Lust in Paradise

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The airport window vibrated faintly as another jet took off shooting into the sky and banking away out of sight. Chase Morgan glanced at his watch and nervously eyed the departure time on the sign displayed prominently over the head of the airline official operating the gate.

“If Connie doesn’t shake her ass you’re going to be enjoying this outing without her, Pal.”

Chase winced and glanced over at his best friend Ryan Taylor, “She’ll be here. I got a message from her ten minutes ago that she was in the airport lot and looking for a parking space.”

Ryan had never been gifted with a lot of patience which was ironic for a guy who worked as a guidance counselor at their local high school.

“Better late than never,” threw in Ryan’s wife Stephanie from where she lounged in one of the barely cushioned airport chairs. Stephanie smiled tolerantly at Chase as if in silent agreement with him that Ryan could stand to relax a little more and worry a bit less. The smile showed the dimples in her cheeks making her look younger than her twenty-six years. She and Ryan were quite a contrast as a couple. Ryan stood nearly six-feet-two-inches tall with broad shoulders and long arms still looking like the starting tight-end he had been back at Lake View High School. Stephanie was a full head shorter at five-feet-seven give or take a half-inch.

“Here she comes,” added Chase with palatable relief in his voice.

Connie Morgan ran towards the group stopping just a few feet away her long, curly red hair spilling around her face. She brushed it backward with one hand, holding onto the handle of her carry on bag with the other. The move revealed her fair-skinned face covered in light freckles and dominated by a pair of brilliant green eyes that flashed like twin emeralds.

“Sorry, guys. Last minute emergency at the office couldn’t be helped.”

“It’s fine,” said Chase stepping forward to give his wife a hug brushing his lips across her pert mouth. Her lips were slick with dark pink lipstick that felt smooth and creamy.

“Don’t you worry about it, Sweetie, we knew you would make it,” offered Stephanie as she stepped up for a hug of her own throwing a look at her husband who cleared his throat and nodded in agreement.

Seeing the two women together, Chase couldn’t help but compare how different they both were. Connie was a few inches shorter than her best friend with the petite body of a dancer. She was wearing a tight pink blouse that accentuated her small, perky breasts, and a short gray skirt her pale, muscular legs sticking out the bottom. Stephanie was a more traditionally curvy girl with dark hair that fell in a raven-black wave down to her shoulders framing a face that had managed to win back to back Homecoming Queen awards when they had been in school together. Her breasts dwarfed Connie’s sticking out in front of her and stretching the scoop neck of her tank top. Though Stephanie had fair skin herself, she tended to tan at the slightest touch of the sun and Chase had no doubt she would be berry brown by the time they got back from this trip.

“They are going to start boarding soon,” observed Ryan looking back at the people standing up around the gate. He wore a frown that distorted his usually handsome features. In Ryan’s world, everything ran according to the time table in his head, and he hated the slightest disruption from that script.

“Come on, folks, let’s line up before Mr. Control Freak here blows a gasket,” said Stephanie in a joking tone.

Ryan started to say something but stopped himself noting by his wives smile that she was only kidding. He had been making more of an effort to control his need for perfect organization as well as the resultant temper tantrums that sometimes followed when he didn’t get it.

“Onward then!” echoed Chase smiling again at Stephanie and noting her patience. He didn’t see how anyone could ever get angry with Stephanie Taylor. The electric smile that lit her gorgeous face could melt a man’s heart at fifty-yards. Back in school, Chase had harbored a terrible crush on Stephanie, of course so had half the male population. He had kept his interest hidden from Ryan knowing he didn’t stand a chance with her anyway. Chase wasn’t a bad looking guy, a couple of inches shorter than Ryan and more slender with longish blond hair compared to Ryan’s close-cropped brunette locks, but he was no ripped athlete.

Eventually, his interest had turned to Connie. They had met working on the school newspaper where he had been a staff photographer, and she had edited the Features section. Even back in those days, Connie had been quirky and cute if not quite the sexy girl-next-door she evolved into years later. It had taken him weeks to work up the courage to ask her out, but they had hit it off from the get-go.

