Loving Aunt and Mom

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Hey guys first story so please give me all the feedback you can give. Negative and positive accepted.


Ever since I was a kid I liked being outside. My parents always talked about how it was an “addiction.” They also said that my older sister was the exact opposite of me because she only liked being inside. I ,of course, knew that I was not addicted but simply fascinated by the natural world. I grew up always traveling places with my parents. I bonded with dad a lot because he talked about all the adventures he had when he was a kid. He always told me to have fun but be careful because he made mistakes as a kid as well.

Time passed and I grew out of my “addiction” to adventures. About a month after I turned 18 Aunt Valerie called mom. This was the time when my older sister, Jessica, had already moved out to college. She explained what happened between her and Uncle Carlos and how they just didn’t love each other anymore. She asked Mom if she could come and stay for a while so she could get her life together and find a new place to live. Mom, being how nice she is, accepted Aunt Valerie with open arms.

It was about a month before I left for college when Dad said that we should all take a road trip to a log cabin that we owned. It was still early in the morning so he said we had time to pack and leave before sundown. Mom and Aunt Valerie agreed right away. I argued that it would be a long trip and that there wasn’t enough room. Dad agreed but argued that it would be the last road trip before I went off to college, so I gave in and agreed to go. Aunt Valerie and Mom shouted happily and hugged me tight. I felt their tits squeeze against my chest. Here’s the part where I tell you about my smoking hot mom and Aunt Valerie.

Mom is a little on the short side being 5 foot 1, but her killer features make up for it, especially her tits. She has 38C tits that get a lot of glances from men at the mall and a nice round ass. I discovered her tit size just two months ago when Mom left her bra on the bathroom floor. Her bra left that bathroom with two giant cum stains in each cup. Later that day I saw Mom in nothing but some booty shorts and a shirt that reached mid thigh. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were hard and her tits were bouncing more than usual with every step she took. I cummed at least twice that night in bed.

And now Aunt Valerie. Aunt Val is just barely taller than mom being 5 foot 2, but her features make up for it as well. She doesn’t have giant melons for tits like mom but has decent tits that are size 36B. Her tits aren’t bigger than Mom’s but her ass is definitely bigger than Mom’s. Aunt Val’s ass in some leggings will make any guy come on the spot. When Aunt Val moved in she started wearing things that were more comfortable to her like leggings. A week after she moved in I woke up and saw Aunt Val in the kitchen making herself breakfast in some skin tight leggings and almost blew my load in my boxers. I was already hard from a morning woody, but seeing Aunt Val like this made me as hard as steel. I quickly went into the bathroom before Aunt Val saw my boner and cummed two times before my hard-on softened.

So now you know a little more about Mom and Aunt Val. Now back to the present.

Mom and Aunt Val quickly left me and Dad alone to go pack their bags. I could hear them talking about what they should wear.

“So Dad, how are we going to fit all their bags, our bags and all the necessities needed for a three week trip?”

Dad laughed and said “I don’t know Captain Worry-A-Lot, but we’ll figure it out. We could probably squeeze some stuff in between the front seats.”

I laughed as well and told him that I was going to pack my bags.

“Alright I guess I should too, but remember to take your toothpaste and toothbrush.”

I faked a gasp and said “How dare you, for your information Im a perfectly responsible adult that can take care of myself!” He laughed and told me to hurry up.

I went to my room and packed two bags filled with comfortable clothing. I even took my phone, which I hardly use because I hardly find a need for it. I had grown out of my nature addiction, but I was still a person that liked going out and meeting people instead of talking through a phone. This one time I needed it was because I needed something that would help me masturbate if I got a sudden hard-on because of Aunt Val and Mom.

Around 8:00 the sun was already gone and it was dark, the car was running and all the bags were waiting to be loaded. I packed my two bags in the trunk and it was full with just my bags. Dad tried lots of things like shifting bursa escort around the luggage but he found no way to get free space in the front.

“Hey Dad?”

Dad looked at me and sighed “What is it Giovanni?”

“Maybe you could put both of Mom’s bags on the floor?”

