Lord of the Lifeguards Ch. 07

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This is the next chapter in a sequel that brings together characters and topics from previous chapters. Best if you read those first!


The mobile phone ringing in the distance became louder and seemed oddly familiar as it invaded her subconsciousness and jolted Mandy from her dream state. She rubbed her eyes as she tried to shake off the hazy throws of deep sleep. She suddenly connected with the familiarity of the ringtone and bolted upright, reaching for her phone.

“Hullo?” she answered in a raw and raspy voice, leaving no doubt to the caller that they had woken her up. She glanced at the time and realized she had only been asleep for a few hours.

“Miss Hall, this is Evelyn from Mrs. Pearson’s office.”

“Yes, what is it Evelyn?” Mandy responded, now more fully awake.

“Mrs. Pearson wants to see you in her office in exactly one hour.”

“B-b-but it’s only 7 o’clock, what could she -…” Mandy was promptly cut off by Mrs. Pearson’s irritated assistant.

“Miss Hall, be in her office at the Foundation by 8 a.m. and may I suggest you shower before you meet with her?” Evelyn ended the call before she could respond again.

What in the hell could that be about? Mandy thought to herself. Whatever it was, she knew she’d better not be late given the serious tone in Evelyn’s voice.

She went into her bathroom and saw her stained clothes and her pumps scattered across the floor and the events of the evening suddenly came rushing back to her.

Mandy quickly showered, put on some make-up, threw on some modest jeans and a sweater and drove downtown to meet Mrs. Pearson.

When Mandy entered the Foundation lobby, Evelyn looked up, then immediately rose from her desk and walked towards the closed office door.

“Mrs. Pearson is waiting for you,” she said opening up the door, a slight smirk on her face.

As Mandy walked into her office, she saw Mrs. Pearson sitting in her chair with her back to the door, staring out the window at the magnificent view of the skyline, the morning sun painting the mountain range in vivid pastel colors.

Mandy stopped in front of her desk and paused for a moment. “Good Morning Mrs. Pearson. You wanted to see me?”

After a long pause, she replied, “You know, I never get tired of this view,” still staring out the window.

Gayle turned around in her chair, then leaned back with her hands clasped on her lap and a faux smile on her face. She motioned for Mandy to sit in one of the chairs in front of her desk.

“I understand you had an eventful evening last night. Do tell me all about it.”

As Mandy sat, she started with a recap of her night.

“Well, after I left your home last night I met up with the Klausmans at The Canyons. They are such wonderful people but unfortunately they had to leave early this morning.”

“Yes, yes, I know all of that,” she replied impatiently. “I’ve already heard from the ambassador before their flight left this morning. Anything else happen?”

Mandy was silent for a moment, trying to process what she might be after. She had a puzzled look on her face as Mrs. Pearson leaned forward with her steely eyes locked on Mandy’s, and spun the open laptop on her desk around so the display was facing her.

Mandy immediately saw a picture momentarily frozen in time on the screen of herself sitting in her Corvette. As the video began playing she was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of dread.

Taken from a security camera located at some high vantage point, obviously somewhere overhead in the front drive of the hotel, the high-resolution video clip started at the point where Shane, the valet, started ejaculating into Mandy’s mouth. Whoever was operating the camera at the time had deftly zoomed in at just the precise moment to get a tight shot that clearly showed every detail of what was going on.

For added effect, the video went into slow-motion mode so the cum shots shooting from the valet’s penis towards Mandy’s mouth were long, slow arcs of exaggerated and amplified contrails of goo. They seemed to hang in mid-air as they reached their apogee, then the streams began to break apart as they descended and splashed onto her eager tongue before spilling out of the corners of her mouth.

After Gayle’s initial shock and anger at seeing the video for the first time, she had watched the video another thirty or so times, equally amazed both at the boy’s volume of discharge and Mandy’s voracious appetite for the stuff. Gayle never let on how aroused it made her from repeatedly watching the video.

Mandy sat in stunned silence as she watched the sordid scene unfold in front of her. She was shocked, mortified and suddenly fearful as the video ended showing her driving away from the hotel. At the same time, she felt a familiar tingle down below, for she had never seen a video of herself engaging in a sex act. It was strangely erotic, yet terrifying.

When she could bring herself to look at Mrs. Pearson, she was sitting back in her chair staring at Mandy with a bemused look on her face

“Do you bursa escort mind telling me what in the hell you were thinking young lady?”

It was a rhetorical question and Gayle didn’t give her a chance to answer nor did she want to hear an explanation.

“When I decided to invest in your business, you sat right here in this office and do you recall the first thing we discussed?”

