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She had cried almost half the night. Her mom “forced” her to stop. By “forcing” her, her mother simply stopped by to say hi and talk. Seeing as Melissa’s eyes were red and wet her mom knew something was seriously wrong. The mother tried getting to the root of the problem but Melissa’s issues in this case were her own. In essence her mother had told Melissa it was time. It was time to decide where she wanted to go and what she wanted to study. She made her point. In the subtle but firm manner her mother insisted Melissa “make a decision.” Melissa finally came out of her funk. She finally decided there wasn’t a future trying to get him back. Dennis was a lost cause. He is a priest. He is a Catholic priest. She knew better. Priests will not do these sorts of things, not with a cute and adorable young woman such as her. However, by the following night, after putting in lots of thought and time into the subject she’d made her decision. She sat down with her parents and told them where she’d like to go to college. It was a small Liberal Arts university. Her dad had heard of it. He was content. Meanwhile, she practically put the idea out of her mind. Dennis was history. That was in the past. She quit her job and found another. Much to her liking he never showed up there although she always wished he would, she knew he wouldn’t. Finally, school had begun. Finally, her and her mother bought, collected, and organized everything she’d need for college. Orientation was fine. She was roommates with one odd but nice enough girl. Melissa’s parents and the girls parents seemed to hit it off. It did not matter. This was all about the girls and they were getting along. “So do you have any boyfriend?” asked Melissa. “Me, ohhh no,” replied Traci. “I’ve never had a boyfriend. However that doesn’t mean I haven’t dated,” and with that she laughed about it. Eventually she told Melissa the truth. “He was older, really?” said Melissa. “Like in how much older?” she asked as she suddenly wanted to think about Dennis. “Well, my parents didn’t know it, but he was like 23 and I was only 18,” replied Traci. “Wow, cool,” Melissa came back. She now thought about Dennis a little more. As she did, she wondered. As she did, she longed for this priest more and more. However, she was not going to tell Traci. She hadn’t even spoken to her best friends back home about her. “Yeah, I kind of had a relationship like that too you know.” And without giving out too much detail she told Traci about Dennis. So Traci only knew him as Dennis. “Uhhh did you two ever you know get it on?” asked Traci. “Us, ohhhhhh no way, uh uhhh,” replied Melissa as her eyes and thoughts appeared to drift off and as her emotions felt his presence. “You know, the truth is, we had a terrible break up. I wanted him, badly. It seemed as if he wanted me too but for whatever reason he was afraid and here I am, in college, but without a love in my life. To be honest with you, I want him back soooo much too.” With that, Traci set out to think on that. Yeah, breakups were bad. However, there are ways, she was convinced to get a man to want you and desire you if you want him that güvenilir bahis badly. Meanwhile, over the course of the first two weeks, Melissa had started going to class. Already, she was becoming confused with one or two of her classes. She knew, right away, she had to get at least the one squared away, so knowing this she went to the teacher to talk to her. They went over the curriculum. They discussed many different options. And then the teacher told her they could meet however it couldn’t be until Thursday that week. Melissa checked her schedule and could meet the teacher in her office. Ms Marquette, a European History professor, and who was French as well was always sweet and direct with her students. They got together. Right away Melissa liked this woman a lot. She had deftness in her personality which most students loved a lot. They talked, casually, and got to know one another quite well. “You will come to house then?” asked Ms. Marquette. “We have lunch, we socialize as well, and we see what you like and dislike. We find out how to make you understand it all much better? Is this okay for you?” Melissa smiled and said yes. She was more then happy to come to her teachers house and more then happy to have lunch and speak with her. That next day, on Friday, Melissa walked the 8 blocks to her teacher’s house, a compact two story home, but it was pretty and very well kept up. To her it said a lot about her teacher. “Why you look quite pretty today,” said the teacher after welcoming Melissa into her home. They sat and talked and even found themselves laughing. Melissa discovered her teacher was a very warm woman. Her personality seemed loving to her in fact. “I love your blouse. I love these jeans you wear. They compliment your body. I love when a woman realizes this and wears clothing to emphasize her features. It says a lot about her.” Melissa, unfamiliar with all the compliments she’d received from Ms. Marquette felt warm. It was rather odd in fact, she thought as she found herself looking back at her professor and eyeing her teacher’s bodily features as well. That alone, had her wondering. Is this teacher, this woman, making a play for me? Is she, Melissa asked herself. That alone made her feel uncomfortable. She was not sure of this at all. “Well now that we have all that straightened out, if you feel the need to come back. Do not hesitate to speak to me. I would love having you back here,” said he teacher. Melissa, on the way back to her dorm, still thought about that lunch, that meeting. That was odd. She sure felt as if the professor was trying to come on to her, sort of. That’s never happened she thought. Never in a million years. Back at her dorm room, she sat down, and turned on some music. In her own little world, she started forgetting all about Fr. Dennis when out of nowhere, Traci came into the room. “Hi. I have a great idea,” Traci told Melissa. “We take pictures of certain parts of your body and we upload them to your computer and then you send them to this guy. First we start with silly stuff like a toenail, a fingernail, and then maybe your shoulder. We’ll work on down from there. güvenilir bahis siteleri You’ll see. It’ll be a great idea over the course of say a