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As my cock slipped out of her warmth she moaned a bit and said, “I hate it when that happens.”

I kissed the back of her neck as I mentally counted and then said, “Okay, so we had your first time being finger-fucked, first time eaten out, first climax with a man, first time doing something in public, first time doing sixty-nine, first time actually giving a blow job, and the first time swallowing cum. That’s seven, does that do it?”

She turned her head to kiss me as she said, “Well, there was another first. When we got back to the hotel I let him fuck me.” She pulled back and added, “You’re actually going to be disappointed with my first actual sex.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because I’m one of those very rare women who didn’t have a hymen.”


“Yep, my mother took me to the doctor when I was thirteen, just after I had my first period. The doctor examined me and called my mother in to tell her that. So, when I finally got around to fucking, it was no big deal. I mean no pain or blood, it was just uncomfortable until I got used to having a man inside me.”

“How about when he came?”

“He was wearing a condom so I didn’t actually feel anything. We left the beach, went back to the hotel room, and were going to start packing because we only had an hour or so to get out of the room.

“As we got out of our bathing suits I looked over and saw that his cock was hard again and I couldn’t help reaching down to stroke it. Within seconds we were kissing and he had his finger back inside me. We sank down onto the couch and were really getting into it when he stopped, pulled his wallet off the coffee table, took out a package, and then kissed me again.

“He never even asked if I was ready, just opened the package, handed me the condom and I just stared at it. ‘Here,’ he said, ‘like this,” and then showed me how to hold it and roll it down over his dick.

“As soon as it was on he eased me back onto the couch, got on his knees between my legs, and started rubbing my clit and sliding his finger in and out of me. Then I watched as he guided his cock to my hole.

She got a strange look on her face as she continued, “It was strange. The first few minutes it was beypazarı escort just uncomfortable, but there was no pain or anything. As soon as I was used to having him inside me, I started moving my hips around, enjoying the different feelings as he moved in and out at different angles.

She stopped and turned her head to kiss me and said, “Sorry, I’m not comfortable talking about that first time. Let me just say that it lasted about ten minutes, he came, we kissed while his cock got soft and slipped out of me, and he stripped off the condom and threw it in the trash. Then we finished packing and left.”

“That’s okay,” I said, as I moved my cock around the crack of her ass. “So, who was the first to cum inside you?”

She chuckled again and said, “That would be both Dilford and Eddie.” Obviously the look on my face told her I didn’t understand because she explained, “Dilford came in me, but I didn’t know it at the time because he was wearing a condom that broke. Eddie was the first that came in me without a condom.”

“With Dilford it was our fourth time together and just five days after our last time. He was being transferred back east and came over to say goodbye and we started making out. Within a few minutes he was feeling me up and I was playing with his cock, and then he had me lean on the back of a bench, pushed my pants down to the floor, and then slid his cock into me. He fucked me for several minutes and then said, ‘Oh shit, baby, I have to get a rubber on.’ Then he pulled his cock out of me and, while he was putting on the condom, I lay down on the bench to watch and, as soon as he was covered, he pushed his cock right into me. Good timing, I guess, because he fucked me for only a couple of minutes before he yanked really hard on my hips, driving his cock deep into me, and started grunting.”

“Hold that thought,” I said. “I have to be inside you again.”

She chuckled and said, “I’ve been waiting for that. I’ve felt your cock getting harder and creeping up between the cheeks of my ass for the past five minutes.”

She reached down to guide me and, within seconds, I was sliding into her warmth. We moved slowly for a couple of minutes before çankaya escort I said, “Okay, how about finishing your story. Dilford was doing you and just started grunting.”

She moaned softly and then said, “When he was finished he leaned down to kiss me and, in just a couple of minutes his cock slipped out of me. He stood up and said, ‘Oh, shit.’

“When I asked him what was wrong he held up the condom and I saw that there was nothing inside it. ‘The damn thing broke. Oh, baby, I hope you’re all right. I can’t afford to have any kids right now.’

“I reached down between my legs and could feel some liquid between my legs. Sucking it off my fingers I realized it was cum and that was the first time I thought about the fact that what I was tasting was a bunch of little seeds that could turn me into a mommy.

“Then, with Eddie, shit it was just hot ass fucking.

“Now, I’ve only had sex, I mean real sex, four times so I didn’t think of myself as a slut or anything like that. But with Eddie I sure acted like it. He was my best friend’s older brother and I had a crush on him since I met him. One afternoon I went over to see her and she wasn’t home and, for whatever reason, I went in when he invited me.

“He held the door open as I walked past him and he put his arm around my waist to walk me into the living room. Without any warning he said, ‘Julie (my girlfriend) says you’ve finally gotten yourself laid.’

“I just looked at him as we sat down on a couch and said, ‘Why would she tell you that?’

“He chuckled and said, ‘Oh, shit, she knows I’ve had the hots for you for years. Now that you’re legal, I didn’t even get a chance at you.’

“I have no idea why I did it, but I reached over to stroke his thigh and smiled at him as I said, ‘Well, there’s nobody else here, don’t you have a chance at me now?’

“We didn’t have a chance to say a lot for the next couple minutes as we were suddenly kissing madly and he was running his hand up my thigh, between my legs, and working his finger into me.

“A couple minutes later he pulled back and said, ‘Are we going to do it?’

“I just panted, ‘Oh, shit, yes, I hope so. I need it.’

“He çayyolu escort didn’t even undress, just unziped his pants, worked his dick out, flipped me around until I was on my hands and knees on the couch, and he was pushing his cock into me.

“Oh, hell, ten minutes of solid fucking with him ramming his cock into me and me screaming and then he said, ‘I’m cumming. Shit, baby, I’m cumming now.’

“It didn’t dawn on me what he was really saying until he pulled back on my hips, thrust himself deep inside me, and started pouring a stream of cum into my pussy.” She reached over, stroked my hand, and said, “Oh, Al, it was so nice because I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and I could actually feel the cum squirting into me. In just a few seconds I had some leaking out around his dick and running down my leg. I couldn’t help it, I reached down, rubbed my fingers around in that delicious liquid, sucked on them, and then did it again.

“That might be why my next boyfriend and I got along so well. Fred and I were together just about six months and had sex three or four times every week the whole time. He was an avid Catholic and refused to use any contraception of any kind and I’m amazed that I never got pregnant because he never once pulled it out before he came. Every single time he came inside me and every single time I played with that lovely liquid.”

“Oh, shit,” I said, “that did it, I have to cum in you.” I started really slamming my cock into her and finally said, “Here, you like liquid inside you, have some of this.”

“Do it, sweetie, cum in me. Give me that hot semen.” That set me off and I started filling her pussy with whatever baby batter I had left in me. After all we’d done I didn’t have a lot and my climax only lasted a minute or so and then we lay there kissing and cuddling for another couple of minutes until I said, “But what about Eddie? You just fucked him, he just filled you with sperm, so what happened?”

She climbed off the couch, pulling me out of her, and then leaned down to lick me clean and, finally, said, “Nothing. He joined the army, went to Germany, and married some woman over there. I’ve seen him and his wife and four children a couple of times, but nothing more sexual between us.” She moved upward, kissed me, and said, “And, I’m not going to see you again until tomorrow because I have to get home and get ready for when the kids get home from school. Bye.”

With that she walked out, leaving me lying on the couch with my limp dick hanging down.

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