Mandy only nodded, her eyes downcast towards the floor.

“We talked about discretion Mandy,” she said disdainfully, her voice rising in anger as she spoke.

“About how it applied to me, to you and to my donors. And you violated my most fundamental rule and put all three of us at risk!” Mrs. Pearson furiously spat the words out.

“Mandy, with you taking your act public, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots and link you right back to me and potentially to the Klausmans as well. And for what? Just so you could get your jollies by getting some guy off? I understand men not being able to keep it in their pants, but I honestly thought you were better than that.”

Mandy sat there panic-stricken as Mrs. Pearson unloaded on her.

“I can only imagine the international scandal and embarrassment it could have caused, and on the night of my most glorious fundraising achievement ever,” she said almost mournfully, her voice trailing off.

“Mrs. Pearson,” she began softly as tears began to fall down her cheeks, “I don’t know what to say except that I am so sorry that I’ve put you in this situation.” She began to sob quietly.

Gayle looked at the pathetic wreck in front of her. The irony was not lost on her that these same cheeks that were now covered in tears had been splattered with the valet’s semen just hours earlier, at least according to the clear video evidence.

She put her hand up to stop Mandy. “Calm down and enough with the histrionics,” she said, sliding a box of tissues across the desk to her.

“Fortunately, I’m good friends with the owners of The Canyons, and their head of security has worked for me in the past. He alerted me to the video as soon as it happened and I have the only copy now as far as I know. I think I’ve contained the situation, no thanks to you.”

Still weeping, Mandy just nodded her head, her eyes averting Mrs. Pearson’s.

Gayle leaned forward in her chair. “Mandy, look at me. If we’re to continue as partners then you need to start showing better judgement starting right now. I told you before there could be no compromise when it comes to privacy and discretion and you violated my trust.”

“So, consider this your first and last warning. If it happens again, you and our relationship will be terminated immediately with extreme prejudice,” she said sternly.

“Yes ma’am,” she said sniffling, wondering if there was some sort of implied threat of personal harm in Mrs. Pearson’s voice.

With that off her chest, the mood lightened and the tension in the room lifted almost immediately.

“So, what were you thinking Mandy? That’s the damndest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen plenty of pornos in my day. I must say that you’ve got some talent girl,” she said with a chuckle.

Mandy could finally manage a slight smile.

“I don’t know Mrs. Pearson. I was so fired up going to see the Klausmans only to have it end so soon. I guess I kind of lost it down there.”

“I’ll say. That’s one of the reasons I gave you the use of the condo, so you could act out your fantasies or whatever in complete privacy. Start using it,” she said in an admonishing tone.

“Yes Mrs. Pearson.”

“You can start with that valet kid since he’s no doubt looking for a new job this morning. Maybe he’s associate material,” Gayle said wryly, her eyebrow cocked.

Changing the subject, she then asked, “Incidentally, how did you enjoy your time with the Klausmans?”

Mandy’s moist eyes brightened. “They’re incredible people Mrs. Pearson. I was sad to see the night cut short to be honest.”

“Well, they’re quite smitten with you for some reason so whatever happened between you, they enjoyed it very much. I think you can expect to hear from them very soon,” she added, now smiling.

“That’s nice to hear ma’am. But one thing, they gave me this as I left and I’m not sure what it is,” she said, handing the metal card to Mrs. Pearson.

Gayle didn’t need to look too closely at it to know instantly what it was.

“Oh Mandy, you have much to learn,” she said shaking her head. “This is your gratuity for last night.”

Mandy looked at her with a puzzled expression on her face.

“You see,” she explained, “on this side is the numbered account they’ve assigned you at some offshore bank. You’ll need to call the phone number on the other side to get information as to the account balance and so on. I strongly recommend you memorize that number or put it in a very safe place.”

“Congratulations, you’ve now had your first lesson in international finance,” Gayle said with a smile.

Mandy nodded, also smiling now.

“Based on the sizable donation they bursa escort bayan wired overnight, I think they were quite pleased with the evening overall. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you again Mrs. Pearson. I am so sorry I let you down and I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Oh, I know it won’t dear. Let’s just learn from this and move on. The slate is clean but remember, I have the memory of an elephant,” she said with a serious look, ensuring Mandy understood her.

Mandy nodded. “Yes ma’am.”

“Now go home and get some rest. You look like hell.”

Mandy was stunned when she called the number and found out that ten thousand Swiss Francs had been deposited into an account assigned to her. She knew the general exchange rate and one franc was generally equivalent to one US dollar. The Klausmans were undeniably very generous people.


