Lynn’s Alley Ch. 02

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Sequel to ‘Lynn’s Journeys’…


“Lynn, these are powerful, girl, really fucking powerful,” Ali said, laying the 8×10 glossies down on the desk.

I had showed her a few of the shots that I particularly liked from one of the photo projects that I was working on.

After I moved to New Orleans, I began shooting pics of the Ninth Ward, pics that showed the despair of its denizens, pics that showed the devastation that surrounded them on every side.

There was no way to escape the horrible reality of their particular situations. Those that didn’t move away were reduced to living in those FEMA joke-trailers for the most part, if their homes were not in livable condition.

Sitting outside to relieve the cramped condition of their living arrangements provided no relief or solace. To sit outside was to gaze upon mounds of devastation, still here after what was then, almost two years since Katrina.

No, there was no escape for them; for the brave who sought to rebuild this city, not into what it was but into what it could be, should be. No, there was no escape and yet they were still here.

Against all odds, they were still here.

Those were the glossies that Ali had looked at, gazed at, studied; she was moved by my photos, moved by the emotions that I had hoped the photos would stir up. They had, and I was pleased.

“When I’m through with shooting, I think I’ll have enough material to be able to show if they’re good enough,” I offered as my motivation for the endless hours of work I had already put in on the project.

“Baby, don’t even worry about they being good enough; as an artist, I can promise you, they are good enough, and yes, we will have a show for your series, whenever you’re ready,” Ali said to me, her eyes wet from the welling of tears.

She did see it; she saw the scenes just as I had, and as it had me, it brought forth the tears of an emotional connection to the horribleness of this particular truth.

Life continues to remind the human specie just how much of a ‘bitch’ she can be.


“Well, if it isn’t my two favorite queers,” Di said to us when we sat down at her piano bar.

It was a slow weekday night; a few couples at tables, some business men at the bar, and nobody at the piano bar until we showed up and parked our asses on the stools.

“Yes it is, and you love it when we’re here and you know it,” Ali said, all of us laughing.

Since we had met Di at that art show and shared some weed together, Ali and I had been coming to hear her at least once a week, sometimes twice and always during the weeknights, when it was slower, giving the three of us a chance to talk a bit more.

“Anything special you’d like to hear, ladies?” Di asked of us as she tinkled the keys in a bluesy style that could lead into almost any song.

“My Funny Valentine,” Ali said, “I love the way you do that.”

Leading into it from the funky riff she had been playing, her sultry voice took us for a wonderful ride.

Besides her gorgeous looks, this woman can flat-out sing; why she wasn’t a major star was mind-boggling to Ali and me both.

We had become friendly, then friends with Di; she was comfortable with us being a couple, and we were comfortable with her as a good soul. She would talk frankly with us, asking us intimate questions about our relationship, and we would answer her, honestly.

It was our honesty that made her even more comfortable with us.

She was aware that Ali and I thought her to be sexy and desirable; we had told her so one night when she joined us at the Quarters apartment to smoke some weed. She accepted the fact that we lusted for her with grace, I must say.

If it made her uncomfortable, it wasn’t enough for her not to continue to be friends with us, continue to hang with us or go to dinner with us. For our part, we didn’t really pursue trying to get into Di’s panties, neither of us wanting to risk the friendship we had developed.

This particular evening, I sensed something was different, not being quite sure what it was. Di was to solve that mystery for me, later that evening, after she played ‘last


“So, what are you two going to do now?” Di asked, smiling as she put her sheet music into a large leather pouch.

“Hadn’t really thought about it, but we’re open for suggestions,” Ali offered

“Want to go to your place in the Quarters and share some of my weed for a change,” Di asked, eyebrows raised for an answer.

“Don’t have to twist our arms,” I joked.

“I sure hope I don’t,” Di answered, somewhat mysteriously.

The mystery was solved at our apartment.

Her weed was excellent, as it turned out, getting us into a mellow zone very quickly. She was also quite buca escort a bit more touchy with us, to us, tonight; her hand on top of one of ours when making a point, her hand on a thigh when laughing, letting it linger just a bit longer than would be comfortable for the straights of the world.

