Mable’s Breasts Pt. 02

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The next morning, I awoke with a heightened sense of excitement knowing I would be spending several hours with Mable after school. Yesterday had been an absolutely monumental day for me, and beyond even my wildest fantasies to have cuddled with her on her sofa with my hands all over her amazing breasts while I literally came in my pants.

Even more astonishing was the fact that Mable knew I had done it and was not only pleased but had even been moved to tears.

I laid in my bed, smiling up at the ceiling with my hands behind my head and my erection tenting the bedding. I couldn’t wait to see how she would be dressed today too. Not that it mattered all that much, the woman could wear a burlap bag and combat boots and still be sexier than hell as far as I was concerned. But yesterday, in her UNLV jersey and nylon shorts she had looked exceptionally sensual and sexy.

Before leaving for school, I was careful to take my flash drive with all of the computer maintenance programs on it and, thinking to possibly ingratiate myself to her even more, I found an old external hard drive to back up her documents. The drive was still in very good condition, I had just recently purchased a larger one and really had no use for the smaller drive anymore.

As I was leaving, I reminded Mom that I would likely not be home for dinner as I was planning on helping Mable with her computer. I didn’t actually mention her name when I spoke to Mom, I referred to her as ‘the woman I had told her about yesterday’, and that she had promised to order in something to eat while I was doing the computer work. Mom took it all in her inimitable stride, having heard similar things from me on several occasions while gaming with the guys, but made me promise to call if I would be later than 8 o’clock so she wouldn’t worry.

School seemed to drag on and on. I would look at the clock one moment and see the time was 10:05 am, and an hour later I would look up to see it was now 10:15. Finally, when the bell sounded to end the day, I quickly put away my things in my locker and made haste toward the door.

“Hey, James…wait up!” Called a voice I knew all too well.

“What up, dude?” Said John, clapping me on my back good-naturedly as he ran up beside me. “Want to get a milkshake at the DQ on the way home?”

I shook my head, “Nah…can’t today, man,” I responded. “I gotta help somebody with their computer.”

“Okay, cool,” he said, looking somewhat dejected. “Need any help with any of that?”

“Nah, I got this, man, but thanks.”

“Who is it, anybody I know?” He asked.

“Well…yeah,” I said, not wanting to lie to the guy, he was, after all, one of my best friends. Had it not been for John, I would have never even known about Mable and her incredible boobs in the first place. “But I want to keep it just between us. Okay?”

“Must be a girl then,” He guessed, wiggling his eyebrows knowingly.

I laughed, “Yeah, you got me,” I said. “It’s a girl.”

“Come on, man,” he said leaning closer and lowering his voice. “You can tell me. Who is it?”

I looked around to make sure no-one was within earshot. “Actually, man…it’s Mable.”

His eyes flew wide, “Mable?” he gasped loudly.

“Geez, man, you don’t need to broadcast it to the whole school,” I hissed.

“Seriously, dude?” He smiled broadly. “You’re going over to Mable’s to work on her computer? How the fuck did THAT ever come about?”

I opened my mouth to begin to explain some hairbrained explanation when suddenly John’s eyes flew wide once more, and he grinned broadly. “You went there, didn’t you? You went there to see her boobs, didn’t you?”

I looked around cautiously and then nodded.

“You DOG,” he whispered punching me on my shoulder. “You should have said something, man, I’d have gone with you. They’re amazing though, aren’t they?”

I nodded and smiled. “When I was there, she told me about her computer fucking up and I helped her out with it. Today I’m going over to do a defrag and a bunch of other shit to get it running better.”

“Holy shit. Is she paying you?”

I nodded, not wishing to share the arrangements I had made with her.

John smiled and shook his head. “Okay, man…we’ll meet up tomorrow and then you gotta tell me all about it.”

I promised I would, and we parted company. I was a little sorry that John knew anything about my meetings with Mable, especially since I knew he would question me relentlessly about it later.

I made my way to her apartment building and knocked on her door. “Hi,” she said with a smile as the door opened. “I’m happy to see you.”

She wore a bright red satin robe that came to her knees and tied about her waist with a matching sash. She also wore a red pair of patent-leather high-heeled shoes that matched her robe. Red was a very good color on her and, even though her body was completely covered from her neck to her knees, her innate sensuality still radiated from her.