“Like this Gio?”

I looked in the car and answered with, “Yeah just like that.”

“And now how about you put Aunt Val’s bag on the floor as well.”

Dad did the same thing with Aunt Val’s bag and looked at me for more directions.

“Alright now put her other bag in between the seats and put yours on top.”

Dad did as he was told and looked at me again.

I looked at Mom. “Mom get in the back behind Dad’s seat.”

Mom crawled in and sat down.

She said “Alright I’m comfortable.”

I looked at Aunt Val and told her “Get in after me ok?”

She responded with “Yeah ok.”

I crawled in and told Aunt Val she could come in. She crawled in and pulled the seat back so it was closed.

“Alright Dad put the rest of the stuff on the front passengers seat.” Dad put all in and he went back to his seat.

He sat down and asked “Are you guys comfortable back there?”

All three of us said yes in unison.

“Dad can you see us back here?”

He took a moment to respond.

“No not from my seat. You guys are completely sealed off from me. Think you can survive like that for two hours?”

I told him we could and Dad pulled out of the driveway.

Ten minutes into the trip Aunt Val rested her head on my shoulder. I could hear her slight snoring so I took that as a signal that she was asleep. I talked about normal stuff with mom until I got cold. I asked Mom if she had a blanket and she leaned over to get one from her bag. She gave me it and I unfolded it and put it over Mom, Aunt Val and me.

Mom fell asleep sometime later and I was still awake. Aunt Val suddenly shifted and put her head under the blanket. She laid her head on my crotch. I looked under the blanket and she was sound asleep. I realized where her head was and started to get a hard-on. I tried shifting around to not poke Aunt Val but no matter what I tried it still poked her. I ignored it for 5 minutes but then something shifted under the blanket.

Aunt Val must have noticed my boner poking her face! A minute later I felt my dick get freed from my running shorts. I jumped and woke Mom.

“Are you ok Gio? What’s wrong honey,” my Mom asked.

I thought of something to say.

“Oh sorry Mom it’s just that I thought I felt a spider on my leg.”

My mom smiled sleepily.

“Ok just making sure,” Mom told me.

I laughed nervously and she looked out the window once again.

“How long was I out?”

“Not that long just 15 minutes or so.”

“That’s enough sleep for me.” Mom told herself.

She reached down and pulled out her earphones and her iPod. I watched her scroll through her playlist and she clicked on some song by Luke Bryan. She put her headphones on and stared out the window again. I took this as an opportunity to look under the blanket.

I lifted it up and saw Aunt Val with my boner in front of her. She looked up at me and put her finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet. I nodded ok. She then proceeded to grip my dick and start stroking me up and down. I let the blanket fall down and let my head fall back against my seat to enjoy the hand job I was getting.

She did this for around four minutes and since I was about to cum I lifted the blanket and signaled to her that I was almost ready. She nodded and pulled the blanket back down. I leaned back again and I suddenly felt a warm mouth envelope my cock’s thick head. Aunt Val’s tongue licked my cock’s head up and down.

I forgot Mom and Dad were there when I moaned, “Oh fuck.”

Dad was the first to ask if I was ok and I told him I was fine and that I was just a little sore from sitting down. I looked at Mom and smiled sheepishly.

She smiled back and laughed, “It’s ok Gio I’m starting to get sore too.”

Aunt Val was still bobbing up and down on my dick, but ,thanks to god, Mom still had sleepy vision so she could hardly see well. I felt Aunt Val start to massage my balls and that did it. I erupted inside Aunt Val’s mouth without warning and she swallowed every drop. That was impressive because I cummed a giant load. Aunt Val licked the tip of my head one more time and tucked my dick back in my shorts. She waited a moment to get up.

When she got up, she stretched and acted like she had just woken up.

“Ahhhh, best sleep I’ve bursa escort had in a while.”

Dad laughed and said “Well looks like it’s perfect timing because I’m stopping to fill the gas and get snacks.”

I tapped Mom’s shoulder.

“Hey Mom were making a gas stop.”

She sighed, “Ok honey thank you for telling me.”

