Losing My Virginity

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 or older. Enjoy!


My time had come. I just turned 18 last week! That means I could finally have sex, legally. My hands trembled with excitement. My name is Lizzy, I’m about 5’6″ with size 35DD, around average. I’m thin but curvy, the boys at school sometimes stare at me. My wavy red hair reaches my waist and my piercing green eyes are a soft mint color.

I pick up my phone and dial my boyfriend’s number. His name is Ethan. He’s totally sexy and has been wanting to fuck me for years now. I keep refusing… until I turn 18. My stomach flips as he picks up the phone. “Hey, Liz.” He says.

“Ethan, I think I’m ready.” I straight out say it. “You are? B-but… really?!” He seems very excited and I smile at the thought of him getting hard for me.

“Yes, want to come over?” No one is here but my older sister, Cassandra, and she always stays in her room. It’s rare that she ever come check on me. He agrees and hangs up. I strip out of my clothing and leave it kartal escort bayan in a pile next to my bed. I run downstairs to open the door. That was fast!

His eyes widen and I see his trousers twitch at the sight of me. Lacy black panties and a tight bra, accentuating my curves. He walks in, gently shutting the door and slipping off his shoes, before picking me up and carrying me to the couch, sure to squeeze my ass cheeks. We’ve masturbated each other before when my parents aren’t home, but haven’t had real sex. I’m excited and I feel myself getting wet as he touches me.

Ethan yanks my bra off and starts playing with a nipple. He pulls and tweaks at one while licking and nibbling the other. I let my head fall back with a soft moan. He slides his shirt over his head, leaving it on the couch. We start making out as he gropes me and within the next couple of minutes we are both naked.

“Ready?” He says while fingering me.

“Mmm.. mm.. yeahh..” I say between grunts. He removes his sopping wet escort maltepe fingers and positions his dick at my entrance. I see precum oozing out of him and onto my wet clit. “Do it baby…” I say, stroking him. I bit my fingers as he pushes closer into me…

I moan in pain and he pulls out. He puts his dick on my clit and moves it up and down, back and forth. I groan, this time in pleasure, and beg him to continue. He does it, grunting back to me.

Eventually, I ask him to try again. He pushes his full 8 inches into me and I cover my mouth to hold back a scream. It hurts, but I’m too excited to care. He starts thrusting and I moan, tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

“Mmm.” He says, biting his lip, his face red. I wrap my legs around him as he thrusts. He keeps fucking me and runs his hands along my thighs. I sigh and know this will be a good first bang.

I feel him deep inside of me and I just can’t stop moaning. He’s so good. Why didn’t I do this earlier? I push him out and we switch pendik escort to doggystyle. He thrusts harder and harder, making me grunt each time. He tweaks one of my nipples as he continues to fuck me.

“Oooh, yes baby…” I say to him, milking him with my pussy. I look down, past my swinging tits and his hand clutching one, and see his legs move as he thrusts. There is a little puddle of pre-cum, juice, and wetness beneath my pussy, leaking out. I scoop some out with my finger and twist around, putting it in his mouth. He sucks on it slowly saying “mmm”.

Suddenly, his face gets redder. I think he’s about to cum! The thought turns me on even more and I feel my pussy contracting. I’m going to orgasm too…

I start to grind harder against him, eager to cum. “Should-mm-I pull… out?” He says, his hands on my ass as I push against him. “No” I gasp.

I close my eyes and listen to the soft sloshing noise of our juices mixing as we have sex. I feel him start to shake… I moan. He’s ready – I feel his warm seed fill me inside and I am pushed off the edge. I start to groan as I have my first orgasm from fucking my boyfriend. He climbs off of me and I slowly lick his warm, sticky dick. I look up at him, chuckling softly. I can’t wait for more to “cum” if you know what I mean. 😉

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