The four of them had graduated and ended up attending the same state college together where Connie enrolled in computer classes and became a top-notch programmer while Chase had gotten a degree in photojournalism. Ryan had surprised everyone when he decided to parlay his psychology studies Avrupalı porno into a career path in education while Stephanie went the same route as her semi-famous mother going into interior design. Their group friendship had grown through four years of higher education together, and they continued to be close afterward. The two couples had married within months of each other and still lived in the same city just a few miles apart.

This vacation though was the first time they had ever tried going on a long trip together.

The idea had been cooked up by Connie and Stephanie as a way to save money by sharing the cost so they could have a fancier trip than either couple could afford individually. The girls had settled on the exotic sounding setting of MonaToa Island for their joint destination and now here they were about to hit the road.

“Did you remember to bring plenty of sunscreen?” asked Chase over his shoulder to Connie.

“I figure if I run out I’ll just borrow Stephanie’s.”

Ryan laughed, “Stephanie doesn’t use sunscreen. She oils up like a pig looking for a spit to be roasted on.”

“Hey! I’m smarter in the sun than that! I just prefer to go for the low end of the sunscreen line. I’ve never known you to complain at the end of the summer,” she said suggestively wiggling her eyebrows at Ryan.

Chase swallowed briefly imagining what Stephanie’s naked body must look like covered with sweet tan lines.

The flight was crowded with vacationers, and the foursome had trouble finding room in the overhead bins for all their stuff, but soon they were settled. The flight was about ten hours, so Chase pulled out a book to pass the time. Connie sat next to him setting up her laptop.

“Tell me you didn’t bring work from the office with you? This is supposed to be a vacation.”

“There is just a small code bug I need to hunt down it won’t take more than an hour or two. Hey!”

Ryan reached across the aisle with one meaty hand and grabbed her laptop right off the tray.

“Chase is right we are supposed to be leaving work behind,” he said with a smirk shutting the small computer and shoving it into the pocket of the seat in front of him, “you get your toy back when we land!”

Connie started to argue, but took a breath and sat back in her seat deciding that Ryan and Chase were probably right. She could be a bit overly focused on her job, and this was supposed to be about letting go of their responsibilities for a few days. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked longingly at her laptop for a moment then up at Ryan’s face while he flipped through an in-flight magazine. Chase was super sweet, and she loved him dearly, but she had to admit there was something about the more manly Ryan that occasionally gave her goosebumps. He could be temperamental, but he was strikingly handsome and very charming when he wanted to be. Stephanie had mentioned to her once how Ryan liked to be bossy in the bedroom. Chase was always so gentle and tender, almost shy when they made love. It made her curious what it would be like to be with a man who took what he wanted aggressively.

“I’m sure he will give it back when we land,” said Chase thinking she was staring over at Ryan because she was still thinking about her laptop.

“What? Oh…Yeah, sure, it’s not a big deal,” said Connie with a hint of embarrassment at being caught staring at her husband’s best friend.

She settled back in her seat fishing her Kindle out of her purse.

Ryan hadn’t been oblivious to Connie’s gaze. He smiled to himself thinking much like Chase that she was just upset about not being able to keep her nose in her spreadsheets, or whatever it was she did with a computer. The minute she looked away and started to toy with her Kindle he took a moment to steal a glance of his own. Connie was no match for Stephanie in the looks department, and yet there was something about her wholesome cuteness he found intriguing. For just a second, he tried to picture what her pale, freckled body would look like naked and on top of him with her head thrown back in a powerful orgasm. The thought made his thick cock twitch in his shorts, and he groaned a bit when the swelling head pressed uncomfortably against his zipper.

“Everything o.k.? I have some airsick pills if you need them?” said Stephanie sounding concerned.

“I’m fine just ate too much before we boarded.”

The engines began to rev-up making the whole plane shake, and everyone fell silent as it taxied down the runway slowly picking up speed. The wheels left the ground seconds later, and they were on their way to the adventure that awaited them.


The flight had been surprisingly smooth and the landing uneventful.

Chase swiped his key for the fourth time trying to spring the lock so he and Connie could get into their hotel room before she slipped the card from his hand with an impatient click of her tongue pushing the door open on her first try.

“Show off! I can’t help it electronic things hate me,” said Chase when they were inside Video porno the room.