Finally, after finishing the second doobie, after the three of us were stoned out of our gourds, Di cleared the mystery up for us, for me anyway.

“Man, I know I’m going to fuck this up,” Di began, “but ya’ll try to hang with me as I try to say what I’m trying to say,” laughing at her stoned mis-speaks.

“Okay, I’ve got it now,” she said, a serious look now on her face, her very beautiful face.

Ali and I sat back against the arms of the sofa, looking at Di, who was between us.

“You know, since we’ve met and become friends, we’ve joked around a lot about you guys being gay. But always in good fun, right?”

Ali and I nodded in agreement, neither of us sure where this was going.

“Well, when I’m around you two, it’s hard for me not to think about, well, wonder about, you know, what it’d be like to make love to a woman. I mean how could I not wonder or think about that, right?”

Still not quite sure where this was going, we tentatively both nodded again.

Biting her lip and casting her eyes into her lap, at her folded hands, for a second, she lifted her head and spoke again.

“Look I’ll come straight to the point; do you guys know a Black lesbian that would want to spend some time with me, to satisfy my curiosity about girl-love?”

We sat in a stunned silence for a few seconds, processing what Di had just said before Ali broke the silence.

“Why a ‘Black’ lesbian?” Ali asked her quickly, “What are we, white trash?”

“Hell no, Ali, I just assumed that you guys weren’t interested; I kept waiting for one of you to make a move on me but ya’ll never did.”

“We didn’t because we didn’t want to run you off or scare you,” I contributed to the conversation, “but trust me, you have been the subject of many a fantasy, sweetie,” moving closer to her, reaching for her with my lips.

She didn’t hesitate; she didn’t flinch when my lips met hers, or when my tongue slowly slipped into her mouth, and when my hand found her breast and started to fondle it, she sighed a contented moan into my mouth as our kiss became even more heated.

She fell into the back of the couch, her arm around me, locking us in our kiss while my hand continued to feel her, fondle her with lust.

Reaching her other arm out towards Ali, she pulled Ali into our embrace.

Pulling Di’s mouth from mine with her hand, Ali leaned into her and took up where I left off, her tongue now probing Di’s wet and warm mouth. I pulled Di’s strap down and off of her arm, which allowed her dress to expose her large, gorgeous breast.

The sight of her mocha-colored breast, with its darker areola and nipple, enflamed me into a lustful maniac who had to have that into my mouth now!

Opening my mouth wide, I sucked her nipple into my mouth as my tongue danced across it, my mouth wetting her profusely. I practically ripped her dress off of her, greedily kissing, sucking and licking her body, the more of it that became exposed.

The sounds coming from Ali and Di as they remained in a heated, passionate frenzied kiss drove my lust even more. Ali’s hands were all over Di’s breasts now, feeling, pinching and squeezing in a sexual frenzy.

Di’s hand was under Ali’s blouse, feeling Ali, fondling Ali, the sight making me crazy-horny. I pulled Di’s dress from her body, my finger hooking under her thong, taking it next from her body.

I literally tore my dress from my body, revealing my nakedness underneath. As I lowered my head to her wet, dark pussy lips, as her legs parted for me to taste her, I experienced a small, thrilling orgasm, surprising me but spurring my mouth to her nookie.

Her scent was intoxicating, as was her taste; my mouth devoured her pussy, my fingers spreading her lips so my tongue could slip into her pinkness. As I greedily ate her, my fingers rolled her swollen love-bud between them, making her bud swell even more, bringing her to a body-wrenching, gasping orgasm, her hand pulling me into her pussy as she gyrated against my willing mouth.

“Damn, damn, damn, sweet fucking Jesus, oh DAMN!” Di was crying, her breath coming in short gasps.

“Don’t fucking stop, don’t fucking stop,” Di screamed, another climax rising to the surface; Ali was now naked, kneeling next to Di as Di took Ali’s offered breast into her mouth, almost engulfing all of it, sucking at it with hunger.

Holding Di’s head to her tit as I continued to attack Di’s pussy with my mouth, Ali’s alsancak escort head was thrown back, her mouth open, contented oohs and aahs escaping her lips, Di was switching between each of Ali’s breasts, sucking, kissing, and licking Ali’s rock-hard nipples.

