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I unlocked and opened the door to my private dorm room as quietly as I could, not wanting to wake the sleeping man that I knew would be there. I took off my shoes at the entrance and laid them by the door, then quietly moved into the room, taking off my coat and laying it on the spare bed. He seemed to be soundly asleep in my bed, like he usually was on days when he didn’t have classes. I stripped down to my t-shirt and underwear before crawling up next to him in the toasty bed.

He immediately wrapped his arms around me into a loving embrace. I sighed happily and let my mind relax in preparation for a nap before my next class in a few hours.

Not long after I had drifted off, I woke to the pleasant sensation of hands moving over my skin. He had gotten his hands under my shirt and were running them along my back, sides, and stomach. I let this continue for a minute before turning over to look at him with a “what’s all this about” look.

He grinned at me, his brown eyes sparkling playfully. “Good morning, girlfriend,” he said, still smiling at me, as his reddish brown hair tumbled messily into his face across his darkly tanned skin. “What’s the date today?”

I looked at him, a little confused before answering. I knew it wasn’t our anniversary, we had celebrated that a week ago. So why would he possibly want to know the date? “Um, well, good morning boyfriend. It’s the 13th. Why do you ask?”

He didn’t reply, he merely nodded to himself and said “Well, 13 it is, then.”

Before I could say another word, he was kissing me passionately and pulling himself out from beneath the covers. I could then see from the rise in his boxers that he was planning something that I would probably enjoy, so I joined in on the fun, kissing him and rubbing my hands down his back.

He stopped kissing me and sat up on the bed, running his hands down the tops of my legs as he went down. He leaned over me and reached under my shirt, caressing and rubbing everything his hands found to touch. He LOVED to tease me, and fortunately, he was very good at it. Running his hands up my sides again, he pulled at my t-shirt, trying to get it off over my head. I helped him get it off as he returned to playing with me.

I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off his slightly muscled body. He was slender and well built, though not exactly a body builder. He didn’t boast a six pack, but he was no where near a beer belly, either. He was a lot taller than me, he at nearly six feet, while I stood at only 5’4″, giving him access to most of my body as he teased me endlessly.

He began moving lower on my body, rubbing down the insides of my thighs all the way up Tokat Escort to my mound. I could feel my pussy reacting already, warming up and getting my panties damp. I realized how much attention I had been missing, as I had gone home the past weekend and we had both had classes all day Monday. My body was aching with desire for this man and the things he could do to me.

Just as I thought he would finally get my panties off, he went for a different approach and moved up my body to my breasts. He massaged them a minute lovingly before reaching behind my back and unclasping my bra. He made sure his fingers slid across my sides as he pulled it off and flung it across the room. He grinned and I giggled before we engulfed each other in passionate kissing again.

I ran my fingernails down his back and felt him shiver a little. Reaching down lower, I cupped his ass in my hands for a moment and gave it a tight squeeze before letting my hands run over his legs, as far as I could reach. Using my nails again, I worked my way up his stomach and chest, then grabbed his nipples and gave them a playful tug. He seemed to be enjoying the attention, so I continued to rub all the parts of him that I could reach, being careful to avoid his hard cock, just to tease him further.

He kissed his way down my neck and chest and onto my breasts. He massaged them gently with his warm hands as he kissed on them. He then took my left nipple into his mouth, letting his tongue flit across it a couple of times before his lips moved across my chest to the other one, giving it the same treatment. He then let his tongue trail under my breasts, applying pressure on the underside, then sucking hard. I moaned a little for the pleasure he was giving me.

Finally, the teasing seemed to be nearing its end as his lips moved lower down my body and his hands reached for my panties. He carefully slid them off me and spread my legs open a little as he continued to rub me down. I closed my eyes and soaked up the sensations that my body was filled with.

A moment later, I heard the familiar hum of my vibrator. I looked up to see him with it in one hand, and reaching for a towel with another. He seemed to have put a lot of planning into this. I could see that he had grabbed the vibrator and towel from a shelf at the foot of the bed, and I could also see a condom package laying there. I looked at him with a confused, but happy smile as he went to lay the towel under my ass, and I lifted up to help him. He knew how much of a mess I could make when “my little friends” got involved.

I leaned back down and he wasted almost no time before touching the tip of the vibrator Tokat Escort Bayan to my clit. I shuddered all over as my clit received its first bit of attention all day. He smiled and let it sit there for a minute. It was then that I realized that the teasing had only just begun.

