Lori Ch. 07

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Lori tried to start something as we showered but I wanted, no, needed her to understand that it was more than a physical thing for me, so I left her and finished my shower in the other bathroom. She pouted as we got ready and refused to kiss me as we parted for our first class.

Walking into Calculus I saw Lori talking to Vanessa. She had turned to ensure that she wouldn’t see me as I entered however, Vanessa saw me. Lori looked back then purposely ignored me and returned to talking to Vanessa. When I stopped in front of her desk, Lori finally gave me a flat look before sticking her tongue out at me then giving me a wink and smile. After class, I found an empty, shielded corner, grabbed her ass and leaned in. Kissing her, I whispered “This isn’t a punishment. I love you. I love your body. I love what we do. In that order.” with a final kiss, I walked her to class.

Lunch was a little stressed. Out of our group, only Eric and Vanessa had been included in our activities and those two were nothing but grins and giggles whenever I looked at them. The others kept asking what was up but no one said anything except that we had watched a couple of movies.

When I asked Eric if he had any plans after school he gave me a stupid smile, “Yeah, I have practice.”

Thank God for Study Hall. Lori and I were both still behind but we made a significant dent in our homework.

After school, Lori tried to take advantage of the empty house but I made her sit across from me as we worked on our shrinking stack of homework. She grumbled, finding any excuse to get up and run her had across my shoulders each time she walked by. It was difficult to resist but I managed. I finally told her the more she tried, the longer it would be. She didn’t give up but she did stay seated until it was time to get ready for dinner with her parents.

I refused to stop on the way home.

In bed, she waited until I was almost asleep before her hand snuck down, her head following. It was a struggle to pull her away and only my threat of sleeping in my old room got through to her. With her promise not to try again, I relented and lay back down.


Lori behaved herself in the shower and even kissed me as we went to class.

Lunch, however, was worse. Lori and Vanessa had their heads together with Eric looking like the cat that had not only caught the mouse but swallowed it whole! When Jeremy asked why he looked so happy, Eric glanced at Vanessa and tried to stammer out an excuse. Jeremy looked to me and I just shrugged as if I didn’t have a clue. Brittany and Brooke gave up any attempt at a conversation and left. Jeremy followed.

Free from prying eyes and ears, Eric finally told me that he was able to give Vanessa two orgasms and she was getting better too. Vanessa blushed but nodded and blew him a kiss.

We wrapped up the slide show for Baccalaureate in Yearbook.

Lori finally got caught up with her homework in Study Hall. I promised her a reward after school. She was so excited I had to avoid her for the last 20 minutes of school.

When I presented her with a hot fudge sundae from Braums as her reward, with a cherry on top! she rolled her window down and it tossed out the window then refused to talk to me.

Lori offered to cook dinner and Mom quickly volunteered to help.

Dad reminded me that I was slacking on the farm. I assured him that I would get caught up.

When it was time for dinner we all praised Lori on her efforts but I was pretty sure she saw through it.

When I went to bed, Lori was in the shower. She had her music playing. I put on my shorts and was climbing into bed when she opened the door. She came out drying her hair and singing wearing a t-shirt. She stopped when she saw me and tossed the towel to the side. I prepared to fend her off again but she just smiled. Going to the desk she grabbed the chair and dragged it to the middle of the room. Pointing, she told me “Sit.” When I didn’t move she held up her hand and said “I promise not to try anything.”

As I sat down, Lori switched the music to a techno dance song with a strong beat. I watched her start to sway to the music. I could see her lime green panties, full coverage boy-short panties instead of her normal thong. Spinning towards me, lip syncing the lyrics, she stalked towards me. Stopping in front of me, she twisted to the beat and running her hands up her body and through her hair.

I sat back and stared as she jerked to the rhythm tossing her head back, losing herself in the dance. As she bent over, she placed her hands on my knees and draped her hair across my chest. Eventually she knelt before me, knees wide, and leaned back gyrating and thrusting her hips forward with the building intensity of the song.

As the first song ended, she stood and peeled her t-shirt off and flung it at me with a smile, she didn’t have panties on, it was a bikini, tied tight! and maybe a size or three too small.

