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Harriet and her naughty son

My name is Harriet. I am divorced and have a son. I have a new man that has moved in with us. My son has no objections about that. We get along fine.

I think my son is a bit late in his development. Not that he is retarded or something like that. He does well in school. But I am worried that he is so late to take an interest in girls. He doesn’t date girls although he has passed his eighteen’s birthday and that worries me. I mean, boys should date girls, shouldn’t they?

But he has become extremely interested in me and my body lately and has started to behave very naughty indeed with me.

I talked cautiously to some of my friends about the situation and one of them mentioned that she knew about a special club that seemed to address the problems with boys lacking enough self-confidence to date girls. We talked a couple of times about it and what I thought my son needed. Maybe I wasn’t were cautious anymore and especially when she finally admitted that she was a member of what she called the mom and son club. She praised it and said that it was the best that had happen to her and her son. Through her I got in contact with Carla who runs the club.

We talked over the phone and Carla explained the idea with the club. It was simple but brilliant. At the meetings boys got the possibility to fuck horny mothers to gain experience and self-confidence. Single mothers who didn’t get laid often enough or not at all got their needs fulfilled. Carla very thoroughly explained that the mother had to take part in the activities. The set up required even pairs so that everybody had a partner to fuck. And most of the boys were both able and horny enough to want a second round. Some even wanted a third. The mothers had to be prepared to take on more than one boy at each meeting.

I told her that I was neither a single mother nor was I sex starved. My man took me regularly, at least every second week and that is normal, isn’t it? But the club sounded just like what my son needed. Carla said that it was up to me to decide. I was welcome if I accepted the demands of the club.

I thought it over for a while. On the one hand I thought that my son really needed the club to gain self-confidence and experience. On the other hand, it meant that I was cheating on my new man. Or was it cheating really? Wasn’t it more that I made a sacrifice to make it possible for my son to develop. Yes, I would fuck a lot, but it was young boys who were there to learn. I would be sort of a teacher and a prop. And that wasn’t cheating in the true sense, was it?

The second point I had mentioned to Carla was that I didn’t regard myself as sex starved. But that was no problem I thought. I was sure of that my sex drive was strong enough to want to satisfy both my man when he wanted to fuck and two or three boys twice a month. And the more I thought about it I began to wonder if I wanted more sex than my man gave me. I nearly always tried to get him interested already after a week.

I came to the conclusion that me and my son should join the club. The goal justifies the means, doesn’t it?

But I had one request when I phoned Carla to tell that we wanted to join the club.

I asked for an experienced mother among the members who could be the first woman for my son in the club. And that their first meeting should be held in private. I was afraid that my inexperienced boy would fail which would hurt his pride badly. Carla at first said that it normally went very well. The boys performed satisfactorily, sometimes with a little extra help from the understanding women though. But I insisted and Carla finally said that she would arrange a private session for my boy.

When we came to the club Carla greeted us warmly. She was a good-looking, statuesque woman in her mid-forties. It clearly showed that she took good care of her body.

She said that a very experienced woman waited for us in a smaller room. She led us through the big main room where couches stood along the walls in small cubicles that were open towards the middle of the room. It gave some privacy but still everyone could follow what happened.

She showed us to a smaller room in the back where a woman was waiting.

“This is Miss Barbro. She will take good care of you. Have a good time. See you later,” Carla said and left.

We shook hands. Miss Barbro looked at my boy taking him in and smiled sweetly. I had got surprised when I saw her. She was young, still in her twenties.

“But you can’t be a member of this club. You are far too young to have a son old enough. I was expecting one of the mothers to meet us,” I blurted out.

“No, you are right. I am not a formal member of this club, but I help now and then. Carla asked me to take care of your son. And don’t worry. I know what I am doing. I have lots of experience,” Miss Barbro said with great self-confidence.

“What have we got here,” she continued. “A very handsome boy I must say. Do you like what you see? Do you want to fuck me?” She giggled.

