Love Long Delayed – Part 4

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On returning to their rooms, Linda could not wait to unpack her present. When she held the shiny iPad finally in her hand, she stroked caressingly over its surface and said, “I can hardly imagine what I’m going to look like, in the photos you took, on such a screen.”Stefan reached for his phone. Turning away from Linda for a moment, he quickly clicked through the photos he had taken and settled on one. Taking the iPad from Linda’s hand, he placed it on the table and put his phone next to it.Embracing Linda from behind and cupping her boobs, Stefan moved her to the table. With his lips nuzzling her neck, Linda’s eyes devoured the so far unseen picture on the phone’s small screen. It showed her astride, with her head thrown back in a scream. Her tits and pointily aroused nipples were arching into the air, and every tensing muscle in her stretching midriff, showed the pleasuring strain of Stefan’s cock in her cunt!  “Look,” Stefan said, “imagine yourself on this glorious screen, in all the photos I will mail to you. And then you can add all the sexy selfies you are going to post to me. You will take them, won’t you? And then, I’ll be looking at them in my lonely study, as I write you another hot, sexy mail, telling you what we would do if we could be together! And it will all be safe on your strictly personal iPad. It’s small and handy, and it can do everything a computer does. All you have to get for it is your private web address. And then, of course, keep your sexy iPad hidden from Rudolf and your boys.”Linda did not need Stefan’s instruction; through her job, she was familiar with computers. But, at that moment, with her so explicitly sexy photo in front of her and Stefan’s breath on her neck and his hands on her tits, Linda was hotly aware of what the iPad could bring into their future.With her ass pressing against the feel of Stefan’s erection, Linda’s body was tinglingly alive. She whispered, “Stefan, you can not know what this present from you means to me.”Freeing herself from Stefan’s embrace, Linda sat down on the bed. With her hands folded in her lap, she looked up at Stefan and stammered, “You see, I thought our time here together was the end; that it was all we could have.”She paused. Then, in a low, shaky voice, Linda courageously added, “I accepted that after tomorrow you would be gone, and I would be again just a dull, middle-aged wifey, stuck like millions of others in a marriage, in a half-shared life, not bad enough to be ended.”Suddenly, Linda threw herself on the bed. As she stretched her arms back, her aroused nipples pushed through the thin cloth of her top. Almost dreamily, she said, “But you want us to – and we can now – continue our wild, wonderful loving and being so turned-on alive! God, I’ll be sneaking a look at the iPad five times a day, hoping …”.Stefan grinned at Linda, who squirmed in more than just imagined arousal on the bed. Interrupting her, he said:“And I’ll have to watch myself not to bore you with my sexting and sending you mail after mail. I will want to tell you hundreds of times how I miss you, miss making love to you. How crazy I am about beautiful, sexy you, your kisses, your tiny tits and sexy ass, and your delicious, hot pussy! And I’ll keep begging you to stay my sexy, wanting-me Linda, until we see each other again.”But then, instead of throwing himself on Linda, Stefan turned away. After setting up the iPad for its initial charging, he handed Linda the menu. They had earlier decided to have their evening meal served in their suite.When Linda had made her choice, Stefan rang down his order. Then he pulled her off the bed.  Smacking her on her so-tempting ass, Stefan warned, “You better behave! We’ll stay decent for dinner, but you will likely give the poor waiter a hard-on even dressed. The way you did to the boy in the Bar this morning.”Linda rubbing her smarting buttock, mumbled, “Just you wait, Stefan!”When the knock on the door came, Linda withdrew to the bathroom. The waiter had already half-set the table when Linda made her entrance.Still dressed in her clingy top and skin-tight jeans, she greeted the young kaçak iddaa waiter with a smile and strolled through the room to look at the food on the serving trolley. Then stepping back, Linda – looking at Stefan – with a sly hint at undressing undid her scarf. Pretending to throw it on the bed, she missed, and it fell on the floor. With a “Damn!” and a smile at the waiter, Linda turned. She bent deliberately slowing down, stretching her tight, sexy ass at the waiter to pick up the scarf. Then she sat down on the bed, with her arms placed behind. It made the contours of nipples showing through her top confirm her brazenly braless state as she watched the waiter.But he, smiling and unruffled, completed his task. When Stefan generously tipped him, he bowed, but he looked at Linda when he wished them a “Enjoy your meal and have a wonderful night.” He did not make it sound like a learned, standard phrase.When the door closed behind him, Linda burst into laughter, “God, it’s such fun playing the hussy! Do I need smacking again, Stefan? Like all hussies, I’m beginning to like that too.”“We can leave this for later. We have a whole wonderful night ahead, we were told. Now, let’s enjoy dinner.”Linda half-swallowed a giggled “Ouch!” and Stefan popped the cork on their bottle of champagne. They toasted each other with a heartfelt, “To us! And our secrets!”Throughout the delicious four-course meal, Linda was bubbling over with an exuberance fueled by glass after glass of champagne.  