I stepped inside and she closed the door. I took my flash drive from my pocket mecidiyeköy escort and held it up. “Got everything I need right here,” I smiled. “Shall we get started?”

“Of course,” she smiled. “I took the liberty of bringing the laptop in here,” she said, indicating the laptop on her coffee table in front of the sofa. “I thought we’d be more comfortable in here.”

“Oh, perfect,” I smiled, making my way to the sofa and taking a seat in front of the computer. It was already up and running with the power cable plugged into the wall outlet. It appeared she had no programs currently running but thought it best to check. “Anything I need to know before I get started.”

“As a matter of fact,” she smiled, still standing in the middle of the room. “There is one thing I think you should know.” As she spoke, her smile widened and she bit her lip, pulling the sash away from her robe and letting it fall open. As I watched, she shrugged the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor at her feet.

I gaped in complete astonishment to see her wearing the little pink nightie I had seen in her bedroom yesterday. The material comprising her nightie and thong was so sheer and transparent that Mable was, for all intents and purposes, virtually nude. The nightie hung from her shoulders on delicate spaghetti straps and fell to just below her hips. Her breasts were astonishingly revealed beneath the ultra-sheer fabric, as were her nipples. Her thong panty was so sheer it clearly revealed her dark triangle of pubic hair and enhanced the plush curvaceousness of her hips and thighs.

“Now that you actually see me in my nightie you asked for, I hope you aren’t disappointed,” She said with a smile, turning slowly in a circle to allow me to view her from all angles. I continued to gape in complete astonishment as, from the rear, she appeared to be completely nude as the back of her thong panty completely disappeared into the cleft of her beautifully formed buttocks cheeks.

“Disappointed?” I gaped in astonishment, “Oh, my God, Mable. Will you marry me?”

Mable laughed aloud, looking at me with astonishment. “Wow,” she said. “Marry you? Damn, and to think I was only shooting for a ‘You look really nice’. You never cease to amaze me, honey.”

I smiled, staring at her in wide-eyed admiration. “I didn’t think you’d really do it.”

She laughed, “Well, for me, wearing it had never been in doubt,” she said. “From the moment you mentioned it, I knew I would. I didn’t say anything then because I kind of wanted it to be a surprise. So…SURPRISE!”

That first night, when I had seen her for the very first time, I could understand how, because of her generous proportions, John and others might conclude that she was, perhaps a little overweight or even fat. But, seeing her now, as she appeared almost completely nude, she revealed unequivocally how she was nothing of the kind. She was most definitely a plus-sized woman, no doubt about that, but her body was wonderfully proportionate. Her broad hips and thighs actually complimented the size of her bosom and her thickened waistline was beautifully proportionate to her bust and hips.

“God, Mable…you look absolutely amazing,” I managed to stammer, “How am I supposed to concentrate on your computer with you dressed like that?” I added with a smile.

Mable laughed and held up her hands, “Hey, this was YOUR idea, I guess you’re just going to have to live with the consequences. Unless, of course, you’d like me to put some clothes on?”

“No, no, no,” I laughed in return, holding up my hands in mock surrender. “Please, don’t change a thing. I’ll just grit my teeth and soldier through somehow.”

“There you go. That’s the spirit,” she smiled. “And, the computer is all yours and ready to go.”

I nodded and inserted my flash drive, bringing up the menu as Mable sat down beside me, looking intently at the screen. She sat so near that our thighs touched, and that intimacy further fueled the rise of yet another erection.

“I want to watch everything you do,” she said, looking at the computer screen. “Hopefully, I might even learn a few things.”

“First of all,” I said. “I brought you a present.” I took the external hard drive from my shirt pocket. “I had this external hard drive just laying around my room doing nothing and figured you could make better use of it as a back-up drive to store all of your files. This way, if your computer should happen to REALLY take a dump someday, you will always have all of your files intact on the external drive to put back into whatever new computer you happen to buy.”

“Oh, my God, thank you,” she beamed delightedly. “You’re going to have to show me how to do all of those things though. Okay?”

“Piece of cake,” I said, accessing my flash drive and opening the contents. I kept glancing to my left, hardly able to contain myself with her seated so close. She sat leaning forward with her hands folded in her lap. Her nightie whispered with acute sensuality with even the tiniest movement she made.

