and from her thighs to her ankles she is sopping wet with pussy juice.



(In sotto voice) “I really want to thank you for calling. That was absolutely the best fantasy sex I’ve ever been involved with. I hope it was as good for you. I don’t normally do this, but next time you call I’ll give you some free time. Good night…sweet dreams.”

He hears the click of her receiver, then dial tone, and eventually the annoying phone company alert signaling that his unit is off the hook. He crawls to the phone and presses the hang up button. He does this with his eyes closed, as he is afraid to confirm what he suspects, that in the throes of his ecstasy he had crossed the threshold between fantasy and reality. Before he can muster the courage to peek his hand touches something on the floor. It feels like a soft pouch; it’s wet…sticky…hairy…and somehow very familiar.

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