Reaching for Ali’s ass with a hand as I continued to dine savagely at Di’s ‘Y’, my fingers found the space between her thighs and inched their way up Ali’s smooth, firm thighs until the wet tips of her pubes could be felt.

Di was reaching yet another orgasm from my oral attentions to her deliciously wet and warm pussy, and my fingers sliding in and out of Ali’s cunt were bringing her to a body-shaker welling up from the depths of her sexual arousals.

They climaxed almost simultaneously, Di’s pussy grinding furiously against my mouth and tongue, Ali’s pussy grinding against my hand as two of my fingers fucked her, sliding through her wetness, the smell of sex in the air, almost smothering.

Ali collapsed against Di’s mouth which was still sucking and licking Ali’s breasts, I slipped my fingers from Ali’s snatch, and lifted my head from between Di’s legs, my mouth feeling wet with her stickiness.

“Upstairs, you two, someone’s going to get me off,” I said to them, now hugging each other, small kisses traded between them.

Climbing onto our bed first, I laid in the center, on my back, my legs slightly opened to welcome them to my playground.

Di and Ali smothered my wanting body with their kisses, licking me into a frenzied state: it would be Di who further delved into her explorations of the ‘mysteries of life’ by bringing her mouth to my pussy to taste, to kiss, and to ‘explore’.

Explore indeed; the more she tasted, it seemed, the more she wanted to taste. Ali, after sucking and licking my tits, left me with bite marks on my breasts and positioned herself so that her head could slip between Di’s thighs as Di continued to eat me.

Feeling Ali’s kisses traveling her thighs towards her Vee, Di cocked one of her legs, exposing her wet, shiny love-patch to Ali’s fevered kisses. I lay there on my back, in our bed, watching through half-opened eyes at Di’s head moved up and down between my legs, her tongue bringing my much-needed climax to the surface.

I watched as my orgasm rose to erupt, as my girlfriend, my lover, greedily licked and sucked this gorgeous Black woman’s delicious pussy. Moving my hand so that I could finger-fuck Ali again, I did so, the three of us climaxing with seconds of each other, the sounds from our bed sounding like the sound track from a porno flick.

“Damn girls, but that was just simply fucking amazing,” Di’s labored voice whispered into the night as the three of us lay, gathering our strength, enjoying the ebbing of our individual orgasms.

“I had no idea that this could be that good,” she continued, her hands rubbing through our hair as we flanked this African goddess.

My reverse Oreo; two white cookies with chocolate in the middle, what a treat!


“Wow, now that’s a gorgeous ass,” I heard Sharon’s voice say, following with a wolf whistle.

I was, yet again, posing for Ali, for a series she was doing in pen and ink. The white background contrasted starkly with the broad, black strokes. She had been doing a new series of me, with me doing several different poses.

This one, the one that caused Sharon to remark on my ass favorably, was of me squatting, my back to Ali, with an arm stretched over my head, my face turned to the side, facing downwards in profile.

I liked this series very much; I liked the black ink against the white background, the outline of my body with just enough detail to make the series highly erotic. This pose was tiring, however, and I could only hold it for about ten minutes at a time, having to rise to undo the cramps that would develop in my thighs and calves, as well as my out-stretched arm.

“Take a break, baby,” Ali said to me when Sharon had joined us in the studio above the carriage house.

Rising stiffly, I grabbed a short, kimono-style wrap and threw it around my nakedness.

“You don’t have to cover up on my account, sweetie,” Sharon remarked, licking her lips provocatively at me.

“Damn, Sharon, you have become quite the pussy whore,” I laughingly said to her, reaching for the half-smoked doobie in the ashtray, lighting it, and passing it to her.

“Yeah, well it’s you guys’ fault,” inhaling her hit, holding it in and passing the joint to Ali.

Letting out the smoke after a bit, Sharon said, “Hey, I am but a product of you two lesbian seductresses,” giggling a bit after she said it.

She was right, I thought, she is indeed the result of Ali and I’s seduction of her.

Sharon had bornova escort become more and more so, a visitor to our bedroom, usually hooking up with us once a week, sometimes twice. If the rumors we had heard around ‘the circle’ were true, and we thought they were, Sharon had been having some fun and games on her own with a couple of married girl-friends of Ali and Sharon’s.