“Look at this place! Oh Wow!” said Connie throwing open the curtains. Their room was right on the beach, and the blue ocean stretched as far as the eye could see. They had their place next to Ryan and Stephanie’s, and when she stepped out onto the small patio outside the sliding glass door, she found herself standing right next to her best friend.

“Is this the shit or what!” said Stephanie excitedly.

“I say we hit the beach, pronto!”

Chase was still fiddling with his camera bag when Connie went practically running by him a towel in one hand, and a bottle of suntan lotion in the other. He looked up in surprise to see his wife wearing a green bikini. Ordinarily, Connie was the conservative type always wearing one-piece swimwear both to protect her fair skin and because she was embarrassed to show too much of it in public. This long-standing behavior had apparently just gone right out the window.


She stopped just short of the glass door turning around.


“Is that what you’re wearing out to the beach?”

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s not that I don’t like the way it looks,” said Chase and truthfully she looked pretty sweet in it her pale skin in sharp contrast to the emerald green of her suit with her upthrust, round tits barely covered by the small top. In the cool air of the room, he could see her perky nipples outlined on the cloth.

“I’m just…worried you’ll…Uh…Burn,” he finished quietly.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie. I’ll be careful.”

Connie vanished through the door pulling it shut behind her. Chase finished checking to make sure all his lenses had made the trip without mishap before he rose up off the bed and walked over to the door. The girls were already on the sand together taking turns rubbing lotion on each other’s backs. Chase envied his wife as she got to slather oil all over Stephanie rubbing at her shoulders vigorously. He got a nice look at her huge rack barely contained in the jet black bikini she was wearing, and it made his cock swell tight in his shorts.

“Fuck me…” he breathed watching his wife and her friend laying back on their towels.

He spent a few minutes getting into his bathing suit and pulling on a skin-tight black and red swim shirt before joining them on the sand. The clicking shutter of Chases camera pulled the two women out of their stupor as they lay in the sun.

“You going to make us famous, Chase? Put your wife and me on the cover of some swimsuit magazine?” said Stephanie as she sat up on her towel and posed provocatively. To Chase’s surprise, Connie joined her sitting up and throwing a hand behind her head while thrusting her chest out. He fired off a series of shots thinking just how hot the two of them looked there together.

“Is this what we came here to do? Lay around like slugs all day,” said Ryan joining them.

He had seen no need for a swim shirt and his well-muscled chest rippled as he walked up to them in a swimsuit cut tight enough to show off his thick package.

“What did you have in mind?” asked Stephanie.

“Something like that…”

The group turned their heads to see where Ryan was pointing just in time to see a boat go by pulling two people on a long rope up into the air by parachute.

“Parasailing?” said Chase.

“You have to be kidding? You know I’m afraid of heights!” said Stephanie with a look of concern.

“Come on, Steph, it’s not that high.”

“I think I read it’s something like six hundred to eight hundred feet depending on wind conditions,” offered Chase.

Stephanie visibly blanched at the thought, “No way! I wasn’t built to fly.”

“How about you, Chase?”

Although he didn’t want to appear cowardly in front of Connie, Chase was no more enamored of heights than Stephanie, “I think I would have to pass on that one my friend.”

“Ah! Geez, guys! Where is your adventurer’s spirit?”

“I’ll go.”

“Connie? Are you sure you want to try it? I distinctly remember you nearly hurling on the Ferris wheel at the state fair,” said Chase.

“I was sixteen then. I think I can handle heights better now.”

“Well, there ya go, someone with balls around here!” boomed Ryan.

“If you two want to go fly with the birds be my guest. Chase and I can stay here, and he can immortalize me on film.”

Connie went to fetch her fanny pack so she could carry some lotion and money with her while Ryan did the same putting on a button-down shirt to cover his upper body.

“You sure this is a good idea?” asked Chase.

He was torn, wanting to accompany her and keep her safe in spite of his fear, but intrigued at the idea of capturing swimsuit shots of Stephanie at the same time. For her part, Connie was trying to put on a brave face not ready to admit that she might have been hasty in jumping at the chance to try something new.

“I’ll…be fine. I’m sure it’s safe. People do it all the time, right?”

Her tone lacked in confidence and Chase was just about to offer to go anyway even though he thought he might well be the one throwing up this time when Ryan appeared at their back door.

“You ready? Time’s a wasting.”