My son had Lefkoşa Escort openly stared at Miss Barbro all the time and I understood him. She looked gorgeous with a full hour-glass figure with two pairs of great asses. Her dress made its best to show what she had to offer. It was short and narrow, clinging to her body and with a deep neckline.

“He doesn’t look shy to me,” Miss Barbro said giggling heavily. “Why do you want to get this first session in private?”

I thought that I had to explain more in detail why I wanted this private meeting. I took Miss Barbro aside.

“My son is not a virgin, but he is shy. He doesn’t date girls. He has been with only one woman, so he is very unsure of himself. But I can tell that he doesn’t need to be. He is performing very well in my opinion,” I said, eager to spoke well for my son.

“Very well. It will be a pleasure then to take on such a good boy,” Miss Barbro answered. “But how come that you know so much about his ability?” She asked casually.

“Well, I guess I have to tell you the full story. Only then will you be able to give him the encouragement he needs.” I answered and got quiet for a while thinking about how to start telling.

“Well, I am divorced but I am together with a man that has moved in with us. He is easy going and has established a good relationship with my son. No problems there.

All right, early one Saturday morning my man went out of our bed. I woke up just enough to notice. A while later I woke up again when he climbed back into bed. I lay on my side and pushed myself close against him wanting to cuddle in the spoon fashion. His body felt nice and warm when I made myself comfortable. I should add that we always sleep in the nude.

I went back into half sleep but suddenly woke up again. Something hard poked my ass and slid in between my upper thighs when I moved slightly. I got pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t expected him to want to fuck. He isn’t especially keen to do that in early morning and especially not after having taken me the evening before. Which he had done thoroughly I must say. But of course, I was happy for the opportunity and wanted to use it.

I lifted my upper leg wriggling my body. His cock got into the right position. I felt the head against the entrance to my cunt. I pushed backwards making him to slide into me. Up to now he had been very passive but when his cock got inside, he started to thrust in and out. It felt heavenly being so unexpected.

But after a few nice thrusts I felt that something was wrong. It was not just a general feeling. No, something was seriously wrong.

My man is not too well endowed. I am not experienced enough to tell exactly but my guess is that he hardly reaches the average. But it doesn’t matter. He knows how to use what he has got and always satisfies me. I have no complains there.

But what now was thrusting into me was something bigger and fatter. I was very sure of that. I mean, he had taken me just a few hours ago and the memory of that was still kept in my pussy. And it was also much harder than my man gets. It felt like a rod of stainless steel. And the way the man behind me moved was also quite different from what I was used to.

Just then it dawned upon me that my man should leave early for a fishing trip. So, who on earth had taken his place? Was it an intruder? I didn’t think that to be possible. A rapist would have behaved differently. It was I who had taken an initiative, wasn’t it. At least I had helped him getting into my cunt. But an intruder I had in my pussy. That left only one possibility — my son.

I should tell that we are quite relaxed around the house. Not that we go around in the buff all the time, but I am rather careless, I guess. Since I wear nothing in bed it happens quite often that I go to the bathroom in the nude or with my bathrobe hanging loosely over my naked body. I never lock the door to the bathroom. My son certainly has seen me naked, partly or in full, many times and fully in the nude when I take a shower.

When he was younger, he often came to sleep in my bed. It stopped when my new man moved in with us but has happened a few times after that when he felt depressed, and my man was away. But he had never made a move like now was going on. In fact, I had never thought about him in such a way, never thought about that he had grown up into a young virile man. I had to review that opinion and do it fast.

I had to stop this of course. What we did was wrong. I was absolutely determined about that although it felt very pleasant in my pussy. But I had to be sure that it was my son. That big cock puzzled me. His father had been more average, I think. I looked over my shoulder. Yes, it was my son all right. But what I saw filled my heart with extraordinarily strong feelings that for a crucial moment delayed my firm decision to stop what was going on.

It was what I saw on his face that delayed me. Excitement was natural and evident. But what made my heart to melt was the expression Girne Escort of pure lust and enormous joy. I had never seen him look so utterly happy nor any other man.

