Lust for Lori Ch. 09

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Over the next couple of weeks Bill continued visiting Lori’s room at night and to wake her in the morning. Sometimes he would get a quick blow job, other times he would pull her ass to the edge of the bed and fuck her. When he was alone with her during lunch on two or three occasions, he would have her sit naked next to him at the table. Lori would recount her experience at the creek while rubbing and playing with her pussy. Bill would jack his cock off with one hand and reach over and play with her tits with the other. Just before he was about to cum, he would sit her on the table and fuck her till he shot his load on her tanned stomach.

One Saturday morning when Gail was home the family was having breakfast.

Bill said, “I’ve got to do some errands today, and stop by the stables. I’m taking Lori along to help.”

No one seemed to pay much attention to what he had to say. Lori figured she was in for a day of sex at his place above the stables. She was quite confused as they rode from place to place and actually completed errands and made a quick stop at the stables. The only thing Bill had done to her so far was an occasional ass grab, and to squeeze her tits a few times. Lori saw him looking for something in the phone book at his place. When they left Bill headed toward a part of town Lori was unfamiliar with. Soon Bill pulled into a parking garage next to a large medical building.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out some money. He said to Lori, “Take this and go to suite number 213. It’s the Planned Parenthood offices.

I’m friends with several of the staff there, so all you have to do is ask for Lisa. She’ll take care of the paper work and give you your supply of birth control pills. Just hand her the cash before you leave.”

Bill watched as Lori entered the building. After what seemed like an eternity of fidgeting and watching the door, Lori reappeared. When she got back in the car, she was carrying a bag with six months worth of birth control pills.

Bill smiled and said, “After you get on those, there will be no more of that pulling out shit! I’ll be able to shoot my load deep in your hot little pussy.”

Lori was busy reading the instruction sheet that Lisa had given her. Bill knew that because she had never been on them before, he would wait about a month before fully trusting them.

“You know you’ll have to keep them hid from your mom. I’ll fix you a hiding place in the drop ceiling of your bedroom.” He said to Lori

“And for heaven’s sake don’t forget to take one every night!”

Lori just grinned at him and continued reading.

It was without a doubt the longest month of Bill’s life. He had Lori several times during lunch visits and midnight trips to her room. But, he avoided heated Saturday sessions or trips to the stables. He overheard Lori invite Paulette over one Sunday while Gail was gone with the kids. He knew this was a potential orgy waiting to happen. While Lori was sunbathing out back Bill walked out and told her he was leaving for a while.

Lori grinned and pulled her suit bottoms aside and said, “Are you sure you want to leave? Paulette is coming over. We could all play downstairs while mom is gone.”

Bill reached down and stuck his finger in her hot pussy. He pulled it out and licked it clean. He went into the garage and backed the car out of the driveway. He drove only a block away and parked behind the old mom and pop hardware store that had closed long ago. After a quick walk home, he silently entered the side door and went to his hiding place in the furnace room. When he heard the shower running, he knew his wait was about over.

When he heard Paulette and Lori coming down the hall, he took his viewing spot by the door. Lori was wrapped in a towel and Paulette was in her typical shorts, heels and thin tank top. Lori went immediately to her hiding place and showed Paulette her birth control pills.

Paulette asked, “Has your step dad cum in you yet?”

Lori replied, “No, not yet. I have to take them a month first.”

Lori asked Paulette what it felt like to have a cock explode inside her. Paulette told her it felt great. Especially if it was a huge load like most of the ones she had. She told Lori that it was good and hot. If the guy had a nice sized cock she would be able to feel his cock pulse as his load pumped out.

“Oooh you’re making me horny!” Lori said to Paulette

Paulette reached under Lori’s towel and felt her wet pussy. Lori returned the favor by reaching up the leg of Paulette’s shorts. Paulette leaned over and kissed Lori passionately, their tongues doing battle with each other. As Lori’s towel fell away she pulled Paulette’s top over her head. Paulette moaned as Lori devoured her big nipples. In a matter of minutes the girls were naked and in a sixty nine position. Lying on their sides gave Bill a perfect view from his hiding place. He had his cock out and was furiously stroking it while enjoying the bursa escort bayan show. Paulette pulled away long enough to retrieve something from her bag. When Lori heard the telltale hum of a vibrator she knew the fun was about to begin. Paulette stabbed her tongue in and out of Lori’s wet pussy while holding the vibrator to Lori’s extended clit. Lori was so wound up that she chewed and sucked Paulette’s clit like a mad woman. When Lori would nip at Paulette’s clit with her teeth, Paulette would stick her tongue as deep as possible inside Lori. It wasn’t long before Lori buried her face in Paulette’s snatch to muffle her own screams of orgasm. Meanwhile, behind the furnace room door, Bill’s cock looked as if it would explode at any second. It was so hard the foreskin wouldn’t even pull forward over the head. He desperately wanted to charge into the room and fuck the living daylights out of both of these little sluts.