I demonstrated şişli escort how to attach the external hard drive into a second USB port, and then how to access it from her start menu. “So far, it seems easy enough,” she smiled.

Once she had directed me to the location of the folders containing all of her documentation, I was pleased to see that she had managed to set up a reasonably good filing system for her documents and files, nesting them together for ease of access. I showed her how to place both windows side by side and then, by highlighting all of her files, dragging them all into the window of the external drive. A few seconds later the process was complete.

“Voila!” I smiled. “All your files and documents are now backed up on the external drive. See how quick and easy that was?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “It certainly looked simple enough. But I hope I can still call you if I ever forget.”

“Absolutely,” I smiled. “And that reminds me, before I leave today, I want to make sure you have my number. You can call me anytime if you ever have any problems again.”

“Thank you. My God, this is so wonderful,” she beamed, her face wreathed in smiles

From my flash drive, I installed a junk file cleaning program and installed it, explaining to her how it worked and what it did, and then started a scan. Several minutes later the results revealed a rather staggering 6.5 gigabytes of junk files and Internet cache cluttering her drive. I removed them, freeing up a great deal of space on her hard drive.

I installed an anti-malware program and ran a scan to discover over 2,500 instances of malware infection which I immediately removed. “Oh, my God,” said Mable, “I had no idea.”

Her laptop had come with a trial version of a major anti-virus program, which had long since expired. I uninstalled it and installed a better free anti-virus. After running that scan it detected that several trojans existed on her computer that were automatically removed.

Finally, I showed her how to access the disk defragmentation program that came with Windows and started an optimization scan. “This is the part that’s going to take a fair amount of time,” I said. “Your drive is so fragmented it might take an hour or more to complete.”

“Okay then,” said Mable, leaning back on the sofa cushions. “This might be a good time to order in some dinner. Are you hungry? I’ll order in some chicken.”

That sounded great to me, my stomach always growled even at the mere thought of Kentucky Fried Chicken. “Why don’t you put on the tv on while I get us something to drink,” she said, making her way into her kitchen.

I followed her with my eyes as she left the room, glued to her big and beautifully rounded buttocks. Her red high-heeled shoes shaped her legs to a shapely perfection that took my breath away. I loved the way she appeared almost completely nude with the tiny string of her thong deep beneath the cleft of her buttocks, and I felt, for the eleventeenth time since I arrived, that familiar uncomfortable pressure inside my jeans as my cock strained within the tight confines.

I did as she instructed, using the remote on her coffee table, and found a repeat of “The Big Bang Theory” to watch.

“Is wine all right?” She called from the kitchen.

“Absolutely,” I responded, remembering how nice her wine tasted last night.

Just as she had done the night before, she came into the living room with a bottle of Merlot in one hand and two wine glasses in the other. And, also like the night before, her breasts swayed and bounced ever so sensually beneath her nightie as she walked and I swallowed hard, suppressing yet another attempt by my cock to rip through my jeans.

“Oh, I love this show,” she beamed delightedly as she seated herself and poured us each a glass of wine. She picked up her cell phone from the coffee table and dialed a number from her contacts list. “Hello,” she responded when her call was answered. “I’d like to place an order for delivery.” I smiled, mildly surprised that she had the local KFC on speed dial. “What kind of chicken do you like?” she asked, looking at me expectantly as she covered the phone with her hand, “Legs? Wings?”

“Actually, I prefer the breasts,” I said.

Mable rolled her eyes and laughed, “Well, duh…of COURSE,” she said slapping the palm of her hand against her forehead. “What was I thinking?”

I laughed aloud and sipped my wine, never having intended my preference for chicken breasts to be compared to my enthusiasm for her breasts. The wine tasted very nice and slightly sweet. It sent a warm glow into my stomach. She ordered two three-piece dinners, one with breasts only (she winked at me as she said that) and, after giving her address, hung up the phone. She took up her purse and removed a twenty-dollar bill, which she handed to me.

“Since I’m not dressed appropriately for answering the door,” she said with a smile. “You’ll have to do it for me. And just give the delivery guy the whole twenty and tell him to keep the change.”