Remembering back to the night of Sharon’s party, the one she had thrown for Ali and I, remembering the overt flirts I had received from a couple of their married gal-pals, I would bet that I knew with whom Sharon had been romping in the sack.

“Well, since it’s obvious that you two aren’t interested in my body, why don’t I take you two to lunch so that we can talk about the fabulous, possible gallery site I found for ya’ll.”

“Really?” both Ali and I said in unison.

“Really, now Lynn throw some clothes on and let’s go to lunch,” Sharon said as she finished the joint and ate the roach.


Sharon’s ‘day-job’ was as a commercial specialist with her father’s huge real-estate firm. She was actually quite good in her job, her reputation in the commercial real estate market being stellar.

“This place is in the CBD (Central Business District) and has recently been vacated; it’s two storied, which would give you guys space above the gallery’s main display floor, you know, for offices, storage, whatever.

“Sounds perfect,” I voiced, pulling another boiled crawfish apart, peeling the tail, and dipping the white, succulent meat into a spicy cocktail sauce.

“Well, I think it is; the best part is that it’s on Magazine Street, smack dab in the middle of the art gallery district and it’s only about a ten minute drive from your apartment.

“Lease or purchase?” Ali asked, dipping a freshly shucked crawfish tail into the sauce.

“Since its part of daddy’s commercial portfolio, we own it; so, how about a six-month lease and if it proves to meet your expectations, we can talk about a purchase at a very friendly reasonable price,” she chuckled.

“And,” she added, “If you two kitties keep treating me nice when we play together, the price could even become friendlier,” she laughingly said, winking at us afterwards.

“So, basically, you’re asking us to prostitute ourselves for your pussy in order to get a good deal on the gallery?” I asked, a bit of a leer on my face.

“Wouldn’t be a stretch, would it?” Sharon replied, smiling at us both.


The place was absolutely perfect we had decided after a quick ten minute tour; “Absolutely perfect,” Ali said to me as we descended the stairs from the second floor space. There was office space on the main level which would provide us with even more ‘working space’ upstairs.

“Deal,” I said to Sharon, Ali nodding her head vigorously in agreement.

“Done,” Sharon said, smilingly, “Now let’s go to your apartment and celebrate with a doobie and a fuck,” she added, her face serious now.

We did; and when she left us lying in bed, naked and wet, she looked as freshly fucked as anybody I had ever seen, smiling as she walked out of our apartment.


“So, you really do like the place,” Ali said to me, putting her book down on her lap.

As we did most nights, we read a bit before we turned the lights out, sitting upright in bed, our backs to the headboard.

“Yeah, Ali, I really do,” I answered, laying my own book onto my lap.

“I do too, baby, and the price is to die for,” she said.

“Better be after the licking we gave Sharon this afternoon,” laughing a bit at my remark, but serious as well.

Ali put her book on her nightstand and turned off her light, turning onto her side, facing me.

She gave me ‘the look’; she wanted to have sex and I always give my girlfriend what she wants.

I turned off my light after putting my book aside, and taking Miss Alice into my arms, we made love in a sweet, unhurried manner, as we always do when it’s just us, the two of us in bed.

Slowly, as we fell into a soft, sweet embrace and kiss, our pussies found each other; we began a slow grinding with our pelvises, our clits rubbing against each other’s. Sliding off to the side, I continued to grind my crotch against her gyrating hip while my hand and fingers found her playground.

Moving my lips from her mouth and to her breasts, I slowly sucked on her nipples, pausing to bite them hard enough for her to gasp, and just as quickly, my lips soothingly sucked her nipples to take the sting of my biting away.

Raising her snatch to meet my finger-thrusts, her moans became a scream of joy as she reached her orgasm. Just as quickly, I reached my own climax, driving my pussy hard against Ali’s hip, my wetness leaving a trail on her hip.

Briefly resting, I crawled between my baby’s legs, lowered my head, and took my time enjoying her taste and smell before I allowed her to climax one more time.

She fell asleep in my arms, did my sweet Ali, her sweet tastes still on my smiling lips.


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