He stood and watched as Paulette lay on her back and spread her legs. Lori held the vibrator to her crotch as if she had a dick of her own. She proceeded to fuck Paulette as good as any man had. With the vibrator turned on, she gave Paulette a good hard fucking. Lori held the plastic dick in one hand, supported herself over Paulette with the other, and leaned down and sucked her tits too! Just as Paulette let go with a tremendous orgasm, Bill sprayed his load all over the furnace room door. It was a toss up as to who was breathing hardest among the three. As the girls lay naked on the bed, Bill crept back upstairs and out the door. He was back home from retrieving his car when the girls came up from Lori’s room. Being the tease she was, Paulette pulled her big tits out and shook them in his face as she walked by. Bill quickly reached in her shorts and squeezed her swollen pussy. Just as he was making tongue contact with her tits she pulled away. She and Lori laughed as they headed out the door.

The following week Bill noticed the familiar wrappers in the bathroom trash.

Lori was on the rag. It was only a matter of days now. On Sunday Bill questioned Lori as to whether she was through wither period. She confirmed that she was and she had also not missed taking any of her pills. While Gail took the kids shopping, Bill left a note saying that he and Lori and gone to the stables. All the way there, Bill reached across the car seat and fingered Lori’s pussy. When they entered the barn he informed Lori that there were a few minor chores to do. She was told that she was going to do hers naked. Soon Bill was watching Lori walk around the barn wearing nothing but her gym shoes and little whit socks. He rubbed his swollen cock as he watched her tits bounce and jiggle. Soon Bill had his pants off too, letting his erection wave in the breeze. Lori would pass by and stroke it a few times, or bend over and run her tongue along its length. When the chores were done, Bill lifted Lori onto several bales of hay he had covered with a blanket. As she lay back, he kissed and licked his way up her inner thighs to her pussy. He concentrated on her hard clit as he pinched and rolled her nipples. He didn’t dare touch his own cock for fear of shooting his load. It didn’t take long for Lori to begin grinding her pussy against his face. Because they were alone in a deserted area Lori let loose with a scream when she came.

When Bill stood up with her juice running down his chin she said,” Now you’re going to fuck me!”

Bill pulled her up from the hay bales and smacked her firm ass and said, “Get upstairs to the bedroom.” Lori giggled as she raced for the stairs.

By the time Bill got there, Lori was on the bed on her hands and knees. Bill wasted no time and sank his cock in her to the hilt. Lori groaned as Bill took hold of her hips and fucked her mercilessly. Several times he grasped the base of his cock to keep from cumming. When he didn’t want to wait any longer, he turned Lori over and spread her legs. He placed her legs in the bends of his arms and thrust his cock in so deep she squealed. A few deep strokes later and there was no turning back. With one mighty thrust Bill let his load go deep in Lori’s pussy. Paulette was right. Lori could feel Bill’s cock pulse and throb. It felt as if someone was pouring molten lava in her pussy. Lori groaned and squirmed to get it in deeper. Bill pumped a few more times until he was too sensitive to continue. When he pulled out, Lori felt his jizz run down the crack of her ass.

Bill asked, “Now doesn’t that feel better than getting all over your titties or ass?”

Lori just smiled an affirmative reply.

If Bill wasn’t fucking Lori before bedtime, he was waking her by sticking his cock in her. Now that she was on the pill, he couldn’t get enough of that young stuff. Lori was careful to rinse her cum laden panties to keep Gail from getting suspicious. One weekday evening Gail was outside preparing their dinner on the grill. Just inside looking out their bedroom gorukle escort window was Lori. Bill was behind her as she bent over her mom’s dressing table. His cock was buried to the hilt and he had his hands on her tits. Lori was surprised Gail couldn’t hear Bill’s pelvis slapping against her ass. Suddenly Bill grunted, shot his load in her, pulled out, zipped up and went outside to help with dinner. Lori ran to the bathroom with cum running down her leg.

