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I told myself this story was going to be a quick write. Stick to the high level details, make it 2-3 pages. Well I failed that, but personally appreciate a story with a lot of build up so hopefully you do too. First work for Literotica, so I hope you like it! I’d appreciate any reviews or comments; you can reach me at the contact on my profile.


I had accepted that I was gay around freshman year of high school but had never come out. Now a Junior in college, the only sexual experience I had with a man was letting a guy blow me drunkenly at a random house party. Luckily none of our friends overlapped and a word of the encounter was never uttered. However, it made me crave a man that much more.

All that to say, I was a convincing straight guy. Most of my friends were guys, and my closest friends were all guys from my high school football team. Most of them stayed in town to go to the local university like myself, so we stayed close.

There were pros and cons to that but the major con was losing the ability to experiment and find my true sexuality without the fear of being rejected by my previous ‘life.’

My risk aversion was subsiding though. Partly due to the blowjob I got a couple months ago, but mainly due to Ben.

After dorms, a few of my friends got a house together near campus. It was a 5 bedroom house and worked perfectly for us. That is until one of our buddies, for a few personal reasons, dropped out and moved back home with his parents. Luckily we were able to find a couple dudes via craigslist that needed a room for the rest of the year, Ben being one of them.

There was another guy that was actually the better candidate between the two, but I had pushed that we give the room to Ben. My friends didn’t put up too much of a fuss or pry as to why I think he was the right choice, which I’m grateful for.

I don’t know how they would have taken my rationale being he was incredibly hot. When I first met Ben that day he was wearing khaki shorts that hugged his thighs and huge bubble butt and a varsity T that molded around his rounded, muscular body.

Ben was short, maybe 5’8″ or so. Definitely the stocky-muscle type of guy, but had maybe been drinking a little more than he should and going to the gym less. What it created was a slightly curvy but still very attractive body, from what I could tell.

His face was his best quality though. Everything about him was puppy dog. He had doughy eyes, pouty lips, and an adorable button nose. Short crew cut and the hint of a shoulder tattoo later, I was lusting for him hard.

After he moved in, my fantasies didn’t exactly come to fruition as I had imagined. The “bump into him after a shower and his towel falls” scenario didn’t happen, and he unfortunately wasn’t a guy that liked to get naked for the humor factor as some of my other friends were. He did drink a lot which was maybe a gateway opportunity, but our friend circles were different. I tried to make connections but due to my hidden motives, I would always second guess myself or get too nervous. He was becoming more and more a roommate, and less and less a sex toy.

And then one day, during lunch with another one of our roommates, he shared that he was super superstitious. He believed in a natural medicines too. His mom was apparently Wiccan, and although he didn’t latch on to the religious side of his mother’s beliefs he did believe in ‘herbal magic’ as he called it.

We made fun of him a bit and the three of us laughed it off. The cogs had begun to wirr in my mind though. I could use this, but how?

A week of googling and research led me to the idea of a love potion. There were a few different recipes or ‘spells’ or whatever online, and the lust was clouding my judgement as to whether this was a sound idea or not. There was a moment of doubt during the week but after Ben came in from a run, sweaty and shirtless, his round pecs and keg-abs in perfect view, I was able to wave away any hesitation.

It took another week for Ben and I to be the only guys in the house for the evening, and it was now or never.

I knocked on his door. There was some rustling, but opened it shortly after. He was already in ‘pajamas’ which consisted of loose basketball shorts and a tight t-shirt with the words “All American” written on them.

“Hey, Matt. What’s up?” He asked, leaning on his door frame.

I was nervous, but needed to be the perfect actor tonight. “I have a.. er.. well a really random question. And it’s kind of stupid.”

He chuckled a bit. “Okay, shoot.”

“You mentioned your mom the other week, and it got me curious.”

“Oh god,” he started, rolling his eyes, “I promise I’m not a crazy person.”

I quickly stopped him. “No, no! That’s not what I meant. See, there’s this girl in my finance course that I’ve been crushing on hard. We’ve talked a few times but I don’t know if she’s interested. I did some googling and it looks like there’s this… Wiccan love potion..”

