Luna and the Cowboys

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So here I am, sitting in a small dingy American pub on my own. I’ve been travelling around America for the past nine months and now I’m in Minnesota. This pub couldn’t be more American if it tried, I should’ve given up when I’d seen the American flag hanging outside. But I was tired and thirsty and had another three miles to walk to my new hotel.

“Another one love?” The barman asked me.

“No thanks, I’m off.” I replied.

I collected my things and made a move out of there, turned left and started walking. I had been walking for ages and the night was getting darker and I was getting more tired. The road I was on was long and each side was trees, tall enough that they looked like they were touching the sky. I decided to stop and stick my thumb out – the classic movie thing I learnt. More and more cars passed me and I was beginning to give up until a open backed truck stopped on the side of the road.

“Alright love?” The driver called out.

It was a middle-aged man wearing a cowboy hat. A literal cowboy hat. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and walked over to his car. As I got closer I saw two men sat in the back.

“Hey, I’m trying to get to the Lodge Inn. Am I close?” I asked.

The man smirked at me. “Yeah you’re 4 miles in the wrong direction.” He informed me.

I shouted out loud. “Fuck!” I cursed.

All the men then laughed.

“Sorry.” I said. “I can’t believe it, I thought I was walking in the right direction.” I told them rubbing my forehead.

“Do you want a ride love?” One of the men from the back called.

The two other men laughed at him.

“I couldn’t ask that, you’ve literally come from that direction.” I said. “Look I’m going to start walking. Have a great night lads.” I smiled at them.

“Okay love, jump in. You can’t walk out here alone, you gotta be safe.” The driver said.

“Yeah we’ll keep you nice and safe.” The same man from the back said.

The driver got out and took my bags then tossed them in the open back for me.

“Thank you so so much.” I said gratefully and climbed in next to the driver.

“My name’s Smith and these clowns in the back are Dave and Rob.” Smith – the driver – told me.

“I’m Luna, it’s nice to meet you.” I told them.

“Well sweetie, what are you doing out here in America then?” Smith asked me.

“I’ve been travelling for the past nine months, going to the different states and seeing the different ways of life.” I told them.

“What’s been your favourite place so far?” Dave asked leaning forward.

“It’s really hard to say but I met some great people out in LA, they took me surfing and I learnt so much out there.” I told them recalling the memories.

“I gotta ask you, a girl your age, out here on your own? Don’t you get lonely? No boyfriend.” Smith asked.

“No boyfriend.” I laughed. “I’m here on my own and yes I do get lonely.” I told him.

“Don’t a girl like you get needs?” Rob asked.

“Jesus Rob, don’t beat around the bush yeah?” Dave smacked his arm.

I laughed at how forward he was.

“Uh yeah, I do have needs. I’ve got my ways to satisfy myself.” I tell them.

One thing about me is, I’m not shy. I’m an open book and I’m happy to talk to people about whatever, I answer whatever they ask.

“Fair enough, don’t you miss it? Having that company.” Smith asked drumming the steering wheel.

“God yeah. I bet your wifes love having you guys around.” I said.

All three men started laughing.

“We don’t have wifes. Bit like you, Ankara escort we’re on the road a lot. Going from place to place with work so there’s no point in settling down.” Smith explained.

“So don’t you miss it? The company?” I asked. “Or do you guys help each other out?” I teased.

“Oh no girl, we have our ways to keep ourselves satisfied. The thing is.. we might have a way to satisfy you?” Dave asked.

Smith turned his head slightly and smiled, I frowned back at him. Suddenly he branched off the road slightly, more in the trees and stopped the car.

“Uh what is this?” I asked.

“Now listen. We got a proposition for you. You say no whenever you want.” Smith started.

“Okay?” I asked.

Rob and Dave leaned forward.

“Before we drop you off at the Lodge we can satisfy you.” Smith told me.

“I’m not exactly sure I follow.” I tell him.

He placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed up and down gently.

“Oh.” I say realising.

“You say no and I’ll continue driving to the lodge and we’ll forget about this.” Smith told me.

“No pressure girl okay?” Rob added.

“So we go… one at a time or…?” I asked.