One Saturday morning just as Gail arrived at work Bill phoned. He told her some lame story about going to help out a sick aunt. He would get the lady across the street to watch the kids because Lori was going with him in case he needed any assistance with poor old aunty. He told Gail they would be gone most of the day. When babysitting arrangements were taken care of he and Lori got in the car and headed out. Bill reached into the backseat and handed Lori a bag. Lori found it contained a pair of black spike heels, a black spandex mini skirt, and a tight red shirt with the words “I’m a Good Girl— Sometimes” printed on it. Bill told her to change as they drove. Naturally Bill had a hard time keeping his hands off her while she did so.

As they drove Lori thought they were in Oakwood Hills. She didn’t know how close they were to Bill’s place, but it was definitely the ritzy part of town. Soon they pulled back a long driveway and up to a large house. It was by no means a mansion like some houses in that part of town were. But it was a beautiful big house. Bill parked and escorted Lori to the door. Without knocking they entered the house. After walking through a foyer Bill and Lori entered a huge combination living/dining room. The sights before Lori made her head spin. Naked men and women were everywhere. Some of the women had on sexy lingerie, while others were naked. It looked to Lori like they were all having sex. Bill explained to her that they were a group of friends who liked to get together and swap wives, partners or whatever.

“Just look around a while and jump in whenever you want!” Bill told her

Lori watched Bill undress and walk up to a red head who was riding a hard cock. She turned her head and swallowed Bill’s hard on with on gulp. Lori was in a daze. She walked throughout the first floor taking in the sights. Everything imaginable and some things unimaginable were going on right before her eyes. There were 3 ways, 4 ways, and more ways going on. She watched as a group of men gathered around two women who were busy eating each other. It didn’t take long before the woman with her ass in the air had her snatch filled by a voyeurs cock. Lori sat on a couch watching all that was going on before her. She could see Bill tit fucking an enormous pair of knockers. Lori was a bit shocked when two naked men sat down, one on each side of her.

“You must be the sweet young thing we heard came with Bill.” One said to her

Lori told them that she was. Each guy had a hand on her thigh. One commented on her shirt and reached out and fondled her tits.

“Why don’t we get you out of those clothes?” both men said almost in unison

Lori allowed them to undress her there on the couch. Both men agreed that she should keep her heels on. Lori sat between them with a cock in each hand. When she jacked them off they took turns licking and sucking her tits. They also took turns playing with her pussy. When they felt she was ready, one pulled her to the edge of the couch and knelt between her legs. As he entered her, the second one stood to the side and offered her his cock to suck. Bill looked over and grinned at the sight before him. Lori was already taking on two cocks and they had just got here. The guy fucking Lori decided he wanted to switch places with his buddy. So the cock in her mouth went to her pussy and vice versa. Evidently the one that had been fucking her was close, because he came in her mouth almost immediately. That looked so good to the one currently in her pussy, that he stood up and let her suck him off too. They both sat with Lori momentarily and told her what a hot babe she was. They soon all went their separate ways. Lori looked over and saw Bill was now doing the big tittied blonde doggie style. She walked over and stood in front of him and thrust her pussy in his face. After several licks Bill laid the blonde on her back and had Lori kneel down and suck the girl’s huge tits. The girl moaned and groaned while Lori gave her hard nipples a work out. Lori then straddled the big pair of knockers and liberally coated them with her own pussy juice. When she stood back up, Bill greedily licked her juices off Blondie’s big tits. Lori left them with those big tits bouncing madly as Bill furiously fucked her.

One of Lori’s favorite things to do at the orgy was just walk around and sample different cocks. She would spot a guy lying on his back, with a girl riding his face. Lori would simply walk over and impale herself bursa merkez escort bayan on his cock. Many times she could hear the guy moan from under the girl’s pussy. Quite often the guy couldn’t even get his head free to see who was on his cock. Lori liked to catch a guy in this position too, and suck the hard cock that was waving in the air. Usually when she was caught in this position though, a stiff dick was shoved in her.

