Lost to Found

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Emily was excited to meet her friends. A new place to party and swim. Emily usually didn’t day drink, but she wanted to be a little loosened up when she got there, and it was only one glass of wine so she knew she was good to drive.

Emily stood in the middle of her room, contemplating her wardrobe choice. She knew most of the guys there, but she knew a couple of new men would be there too and, if she got lucky, she was going to get lucky. She chose a string bikini that might qualify as a hanky if the top and bottom were put together, barely covering her perfectly rounded breasts with large nipples that were made to be sucked and clamped.

Emily loved it a little rough, but rarely got what she truly loved, but loved sex so was still mostly satisfied. Tonight, Emily was determined to get what she wanted and was willing to beg for it.

She had dark fantasies that sometimes haunted her dreams, bondage, spankings, gang bangs, and forced compliance with unknown partners. On those nights she would wake up with her pussy soaking wet and throbbing with need and would try to assuage the need by sliding her dildo into her ass and pounding her pussy with the biggest dildo she owned. She would get what she wanted tonight.

She slipped a gauzy, filmy cover over her bikini that left nothing to the imagination, downed another glass of wine and ran out the door.

She got out her phone and punched in the address. She knew that it was kind of out in the middle of nowhere but figured she would have cell service so didn’t bother to download the directions. It wasn’t too far out of town. She pulled out with a feeling of excitement and sexual resolution to finally get every single thing she wanted.

Emily put the top down, turned up the radio and took a few more sips of the drink she mixed as an after thought just before running out the door. After driving for almost 45 minutes, she was starting to get a little worried. Her phone had been silent with any new instructions for about 15 minutes now. Her friend had told her around where the dirt road was that she needed to turn on to get to the swimming hole. She knew she had to have gone far enough and was ready to get off the highway, so the next dirt road that came up Emily figured that had to be it.

Her friends had promised her that her car would make it down the road and so far there hadn’t been any problems and Emily could tell that the road looked well traveled and was positive that she was on the right road.

Emily rounded a curve and there were trucks parked everywhere on the road where a new house was being built. Men were walking around and working, most in sweaty shirts plastered to some very fine bodies. As Emily slowed down to go around the trucks, she decided she would stop and ask to be sure she was on the right road.

She opened the door and stood up, stretching, and noticed that all eyes were turned on her and a tingling of sexual tension ran escort izmir down her spine and she truly hoped this could be the opportunity to make several of her dreams come true.

When she slid out of the car, drink in hand, she made sure her cover was pulled up to the top of her hips. One extraordinarily magnificent looking man started strolling slowly in her direction with what could only be called a sensual look in his eyes.

Emily sauntered up to one of the men with what she hoped was a sultry look that would get her what she wanted, slowly putting

“I think I’m lost. Does anyone know where there is a swimming hole around here?” Emily asked in a low throaty voice she barely recognized. “I’m supposed to meet some friends there”.

The men were starting to gather around Emily now and she could feel moisture start to form inside her pussy and start to ooze out. “No sweetheart we don’t know about any place to swim around here” one man said. Then Emily saw one of the sexiest men she had ever seen.

Emily put the straw in her mouth, sucking on the straw, never breaking eye contact with Mr. Sexy. All she knew was that she had to fuck and she had to fuck now!

Emily set her drink down and slowly pulled up the hem of her cover, catching her thumbs in the bottom of her bikini top and pulling it up above her breasts. Her nipples instantly got hard as rocks and was pulsating with the need to be pinched, bit, sucked until she was begging for mercy.

Mr. Sexy walked over to Emily and leaned down and asked oh so softly, “Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

Emily’s response was to pull the bikini top the rest of the way off and throw it at him. The man slowly bent down and picked up her top and walked over to her.

For a split second Emily was terrified he was going to deny her the opportunity of living out her biggest fantasy; but he reached up and pulled her to his chest, kissing her like her like she had never been kissed before.

He quickly spun her around and used her bikini to blindfold her. This was really going to happen! A slight whimper escaped from Emily’s lips.

Emily heard another man say, “Jeff, you better ask her again just to make sure”. So Jeff was this sexy creatures name. Jeff leaned in, pressing his cock against Emily’s ass, “You know we are going to tie you up and everyone of us are going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, so if you’re not 100% committed to this you better speak up now because once I start, I won’t stop until I’m through”.

Emily sucked in her breath and rubbed her ass against his already rock hard cock and only had to utter one word, “Please”. And it started.

Jeff reached around and immediately buried two fingers up in Emily’s wet pussy. Emily let out a loud moan and came immediately all over Jeff’s hand, the fluid running down her leg as he continued to ram his fingers into her. Jeff then reached up and pinched izmir escort bayan her nipple so hard that Emily’s knees gave out as more cum gushed out of her pussy.

