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LOVING HERShe was always horny these days. But no guy could satisfy her as much as she craved. She silently moved through sports teams like k**s do in candy stores, picking the ones that looked the most delicious and taking them home with her on Fridays after school. The boys were her weekend treats. Although still in high school, she was 18 now and could do whatever she pleased. She lived with her dad who wasn’t strict at all, and didn’t mind her having boys over. Her friends thought it was a little weird that her dad wasn’t more protective, all secretly thinking he was a little perverted for allowing his daughter’s sexual escapades to happen in his own house. They never came to the conclusion that her dad secretly desired his daughter. Every new boy that walked through his house was torture, watching the young man’s eyes follow every move his daughter made. She would flaunt herself in short skirts and tops that landed before her bellybutton. She had long, blonde hair, the kind you’d love to wrap in your fist as you fucked her hard and fast from behind. And although she was short, with a tiny build, her breasts were full and spilled dramatically from the shirts she wore. He was certain she didn’t wear push up bras, he’d seen her bras in the laundry, often putting them up to his face, feeling the soft satin and lace on his cheek. Missy was 18, and his daughter, but she didn’t act like it. And he wanted her. He waited, week after week to make his move but it never seemed like the right time. On friday nights, he’d lay awake clenching this throbbing penis as he listened to his daughter moan. She had loud orgasms, but he knew that if it were him, she’d be even more vocal, even louder as she came. Then one Friday his daughter came home alone, no boy in tow. She was dressed a bit more normal today, a tshirt and short shorts that still showed off her gorgeous silken thighs, but made her appear a bit more modest than a typical Friday. “Hi daddy,” Missy said. “No boy today sweetheart?” I asked her.?”No, I have a big anatomy project due on Monday and I really can’t have fun this weekend. So I’ll just be upstairs studying, let me know when dinner is ready” She then started toward the stairs and I watched her tight ass all the way until it disappeared. ?No boy this weekend, I mulled over. I was excited by the prospect. This hadn’t happened since she was 17, before I ever would have thought about making some sort of move on her. He still was uncertain, however. This was his daughter, and if taken the wrong way he could lose her forever. He was unsure if he was prepared for this. A little while later he decided to bring her up dinner so that she could continue working, so he placed the food on a tray and carried it up to her room. Her door didn’t have a lock and he didn’t bother knocking so he just went right in, nearly dropping the tray at what he saw. Missy, was lying on top her four-poster bed, her hot pink satin pillows propping her up, masturbating. Her head was thrown back onto the pillows, her long golden hair strewn about like a halo. Her cheeks and chest were flushed a pretty pink, her breasts rising and falling with her deep breaths. One hand caressed the smoothness of her flat stomach, sahabet güvenilirmi while the other rubbed vigorously at her clit. He could see the slick arousal of her pussy, it was drenched and spread wide for him to see. She whimpered softly, and his eyes flew back to her face. She hadn’t been disturbed. He didn’t even think she knew he was there watching. His penis had become rock hard the instant he had seen her, straining against his khakis. It throbbed impatiently, wanting to be released. He didn’t know what to do. He desperately wanted to strip and thrust his member into her waiting hole, but he knew that was too forward. He didn’t want to leave though, either. He quietly set the tray down on her desk, and approached her on her bed. She was rubbing herself a bit more vigorously now, and he figured she would cum any second. She had begun moaning, and he watched her fingers circle her clit fiercely until finally, she exploded. Her hips bucked and a stream of her cum came gushing out, spilling onto her duvet. She was panting, biting her lip, and crying out in pleasure. She opened her eyes. “Daddy!” She exclaimed. “How is studying going sweetheart,” I asked her. “Do you need any help with your project?” Her eyes dipped down to my crotch, noticing the significant bulge. She sat up, not even bothering to hide herself, or close her legs. “I have to study both the female and male parts daddy, and as I was examining myself to help with my homework, I just became so aroused. I’m sorry you had to walk in on me like this daddy.” She licked her lips. “It’s okay darling, we all have our urges. You were quite the sight. I should have left, but I couldn’t help myself.” My cock was in pain by this point. It so desperately needed to be touched. “Daddy you look like you have urges right now. Maybe, if it’s okay with you, I could study you for my homework?” She bit her lip, looking up at me with pleading eyes. I pretended to consider it, meanwhile I was screaming HELL YES in my mind. “I suppose that would be okay sweetheart. Do I need to take all my clothes off?””yes Daddy, I’ll have to see you completely naked.” She gave a little giggle and I immediately stripped my shirt off. Even in my late 40’s, I’m still in pretty good shape. I don’t have belly fat like most of the men my age, as I work out on a regular basis. Missy put a hand on my stomach and trailed her hand up and down my muscles there. “My Daddy, you’re so tight and fit.” She then reached for the zipper on my jeans, and unbuttoning them, she pulled them down over my hips. This left my boxers, which were tented considerably. She reached up, pulling my boxers down too, finally releasing my huge erect penis. It had to be 9″ by now, and thick and fat. It had been pulled down when Missy took my boxers off, but it sprang up, catching on her chin. She gasped, and took it in her hand. “Wow Daddy, this is the biggest penis I have ever seen. It’s so hard and erect for your age, that wouldn’t be because of me would it?” she giggled.Meanwhile, I could barely think. My mind was exploding and I could see stars on the back of my eyelids, which were clenched shut. Missy’s small hand enveloping my member was the greatest feeling sahabet yeni giriş in the world. “I need to explore you daddy, so just stand still,” Missy demanded me. Her hand that