All of us went inside the store to pick out snacks and Dad went to pay for the gas.

I went to the chip section first and grabbed some Barbeque Pringles. As I was walking toward the drinks Aunt Val snuck up behind me and tried to scare me.

“Haha nice try but it’s going to take more than that,” I told her.

Aunt Val pouted and I almost got a hard-on from how sexy she looked like that. And to think that her sexy lips were wrapped around my thick cock moments earlier.

“I never knew you were carrying such a big package little nephew.”

I laughed.

“Yeah about that ,did you realize my Mom was right next to us right? We could’ve been caught!”

Aunt Val just laughed.

“It’s ok she didn’t notice did she? Plus you started it by poking my face with your huge cock!”

I nervously looked around.

“Alright, just quiet down. I’m sorry it’s just that I was worried about being caught.”

She calmed down before replying.

“I forgive you but how about you apologize by fucking me with that big cock of yours when we get to the cabin.”

I looked at her and laughed hoping she was kidding but she was dead serious.

“Aunt Val that’s incest!”

It was an empty protest. I didn’t care if it was incest. Aunt Val pouted and suddenly smiled.

“How about I make you a deal? If you fuck my cunt with your monster cock I’ll let you fuck my ass.”

“Fine! But no fooling around in the car or my mom will catch us.”

She smiled and agreed to my terms. She turned around and skipped away like an excited little girl making her ass jiggle a lot. I couldn’t wait to fuck that huge ass of hers!

Ten minutes later all four of us were ready to go and inside the car. Since we were entering through Dad’s side Aunt Val had to enter first.

I looked at Aunt Val, “You first.”

She walked towards me to get in the car, but just before she did she looked at me and winked. I watched her enter and she wiggled her ass. I resisted the urge to touch my aunt’s big ass.

I entered and gave the signal for Mom to come in. She entered and closed the seat so we were completely sealed off from Dad.

“You guys ready to hit the road for another half hour?”

“Yeah I’m completely ready to go,” I answered.

“Alright then, off we go”

The car pulled out of the gas station.

The blanket was once again pulled over all three of us a few minutes later. I fell asleep a few minutes later because of how early we woke up.

I woke up later on and had a huge boner. I felt something warm surrounding my cock but I thought nothing of it because I was still groggy from the nap. I awoke fully and realized the warmth was bobbing up and down only reaching halfway and going back up. I lifted the blanket and sure enough Aunt Val was there taking as much of my cock in her mouth as she could.

I looked over at Mom and she was once again listening to music, but her eyes were closed. She seemed to be asleep.

I leaned down and so I could whisper to Aunt Val.

“What the hell! I told you no fooling around!”

She let my cock slide out of her mouth before she replied.

“Your Mom is asleep. She won’t notice. Just relax and enjoy it, ok?”

I argued with my self and finally gave in to the temptation.

“Fine, but if we get caught I’m blaming you!”

Aunt Val smiled and went back to sucking on my cock. She did so for a couple of minutes, but then she sat upright and looked at me.

“I can’t wait another minute! I need to be fucked by your huge cock now!”

“I don’t know Aunt Val. Mom is pretty close to us,” I answered.

“She won’t hear us. I’ll be super quiet!”

“Fine! Just keep quiet ok?”

Aunt Val lit up like a light bulb and smiled from ear to ear. She took off her leggings with her ass facing away from me and then took off her shirt.

I looked over at Mom to make sure she was asleep and sure enough she was still out cold.

I looked back to see Aunt Val in nothing but a bra and panties.

Aunt Val asked, “Do you like what you see?”

I smiled.

“Jesus Christ you have no idea how much. Why don’t you show me that beautiful ass of yours Aunt Val?”

She smiled mischievously.

“No, bursa eskort no, no. You’ll see my ass when we get to the log cabin.”

I made a sad face and she smiled sexily. Aunt Val carefully sat on top of my legs and positioned her self on top of my throbbing hard cock.

“Are you ready,” I asked her.

Aunt Val looked me in the eyes as she moved her panties aside. I looked down ,in between her legs, at her swollen pink lips. I could see that she was dripping wet and that made me even more aroused.