“Um…Sure!” she said trying to force some enthusiasm into her voice.

The pair of them ran off down the sand together in the direction of the nearby pier leaving Chase and Stephanie behind.

“Those two are going to get themselves killed. On the other hand, I do have a large insurance policy on Ryan. I could come out ahead on this deal.”

Chase raised his eyebrows, and Stephanie broke into a long laugh.

“I’m just kidding. He is worth more to me alive than dead. How about we shoot some pictures down by those rocks?” suggested Stephanie pointing at a large outcropping several hundred yards up the beach in the opposite direction.

“Sure, that works,” said Chase.

Stephanie went into her room and pulled on some sandals to walk down the beach while Chase got his camera bag in case he needed to change lenses. They walked together breathing in the warm, salty air.

“This place is gorgeous! We have nothing like this back home that is for sure.”

“I hear ya,” replied Chase throwing a look back over his shoulder.

“They’ll be fine for all his bluster Ryan would never do anything he wasn’t one-hundred percent sure he would survive. He loves himself too much to risk his own ass.”


“If Ryan had been born with both a pussy and a dick that would reach each other he would have married himself years ago.”

“Ouch! That’s harsh.”

“I know I’m just fucking with you. He is a bit narcissistic, but he has a good heart in there somewhere. I wouldn’t have married him otherwise,” joked Stephanie.

They reached the rocks and Stephanie struck a pose letting the wind carry her hair back away from her face. Chase ran off a series of shots enjoying looking at her nearly flawless body through the lens of his camera. She dropped down onto a large rock laying on her side, and he took a few more admiring the way the light played across her skin.

“Why don’t you get part way in the shadows over there and let me capture the contrast?” suggested Chase.

She did as he asked putting her body half in and half out of the light.

“Perfect. You look gorgeous, Stephanie.”

“You know a few years ago I got this private photographer to shoot some nudes of me to give to Ryan as a surprise.”

Chase nearly dropped his camera in the sand at this revelation, “Oh…Uh…Really?”

“Yeah, but they turned out terrible. The guy was a real hack. I should have swallowed my embarrassment and just let you shoot them.”

“Me?” said Chase fighting to keep his hands from shaking as he tried to get Stephanie back into focus.

“Sure, you’re very talented. We’ve all seen your stuff. I bet doing a nude shoot would be a breeze for a guy whose pictures end up in nationally syndicated magazines.”

“Well, I’ve never shot anyone that way before so I can’t say I would be any better.”

“You’re way too modest. I saw the swimsuit stuff you shot for that sporting magazine last year, and it was terrific.”

Stephanie looked around for a moment, “You know…there’s no one here right now. What about you shoot a few for me to give to Ryan tonight. It would blow his mind!”

“I don’t know, Stephanie. He might not be too thrilled at finding out I saw you…Um…You know…”

“I’ll tell him they came from that other shoot he won’t know the difference. At least this way they will look good. If it makes you nervous, we could do something semi-nude. How about that?”

Chase swallowed hard trying to keep from getting what would be a very obvious erection in his swimsuit. He finally nodded breathing slowly and working to maintain an air of artistic detachment. Stephanie turned her back to him, and he looked on while she untied her top dropping it on the sand. When she turned back, she was covering her breasts in her hands holding them up slightly.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m doing this…” she said giggling.

Neither could Chase.

He took another deep breath trying his hardest to focus on the job at hand and not at the fact that he was looking at probably the two finest breasts he had ever seen in his life. They were huge compared to Connie’s and from what he could see nearly flawless with just a few freckles here and there to mar the otherwise smooth skin. Stephanie’s hands kept him from seeing her areolas or nips, but a few times as she shifted to pose he thought he caught a hint of some acorn colored skin showing between her fingers. The blood was starting to flow into his cock despite his effort to keep things under control.

“How about I throw my head back like this?” she suggested.

“Yeah…Great…” stuttered Chase.

“You know…Maybe we could do just one full on nude shot?” asked Stephanie.

Chase felt his mouth go dry, but his head seemed to take on a life of its own nodding before he could even think about the ramifications of what he was doing. Stephanie smiled seductively, and as Chase fought to focus his camera, she began to drop her hands just starting to reveal the edges of her dark, bumpy areolas when a voice rang out making them both jump.

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