Without any probing by Stefan, Linda confessed and bared all regarding her feelings for Stefan and their relationship.She told Stefan of her delight that he had awakened such a different, sexy, and boldly shameless Linda. With him, she had suddenly realized that she was beautiful and hotly desired and that sex with and for her was an exhilarating pleasure and thrill. She loved it and felt alive like never before.She assured Stefan that she felt no guilt regarding Rudolf, and neither must he. Linda said with a smirk that her marriage had been and was a good one as far as marriages go. But in it, the sexual highs she relished now with Stefan never played a part.Here Linda paused before she admitted that neither she nor – she believed – Rudolf knew the sexual fire was missing; or that they would want it alight in their relationship. The longer they were married, the more their occasional physical intimacies became an embarrassment better avoided.They had reached the dessert in their meal, and the bottle was empty. Suddenly, Linda, after hesitating for a moment, said:“Now, you must think, Stefan, that I was frigid or simply not curious. But I had once a brief, sexual adventure, many years ago, with a friend of Rudolf. It was more my doing than his. He was much more macho than Rudolf, handsome, I thought, and sexy. But when we got together, he just bent me over and fucked me. And not just the first time; I felt more and more like thrash each time we met! I never came close to anything like a climax. I ended it. If this was all there was to sex, I did not need it!”Linda grimaced, “So my one infidelity turned me into a faithful wife!”With an embarrassed smile, Linda reached for Stefan’s hand across the table to add with a whisper, “Until now, Stefan! Are you going to take this now so eagerly unfaithful wife to bed? Especially tonight, I’m going to need a lot of hot loving from you.”Stunned by her directness, Linda got up and fled to the bathroom. Stefan stayed and cleared plates, glasses and cutlery from the table onto the trolley before pushing it outside.When the bathroom door opened, Stefan heard the rush of water. Then Linda stepped out and asked, “Won’t you join me? The spa is made for two.”As she spoke, Linda pulled the clingy top over her head and threw it aside. Then, parading her provocative tits, she stepped almost in reach of Stefan to unzip her jeans and slowly peal its skin-tight material over her bush down to her knees. As she winked at him in bending forward, Linda almost lost her balance. Stefan quickly reached out to pull a protesting and struggling Linda over his lap. As his hand stroked kaçak bahis over her shapely twitching buttocks, Linda froze and gasped, expecting a sting. But instead, Stefan only freed her legs from the hindering denim.  However, when he pulled her up, he succumbed to temptation.As Stefan’s hand landed with a resounding crack on Linda’s so smackable ass, he growled, “Run, you witch! Don’t let our bath run over. I’ll join you in a moment.”By the time Stefan joined Linda, the swirling waters must have soothed the pain he had so brutally inflicted because he was warmly welcomed. And the pulsating waters, as well as the wandering hands that would not stay away from Stefan’s rising cock, or from Linda’s perky tits, her still tingling ass and hot-opening pussy, brought them quickly into a high state of arousal.And Linda was determined to make it her night. Not waiting to be grabbed by Stefan, she slid up in the tub straddling his legs. As her lips took possession for a long, sensual, tongue-mingling kiss, her pussy sank against Stefan’s straining erection.Linda reached down and began playing its engorged head over and through her pussy’s soft-swollen lips. Breaching them, she made it slide up and down the luscious slit and then, again and again for breathless moments, circling over her clit. Combined with the tingling pulse of the close-by jets, Linda’s pussy was quickly brought close to coming.Sounding a deep throaty moan, Linda began to urge Stefan’s throbbing cock a first centimetre into her itching cunt.But then, changing her mind, she broke free from kissing. Pressing Stefan’s cock against her belly and suppressing an excited giggle, she whispered, “Remember how you taught me how my pussy needs to be kissed, woken up? We can’t just fuck in the tub; we need to get into bed. I want your naughty tongue in my pussy, want you to eat me up till I cry for your lovely cock!”They towelled each other off. For a mad moment, Stefan wanted to roll Linda in her towel and carry her to bed like a gift ready to be unwrapped. But then he just dragged her, laughing as she held on to the towel, to the bed.When Stefan threw her on the bed, Linda edged away. In mock protest, she covered her body with the towel and poked out her tongue. The hussy in her now begged to be smacked and wrestled into naked submission!However, Stefan only smiled. He knelt on the bed’s edge and gently lifted one of Linda’s legs. He started to caress her calf and kiss her sensitive foot. When his mouth closed the first time over her toes, Linda began to whimper. However, when Stefan alternated it with hard licks and love bites to the foot’s sole, Linda’s body convulsed. With a drawn-out moan, she tossed off the sheltering towel.And then, as Stefan continued to make love to her stretched up leg while his mouth sucked and nibbled on Linda’s in lust curling toes, Linda began to whisper, “Stefan, stop