Love Thy Neighbor

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“My day at work sucked.” Andrea said into the phone. “I am so ready to quit. Some guy who was drunk wouldn’t leave me alone. He wouldn’t let me out of his sight and took every available opportunity to pinch my ass or something. Even when I told him I didn’t want him near me while shit faced. What kind of guy wants to get that drunk so early in the afternoon?”

Trish, Andrea’s best friend since kindergarten said, “Yeah, I don’t blame you for not wanting to be felt on by some young drunk. I hope that you will get out of there soon. I know you hate it. Not too much longer and you’ll be done with school.”

“I know and as soon as something better comes along I’m out of there. What is sad though is I am not against having my ass pinched or meeting a guy and taking him home. I just don’t want it to be some drunk. He wasn’t bad looking.”

Laughing, Trish said, “I know what you mean there. We’ve all been single too long. Hey, are you going to be at your house in an hour or so? I have to run for now but I can stop by later.”

“No, I probably won’t be there. I think I’m going to go to my parents’ house. After my day, being chased by that guy I want to disappear. If I go home the phone is always ringing and that man one apartment over will be knocking on my door picking up where the drunk left off.”

“That weirdo is still hot for you too? How do you manage to find them?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“Okay, well enjoy the quiet. I’ll catch you later tonight.”

“Sounds good. Bye.”

“See ya.”

Andrea pulled up to her parents’ house and got out of the car, taking her naughty magazine with her. She liked reading other peoples sex, since she didn’t seem to get much of her own. She admitted most of that was her own fault. She did push a lot of men away, like the drunk today, but she was sick of the young male’s way of approaching her. She wanted it to be on her terms to some extent at least.

She walked into the house and quickly returned outside. The sun felt good to her and she wished that she still had a bathing suit at their house that she could wear to lay out in.

She turned a lounge chair toward the evening sun, noticing that the chair pointed toward the neighbor’s house but not caring and sat down to read her stories.

Considering it had been months since her last boyfriend and half that long since she had felt a cock inside her, the stories were having quite an effect on her. She wasn’t sure which was working better though, the stories or the heat of the sun on her body which she noticed, now that she had stopped reading long enough to note that her skirt had rode up.

She brought her knees up and spread them slightly to both allow the sun to touch her there and hoping that the slight breeze would cool it down. She could tell already that the stories had made her wet. The breeze pointed to that fact.


David had spent the morning just puttering around the house. What else is there to do with the wife at work and a day off for himself besides all those “honey Do’s” and watching the world go by?

He had already caught up on all of it and had logged into the computer to check his email and see if he could find anything noteworthy there. That killed all of thirty minutes since there didn’t seem to be much going on. He had gotten an email from a good friend but responding to that didn’t take long. News was same ole same ole.

Tired of the computer, he logged out and glanced out the window. Nature watching, being another favorite past time of his, it wasn’t uncommon for him to spend time glancing out to see what the critters were up to. It’s why when he moved in to this house he decided to put the computer near the window and bird feeders all over the yard. He sat watching a humming bird drink from the feeder. When one would leave another would arrive to take its place.

He watched until he could only assume that they had all drank their fill because they seemed to start playing. They chased each other all over his yard. At times, they would go out of view and then quickly return. David decided to get up closer to the window to see if he could keep them in sight and be able to watch them better.

He stood next to the window looking toward the right waiting to see the humming birds and caught a glimpse of something in the neighbor’s yard. His neighbors had went out of town and asked him to keep an eye on the house. He instantly recognized their daughter. Apparently, they had told their daughter that she could stop by and make sure all was well.

Their daughter, Andrea, was twenty-five and he could remember her as a little girl in pig tails. He still found it interesting how much she had grown up. Who would have thought that the cute little girl in pig tails would turn out to be gorgeous?

David knew she still single, thanks to her parents asking his wife and knew of a young man who would be suitable for their daughter and her telling him all about their match-making endeavors. He also knew that she worked as a waitress/bartender at a local Trabzon Escort sports bar type place that he had never been to.