I mustn’t stop such happiness, I argued with myself. I knew that I ought to do it, but my feelings took over my sense. Then I felt that it was too late anyhow. My indecisiveness had given him time to reach the point of no return. He would deliver his load into me any moment now and do it barebacked. That his seed was going to flow into me didn’t bother me as such, I am on the pill. But I knew that it was too late to prevent that from happening. Just as I had reached that conclusion, he fired his first shot into me. And that shot was followed by several others filling my womb very pleasantly.

Suddenly it was all over, and he fell back pulling out of me. I lay still for some time wondering what I should say and do. But when I was ready to confront him, I heard that he had fallen asleep. Doesn’t all men get sleepy after a good fuck? And he must be exhausted from such a marvelous experience, his first time in a woman’s cunt. And that it was my cunt that became his first made me both proud and ashamed. Proud that he so obviously had liked it. That happy expression was for real. And ashamed because I had let it happen. And I hadn’t been passive, on the contrary. I had taken the initiative, put him in place, pushed backwards to get him inside and met his thrusts eagerly.

Well, done was done and nothing could change that even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t, I found out when I thought about it. I felt incredibly happy for him. That I had been able to make him so utterly pleased warmed my heart.

Having reached that conclusion calmed me down. I hadn’t cum but I felt contented anyway. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. The fresh fill of seed leaked out of me.

When I came back, I stood looking at him for quite a while. He slept fitfully on his back with a relaxed and happy expression on his face. My heart again filled with joy and happiness.

I crept back into bed not bothering that we both were in the nude. He was spent and wouldn’t come round for quite some time, I was sure.

I dozed a little having been awakened so early. After some time, my boy stirred in his sleep and turned to lie on his side. I moved to come closer to him without thinking much about it. It just felt natural to be close to a person in the same bed. Still half asleep I also pulled his arm over me letting it rest on my belly. He stirred again after a while and his arm pulled me tighter against him but was also repositioned. Now the hand cupped my boob, but it kept still so I let it be. It felt good although I knew it wasn’t proper. But the whole situation was a bit out of the ordinary. Mother and son cuddling together in the nude. Not proper at all. But I was sure of that nothing more would happen.

He stirred again and suddenly his hand started to fondle my boob. At first only lightly and it felt like he tried to find out where it was. It stopped moving but only for a short while. Then the fondling became much more determined, cupping and squeezing. Soon he found the nipple, circling it and then pinching it lightly at first, then harder.

While I still thought about what to do and if I should stop him, I felt his cock against my hip. It grew rapidly and hardened which amazed me immensely. I had been so sure that it was impossible after such a short time. At that time, I wasn’t aware of young men’s ability of fast recovering. But I was going to learn about that.

He soon had a full erection and he had moved slightly to let it expand above my hip. I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing it to find out if it was for real. It was quite hard already and again became the steel rod when I squeezed it. It was the hardest cock I ever have had in my hand. Meanwhile he made wonders caressing my boobs and tweaking my nipples. It felt awfully good and that together with the hard cock I was grabbing made me lose my sound judgment.

“What the heck,” my cunt said to my sense, “another fuck won’t change anything. It goes under the same sin.” Which certainly isn’t true my mind replied. One sin doesn’t justify another. But by now I was more inclined to listen to my pussy. It never came to a real argument. My primal brain just took over and decided that he should be allowed to fuck me again.

This time I didn’t want him to enter me spoon wise. I wanted to see his face in full. I threw the duvet away and pulled him over me. I raised my knees spreading my thighs wide and planted my feet firmly on the bed. I was ready to receive him.

Instinctively he got in the right position, and it was lovely to feel his cock poke around my opening. It felt nice and I let him try to find his way without trying to guide him. Well, I moved my ass slightly to ease his search and soon he found the entrance to my excited cunt. With a few good thrusts his steel rod was fully inside me. He rested there for a little while.

I had watched Magosa Escort his face all the time and saw the expressions develop. Now it showed the same mixture of excitement, lust and joy as last time. It was a lovely mixture that went directly to my heart but also to my pussy. When he started to thrust, my body was ready and met him eagerly and with all the skill it possessed. His face showed that he really enjoyed being in my cunt.