I taksim escort nodded, thinking the lucky guy was going to get a pretty hefty tip. We watched Big Bang, both of us laughing aloud with Sheldon’s antics. When the present episode ended, it morphed right into another episode. It was a wonderfully comfortable time with her that afternoon. When she laughed, it was a genuine laugh and lovely to behold. When the delivery guy knocked on the door, Mable quickly rose and moved into the kitchen while I got up to answer the door.

As I stood, I felt my equilibrium suddenly make me feel a little dizzy and I smiled, enjoying the effects of the wine. I opened the door and was completely astonished to see George Martin standing there holding the KFC delivery bag.

I knew George rather well, a fellow student from school with whom I shared several classes. We both looked startled to see each other. Fuck, I thought, the last thing I needed was somebody from school knowing about me being in Mable’s apartment. I could almost hear the teasing and ribbing I was likely to get once George began running his mouth.

“James?” He inquired, trying to look beyond me into the apartment in an obvious attempt to get a glimpse of Mable. “Hey, George,” I responded, holding out the twenty to him. “I’m here doing some computer work for her.”

He nodded, taking the money and still trying to see beyond me into the apartment. “Is she here?” He whispered, “I’ve heard a lot about her but never actually seen her.”

I nodded, taking the bag of food from him, “In the kitchen,” I said.

“Is she really…” He asked holding his hands out in front of his chest indicating big boobs and wiggling his eyebrows.

I nodded and smiled, “She is, yeah. And she says you can keep the change too.”

His eyes widened and he smiled, pocketing the twenty, “Wow…tell her thanks for me, man. See you later.” He turned away and looked back, giving me a sly wink and a thumbs up.

Crap, there it was. By lunchtime tomorrow, the whole school would probably know I was hanging out socially with Mable, the woman with big boobs that everyone had heard about.

I closed the door and shrugged in resignation. So be it, I thought, fuck’em all. For all anyone would know, I was spending the afternoon helping her with her computer and having dinner. I was confident I could sell that argument. And, thankfully George had not seen how she was dressed.

“Everything okay?” Asked Mable as she entered the room with some napkins and paper plates and seeing the thoughtful frown on my face.

I shrugged and smiled, “Yeah, it’s all good,” I said. “Just something I’m probably going to have to deal with at school tomorrow.”

“Oh, how so?” She asked as she made her way to the sofa, her breasts swaying ever so sensually beneath her nightie as she walked.

As we resumed our places on the sofa, I explained to her how I knew the delivery guy from school and strongly suspected my having dinner in her apartment would likely be bandied about all over school the next day.

“Oh,” she frowned, “I’m sorry.” She refilled our wine glasses and opened the bag to remove the chicken. That fabulous smell of KFC filled the room and my mouth watered.

“So…” she said, leaning back with a piece of chicken. “From what you’ve said, it almost sounds as if my name and reputation seem to be somewhat well known around your school.”

I nodded, biting into my chicken breast hungrily.

“How do they talk about me over there?” She asked, thoughtfully. “What kind of things do they say exactly?”

I shrugged, “Well…I mean…among the guys, it’s kind of a well-known thing about how you’re not all that shy about showing your boobs.”

“I suppose that’s kind of understandable,” she laughed, “given the way most young men like to brag about that sort of thing. Looking back, I probably should have never started doing it.”

“You were going to tell me about that,” I reminded her.

She nodded, “Yes, about why I do it. I remember. And, the honest answer to that question is that I genuinely liked doing it.”

“Really?” I asked, rather surprised.

Mable nodded and smiled, taking a bite of her chicken and nodding thoughtfully. “Look,” she said, “I’ll explain, but there are a few things you should probably know about me first.

“I’m a middle-aged single woman with no husband or boyfriend…and no real prospects on the horizon either. And, oh sure, I’ve had lovers in my life, some of them even very serious affairs, but I’ve never been married and realistically, I don’t foresee that happening anytime in the near future. I live alone and have been that way for the last five or six years. Honestly, honey, I haven’t even dated a man in all that time either.”

“Don’t you get lonely though?” I asked, thinking her story sounded rather sad.

Mable smiled and shook her head, “Honestly, no, not really. I’m alone, but never really lonely, if that makes sense. I love my job and have tons of work-related things to keep me occupied. I miss having someone to talk to sometimes and keep thinking I should get myself a cat. Maybe that’s why I enjoy your company so much,” she said with a smile. “You’re the easiest person to talk to that I’ve met in a long time.”

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