was already on my cock started slowly moving back and forth on it, while the other started playing with my balls. I let out a groan. Missy then licked my engorged cock head, lapping up my precum like a fresh ice cream cone. Swirling her tongue around it, she slowly eased my entire rod into her mouth. I felt her lips pass over the head, over every vein. She was massaging me with her tongue and lips, moving in and out, giving me such intense pleasure. After a little bit of this, she pulled me out of her mouth. “Daddy I think I’m done examining you.” I growled. There was no way we were stopping here. We started this, and we had to finish it. “Well sweetheart, I’m not done with you.” With that I tipped her back on the bed, pushing apart her thighs and I laid down in front of her bald pussy lips. I took a breath, inhaled her sweet arousal, and kissed her pussy. “Daddy! are you sure you should be doing this? After all, I was just using you for my homework!” Instead of answering her, I dove in, suckling her little bud, making her gasp. I came up with a rhythm, rubbing her clit with my tongue and then sliding down to thrust it into her waiting chamber. She moved her hips towards my mouth, no longer protesting my attentions to her gorgeous mound. I kissed, licked, suckled, lapped, tasted her freshness. She was wet and leaking, ripe for the picking. Her breathing became deep and labored, she drove her fingers into my hair, pulling at tugging me closer until she came. She was wild and out of control, my daughter. She screamed my name, “Daddy!” And her juices exploded into my waiting mouth. I savored her taste, drinking her fountain of youth, continuing to pleasure her while she orgasmed at the control of her own father. At last the tremors subsided and her breathing slowed. “Oh Daddy, that was wonderful. No boy has ever made love to my cunt like that before. I could almost cry it was so beautiful.” ?”Baby you tasted so good, I never wanted to stop. I still don’t think I can.” I pulled myself up, settling my chest above hers, my groin resting just above her hot, damp sex, and I dove my tongue into her mouth. We kissed the way passionate lovers do, and I supposed, that is what we were. She was still my daughter but in this moment my desire to fuck her trumped any parental instinct to be appropriate. Our tongues continued dancing together, mashing our lips in an unparalleled frenzy. She moaned and pulled back for a second to say, “I taste myself on you Daddy.” Before continuing to assault my mouth with hers. I could barely take it any more. Still kissing her, I reached one hand down and massaged her waiting pussy, getting her juices flowing again and ready for my penis to dig deep inside of her. Her wetness soaked onto my hand and I used her juices to massage her large breasts, running my thumb over her puckered hard nipples. Dragging my mouth down over them, I teased one and then the other, back and forth, sucking and biting as my daughter gasped beneath me. She was writhing, trying to push my sahabet giriş hips down into her, but I wouldn’t relent. I was in control here. Her hands slid up and down my back, nails digging in whenever the pressure of our awaiting fulfillment became too much. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I brought my hips up to gain momentum, and I slammed my huge rod into her pussy. I moaned, and she cried out, wrapping her legs around me, pulling me deeper. I toyed with her, pulling out slowly until only the tip of my cock was embedded in her, before slowly moving back in. I made love to her like this. Our bodies melted into one and I d**g myself across her chest, pulling out and thrusting back in, an ongoing cycle. She was whimpering, saying Daddy over and over again. Our lips joined and a rush of more longing struck me to my core. I started picking up the pace. She rocked with me, moving her hips to accommodate my motions, all the while yelling in delight. I was in a frenzy, I could hardly keep it together. I slammed my dick so hard into her hole I was afraid she would shatter, but she just begged for more, fucking me with her hips, bringing me deeper and deeper. My entire dick was lodged inside of her, no other woman had been able to take all of me before. I opened my eyes as I continued to fuck her hard, my balls slapping and the bed shaking violently around us. I looked into my sweet daughters face, her eyes held shut, her mouth open and groaning with insane pleasure. She was incredible and soon I would lose it all. “Daddy.” Missy opened her eyes and looked into mine. We held our gazes as I continued to pound into her, our mounting climaxes beginning to overcome us. “I’m almost there,” she said, “I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your hot seed pour deep into me.” That was my undoing. With a couple more thrusts, I unleashed the hot ropes of my semen into her orgasming cunt. My rod quivered, and I kept pumping in and out. I felt her walls clench me tight, not wanting to let me go. She screamed in pleasure, the loudest she ever had, still humping my dick, not wanting to let go. Finally, all of my seed was in her and I slowed, eventually stopping. I didn’t move. My penis was still inside her, but we lay like that. She smoothed her hands up and down my back her breathing still in pants. I kissed her forehead, her nose, and finally her mouth. I rolled onto my side, taking her with me but not leaving her depths. My cock hadn’t felt so good ever, and I was in no hurry to leave her tight, wet heat. She snuggled into me. “Daddy you were better than any boy I’ve ever fucked.”?”I could tell darling, you were yelling much louder than you ever did with them.””Daddy you listened to me have sex with those boys?” ?”Honey I would lie awake at night aroused, listening to other guys pleasure you. I’m not going to let anyone touch you again like that. From now on you are mine.” She practically melted in my arms.””Oh daddy, I love you, I want you inside of me every night. I want us to be together forever. You are the best homework assignment I’ve ever had.” At that, I smiled and captured her mouth with mine. We made out for several minutes, meanwhile my dick still lodged inside her sex began to harden again. I rocked back and forth, gently fucking her as we still laid on our sides. This time it was all about love, and I brought ourselves to orgasm with the promise of forever and to never let her go. She was my daughter, and she’d be mine for the rest of my life. ?

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