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Lunch VisitIt was a boring Wednesday afternoon Paul had been on line surfing and watching videos, when he saw Annie pop online. He said hello and left it as that for 20 minutes, then he saw that her status said she was bored and horny, so he thought he would test the ground and ask her if she fancied lunch at a local pub.To Pauls surprise Annie said why not as i’m bored, well Paul knew what Annie looked like from her profile abut she had never asked to see him, which was to his relief as she was friends with his son. So he thought she wouldn’t turn up, but he walked on to the pub which is around 10 minutes away from his, and sat outside in the sun.He saw Annie pull into the carpark and she looked hot, a little black dress on thats showed her figure and breasts off perfectly. Annie walked towards the doors that where just below Paul, she hadn’t noticed him watching her.Annie must have walked around inside and then came out on to the decking, she saw Paul she blushed slightly, even more so when Paul cheekly said you looking for someone. Annie said yes I’m supposed to meet someone for lunch but not sure what they look like, Paul winked and said well sit down here if he knows what you look like he will find you. Annie was muddling it was ok and about to leave, so Paul had to say, you never know he may have already have found you and offered you a seat. The look on Annie’s face was a cross between terror and shock, but the twinkle in her eye also told Paul that she had already had a feeling that it was him she had been chatting with.Paul just said let me get you a drink before you run off in shock and we can have a chat, Annie just nodded and said a g&t please. Paul returned from the bar and Annie had regained her composure somewhat, to the point that when Paul put the drinks down, she just said to hatay escort him very matter of factly ‘so you have been perving on me have you?’Paul couldn’t lie, he just smiled and said once I saw you I couldn’t resist and when we chatted and you got naughty no ways was I going to stop, but did you ever think it was me? Annie smilled and said you dropped a few hints mate so I played thinking it was you, but wasn’t sure until today, now prove your a gentleman and buy my lunch she said winking at him.After they had eaten a light lunch and passed over an hour chatting and laughing over their messages on the website, Paul said “well I best say thank you and head back home to my empty house”.Annie replied “if you want I’ll drive you back and you can make the coffee”.Well Paul wasn’t going to turn down having Annie so close to him in the car then at home while he made a brew, so agreed.When they got back to Paul’s he went into the kitchen and Annie followed him, and with a wink as he turned the kettle on “I bet that your more turned on than that kettle arn’t you Paul”.Paul had to reply that he was but did feel strange now they where here in person.Kaite laughed and said awe so your not man enough to follow up on your teasing for real then!!!Well Paul forgot about the kettle and just picked her up and kissed her, saying “if you want a older man you best get ready for fun and be able to keep it between us Annie”.Annie just laughed and said “fuck me well and it’s our secret”.Paul put her down and said get in that front room right now! As Annie turned to walk away he spanked her sweet tight arse.Annie just lifted the bottom of her dress and wiggled her arse as she walked in front of him.As she reached the sofa, Paul grabbed her pulled her over his knee, and pulled her satin knickers ığdır escort to one side and spanked bare flesh, Annie just giggled and shuffled on his knee, so he spanked her again leaving a large red hand print on her bare buttock.As Annie was wiggling and gasping when Paul spanked her, he also slid a finger under her and started to frig her clit, that was so pert and throbbing now. Annie just panted and said oh fuck yes please.Well as he started to feel Annie explode, Paul remembered in there messages she liked her arse playing with, so stopped spanking and slipped a finger into her arse, which made her explode totally.Paul then helped Annie undress, and then slipped off his clothes, while she was sat on the sofa, legs open teasing her own pussy more, his cock was rock hard.As Annie saw Paul’s cock she leant forward to try and suck it, but Paul wasn’t ready for that yet, and went down on his knees, and started to suck and lick Annie’s pert clit, she was dripping wet through, as she bucked her hips, Paul slipped a thumb into her pussy and finger into her arse, which made Annie explode into his mouth.Paul came up and kissed Annie with her juices dripping down his face, she licked them all up and asked if she could ne suck him as she needed to taste his cock.Paul stood up infront of Annie as she took his throbbing cock deep into her mouth, all the way to his balls, she was sucking so well, then she stopped continued to wank him while sucking his balls. Paul was now in his element and grabbed Annie’s head, pushed his cock back into her mouth and began to face fuck her, telling her to ask for his cum, as he pulled out of her mouth Annie was nearly screaming for Paul’s cum, he plunged deep into her mouth and exploded, she was gagging there was so much, but swallowed the lot.As escort bayan Paul had told her, he doesn’t often go soft and today was one of the days he stayed hard, he told Annie to stand up and then to sit on my throbbing cock now, which she did facing away from him, to stop him teasing her nipples, well Paul just spanked her while deep inside her pussy and this made her explode again. He then reached around and pulled her pert nipples and slapped her tits while she continued to ride him hard, Annie started to tense again as though she was going to cum yet again and Paul pushed her up off him and told her to bend over the sofa.As annie bent over the sofa, Paul entered her from behind and slipped his thumb into her arse making Annie sqeal with pleasure, so Paul asked her if she was naughty and wanted his cock in her arse, Annie panted yes now!!!He pulled out of her pussy and pushed his way into her arse, stretching her and then began to pump hard, he felt Annie reach under herself and frig her pussy as he pounded her deep and hard. As Annie was screaming she was cumming, Paul said hold on bitch because I am too and exploded deep in her pert arse.As Paul pulled out of Annie, the cum was already starting to drip from her, so she sat on his knee kissing him while he stroked her breasts.Paul told her she was a naughty young girl wanting cock 25 years older than her 24 years, she smilled and just said I’ve wanted it for months, now when you going to fuck me again bad boy?Paul told her when they are both off all she needed to do was ask and he will fill her any time, Annie liked that idea, and smiled at Paul before grabbing his cock and telling him she was going to drain every drop from him next time, but needed to go see family now. Paul asked her if she wanted a shower, but Annie just asked for tissues and to just use the bathroom for a quick freshen up, after being upstairs 3 minutes she appeared hair perfect and fully dressed, Paul asked what about the cum dripping, she smiled and said that my treat for the night.Paul’s hoping that Annie is off work soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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