With the next song, I sat Sivas Escort mesmerized as she shook and twirled and danced before me. I kept waiting for her top to come off but enjoyed the view of her breasts swinging and bouncing in the thin material. Her nipples were rock hard and very pronounced. I leaned forward, drawn to her swaying body but she pushed me back and shook her head. Her hands crept across her torso, climbing to cover her breasts before giving me a smile and turning away. She slowly undid the ties and dropped her top to the floor then backed up between my legs. When I tried to grab her hips, she slapped my hands away but kept swaying her ass in my face. Placing her hands on my knees she lowered herself until she was almost sitting in my lap and began grinding against me to the pulse of the song.

When I tried to reach around and grab her swaying breasts, she jumped away, covering them with her arm and shaking her finger at me. As the song ended, I anticipated the next, knowing that I would give her whatever she wanted if she kept it up.

Lori had other ideas.

As the song faded away she moved to the light switch, turning it off. I waited for her to return and instead I felt her bikini bottoms hit my shoulder. In the silence I heard her yawn then the sounds of her climbing into bed. Yeah, I’d been had.

Making my way to our bed, I slid in behind her. She was still naked. “My promise lasts until tomorrow morning.” she told me. I shook my head but slipped my shorts off. She snuggled back against me and with another yawn murmured “I love you.”

I took the opportunity to feel her up a little before we both fell asleep.


I made sure to get up when she did so I was waiting for her when she returned from her run. Stripping her bare, I shoved her in the shower and washed every inch of her sweaty body, paying close attention to her nipples. The instant my hand strayed between her legs she slammed them shut and rode my fingers until she came. I left her leaning against the wall and rushed down the hall for my cold shower.

Lunch was, if not normal, close to it. No huddled heads or private conversations. We all talked about Prom, the girls about shopping. It seemed that the four of us would be the only ones with official dates. The others were going as a threesome. I had a Prom Plan but I wasn’t divulging.

After school, I went to work. Dad was right. I had been slacking. After checking the diesel tanks, I did a quick circuit, making a list of the important places that needed my attention most.

Mom had dinner ready when I got home. As we ate, I talked to Dad about what I needed then helped clean up.

I snuck into the shower again and soaped her up before leaving. She screamed and cursed and called me all sorts of names. Dad told me later that he was impressed with her vocabulary.


When Lori woke me, every light was on. She was lying beside me, naked, on top of the sheets and was very apologetic.

She didn’t act it.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was still before six! Too early for her normal jog. When I commented on the time she assured me that it was an absolute mistake that she had set the alarm 30 minutes early.

Getting out of bed she told me “I’m beginning to see it more from your point of view.” Grabbing the desk chair she moved it next to the bed and sat down. “This thing, between us? I do want it to be more than just sex.” She put her feet on the edge of the bed then scooted her butt forward and leaned back. “I know that you love me.” Her legs parted. “I know that you’ll always be there for me.” I watched her hands began to wander across her body as she talked. Pulling on her nipples and rubbing down to her waist. I tried to keep my eyes on hers but she closed them as her hand dipped lower. Her breath caught as she made contact with her clit then whimpered as I watched her rubbing it in tiny little circles.

“It’s just that…mmmmm….that even before…you know…” her finger slid in and she gasped as she came. “A girl has needs, right?” adding a second finger, “and, ooooooooOOOOHH! And even before you fucked me…oh God…before you shoved your huge COCK! FUCK! Fuck…into my tight little cuuuuuhh…cunt, I played with myself.” She had one hand thrusting her fingers in and out while the other was rubbing and pulling on her clit and was leaning forward in the chair. “I fingered my pusssssssyy…yeah…I made myself k k cum. It would be soooo much better if you were…OH MIKE!” she squeezed her eyes shut and bit her top lip as she came, moaning a softly as she could!

Leaning back, panting, she smiled to herself. I watched her drag her cum soaked fingers to her mouth and suck them clean. Finally, satisfied she had gotten everything; she stood up and grabbed her shorts from the floor. Lite blue and thin, she pulled them on. They hugged her every contour. Then, just to make certain, she ran her hand between her legs, pushing them into Sivas Escort Bayan every crease.

Walking to the dresser, she bent over, at the waist, and opened the bottom drawer and started searching.