month. Okay?” she went on to tell Melissa. Melissa said okay however she wasn’t sure she cared. They took the pictures and uploaded them and once they did, Melissa sent a picture of her nicely detailed big toe. The girls laughed and laughed as Melissa then sent the picture on to Fr. Dennis but never said a word in the email itself. “Like I told you once before,” said Professor Marquette. “Anytime and I mean anytime you feel a need to discuss your work in this class, please feel free to stop by my office. We can sit down, if my time allots it of course, and I can assist you in clearing anything up. Or Melissa we can arrange for you to come by the house. Fridays and Saturdays are always wonderful days to get away from it all and relax and well, you know, discuss the business of classes.” Melissa felt much better as she walked out of the classroom. Once back at her dorm she thought about Professor Marquette and thought about what a sweet and pretty looking woman her teacher was. Hmmm, maybe I will take her up on her offer. I don’t know, thought Melissa. Maybe I will. Then Traci came in to their dorm room. “Nope, no answers, but I didn’t think I would anyway,” said replying to Traci’s question whether or not this Dennis guy ever replied. “Let’s do this then. Send a picture of your fingernail to him, your index finger,” Traci said. “See if anything happens from that.” She did. They uploaded it and once Traci wasn’t looking, Melissa sent it along. From there, she got down to a little studying it, once in a while and for some reason, thinking about Professor Marquette and for some odd reason her pretty features such as her hair, her eyes, and then her body and how trim she seemed to keep herself. Melissa could not focus on her studies. She got up and walked around the dormitory. She wished the Professor was around right now. She wished she could be in the comforts of the woman’s house as well. She never felt more comfortable then when she was near her or by her, talking, and feeling her energies. The woman had a power, a power Melissa began to convince herself of, which belied all normal tendencies of nature. In other words, she drew people into her realm of happiness or something to this effect. What she was slowly learning is she felt she had to be with her. She felt she wanted to be around her. She felt this woman was going to allow her to be apart of something she had never experienced before in her life. What that was Melissa didn’t know for sure but she wanted whatever it was she thought. “Well, well here we are again,” said the Professor. “What may I help you with honey?” “I’m not sure mam. It’s just that, well I don’t know, something is bothering me, but it isn’t about anything in class,” replied Melissa. “Ohhhhhh meaning what exactly?” said the Professor. Hmmm, interesting.” “I think so. I have to tell you something uhhh honestly,” and Melissa paused. “To be honest, I love being at your house. It’s beautiful, it is roomy, and there are features iddaa siteleri to it which condone love and intimacy or so I think that is what I feel.” “I’ve always hoped people might feel this,” said the Professor. “You come over, Friday. Bring your swim gear too, if you have something to wear, and we will sit in my whirlpool on the back deck. It is very relaxing,” she went on to say with a warm and affectionate smile surfacing on her lips. “I would love for you to come over. We can talk and relax and we’ll even have some wine.” With that she laughed softly and finished by adding “We can lie around and enjoy one another’s company.” With that she smiled and winked. Melissa felt tickled pink, almost strangely “erotically enthused” about the opportunity. It was odd but she felt so excited almost. She felt more excited then ever about this chance to be with her lovely looking, and pretty looking teacher. They hugged, oddly, but to Melissa she didn’t make much of it other then she felt so “close” to Professor Marquette that she started thinking, almost unconsciously, that she’d love to be around her in whatever fashion that may involve. “Welcome, welcome,” said the Professor and she reached in and hugged Melissa and unexpected hug. It felt good to Melissa as the teacher then went on to say “Now first things first. I know I am your teacher but now we are, as you know, off the clock. Today, I am not your teacher at all. I want to be friends with you. I really, truly enjoy your company. You are such a pretty looking, sweet, and look at you today. I know, I know,” she went on to say “you are a petite young woman but a beautiful petite young woman also. So let’s enjoy ourselves and forget all about the troubles of the world today.” With that, she let Melissa change into her bikini where as she came out in a bathing suit that was quite befitting her physique, and wow did it strike Melissa as an outstanding looking bathing suit nonetheless. It highlighted all her curves. It showcased her bosoms, without announcing to the world that they were very full and juicy looking bosoms, and with that she “strutted” her figure and escorted Melissa to her whirlpool. They got in. “I wish to ask a favor of you,” said the French Professor. “I wish that you please call me by Raquel. Not many call me this but I do have to be addressed formally in class but as I said we are not in class today, are we?” They both giggled and laughed. They talked and each gave brief histories of their lives. Melissa’s wasn’t all that boring and she was enjoying the flavor of the wine which was served to her. She took it easy on the wine knowing she wasn’t a big drinker whatsoever. All in all, everything was going well. “So tell me about this man you believe you are in love with?” said Raquel. Melissa explained, almost everything except that he was a priest, and how he was not interested in her whatsoever. “Awwww that is soooo disappointing my dear,” Raquel said as she slowly climbed out and wrapped a towel around herself. She invited Melissa inside. They each changed. Raquel came out in a cotton singlet and shorts whereas Melissa came out in a nice t-shirt and shorts also. “Care for s little more wine?” Melissa said no and they sat on the couch and talked a little longer as Melissa told her more about Fr. Dennis and her love for him which in truth she wasn’t feeling any longer. “You poor baby.

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