Lust In The Woods

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I have been known to have the odd lapse in judgment. 1993 through 1995 was a memorable one. Getting out of bed in March of 2002 has since proven to be a bad idea that continues to this day. But one of the more acutely painful lapses was when I decided to take my girlfriend on a hike. Perhaps I have used two words incorrectly in that last statement. She was not so much a girlfriend as a girl I was having sex with that I had met the previous weekend. And it was not so much a hike as it was a wilderness camping trip into the Canadian backwoods at a provincial park. Regardless, the entire enterprise seemed much like, well, parachute pants: a good idea at the time. And with similar results.

Her name was Lane, not, she instructed me with raised finger and dramatic pause, Laney. She assured me that calling her Laney would result immediately in a groin injury, delivered with spectacular speed and accuracy. Lane was a lovely girl, slim and nubile. She was only a shadow over five and a half feet, but her long gazelle legs and serpentine neck made her seem much taller. I was positive that I was in love with her, or at least, in love with parts of her. And some of her parts were the best parts I had ever experienced. Surprisingly enough, this story isn’t really about her.

Camping was something I just loved to do. And I particularly enjoyed going to this provincial park. It was smaller than some other, closer parks, and it was a bit less populated. The park was divided by a pleasant creek, spotted with rolling meadows and some mature forest, contained a few marshy spots and a great abandoned gravel pit. I knew the area very well and had a few favourite spots that I liked to visit. There was a high hill that looked over a wide bend in the creek and from that vantage point I could watch deer come down to the water to drink. There was also a tract of marshland, where the great trunks of trees, long dead from the rising water reached up like bony arms. There I had seen hawks and herons, egrets and owls and even a few bald eagles.

When I told all this to Lane she seemed interested. By that I mean she looked at me as if she were paying attention. And by that I mean that her face was actually facing the same general direction in which I was standing. What I found out later was that she hadn’t really been interested and hadn’t really been listening; she just knew that I was taking her somewhere. Beautiful neck, but there was evidently less and less actually perched atop it.

The day before we left, I went over to her place and helped her pack. I was looking through her wardrobe with a rising sense of alarm. Lane was a business woman working in a downtown office and her clothing told me that she did little else but work. Aside from a few pairs of jeans and a sweatshirt, Lane had no clothes suitable for any kind of outdoor excursion. When I brought this to her attention, she said, “Well, can’t we just stay in the chalet or whatever?” It was then that I began to get an inkling of what I was in for.

By going through my own wardrobe and volunteering some sweaters and shirts, we ended up only having to buy her a few essentials, proper socks, a pair of hiking boots, another pair of jeans and a decent jacket. She tried on the clothes and stood in front of the mirror saying, “Look, I’m a redneck!” I was beginning to have the slightest twinge of doubt concerning this trip.

The drive up north was another revealing look at just who I was about to be traipsing about the woods with. As we drove farther and farther away from the city, her frustration at being unable to find a decent radio station increased. I told her to switch the radio to AM and she looked at me blankly. She had never listened to AM radio before. And when she did, she snorted that the radio was busted because the sound was all crappy. It was too. Not just because it was AM, but because it was playing music by Merle Haggard and the Oakridge Boys and a lot of other musicians by the name of Jessie and Lyle and Curtis.

When we arrived at the park, I pulled the car up a short drive and signed in at the gate. Twenty minutes or so later, the road pinched off to a path and I parked the car. “Okay,” I said, “here we are.” She turned to me with an expression that confirmed all my doubts about this trip in one, sickening second.

“And here is where, exactly?” she asked.

“This is where we are going camping.”

“How far is the place where we’re staying?”

“Well, I was thinking of setting up camp on the high meadow. It’s nice and the trees bornova escort provide a good wind break. If we move now, we can watch the sunset up there.”

“Hold on.” she paused for a long moment. “What do you mean by ‘set up camp’?”

“The tent.” I unloaded the gear from the trunk of the car and held up the pack holding the tent.

“You expect me to sleep in that?”

“Well, it’s bigger than this when it’s open.” I laughed.

She didn’t. “Unless it also has hot showers and cotton sheets, there is simply no way.”

“I don’t know how to tell you this but,” I shrugged, “you can either sleep in this tent with me, or in that car by yourself. Now, there are benefits to both. That car has nice hard sides and reclining seats. My tent however will be positioned near a campfire, with warm food. Oh, and car keys.”

“If I stay here, you’ll have to leave the car keys.” She said haughtily.

“If I leave you the car keys, you won’t stay here.” I picked up my backpack and grabbed my walking stick.

An hour later in the car, she still hadn’t said a word to me. But at least she had stopped crying. I had to admit that I was surprised her cell phone worked this far north. When we got to the first big town she spotted a Comfort Inn and screamed at me until I pulled over. I suddenly appreciated all that silence.

She threw the car door open and said she would have someone more civilized come and pick her up. I got out and helped her get her backpack which she ripped from my hands in a fury. She spun on her heel and stomped towards the hotel.