I was almost out of bed when she stood up holding a small white piece of materiel, it was less than a half shirt that fell to just below her nipples and was thin enough that I could see their shade.

Walking back up to me she leaned down and kissed my cheek. “Mike, I really do understand and I think you’re right. Even though you do it so much better and your big dick stretches and fills my tiny little pussy better than these two finger, you do know best.” Then danced away from my reaching hands. “Oh, and Mike? I understand that you have needs too. And if you need to take care of them, you know, like before you ever slid deep inside me and then filled me to the brim with scalding cum, it’s perfectly OK with me. It’s a perfectly natural thing. Bye, I gotta go run.”

If I could have found enough ice, I would have taken a bath.

I showered and dressed while she was gone then left while she was in the shower. I couldn’t be mad at her but damn it!

She was all smiles at school. I hinted that maybe I had been a little too rash but Lori totally disagreed, even to the point of asking all of our friends what they thought, with her stated intent of ‘encouraging open and honest dialog’.

Vanessa couldn’t stop looking back and forth between us. I couldn’t interpret her expression but…

Eric, totally missing the point, boldly stated that long term relationships should absolutely not be based on sex.

Britt and Brooke were of mixed opinions. They both agreed that, emotionally, trust and friendship were more important but Britt ventured that great sex would be hard to ignore, not that she would know, of course, seeing as she was still a virgin, but she had heard and…Brooke shushed her.

Jeremy was oddly quiet but then, he had been becoming less involved recently.

Lori even went so far as to solicit the opinions of several people we barely knew as if she was conducting a survey, diligently writing down the ‘answers’ with firm assurances that it was all to be held in the strictest of confidences.

In Study Hall she presented her results. It was an even tie. “OH! Unless you count your opinion. You said that sex was not as important…so that makes it the majority! Most people agree with you about waiting to have sex because it can get in the way.”

I lowered my head to the table and left it there for the remainder of class.

When the bell rang, Lori hopped up and, ever chipper, said “I know you have to work so I’ll just grab a ride with Vanessa, OK? Don’t forget about dinner at my parents tonight.”

As soon as her Dad closed the door and we pulled away, I told her to get naked. Her face lit up and she broke a couple of buttons as she stripped. I parked on the lease road we normally used and rolled down the windows. I licked and sucked her pussy until she shrieked. I gave her just enough time to come down then did it again. I’m surprised the sheriff didn’t come to investigate who was being murdered.

Too bad I wore that belt. Lori couldn’t get in my pants to reciprocate. I’m still not of the logic of that punishment.


Lori almost didn’t make it out of the house. She wore the pink dress/blouse with the same sandals as last Friday and a barely long enough jean skirt. She made sure I watched her get dressed with constant reminders that she wasn’t going to wear panties.

I stumbled as I walked into Calc where she gave me a sunny smile then I watched her deliberately spread her legs and flash me without even looking around to see who else might have seen.

At Lunch she had obviously conspired with Vanessa to ensure I was in the corner. Vanessa sat to the left and Lori to the right. It happened so casually that I didn’t noticed it until mid-way through Lunch when Lori dropped her hand to rest in my lap as we were discussing plans for the evening. When it slid up to rest on my crotch, she began to ‘massage’ me; I tried to play it off.

Funny got serious when I tried to move her hand and she about crushed ‘the boys’! Her face never gave any indication that something was going on under the table. Then, as soon as I tried to move away, she squeezed tighter. If I sat back, she would continue her stroking but she never blinked an eye!

The sudden touch of Vanessa’s hand on the inside of my other thigh about caused me to jump through the wall! It was there, caress, then gone. If I hadn’t seen her brief smirk, I could have believed it was my imagination.

Lori hadn’t seen it so I didn’t bring it up.

Yearbook was a ‘free’ period for most of us; we only had a few small projects left. Lori toyed with a camera, finally taking a picture up her skirt and showing it to me before deleting it.

Thank God for English Comp. I was almost done with the first draft Escort Sivas of my final paper so I took the opportunity and focused on it.

Study Hall was torture. Vanessa joined Lori and me at our table in back and they whispered about Eric. I tried to finish my Calc homework but then Lori shifted to the seat next to me and began rubbing my dick again.

The more I ignored her, the bolder she became until she unbuttoned her blouse enough for me to see her bra filled with her firm…look away!