He could see the name tag badge on her shirt and wondered if she was heading to work or just getting off. She was laying so that she was pointed toward the sun, which means looking toward his house since the sun was starting to go down a little, but her attire wasn’t something most would lay out in. She was very well dressed; button up shirt and a skirt that covered to about mid thigh with her laying back. She was reading a book and her high heeled shoes had been kicked off to the side of her lounge chair.

David gave up watching the humming birds and not wanting to seem like a peeping tom, went back to sit down at his desk again. He logged back in and rechecked a few more things, even looked into some of his favorite erotic sites to make sure he doesn’t have any messages there but curiosity gets him and he wonders if she is still laying out.

David stands up and walks slowly to the window as if concerned that if he hurried someone would see what he was doing. She was still there, still had her face toward his house, still reading her book. The only difference was that now her legs were bent at the knee which allowed her skirt to rise further up her thighs and her legs were spread slightly allowing him to see the light colored panties she wore.

His cock gave a little twitch seeing her like he was and he felt somewhat like a pervert for it but not enough that he could stop looking. He found himself wondering if she shaved or trimmed, especially since what little her legs were spread didn’t show any hair peeking out around the small panties. Not from this distance anyway. He had to satisfy curiosity. So, he went back to his desk and got the binoculars that are usually reserved for bird watching.

In his absence her legs spread further, as if she were waiting for him to climb between them and his cock gives another jerk. He put the binoculars up to his eyes, glad that the sun was in her face making it less likely that she would see him. Just to be safe the first thing he looks at is her face, making sure she is reading.

Assured that she is reading he moved the binoculars lower. He sees the book is actually a magazine. One of those erotic story books that his wife use to read when they were younger. He smiles to himself and moves the binoculars even lower to where he can see her panties.

David noted to himself that her panties are blue, possibly a thong since they appeared to disappear into the crack of her bottom. He still isn’t able to spot any hair around her panties but noted that even though it was possibly his imagination; in one spot, the panties look a little darker. “Wet perhaps?” he wondered.

Andrea shifted in her seat and he jumped back from the window slightly, not wanting to get caught. By most people’s standards peeking at the neighbors daughter would be unacceptable behavior, but he couldn’t make himself feel badly about enjoying the view she presented. “What man, of any age, wouldn’t look at a hot young woman?” he questioned himself.


Andrea wasn’t sure what drew her attention to the window next door, but she glanced that way and saw something in the window. She shifted slightly and saw the curtain move. “Was someone watching her?” She wondered.

The curtain moved again and she saw the outline of Mr. David in the window. She looked down at her book while her eyes remained on the window and watched him as he apparently watched her. “What is he holding?” she questioned herself?

It took a couple minutes but eventually she figured out he was watching with binoculars or something and she chuckled to herself.

She had known Mr. David for as long as she could remember. She had even had a little girl crush on him when she hit puberty. Right on up until she moved out of her parents’ house, she would sometimes masturbate thinking of him.

She was already horny and knowing that her girl hood fantasy was watching her turned her on more than she would have thought possible. He had been the good looking older man/father figure type to her. He never did anything that he shouldn’t with her but she would tell him her secrets and he never shared them. She couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to know him intimately.

On a whim, she decided to see if he would do anything more if she spread her legs further and allowed him to see more. She went back to reading her stories and occasionally looking to see if he was still in the window.

He stayed there.


He gave her a minute to settle again and went back. He noticed that she is laying further back. Her bottom somehow pushed forward more so that he is able to see more of her lower cheeks. Her legs spread to the point that he wondered how she could be comfortable. It was as if she enjoyed the feeling of the sun warming her pussy. He could also tell without a shadow of a doubt that she was trimmed at the very least. No hair at all seemed to Trabzon Escort Bayan grow outside of her thong. She has light brown hair and he didn’t see the shadow of hair through her panties, but he couldn’t be sure either.