As Lori was returning from the huge master bathroom where she had gone to freshen up (wipe the jizz from her thighs) Bill caught her attention again. He was with a stunning lady. She wasn’t a girl or a woman, she was a lady! Lori saw she was wearing a white body stocking, and mile high stiletto heels. She looked to be in her late 40’s to early 50’s. Her tits were big but not obscenely so. And they stuck out proud and firm. Bill was behind her, dry humping her ass through her suit. Lori noticed he couldn’t keep his hands off her big tits either.

As Lori walked up for a closer look Bill said, “This is Lori, my step daughter. Lori, this is Phyllis, she’s a regular at our little get together.”

Lori was expecting a handshake, but was pleasantly surprised when Phyllis gave her a sensuous kiss. Lori took the liberty of running her hands over those firm tits as they kissed.

“So, this is the young one everybody is talking about!” Phyllis said

Lori just smiled as Phyllis caressed her ass. Phyllis sat down in a nearby chair and spread her legs. This revealed her neatly trimmed bush through the crotchless opening of her cat suit. Bill guided Lori between her legs where she began licking and sucking Phyllis’ pussy. She rolled and pulled Phyllis’ nipples while Bill wasted no time in fucking Lori doggie style.

“Mmmm Bill, you’ve obviously taught her well!” Phyllis groaned as she humped Lori’s tongue

Before Phyllis reached her orgasm, Bill had her and Lori stand up. Bill got behind Phyllis and bent her slightly forward. The stilettos gave her the perfect elevation for Bill to slide his cock home. He instructed Lori to chew Phyllis’ nipples through the thin material of her body stocking. With Bill and Lori working on her, Phyllis was soon at a fever pitch. Bill told Lori to get between their legs and finish Phyllis off. Lori was soon on her hands and knees, licking Phyllis’ clit, while getting a close up of Bill’s cock sliding in and out of a wet pussy. When Lori felt Phyllis’ orgasm let go, she managed to get the tip of her tongue along side Bill’s cock. Phyllis was getting fucked by a cock and tongue together. This was too much for Bill too. Lori felt his cock spasm and shoot his load. Lori managed to get some of his jizz on her lips and cheek. When she stood up, Phyllis gratefully licked the cum from Lori’s face.

Phyllis said, “You sweet young thing, I’ll return this favor before the day is done.”

Later in the day, Lori was sitting and relaxing. She was on a low table type thing, evidently made just for lounging. This was where the highlight of her orgy experience began. Lori was enjoying watching everyone around her when she noticed a man waling towards her. He must have been a new arrival, for she had not seen him before. He looked to be in his late 20’s and well built. It was when he came closer that Lori’s eyes widened. This man had a cock on him like a bull. Lori guessed it must have been 11 or 12 inches long and looked as thick as her wrist. It wasn’t even hard yet! As he approached her, Lori watched it swing and sway between his legs.

“You must be the one who came with Bill.” He said to her

Lori just nodded, not taking her eyes off that dick.

“Go ahead and touch it,” he told her

Lori reached out and wrapped her hand around it. Her fingers didn’t come close to meeting on the other side. Without having to be told, Lori ran her tongue around the bulbous head. She could feel it start to harden. Big dick (as she would refer to him) moaned and told her to use both hands. Lori took hold of his meat like a baseball bat and jerked him off while trying to get as much as possible in her mouth. She could feel her pussy absolutely dripping at the thought of fucking this monster.

“Do you want that in your pussy?” big dick asked as she sucked him

Lori answered by lying back and spreading her legs. Big dick gave her pussy a few well placed licks to ensure she was lubricated. He placed her legs on his arms and slowly started pushing at her pussy.

Bill came rushing over and said, “You can’t put that thing in her! She’ll never be able to take it!”

Big dick said, “Oh yeah? Well I’ve got the head in and she’s pushing forward, trying to get me deeper.”

Bill asked Lori, “Are you sure you want this?”

Lori just smiled dreamily at him and nodded her head yes! Big dick would lean over and kiss Lori, letting their tongues play for Bill to see. This would drive Bill insane too. After he had half of his cock buried in her, he developed a good rhythm. As he would push it in, it would drag against Lori’s clit. This was the best fucking she had ever had! She was enjoying teasing Bill by kissing and sucking on big dick’s tongue. She noticed Bill was rock hard again, watching the proceedings.

Bill said, “I’ll stop this kissing stuff!”

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