The men laughed. “Well, we were more thinking, at the same time.” Rob told me.

The realisation hit me, a gang bang. I’d had a gang bang a year ago. Me and these two guys back home always teased each other, slight touches here and there. I gave them a blow job and then one night we were banging each other. It was fun and adventurous. I loved it, if I’m being honest.

But here? With three men I didn’t know who they were.


This is my new adventure, this is travelling and I hadn’t had sex since my last gangbang, and yes I was desperate and horny. I’d been horny since LA when I met a guy and he touched me. We were in public and couldn’t take it any further but Jesus it got me in a worse state.

“Okay..” I said unsure.

“You gotta be sure love.” Smith said his hand running up and down my leg.

I Could feel myself getting wetter his light touch was driving me crazy and the idea of these older men taking me was getting me in a worse state.

“I want this.” I told them.

Smith unbuckled his seatbelt, then mine. He continued rubbing up and down my leg, his touch was making me wild, he reached higher and higher, his hand lightly brushing against my mound.

“Oh.” I sighed out.

Smith smirked and continued rubbing against me, his hand torturous against my leggings. He stopped rubbing and his fingers played with the hem of my leggings then he stopped and moved his hand away.

“Let’s go to the back.” He said and climbed out.

Rob and Dave climbed out as well. I followed them out and saw Smith opening up the back of the truck.

“Here? In the open? Someone will see us though?” I asked looking around.

“Like who? No one stops on this road.” Dave laughed.

“You guys did.” I retorted.

“Yeah because we saw you.” Dave told me.

I rolled my eyes and took Smiths hands as he helped me up into the back of the truck.

There was a duvet laid out in the back.

“What’s that for?” I asked pointing to the duvet.

“Right now it’s for you to lie on.” Smith replied.

I turned around and smiled at him then took my top off. The men all wolf whistled at me, I did a little twirl then laid down on the duvet, all above me, all I could see were trees. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched as the three men started getting undressed. Before me stood three, middle aged naked men. I was Ankara escort bayan nervous but I was excited and by what I could see before me, so were they.

“So, who wants a go first?” Dave asked.

“Hey, I found her, so I get first dibs.” Smith replied.

He took a step towards me, my heart started pounding in my chest. I was actually going to do this, this is going to be a whole new adventure in itself.

Smith started kissing up one leg, and using one finger he moved slowly up my other leg. I felt on fire, this man was teasing me and I was getting wetter and wetter. My breathing became heavier, just the slightest touch and I wanted to come. Something about a stranger touching me while two others watched really got me excited.

When Smith reached my mound he inhaled deeply.

“Fucking hell guys, she smells like a treat.” Smith told the men.

“She is a treat man.” Dave replied.

Smiths nose was suddenly against my clit causing my hips to jolt upwards. Smith gently tapped me.

“Down girl, there’s no need to rush.” He breathed out.

“Touch me, please.” I moaned.

Suddenly I felt his fingers tickling my folds, I breathed out in anticipation. Waiting. He kept tickling for a minute before running his finger down my slit.

“Ah!” I moaned out.

The men all laughed.

“Horny little girl aren’t you?” Rob laughed.

Smith continued moving his finger up and down and every now and then he pinched my clit. I looked down and saw Smith staring at me. My lips were slightly parted, my face was flushed. I needed him.

“Is this okay?” Smith asked.

I nodded and ran a hand through his hair.

“What about.. this?” Smith asked then placed his tongue straight onto my clit and started flicking it.

“Smith!” I screamed out.

He laughed gently against my clit and continued his torturous attack on my clitorous.

“Please! Oh!” I screamed.

“Please what babe?” Smith asked.

“More!” I moaned out.

Smith moved away and turned to the other men.

“Well, you heard the lady. Come on now, be a gentleman.” Smith said.

The two other men walked towards me, I sat up.

“Well I hope you’re ready for the ride of your life.” Rob smirked at me.

“How do you want me?” I asked.

Smith lay down next to me, I looked down at him, his hands were behind his head.

“Climb on top of me love.” Smith asked.

I moved across and hovered above him.

“Lower that sexy body on my dick baby girl.” Smith asked.