“What, no kiss?” I called after her. That may have been the only time I had ever received an icy glare from someone facing away from me. It was a bit disconcerting.

By the time I got back to the park it was almost sundown. I decided that I would go to the main campground and set up camp there for the night. The park offered both reserved camping sites and wilderness camping. Some of the reserved sites were serviced with water and hydro and there were bathroom facilities with showers in the center. It cost more to stay on a serviced site and I didn’t need electricity or running water anyway, so I set my tent up in a small clearing. The sun dipped below the trees and I used the headlights of my car to get the tent up. Finally, I had a little fire going and a pot of water just starting to boil on top.

I sat with my back against a fallen limb and let myself be hypnotized by the dancing flames. I came to the conclusion that I was actually enjoying myself much more without Lane. Above me the spray of stars glistened against the velvet night and the air was alive with peepers, crickets and night birds. A firefly blinked past me, greeting me in Morse code. I sighed and allowed myself to relax. I was at peace with the universe, calm and serene.

This is why I jumped so fricking high when two people crashed through the trees into my campsite.

I leaped to my feet and advanced on the two figures. I had had my run-ins with drunken campers before, so I was prepared. And sober myself, which was a new approach.

They turned out to be women, and they were both very excited and babbling at me at once. I managed to find out that they had a campsite just through the trees and there was a bear nosing around. I was rather shocked. It wasn’t unusual to see bears out in the meadows or south of the park where the dump was, but they normally steered clear of the reserved camping area. But it wasn’t unheard of. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I grabbed a flashlight, a tin frying pan, and my pot, ruefully dumping my just boiled water, and headed over to their campsite.

There was certainly something rustling around in there and I carefully flicked the flashlight on and nosed it around. Two shiny eyes popped up from behind a spilled cooler and I admit I jumped a bit until I realized who the eyes belonged to. Using my pot and pan, I clanged the critter out of the campsite and into the woods. The cooler of food was largely untouched, but the carton of milk and the eggs were pretty much ruined. I cleaned up the mess as best I could and put the cooler in the back seat of their car.

Back at my campsite, the women were waiting nervously for me.

“It was a raccoon,” I said.

“Are you sure?” one of the women asked, “It looked like a bear to me.”

“Well, the darkness plays tricks on the eyes. It was a raccoon. Unless he showed up after and scared the bear away.”

The women laughed, buca escort more in relief than anything else. I told them that I had put their food in their car and instructed them to keep all their food out of their tent. They both thanked me and retreated back into the bush, leaving me once again alone with my thoughts and the stars.

A bit later, I heard rustling in the bushes and I shone my flashlight into the trees. One of the women emerged, smiling and carrying something. ‘Great,’ I thought to myself, ‘they’ve killed the raccoon and are offering it to me as a sacrifice.’ But it wasn’t a raccoon; it was bottles of beer, two in each hand.

“Laura has gone to sleep,” the woman said as she approached, “and I’m still a bit worked up. I wondered if you’d like some company.”

“Sure,” I said and made room for her to lean against the log.

She sat in silence for awhile, watching the fire. I looked at her. She was older than me, in her early forties perhaps. She had laugh lines around her eyes that the light from the fire deepened a bit. She was a pretty woman in a very natural sense. She wore her hair tied back in a pony tail and it was streaked with soft grey. She looked over at me and caught me stealing glances.

She introduced herself, her name was Fay. I introduced myself and we chatted about where we were from and what we did and so forth. She handed me a beer and I gratefully accepted it.

As we talked I ended up telling her the whole story of my adventure with Lane. We both laughed as I told it but she grew serious at the end.

“But now you’re up here alone. Does that bother you?”

“Not at all. I usually come up here alone. I think actually, it worked out better this way.”

She shifted slightly and I felt her arm touch mine slightly. “I think so, too.” she said.

We looked at the stars and pointed constellations out to each other. Occasionally the fire popped and sputtered, causing Fay to jump just a bit. And every time she did, her body shifted closer to mine. We continued talking, and I began to feel very comfortable around her. I suspect she felt the same and our conversations became more personal and honest. She told me that she had met Laura a year ago at a support group for divorced women. They had begun hanging out more socially in the past few months and that this camping trip had been Laura’s idea to ‘get away from it all’,

“Frankly,” she said, “I live alone in a nice house, I do interior design work on a consultation basis which is pretty informal…I really don’t know what all it is that I’m getting away from.” But, Fay confided that she believed Laura was working up the courage to make a pass at her. “It’s only a matter of time. I can tell. She isn’t really a lesbian, but she is so sick of men that she wants to be one desperately.” Fay stretched a little, pushing her full breasts out against the cotton top she was wearing. Her nipples were standing out against the material and it was obvious she was bra-less. When she looked at me, I wasn’t staring at her breasts; I was looking directly into her eyes.