Ben’s eyebrows raised, he was curious and amused. gaziantep bayan eskort “Go on…”

I felt like he was just looking for the opportunity to call me the crazy one and laugh this all off, but I continued. “Well, I’m desperate and thought I’d give it a try but could use your help. I know it’s stupid, but what’s a little science experiment anyway?” I laughed it off, trying to pretend I didn’t really believe it would work. Which I didn’t, for the record.

“Well I wholly believe in that stuff, man. Herbs can be a powerful thing. They can release all sorts of chemicals in your mind to mimic emotions like love, fear, happiness, yadda yadda. Did you get a recipe for it?”

I mocked a bit, “Wait, you don’t have a family secret there?” We both laughed. “I do actually, and I think I have all I need but wanted you to sanity check it. See if it seems bogus.”

He agreed, and we went up to my room. I closed the door behind us, while unnecessary it seemed more intimate for me and try my plan. So far it was working, but the real test was yet to come.

I shared the ingredients and steps I found online, and he agreed with what it was saying. Rosemary brings out this feeling, and this herb reduces inhibitions, and blah blah crazy person talk. It could have actually been a turn off, but even if I didn’t believe an ounce of what was coming out of Ben’s mouth he sure did know a lot about this voodoo science. And that was impressive on it’s own.

We worked the next 20 minutes or so creating this ‘love potion.’ There were a few electric moments for me like when he would help me grind an herb down and our hands would touch, or he would read out the next step and layer in his own ‘professional’ opinion. At one point, when he was sitting on the ground with his knees up, his shorts slid up his thigh so much that I wondered if he was even wearing underwear. The thoughts were setting me ablaze inside.

When it was finally done, he explained the last steps. “So, you basically just need to add a piece of your hair to some of this, and then somehow get her to drink it.”

“And then what?”

“I guess just wait? I’m not really sure how this concoction will work, it could affect anyone differently.”

Now to setup my plan. “Now I just need to find a clever way to get her to drink some random, greenish liquid. And it won’t even work anyway.”

“Don’t question the juice man, this stuff has enough herbs to turn her on to a cactus.” He seemed so serious.

“I just wish there was a way to test it. Well, you believe it will work so strongly how about you drink a swig. If you try and kiss me after then I’ll know it’s legit.”

Ben just laughed. “If only you could be so lucky!”

I pushed it, “No really. You can prove to me that it’s real. The effect is only supposed to be temporary right?”

Ben got a tad more serious. “Matt, I know it will work. You’re the one doubting my skills man.”

“Okay, you’re right. I don’t think this can work. I hoped it would, but this shit would be in stores everywhere if it really did.” I started to ham up my disappointment.

“I don’t think the FDA would let it get to there. Plus most people are huge skeptics like you, so no one would buy into it.”

I looked into his eyes to hold a stare for a beat. “You really do believe in this stuff don’t you?”

“I do. Well, not all of the Wiccan stuff, but herbs and spices are just science. No need to believe anything.”

I got some confidence up, acting of course, and wagered with him. “Okay fine, I’ll test it out.”

“With who?” Ben asked, admittedly he actually looked confused. Adorable.


He furrowed his eyebrows. “That’s not funny, Matt.”

“No, really. No offense, I don’t think I’m going to suck your face after taking a swig of this but I’m willing to take that chance.”

He chuckled, “that’s a risky bet.”

“I don’t think we’re eye-to-eye on the odds here Ben.” I chuckled back to him.

He sighed. “Okay, well don’t blame me when you think I’m a total hottie.”

“Don’t worry,” I sarcastically retorted, “I won’t.”

Ben took a tiny scoop of the liquid into a measuring cup and plucked out a hair from his head. “You want me to drink your hair?!” I feigned minor disgust.

“It need’s some DNA. I could put some earwax in there if you’d prefer.”

I stuck my tongue out and agreed that the hair would suffice.

“On second thought…” Ben put the cup down and stood up. He reached into his shorts, to my excitement but composed an expression of confusion, and winced a bit. Removing his hand from his crotch region, he held onto a single pube. He grinned.

“Seriously dude, fuck you! I’m not eating your pube. Now I know this is a crock of shit.” I didn’t know how far to push my aversion but was still afraid of being outed by not having a big enough reaction.

“This potion is rooted in sexual urges, and so a hair more closely rooted to sexual connotations should be more potent. You’re not scared now are you?” Ben teased.

“Scared of choking to death on one of your smelly pubes? Yeah.”

He held the hair up to his nose and took an exaggerated inhale. “It’s not smelly.”