it! Stop this! I’m going crazy, God, I’m going to come!”As Stefan’s hand glid higher up on her leg, Linda began to make love to her – for him out of reach – in lust squirming body. He watched as her fingertips locked over her nipples. Then she drew her nails, almost marking her skin, down over her tensing stomach. As she brushed repeatedly through and over her bush, her thighs twisted open. And then, with her palm pressing on her mound, Linda’s stretched fingers bent and dug deep into the glistening pink of her cunt.When Linda cried out, “Stefan, God, Stefan! Don’t make me wait!” he had already begun to kiss his way up her, in expectation spreading legs. And this time, Linda stopped him from marking the inside of her thighs with lingering kisses.As soon as she could reach Stefan’s head, Linda took hold. She slipped her legs over his shoulders, and her quivering thighs locked his mouth onto the hot opening of her arching up sex.It did not need awakening. With his mouth deep in Linda’s hot-slippery gash, Stefan sank his tongue, in twirling thrusts, repeatedly into Linda’s pulsating cunt. And as she ground and pressed, in between gasps and moans, she whispered, “Yes! Yes, Stefan! Love my pussy! Yes, like that! Eat illegal bahis me up! Stefan! Stefan! God, you’ll make me come!”With his head in the frantic grip of Linda’s hands and clamped by her shaking thighs onto the fleshy-hot lusciousness of her cunt, Stefan had to fight for breath. Gripping Linda’s churning ass, he momentarily managed to free his for air gasping mouth. But then, urged by Linda’s fevering fingers in his hair, Stefan sank it with a throaty moan onto her clit.As his teeth closed over its fleshy sleeve and he pressed and sucked Linda’s precious pearl out of its hiding, her love song changed into shrill, repeated cries of “Yes! God, yes!” Linda’s thighs started to shiver and release their grip. As her legs bent and her curling toes dug into Stefan’s back, he sank one, then two of his fingers, into Linda’s palpitating cunt.As her scream turned into a staccato of whimpers, Linda’s groin arched up, pressing her clit hard against Stefan’s teeth and tongue and his curling fingers deep into her cunt as the orgasm struck Linda like a thunderbolt. There had been no warning welling-up.Caught in its turmoil, Linda imprinted on Stefan’s memory forever the ecstasy of her coming! With all shame banished, she pressed his mouth on the with her hot juices-soaked cunt, as wave after orgasmic wave crashed in. With her body twisting and shaking, Linda, gasping and stuttering, cried, “Yes! Yes! Don’t leave me! Eat my pussy, my hot cunt! It’s yours, Stefan, yours alone! God, I’m coming, I’m coming!”When the last wave had ebbed away, Linda released her hold on Stefan’s head with a sigh. However, when Stefan slid up and locked her into a comforting cuddle, her tongue sought immediately his of her cunt-juices tasting mouth. It quickly became a hot, demanding-more kiss, with Linda now stealthily masturbating Stefan’s painfully engorged cock.When Linda began, pussy-cat-like, to lick over Stefan’s cum-coated face, she suddenly burst into a giggle. Then she whispered, “God, you taste sexy, from my wet, hot for you pussy! Would you want to kiss me too when I taste of your cum? After a long, long suck of your beautiful cock!”Not waiting for an answer, Linda kissed her way down Stefan’s body. Just in passing, Linda closed her teeth over one of Stefan’s nipples. Her swirling tongue let him know – but only for a few moments – the pleasure Stefan’s mouth always gave to her love-hungry, tiny tits.And then, Linda closed in. With none of the shyness of her previous first time, she smiled up at Stefan as her hands cradled his rock-hard, straining up manhood. Linda kept silent, but for a fleeting moment, she regretted that this marvellous cock would not fuck her into a tumultuous coming like last time. But she knew Stefan had his reasons for making her wait.As her tongue began to circle the cock’s head and tease its pre-cum wet slit, Linda’s mouth filled with saliva in expectation of the feast. She whispered, “This time, you won’t stop me, Stefan. I want to suck you till you come!”Then, kneeling between Stefan’s legs with her sexy ass in the air, Linda sunk her mouth over his straining cock.At first, her lips only enclosed the cock’s head to allow her French-kissing tongue its titillating play. As it licked and played and twirled over the sensitive tip of Stefan’s twitching cock, Linda’s wide-open eyes never left his. And her face showed a mischievous delight in Stefan’s submission as his arms stretched sideways and his fingers clawed the silky sheet.So far, Linda only toyed by speaking-in-tongues to Stefan’s steely hard rod. But as it throbbed and strained in her hand, the memory of it thrusting into the core of her cunt surprised Linda with a rushing-in mini-orgasm. But now, more than anything, Linda wanted Stefan’s cock’s girth, heat, and its raging desire to pulsate in the depth of her hungering mouth. So, Linda dug her fingers suddenly into Stefan’s sides, and her mouth began to push, shallow at first but then progressively deeper onto Stefan’s throbbing, rampant erection.Linda had a burning desire to possess and bewitch Stefan’s cock in the way he had just set her pussy on fire. As her wide-open mouth sank deeper and the cock’s head touched her throat, Hilda fought her gagging. Over the following minutes, her increasingly lustful feasting on his cock gradually overcame this barrier.

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