David continued to watch her. He moved the binoculars over her, wondering what she was reading when she began licking her lips or what caused her hand to reach down and touch her leg, just to the side of her pussy. Perhaps she knew he was watching and wanted to tease him by almost touching but not quite. He half wondered half hoped that she would pull her panties to the side and go for it all.

He chuckled to himself that as hard as his cock was already, if she got busy with her hands he would probably join her.

She put her book to the side and sat up quickly, David to jumped away from the window again. He looked back just in time to see her step into the house through the side door.

He figured the show was now over and that he should find something else to do. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, and waited for his cock to shrink back to normal. There wasn’t much on to watch and he quickly gave up the search for something good. Curiosity continued to nag at him.

Maybe she wasn’t done. What if she went into the house to get a toy or something and now she is out there playing with herself for me to see it? His cock sprang back to full life with that thought and with a groan, he turned off the TV and went back to his window.


After a particularly hot story about this young girl and older man, Andrea decided to turn up the heat and see what Mr. David would do then. She stood up and went into the house and removed her light blue panties. She could tell that they were wet and that it was noticeable. “Had Mr. David noticed as well?” She wondered.

Andrea returned to her seat, and glanced at the window. Mr. David wasn’t there anymore and she felt slightly disappointed. She wasn’t ready to have the game that she had been playing end just yet. She sat for a couple minutes and watched the window. She didn’t see any movement inside and assumed that she had missed her chance at teasing him more. “Had it really taken that long to take off my panties?” she questioned silently.

She noticed that the sun had set a little further and feeling somewhat restless as it was, she turned her chair more toward the back of the house. She also hoped that it would get her mind of what could have been if he had continued looking at her. “How far would she have went if he had?” she wondered, knowing she may never find out.

She didn’t think she would have been brave enough to take it much further than letting him see her pussy without panties. She didn’t think she would have actually used her hands on herself knowing that he watched but as she sat there, she wondered if maybe she would have. Could she have? She acknowledged that she was very horny and that it could have been fun.

Still restless and barely noticing, she let her legs fall apart again. The sun did feel good on her bare pussy. The slight breeze blowing as if it were a lover preparing to kiss her, cooling her heat even as it inflamed her further. “Oh God I’m horny.” She thought and did seriously consider lowering her hand and testing her wetness. Perhaps she could stroke her clit a little while imagining that Mr. David was watching her.

Andrea laughed at herself and picked up her book to read again. She knew it would only make her hotter but she wanted to be that way.


Andrea was back on her chair but she had turned the chair so that she was facing more of an angle toward the back of the houses. She was still in the spread open position but David could no longer see it and he missed the view.

He decided to go to another window and perhaps he could secretly view her again.

He looked out the window in the small bedroom in the back of the house and couldn’t see what he wanted to see. So, he walked out of the house and into his back yard, hoping that the bushes between them would shield him from her view.

David stepped up behind a bush and looked between them. He almost groaned with his need again and would have had it not been for fear of her hearing, when he saw that what use to have light blue material over it was now bare for the sun to kiss. He could easily see that she had a little happy trail down the center of her mound but the rest of her pussy was clean shaven.

As he watched her legs spread further to the side and he watched in awe as her pussy lips spread with them, showing him her little button and making him want to touch it, taste it.

David felt certain that she didn’t see him looking now, but he still couldn’t help but think she was teasing him and knew she was doing so. “What would she do if I went over? Would she be coy or would she still tease me?” he asked himself several times before deciding to find out.

He chose to go back into his house and go out the front door and enter through their front gate. He would call Escort Trabzon out to her before he got to near so that if she did want to hide herself she would have plenty of time.

When he got into the yard next door and was half way to her he said, “Hey Andrea.”


She thought she heard the gate open but wasn’t sure. When no more sound followed, she assumed she had been hearing things. When she heard him call out to her it surprised her. She turned slightly to look but hadn’t really needed to because she somehow knew it was him. Perhaps his voice? “Oh, Hi, Mr. David.”