“Ugh.” I rolled my eyes and pretended to dry heave. “You better not tell a soul about this.”

He mimed his other hand zipping his lips.

I sighed, “fine give me your damn pube water potion.”

“Let me remind you this was your idea.”

“yeah, yeah yeah…”

He added the tiny dark blonde hair into the cup and swirled it around a bit then handed it to me. “Bon appetite,” he cheerfully said as he handed me the cup.

I took it down in one quick gulp and followed with a few swigs of water we had nearby. It tasted like old rainwater some leaves have been decaying in.

“Did it taste romantic?” Ben asked.

“It tasted like dead racoon, but that probably just your pube.”

We both laughed at the situation. The next minute we sat silently waiting for something to happen. I asked when I would feel this magical urge to kiss him and he shrugged. Works different on every person he said again.

“Well, I don’t think I find you super sexy. Sorry to ruin your night Ben.”

“Oh shut up, it’s only been a minute. Let’s play a game. Simon says.”

“Seriously?” he lost me.

“One of the effects of the potion is that you should be willing to be persuaded by me much easier. What’s one thing you would never do, even if I asked you to?”

“Ben, I’m not sucking your dick. Sorry bud.” Again we both laughed.

He continued. “I’m not thinking anything that extreme, but good to know. Me either. Try this, stand up.”

I got up while acting like I was being pulled up by some ghost. “Oh my god Ben, you’re a voodoo god!”

“I really am,” he said, amused. “Now spin around.” I did as was told, still hamming it up. “Jump. Touch your toes. Blink your eyes. Pinch yourself.”

He had me do routine, mundane tasks for a couple minutes. I stopped pretending a ghost was manipulating me at some point and just did as I was told, kind of forgetting what was going on. Then finally he told me to take off my pants. It snapped me back to consciousness.

I pushed back against the command accusing him of just wanting to see my dick and called him a perv. He said, “no, no. Just your sweatpants, you goof.” Somehow this made it much more palatable and the pants dropped immediately. I stood there in my t-shirt and boxer briefs staring at Ben for my next move.

He stood up, walked over to my bed and plopped down face first. He told me to give him a back massage. I no longer really knew what was me and what was the potion, but I honestly didn’t care. I got up on the bed and straddled him.

After a few minutes of massaging his back he told me to take off his shirt. I did, then continued the massage. His skin was so smooth and soft under my hands. My own butt resting on his was starting to pool blood to my crotch.

“Massage my ass” and I did. I shifted down lower and began to knead his huge bubble butt through his shorts. A minute of this and he told me to strip him completely. He helped a little by arching his back, but the shorts quickly peeled down off his legs revealing his succulent globes just asking for my hands.

The massage continued and I enjoyed every second of it. His ass was so warm to my cool hands. It was lightly dusted in dark blond hair but not really hairy like some of the guys I’d see in the lockerroom. It was definitely the biggest though.

As I kneaded his butt, I would get more daring with my movements. I would get closer to his crack but the move away. Timid. I began to turn my kneading movements into spreading ones, exposing his hole a little more each time. My thumbs would rub inward towards his hole when I spread his cheeks. It started subtle, I think, but at some point became very deliberately sexual. I had almost touched his little dark rosebud when he said, “Yep, you’re gay for me right now.”

Startled, I jumped off him and stammered my protest. He rolled his head over and laughed. “It’s okay dude, it’s the potion. I won’t tell anyone.”

I reiterated, “I”m not gay for you dude. I was just giving you a massage, that’s not gay.”

He looked down, “Your boner begs to differ.”

I followed his eyes and saw my cock stretching against the elastic of my boxer briefs, slightly peeking above the band. I covered up my shame. “I”m not gay” I said again.

“I know, Matt. But for the sake of our deal, I’ve gotta do this.”

I was about to ask do what? but he beat me to it. He turned over to reveal his semi-hard cock and balls, nestled in a light patch of dark blonde hair. “Suck my dick.”

I instantly remembered that when I drank the potion this is exactly what I said I wouldn’t do. However at this point Ben seemed confident that the potion was in complete control and I could finally live out my fantasy without any repercussion. I didn’t hesitate.