“I’m ready,” she said excitedly.

I put my hands on her hips and slowly lowered her down. As soon as my cocks throbbing head touched her swollen lips, Aunt Val gasped.

I lowered her more and more until my cocks head popped inside her. She told me to wait a moment, but by this time she was panting really hard.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I shoved my cock deep inside Aunt Val. Aunt Val’s eyes teared up and she gasped loudly.

“Everything okay back there Gio,” Dad questioned.

“Yeah Dad everything’s okay. I’m just telling Aunt Val some gossip she can’t believe.”

I looked at Aunt Val to see if she recovered. She was fine so I signaled to her to convince my dad more. Aunt Val nodded.

“Yeah we’re fine. Gio’s just telling me about the girls he was with in school,” Aunt Val answered Dad.

Dad laughed.

“I’ll bet my boy got a lot of girls.”

I took this as the time to start to thrust into Aunt Val. I pumped my cock in her fast and hard.

“Yeah he got lotss of girlss in hiss schooool.”

Dad asked, “Val are you sure your ok? You seem to be out of breath.”

“Yes I’m fine I was just trying to rearrange myself and it took some of my breath.”

I started to go thrust faster because I was about to cum. I leaned over and whispered into Aunt Val’s ear.

“Oh fuckkkkk do you like your little nephews big cock inside you? Do you like how I stretch out your tight little cunt?”

She moaned.

“Mhmmm keep going, keep fucking your auntie, pump your huge cock in me! Fill me up with your warm cum!”

This sent me over the edge as I erupted my sperm inside Aunt Val and, as if on a timer, Aunt Val started shaking wildly. Aunt Val was cumming on my cock. I sat there exhausted for a moment until I noticed Aunt Val was asleep.

I took her panties off and wiped the remaining cum off my dick with them. I put them back on her and put her clothes on as well. I pulled up my shorts and put us all under the blanket once again falling asleep.

When I woke up next it was because Dad was yelling at us to wake up.

“Hey sleepyheads WE’RE HERE!”

I groaned and looked out the car window it was light already and Mom was no where to be seen.

“Ugghh what time is it Dad?”

Dad looked at his watch.

“It’s 8:47 kiddo so get up.”

I was still groggy but then I realized something. I was still in the car with Aunt Val! Last nights memories came flooding back in. And then it hit me.

“Dad wasn’t it somewhere around 9:30 PM when we were half an hour away?”

Dad laughed.

“Yeah last night I got to the log cabin and I opened the back seat to see your Mom awake and listening to music, while you and Val were out cold. So I figured I should let you two sleep in here.”

I laughed at the last part.

“So you left me and Aunt Val alone in the car to sleep?”

Dad smiled and said “I sure did Kiddo now get up.”

“Alright I’ll be out in a sec Dad.”

Dad smiled and walked off to god knows where.

I looked over at the goddess lying next to me an smiled. I leaned over and showered Aunt Val with kisses.

Aunt Val woke up and smiled.

“That’s a nice way to be woken up.”

I laughed.

“I thought so too. Now get up, we have three weeks of fun ahead of us.”

“Okay I’ll be out in sec.”

I smiled and looked her up and down.

“How did I get to have sex with a goddess like you?”

She laughed.

“Shut up and get out. I love you too.”

I smiled happily.

“Fine, but don’t take long.”

I reached under her and squeezed her giant ass. I left the car and the cold wave hit me. I forgot it was winter.

I smiled and thought “This is going to be one hell of a trip.”


Thanks for reading my first story. It was more Non-Erotic than I wanted it to be, but I felt like this is more of an introduction story. They’re going on a three week trip remember? I realize it needs more sexual moments and believe me when I say I’m working on it. My next few stories will be sequels to this one. I’m going to include Gio’s Mom in sexual scenes as well. Also, stay tuned because I’m going to introduce Jessica (Gio’s sis) later on! I mentioned her at the beginning in case you didn’t notice it. All feedback welcome!! Please tell me what to improve on and what I’m doing good on.

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