He lay there, a stranger but God, he looked perfect in this light. Perfect in this American breeze and I knew he and his friends were about to satisfy me in ways I hadn’t before.

I lowered my body onto his dick, at the same time he thrusted up so he entered me quicker than I expected. I threw my head back and let out a loud moan. Smith wrapped his hands around me and pulled me down so my face was inches to his.

“You’re gorgeous.” Smith whispered.

I smiled then felt hands on my bum. I frowned at Smith.

“Let’s show you how us American men handle a woman.” Smith told me.

I felt someones tongue running along my bunm cheeks, then the hands pulled my bum cheeks apart and the tongue started licking my hole. At the same time I was being gently fucked by Smith.

“More, please.” I moaned out.

I forgot how nice it was getting fucked in the ass.

“Quickly!” I moaned out.

I was so wet I must’ve been dripping all over Smith. The tongue stopped licking me and was replaced by a finger. Escort Ankara It was uncomfortable at first but soon I found my self almost panting with need. I looked back and saw it was Dave at my ass.

“Fuck, you feel so good in there.” Dave told me.

“Fuck!” I moaned out as he added another finger.

“Are you ready for me babe?” Dave asked removing his finger.

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Tell me how much you want this.” Dave said.

“I need it, now! Please I want your cock in my tight little ass!” I moaned out.

“Ah, we have ourselves a dirty talker!” Dave laughed positioning himself at my ass.

I felt him slowly enter inside me and I screamed out, causing the men to all laugh.

“How does it feel man?” Smith asked.

“Fucking sensational!” Dave replied.

He started thrusting in and out of me.

“Yes! Faster!” I screamed throwing my head back.

Smith and Dave both started fucking me faster than before, I was screaming their names, loving this sensation!

“That’s it you whore, scream for us! You’re a whore aren’t you!” Smith grunted out.

“Yes! Yes!” I screamed.

“You’re a whore who loves being used by strangers!” Smith grunted.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” I moaned out.

“Wait wait, Dave slow down.” Smith said suddenly.

“What! I was about to cum!” I told him.

“Ah, but little Rob hasn’t had any fun! Come on man, join us.” Smith said looking behind me.

I took this chance to catch my breath and then, with Dave and Smith still inside me.. I felt another cock pushing it’s way inside my ass. This was something that’s never happened before. I collapsed onto Smith’s chest screaming.

“How does this feel whore?” Rob asked.

This once silent guy was now speaking to me like trash and it made me more horny.

“Fuck! I’m so full.” I screamed.

“Scream louder baby then maybe we’ll attract more attention and more men will come!” Smith laughed.

The men started fucking me again, this was so intense. I couldn’t keep up. In the end I let them do all the moving, while I lay there, a panting mess getting fucked in each hole.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!” I screamed out.

All men suddenly became faster, Smith started squeezing and teasing my nipples.

I came harder than I ever have before, I screamed so loud, suddenly not caring who was watching or who could hear. I wanted this.

Once my orgasm had finished the men pulled out of me, Smith rolled out from under me leaving me spread eagle and panting on the truck floor. I took a moment to compose myself then turned around and sat up. My ass was so sore.

I saw the three men wanking over me.

“You’re our little cum dumpster! Open wide you whore, you’re going to get a mouth full!” Dave grunted.

“Put your hands behind your back!” Smith ordered.

I did exactly what I was told, tongue out and hands behind my back I waited for their cum. Suddenly each man was grunting and my face and chest were getting wetter. I giggled as it splashed me and I felt it run down my body.

I licked my lips.

“You got cum in my truck! Look, you didn’t catch it all.” Smith told me pointing to the floor next to me.

I looked up at him innocently, he came towards me and grabbed my hair.

“Now lick it up cum dumpster!” He ordered.

He forced my head onto the floor and I licked it up, the men all whistled and cheered. When Smith released my head I turned to see them all high fiving each other.

“Well, how was that?” Rob asked me.

“Again?” I asked.

The three men stood in shock at my response.

“Oh… unless you’re not man enough.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“Right cum dumpster, get on all fours. This time, we won’t be gentle.” Smith smirked at me.

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