After I seemed to have adjusted to the sensation, he turned up the speed a little and began tracing little circles on my clit with it. He would press down around the sides on random intervals, making me squirm with surprise and glee. Finally, I could feel my body getting ready– and I came.

Grinning, he leaned down, kissed me and whispered “One.”

I looked at him, startled and a little confused, but he just went back to playing with my clit and vibrator. He couldn’t possibly mean… not one for everyday… 13?!

Now he was pulling the hood of my clit back, leaving it exposed. He turned the vibrator down a little bit and tapped it against my exposed clit. The sensation was amazing and almost scary. He did it again, and again, building up a little cadence. By about the 5th hit, I came again, and he said, more proudly, “Two.”

Three, four, and five came in much the same way. He was a fast learner, and soon realized that holding the vibrator to the exposed clit during the orgasms made each orgasm better. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and moaned “Please, put something inside me!”

And he did, but it was only a finger. He pushed a little and spun his hand around, and pulled out the finger, now covered in my juices and licked it off. His eyes rolled back in his head and my nipples got hard at the idea of just my taste doing that to him. Then he put his finger back inside and worked me through number 8 with his fingers alone. He went in and pulled almost all the way out, slowly at first, but with increasing speed. Then he’d reach up towards my belly button and hit my anxious g-spot.

I was completely at his mercy by this point. I could barely see straight, I was so intoxicated by what he was doing to me. I reached up and grabbed him, giving him a good, hard kiss, and proceeded to remove the boxers he had refused to take off until now.

His engorged cock greeted my eyes and I immediately worked my hands down onto it. I rolled him over onto his back and kissed the tip of his penis gently. I licked along the bottom of his shaft, and when reaching the top, took the whole length of it into my mouth. He was of I guess is an “average” length, but the thickness that he possessed more than made up for it.

He laid back and relaxed some as I took my turn at pleasing him. I cupped his balls in my hand as I pulled his Escort Tokat dick in and out of my mouth. My tongue danced along the entire length of his shaft. Then, starting under the tip, I pulled down gently on the skin, pulling it tighter and making it more sensitive. This was the part he really loved. “Oh GOD, babe,” I heard him say. “You’re the best. Turn your ass around.”

So I turned my ass around and hung it over his face so that he could eat my delicious pussy. This is where we both shown, in the 69. Numbers 9 and 10 came during that session, and he came right to the brink before he said, “No, I’m not done with you yet.”

Then he rolled me over onto the bottom again and spread my legs open. “Now,” he said, teasingly, his cock hovering inches from my pussy, “what do you want?”

I pulled him down closer to me and, looking deeply into his eyes, said “I want you to make love to me. I want you to put your cock deep into my pussy and fuck those last 3 right out of me. Then I want you to have your turn. I want you to have your orgasm however you want it.”

He beamed down at me and kissed me to cover the time it took him to get a condom on. Then, he was inside me, filling me, and pulling out again. I could feel the walls of my pussy grip him happily. He continued kissing me as he thrust in over and over. He was slow and gentle at first, but before long, we were tearing into each other. It wasn’t long before he got eleven and twelve out, and he counted each in a hoarse whisper, barely loud enough to hear.

Shortly after my number 12, just when I was thinking I couldn’t take anything else, that I would just fall back into the blankets and sleep naked and covered in my own juices until my next class he said “Time for the grand finale!” and rolled me on top of him.

Sitting atop him, I looked down and said, “Babe, I don’t know if I have it in me.” He smiled up encouragingly and just gave me a little hump to get me started. He humped me like that for a while, right up to the brink of my 13, then stopped. “No,” he said, “You’ll have to get this one yourself.”

Love drunk and crazy, I started to do the work myself. I could feel his dig digging in deeply, and I could pull almost all the way out and feel his tip near the entrance. I kept it fairly slow, but gradually built up some speed and came all over him. I pulled off and let my juices drip onto his stomach and chest. Then I sat back on top of him, whispered “13,” and finished him off quickly. I could tell he had been holding his back for a while, and the eroticness of my 13th one and see me on top, taking control was all that he could take.

I rolled off him and cuddled up beside him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me there as we both recovered. “Good morning, girlfriend,” he said. “What’s the date today?”

Without budging or turning around to look at him I quietly said, “Good morning. It’s the 13th. The best 13th ever.”

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