As he approached, Andrea felt somewhat bashful about her very open display while he was in the window. She definitely didn’t want it to be obvious that she had known he was watching her. Not yet. Not until she knew how he felt about her display. She closed her legs but felt that tugging on her skirt would make it a bit too obvious.

He noticed that though she closed her legs she didn’t attempt to adjust her skirt any as he said, “You’re parents asked me to keep an eye on their house. I saw you out here, but wasn’t sure it was you. Sorry to interrupt.” She caught his smile as he continued, “You know. You don’t have to continue to call me Mr. David, Right?”

Laughing she said, “I know. But it fits you and old habits are hard to break.” She thought back to how her dad had demanded upon meeting the neighbors, that she had to call them Mr. David and Mrs. Judy.

“True. So how have you been? I haven’t seen you in months.”

“Yeah I know. I’ve been good. Working too hard most days. Did they tell you where I worked at now? And also that I’m in night school?” Andrea said proud of her self that she managed to keep her voice normal and didn’t blush like a virgin over what she had done.

“I knew about the job, not the school.” David said. He walked closer to her and down toward her feet he figured she would hide herself now but knew it would be easier to talk if her neck wasn’t bent back to look at him.

Andrea somehow managed to not reach for her skirt to tug it into place as she noticed where he was going. She wondered if perhaps he was trying to get a better look. She felt herself blush over where her thoughts remained when he gave no indication that he was interested at all. Still trying to keep it as casual as he was, she said, “I’m in night school to finish up some college courses so that I can stop working in the bar. Its good money but all I meet are guys who like sports and booze. Not that it’s all bad either, just not all the time.”

David laughed. “Yeah, I can see how that would be an issue for you.”

“It is. So how is Mrs. Judy?” She asked and wondered why she had felt it necessary to mention guys. Surely, he will see her blush like a school girl before this is done.

“She is good. She is working today and won’t be home until 7. Has some things to do after work that I couldn’t do for her while she worked.” To him self he questioned if the comments about guys had been a hint that she wouldn’t mind if someone like him, older, more mature, and not a big drinker, would make a pass at her.

“Well, please, tell her I said hi.” “Judy was working late”, Andrea thought. “Should I see what happens? Perhaps if I innocently do something he will either make a move or go home so I can go inside and do what needs to be done. God I’m horny.”

“Will do.” David said. “So I know your parents are coming back Friday, any idea when on Friday?” He noticed that Andrea parted her legs a little upon hearing when his wife would be home so rather than make his excuse to leave he decided to stay longer and see what happened.

“Not really. All I Know is they will leave from the beach at about am. Flight will last about 3 hours and they will call me when they get into the airport to say they landed. Then I’ll meet them here when I get off work.” She said before ranting silently, “He isn’t leaving. Can he see my pussy? Doesn’t he get the idea that he should probably go? Maybe he doesn’t want to. Does he want to see more?”

“Okay. So they should be in around two or so.”

“Yeah that sounds about right.” Andrea said and parted again very slightly, wondering if he would give some sign that he noticed.

He noticed and decided to see what she would do if he sat down beside her on the ground, wondered if she would notice that he could see her pussy. “Would she then cover herself?” He asked himself. To her he said, “Your mom always wants to know if we know any single good guys. Are you seeing anyone now?”, and sat down looking to see what all he was able to see from there.

She blushed at the sign she received from him and thought only “OH My God” when he sat down on the ground beside her chair but more toward her feet. Andrea felt very certain that if he glanced a little to the side he would see the wetness of her pussy on her bald lips. “Surely he has noticed already.” She thought. “What will he do?”

“No, I’m not seeing anyone. I haven’t had a steady for a few months and even when I did, mom didn’t like them.” She thought more of what he might see if he looked slightly to the left and felt her pussy growing wetter with the thought. Her natural instinct was to shield herself before she really embarrassed herself, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

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