Sighing, Lori got up and left us alone. I should have known she wouldn’t give up that easily. She returned a few minutes later and leaned over the table. Glancing up, I saw her blouse was almost completely unbuttoned and she had removed her bra! Her perfect breasts were suspended before me with her dark brown nipples clearly visible to both Vanessa and me.

Vanessa was in fits watching us. I glared at her which only caused her to laugh more openly.

Lori took the opportunity to tell Vanessa all the things I hadn’t done to her over the week. Her list was lengthy and explicit! Vanessa had a wistful look in her eyes then they about fell out of her head when Lori complained “And he hasn’t licked my butt ALL WEEK!”

I slammed my book shut, causing her to jump. “FINE!” I growled. “Get you ass over here and I’ll do it right now!”

She had the nerve to look shocked! Shaking her head, and with a huff, “Michael! I can not believe you would even suggest such a thing!” and stood up, buttoned her shirt, gathered her books, and started to walk away. “Come on Vanessa, you can give me a ride home, today.” and they walked out of the library!

I shut my eyes and took several deep breaths. I had just decided to follow them when the bell rang.


She wasn’t home when I got there so I changed clothes and went to the farm. I needed to put more gravel around the stock tanks. Leaving my phone in the truck, I grabbed my shovel, and got into the tractor. Four miles is a long slow drive in a tractor.

It took me about two hours but I managed to get to five tanks. I left the tractor at the last stop and walked the three miles back to my truck. I was worn out when I got home.

Lori was waiting for me in the kitchen. Mom and Dad had gone out to eat with my grandparents. I tried to beg off going out but Lori insisted.

When I got out of the shower, I didn’t see her but she had laid out my clothes. Shorts, t-shirt, and underwear. Hmmmm.

We met up at Brittany’s to watch movies. Pizza, bread sticks, and salad for dinner. Jeremy cut out early leaving the six of us. Lori was the perfect lady and didn’t try anything the entire night. Between movies, the girls talked about Prom, I tried to be vague and non-committal when Brittany tried to setup an after party. Eric wasn’t certain. The girls were all for it.

When I got up to walk around so I wouldn’t fall asleep, Eric walked outside with me. He asked what I had planned. I just shook my head and told him I was working on something.

Eleven O’clock

Lori announced to everyone that I had to be up early for work. I tried to resist until she whispered in my ear that if we didn’t leave right then she was going to cut my clothes off with the scissors she brought to get past my difficult belt. I saw the wisdom of my bedtime.

As we drove away, I asked “Where are we going?”

“Home. You really do need to get up for work tomorrow.” she answered. She scooted over next to me and held my hand but didn’t say anything more. I was a little disappointed.

Mom was up when we got home and Lori insisted that we sit and talk for a while; at least until the commercials were over and Mom’s show came back on, then she shooed us away.

I crawled into bed, exhausted. Lori left me to take a shower. I was barely awake when she climbed into bed. She pulled the sheet back and I felt her tugging on my shorts followed by the distinctive . “That was the drawstring. If you don’t want me cut your shorts off with these very sharp scissors, I’d suggest that you lose them.”

I got the point. Shorts: gone.

“Good boy.” She reached down, hand encircling my already hard cock. “Mmmmm…..and ready to.”

I had been doing everything I could all week to not have sex but after her teasing all day, I was more ready.

In one swift movement Lori got on top and positioned my dick at the entrance of her very hot and ready pussy. She lowered herself until just the head was inside. “I’ve felt this thing poking me every night.” She dropped down a few inches and gasped “Fuck!” I had to agree. It had been a week. I put my hands on her hips to pull her down onto me. “No! You don’t get to do that. All week long you’ve denied me. You’ve more than made your point.” Down. The sensation was incredible! Hot, wet, tight! “You love me.”

“Yes.” It hadn’t been a question. “I do love you.”

Lori abruptly slid the rest of the way down, taking me all in. “fuuuuuuuuuuck” she breathed.

I inhaled as sharply as she had then grabbed her hands, pulling her close. “I do love you but I love this too!”

I tried to roll us over but she resisted. “Nuh-uh. I don’t want to fuck, I want to Love. I want to Love you.” I drew her mouth to mine in answer.

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