She felt hands on her ass, pulling on the string of her bikini until it snapped and then the hands were rubbing the cum that had run down her leg, getting the hand wet and slick; Emily knew what was coming and relaxed her ass muscles and stepped wider to accommodate the finger that slid into her ass.

Emily was writhing and moaning in ectasy when all the hands suddenly released her. She swayed for a second and was immediately steadied, picked up and carried a few feet. She felt hands on each wrist and each ankle, and then ropes, rough and coarse against her skin, being tied to each. She was pulled and tied tightly.

Emily had never felt so exposed but so sexually alive in her entire life. God how she hoped this would last for hours! She then heard a slight wooshing sound. Jeff again was there in her ear, “I know you’re a bad girl, and all bad girls need to be spanked”.

Despite the slight feeling of fear that traveled down her spine, she felt herself start dripping cum again. Then the first hit. It was not too hard but hard enough to make Emily whimper just a little. She felt someone move between her legs and suddenly there was a hot tongue licking her wet, cum covered pussy. Emily had never felt anything so delicious and yummy in her entire life.

With each strike of the belt on Emily’s ass the man between her legs would thrust a finger into her as he continued to lick her throbbing clit. One hit, one finger. Two hits, two fingers, until Emily’s pussy was stretched and completely incapable of controlling the cum gushing out of her as the man between her legs licked and sucked her clit and continued to manipulate his hand into her pussy.

Jeff had stopped with the spanking, and someone was sucking and biting her nipples. Emily pulled and pulled on her bonds trying to pull free, to touch, to fondle a cock. She needed a cock!

Suddenly the tension of the ropes lessened, and Emily was frantic trying to get loose to get the cocks she desperately needed. Hands were then pushing her down to her knees. Emily immediately opened her mouth to lick her lips and had no sooner pulled her tongue back in when strong fingers squeezed her throat, and a huge cock was shoved down her throat. She was in heaven!

Emily loved to suck cock, just about more than anything. Emily felt someone lay their hand on the back of her head and push her to her hands and knees. The cock was immediately back down her throat, face fucking her just like she had always wanted.

She felt the head of a cock slowly start penetrating her ass until the entire huge cock was buried shaft deep in her ass. It was the largest cock that had ever been in her ass, and the feeling was indescribable.

Emily wasn’t sure she knew she could cum so hard without something izmir escortlar fucking her pussy at the same time. But as the huge cock pounded her ass Emily came over and over, begging the cock to go harder and harder into her ass.

The weight of the man behind her shifted and hands grabbed her arms and she was lifted slightly, the cock still sunk deep into her ass. Her legs were spread, and she was impaled on another cock as the man in her ass held her down, his weight pushing the cock in her pussy deeper and deeper.

Another cock was shoved into her mouth, her head held steady by firm hands. Emily had three hard cocks pounding into her body, but still she wanted more. Her greediness for cock surprising Emily.

When the cock was pulled out of her mouth for her to catch her breath, she screamed, “Oh my God please give me more cock!”

All the men inside her stopped for just a second and everything paused as they repositioned. There was one cock in her pussy and two huge cocks were attempting to push into Emily’s ass.

One cock slid in with little resistance. Emily felt slippery fingers pulling her anus wider, and then it happened. The second cock forced her asshole bigger than it had ever been stretched and the feeling was the most sexually fulfilling sensation she had ever experienced.

The friction caused by all three cocks sliding in and out of Emily’s pussy and ass sent her spiraling into uncontrolled orgasms. Emily was moaning around the cock sliding in and out of her mouth with every thrust. Her hands were grabbed and placed on cocks and she began jerking them off and another cock was back in her mouth.

Emily had six cocks going at one time and was ecstatic. Emily felt the cock in her mouth start to swell and get harder and new her reward was coming, and then there was hot cum squirting down her throat and on her face.

The men she had been jacking off began to cum and Emily felt the cum hit the sides of her face and breast, sliding down her like a warm caress.

The cocks in her ass and pussy were still pounding her and with each drop of cum that hit Emily’s skin, her pussy would spasm and she knew the ultimate orgasm was about to be hers!! She felt the pressure building to an almost unbearable level.

The cocks in her ass began to pound harder and harder and began to cum simultaneously. At that moment, as Emily was screaming, “God yes! Yes! Im cumming”, she exploded with an intensity that left her faint and weak, her cum squirting out of her extremely used, very happy, wet, cum filled pussy.

Emily was still blindfolded but she didn’t need to see to know that she was covered in cum and she felt it oozing out every hole in her body. Her blindfold was removed and there was Jeff with a clean wet towel and a lap that he pulled Emily into. He held her as he gently wiped her body clean. Emily didn’t realize she had dozed off, but when she awoke, she was in her car, alone. She stretched and smiled, enjoying the pain of having been thoroughly used.

She saw a note on her dashboard which read, “The swimming hole is just a few miles farther down this road. Please feel free to get lost anytime you want. Jeff”.

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