Finally I got up and put a few more pieces of wood on the flames. When I sat down again, I sat down right against her and put my arms around her and she snuggled back against me. My mouth was very close to her ear and I whispered that she looked a bit chilly. She only nodded in reply and pressed the nape of her neck against my lips.

I put my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. She moaned slightly and pressed herself into my embrace. My lips kissed her neck and she sighed. Feeling bold, I let my palms run over her stomach and sweep up and graze gently over her breasts. Without pausing, they continued up to her shoulders and I rubbed them gently for a few moments. Then I let them slip down again, and again they smoothed over the swells of her breasts. This time her hands came up and trapped them there, and I felt the solid weight of them beneath my palms. Her nipples were hard and pressing into my hands noticeably.

She turned her head then and our lips met in a passionate kiss. Our tongues touched and we necked like teenagers…well…who were out in the woods.

She was breathless and increasingly more passionate. She turned her body around and embraced me tightly. And still her passion rose and her motions became more hurried and restless. She grabbed at my shirt and yanked it up over my head catching my ears in the collar and pulling them upwards until I swore I felt my earlobes karşıyaka escort touch. She discarded my shirt and went to work on my pants. I have never known a woman so desperately aroused. She fumbled with the belt for a moment and then yanked it open, her fingers roughly undid the button on my jeans and she tugged the zipper down. Then, making small animalistic noises, she pulled my jeans roughly down over my thighs, taking my boxer briefs along with them.

My cock sprung up, hard and curious, slapping her lightly on the cheek. She left my pants gathered around my ankles and gripped my hard cock with a strong fist.

In an instant her mouth was on me, sucking me deep into her. She began to bob her head wildly, plunging her lips up and down over the shaft. All the while she made throaty grunts as she sucked on me.

After a few moments of that exquisite delight, she pulled off me and yanked her cotton top off, flinging it into a nearby bush. Her breasts glowed warmly in the light of the campfire. They were full, sagged only slightly but were absolutely gorgeous. With a small cry she pounced on me, sending me off the log I was sitting on and onto my back. She straddled me and forced a dark, hard nipple into my mouth.

“Suck it, suck it hard and make it hurt,” she hissed. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her soft breast. I sucked the nipple into my mouth and pressed my lips down against it. I then rasped my tongue over the tip and she cried out. My teeth grazed the hard bud, and then I bit down firmly, causing her to gasp and jolt.

I repeated this on her other nipple and she moaned and gasped as I did. I pulled her pants and panties off of her ass and grabbed the full, taut flesh of her buttocks in my fingers. Her skin was hot and she was already humping against me. I could feel her pubic hair brushing against my cock. With surprising force, Fay gripped me in a bear hug and rolled me over until I was on top of her. She then found my cock with her hand and pulled it to her pussy. She parted her legs and bent them up and out, opening herself to me completely.

“Fuck me, you bastard,” she cried. “It’s been so long and I need it so badly.”

With one long, steady thrust I buried my cock in her to the very hilt. She went completely berserk. Her body began humping violently back against me and it was all I could do to hold on and not be thrown off into the campfire. Her hands fluttered around her as if she was trying to take flight. Her face was a mask of lust and almost agony. She began a litany of “So good so good so good so good” that was interrupted only by gasps and moans.

It seemed to me as if she were enjoying herself, but as I didn’t ask her outright, it was only an assumption.

She began to bang back against me, our bodies crashing together in loud slaps that seemed to echo off the trees in the night. Her breathing became ragged and her fingers dug painfully into my shoulders.

And then she came, her body tensing up and shivering as if gripped with a sudden chill. She wailed out a loud groaning cry that I’m sure sent every nocturnal animal scurrying for cover.

I waited until she calmed down a bit and then I turned her over onto her knees. It was a fantastic view, her ass glistening with her arousal in the mellow light of the fire, her big breasts hanging down, swaying slightly, the long nipples still hard almost brushing the ground. I positioned myself behind her and slipped an arm beneath her. My fingers gripped a full, warm tit and I slammed my cock into her violently. She sobbed suddenly and shoved her ass back to meet my force. I began to fuck her with renewed vigour, her breasts bobbing with every stroke. Faster and faster I went until my hips were a blur and the sounds of our bodies colliding and our grunts and groans became a deafening chorus.

I felt the cum rising and pulled my cock out of her. Immediately she turned around and put her lips over the pulsing head. It was too much. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked me and I came with explosive force.

Her eyes widened and she coughed around my cock as I pumped a spurt of cum straight to the back of her throat. I threw my head back and howled in ecstasy as I came, shivering and moaning.

Later, in the afterglow, with the fire dying down to embers, Fay sat up and kissed me lightly on the lips. She smiled and gathered her clothes up. The last I saw of her was her pale ass disappearing into the trees.

In the morning I was up boiling water over the campfire for a well-deserved coffee. I heard motion in the bushes and looked up to see Laura. My first thought was that this pseudo-lesbian was coming to berate me for having a go at her potential girlfriend.

Instead she sat down across from me with a worried look.

“I think I heard wolves howling in the woods last night,” she said.

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