I slowed him down after a while wanting this marvelous feeling to last as long as possible. I made him keep still with his hard cock engulfed deep in me. My cunt muscles made small movements to keep our excitement on top. I saw that he really took in the feeling of being in my pussy and he too moved a little to let his cock explore my sacred place. When he moved, my inner soft spot got caressed which of course felt lovely. Then he couldn’t hold back any longer but started banging again but not in the frantic way that signaled that he was close to cuming. No, he did it slow and tenderly. His steel hard cock felt lovely in my pussy which made it easy for him to fuck me slowly. But even if he went slowly the thrusts were powerful and brought his cock deep inside bottoming out each time.

Well, everything must come to an end. His tempo increased when he climbed the hill, but he did it so nicely that I could follow. Near the top he got frantic and then he stiffened having buried his cock as deep as it would go. He started to shudder when he got his release and grunted for each shot. I had followed the progress both on his face and with my pussy and had caught up. When he fired his third shot, I started to cum crying out loudly. That astonished him I saw on his face, and he fired the rest of his shots in rapid succession while I cried and moaned.

He collapsed on top of me, a lovely feeling. While he rested on my body my senses got the upper hand.

“This was awfully wrong,” they told me.

“But admit that it felt tremendously good,” my pussy replied. “The best fuck you have had for a long time.”

The primal brain didn’t take part in the discussion. It never does. It just acts as is its function.

He fell asleep as soon as I had rolled him off me. I went to the bathroom. I stayed there for quite some time taking a shower and using the hot streaming water on my pussy to savor the aftermaths. I even got a second orgasm replaying the recent events. When I came back to my bedroom my son was gone. It suddenly struck me that we hadn’t said a word since he first climbed into my bed. The only sounds had been his grunts of joy and my screams of pleasure.

During the day I tried to behave casually. Neither of us mentioned what had happened but just talked about the normal things. And the days that followed were the same. I tried hard not to change my behavior like walking around in my undies or letting my bathrobe hang open. But I guess I overplayed it a little being anxious to make it look normal, so I probably showed more flesh than I used to do. There was a change though. My boy showed a much bigger interest watching me. He looked down my dress several times and hung around waiting for me to go to and from the bathroom.

Well, one evening when my man was working late, my son came into the bathroom just as I was about to step into the shower. As I said, that had happened many times before since I never lock the door. But this time he just stood silent in the doorway watching me instead of just go away. I looked back at him and saw pure lust and desire in his eyes.

“Remember how we used to shower together when you were young,” I said trying to break the spell. Maybe it wasn’t the best way to put it because he took that as an invitation which I definitely hadn’t meant it to be. He got rid of his clothes in no time and came forward pushing me into the shower.

The stall is rather big with enough room for two. I was too chocked to reject but just put the water on turning my back against him. I tried hard to figure out how to handle the situation. The only solution I found was to do as I had done when he was younger. I started to soap him. I was careful not to come too close to his cock, but it swelled all the same. No real erection but a good swell it was. It was long and rather thick already. When it reached the steel rod status it would be magnificent, I thought shamelessly. It was the first time I had seen it clearly. I became chocked that I thought of it in such terms but rationalized it to be just a mother’s pride.

Suddenly he reversed the soaping. Very thoroughly he soaped me but unlike me didn’t avoid touching my private parts. On the contrary, he spent a long time on my boobs and as he was standing behind me, I felt that his cock got fully erect. It poked my ass and when I wriggled a little it went in between my upper thighs. When his hands went south soaping up my pussy area my knees buckled. He took the shower and rinsed our bodies. When he turned the shower head to spray upwards from underneath my pussy I couldn’t avoid moaning. I realized that I had to do something to prevent what was about to happen. So, I stepped out of the shower and took a few steps towards the high laundry basket where my towel hung. When I reached out for it, I felt that he was close behind me and before I knew it his cock was back pushed deep in between my thighs.

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