I got back on the bed and shoved my face into his crotch. I hadn’t sucked a cock before, and honestly hadn’t even been this close to another dick in my life. Ben wasn’t fully hard yet, but I could already tell he was bigger than me. Probably only about 6 or 7 inches long like me but much thicker. His balls were larger too.

I wondered how I would fit it in my mouth if it kept growing but accepted the challenge.

I used one hand to guide his member into my mouth. I only took a couple inches in to wet it with saliva. He tasted so good. Slightly salty but a pretty neutral flavor overall. For some reason I had imagined a cock would taste just like what cum smelled like. I was happy to see it was far less extreme.

As I wetted him fully and began to pump him while I swirled my tongue around his head, Ben began to get audible. He started with just some sighs and moans, but quickly began to give me specific directions. “Jack me harder, lick my shaft, suck my balls, swirl your tongue, deep throat me.”

His hands began to guide my head as well. I gladly took the direction. He had gotten fully erect by now. I came up for air to admire his cock. I was right about it’s size. It may even be a bit shorter than mine, but boy was it thick. Although it realistically couldn’t have been as thick as a soda can, it looked like it without a direct comparison.

“Don’t stop Matt!” Ben looked down at me during my break and quickly got me back on task. I sucked and pumped him but I wanted a little more. I took a creative liberty and started to trail my mouth downward. I had seen in hundreds of porn clips guys eating out another guy’s ass. I’d never had it done to me to validate if it felt as good as porn made it seem, but wanted to test it out on Ben.

I don’t think the thought would have crossed his mind, but once I began sucking on his taint and still moved south he got the hint and silently complied. Ben arched back and raised his legs and ass up into the air. I kept one hand firmly around his cock and jacked him off as my tongue made it’s fast approach to Ben’s virgin asshole.

The taste was unique. He had clearly showered some point in the evening, but still I thought it would taste a little like, well, shit. I was delighted to discover it didn’t. It almost tasted like a sweet cologne. There was a musky quality but also a sweet aroma.

I mimicked all the actions I’d seen in porn. I licked his hole, spat on it, sucked on it. Ben seemed to like just the simple lick the most, and so I focused on that. It didn’t take long into this new experience for him to reach climax.

His breathing began to speed up and he breathed/growled, “I’m gonna cum.” I had a conflict of interest. I had never seen another guy cum in real life, and wanted to watch him erupt all over himself for my viewing pleasure. I also had never tasted another man’s cum before, and the thought of taking his explosion into my mouth was incredibly hot too. It was a split second decision, but I threw his hips back down to the bed and wrapped my lips around his cock.

Ben tried to push my head off him and breathed a “no, you don’t have..” but I swatted him away and brought him to the point of orgasm. He went past the moan decible and actually yelled in pleasure as he erupted into the back of my throat.

The warm, sticky liquid shot ribbon after ribbon against the back of my mouth. I attempted to swallow between bursts but turns out swallowing when there’s a cock in your mouth is hard or at least it was for me, so some of his seed dripped out of my mouth and down his shaft.

I milked every ounce out of him, and even squeezed his cock like a toothpaste tube to get the last few drops. Ben’s intensely tense, and sweaty body turned to putty after a few shudders.

I sucked on his cock for another minute or so as it waned in my mouth. Finally accepting that my fun was done for the night, I let it pop out of my mouth. Ben arched up on his elbows.

“You have a nice dick.” I said, smiling.

He chuckled, “that’s the potion talking, but thanks.”

The potion. I had forgotten. Ben read the look but mistook it for more of a panic. He leaned up and grabbed his shorts from the floor, quickly slipping them on. Grabbing his shirt he said, “I should go take a shower. I’m really sorry about this.”

I tried to stop him but he was out my door and down the stairs in a blink. I just laid there on my bed staring up at the ceiling. My first time sucking a cock was amazing, and of all people it was with Ben: my ultimate fantasy man.

I heard the water turn on from the shower the floor below, and took the opportunity to finally pleasure myself. I imagined Ben in the shower and replayed the last hour in my head. I came with more force and volume than I had, maybe ever.

I cleaned myself and my room up, and waited to walk down and approach Ben. I finally got the courage a couple hours later but when I approached his room I could tell the lights were off and turned back.

I’m not sure if I’d ever get that chance again with Ben. One thing for sure though, I was 100% addicted to dick and needed more. I had lived 21 years without it and had all that time to make up for. How I was going to get it, would be another adventure.

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