The next day Mandy did indeed hear from Shane, the former valet at The Canyons. She almost winced when she heard his voice given the tongue-lashing she had received from Mrs. Pearson the day before, but she was also mindful of her quasi-directive to check him out.

Now jobless, Shane was following up with Mandy to see if she “had any openings that he might be considered for.” When she heard his phraseology she almost burst out laughing at his choice of words.

They discussed at a high level what the job entailed and the type of person she was looking for. Eager for a face-to-face interview, Shane agreed to meet with her the following Saturday at 10 a.m. at Mrs. Pearson’s condo.

When her cell phone rang, Gayle Pearson looked at the caller ID and quickly answered the phone. After a brief thirty second conversation she ended the call. Then she dialed a number from her favorites list.

Nick saw the incoming call and cheerily answered, “Gaylie! How are you my friend?”

“I’m doing quite well, thank you for asking.”

“What can I do for you today,” he asked obligingly.

“Nick, I need for you to do me a favor and interview a young man for an associate position.”

Nick gulped, knowing what that entailed. “Of course, Gayle, not a problem. Can you send me the details?”

“I’ll send you a reminder but his name is Shane and he was most recently at The Canyons. He’s a friend.”

That implication was not lost on Nick.

“Got it.”

“Can you meet with him this Saturday at the condo at 10:30 a.m.?”

“That should work just fine,” Nick replied. “Anything in particular you’re looking for?”

“Nothing special, just the usual going-over will do.”

“Consider it done Gayle.”

“Thanks as always Nick. And let me know what you find in him,” she said, then ending the call.

Nick pondered the last statement, then shook his head, chuckling. Gayle never ceased to amaze him.


On Saturday morning at the appointed time, Shane pulled up to the gate at Mrs. Pearson’s luxury condo complex and gave the security guard his name and was immediately allowed to pass through with directions to her building. Once in the lobby foyer, he picked up the phone and dialed the penthouse number and was promptly buzzed through.

The private elevator took him to the top floor and when the doors opened, he immediately saw a large door that was slightly ajar. He stepped up to it and lightly rapped on the door with his knuckles, pushing it open a few inches.

“Hello? It’s Shane,” he announced into the otherwise empty room.

“Oh, hey Shane. Come on in,” he heard a woman’s voice say from somewhere inside the unit.

Shane shrugged and pushed through the doorway and walked in, closing the door behind him.

“I’m out here,” Mandy called, beckoning him from another part of the condo.

He walked through the living room to where he thought he’d heard the voice coming from and stepped out onto a broad outdoor veranda that was facing the mountains. He stopped when he saw Mandy laying on a chaise lounge facing him and the doorway. He took in the sight for a moment and then smiled.

She lay on her back on the inclined chair clad in an extreme micro bikini with her legs uncrossed. The bikini essentially looked like it was comprised of just three small triangles of plum-colored, sheer satin material.

On the top, there was barely enough material to cover her areolas and nipples and it was sheer enough that it really didn’t matter anyway as her pencil erasers poked through the material. Down below, Shane could easily make out the outlines of her labia lips as they pressed against the meager fabric leaving nothing to the imagination.

Mandy eyed the growing lump in his trousers and let him admire the view for a few more moments before speaking.

“Right on time Shane…a good trait!” she said smiling, raising her BVLGARI cat-eye sunglasses to look at him.

Gesturing to the empty chaise lounge next to hers, she invited him over. “Come, have a seat,” she said, patting the cushion.

Shane came over and sat facing her with his feet planted on the deck in front of him. He tried to resist the urge escort bursa to stare at her nearly naked body but it was futile.

“Y-y-you look amazing Miss Hall,” he stuttered.

She laughed. “Shane, it’s Mandy. Just call me Mandy.”

She could sense his growing discomfort and erection so she decided to torment him a little more. Bringing her left leg up and bending is slightly her hip, she brought her knee out until her leg and foot were perpendicular to her right leg, in almost a yoga-like pose. When she did this, the small triangle of fabric that was barely covering her crotch moved, exposing her glistening labia lips to Shane. He just stared, wide-eyed and his mouth slightly agape.

“Like what you see Shane?”

Mesmerized by the sight, he stammered, “It’s, it’s, it’s amazing Miss Hall.”

“Would you like to touch it?”

“Oh yeah, I’d like that a lot,” he said, now panting slightly.

“Then go ahead.”

Shane knelt down beside her chaise lounge, his hands on her left thigh as peered closer at her naked pussy. She was obviously clean shaven down there because the tiny triangle would have betrayed her otherwise.

Mandy spread her legs further apart and her lips parted slightly revealing the pink moist inner folds and her hooded clitoris. He was close enough that he caught her sweet musky scent. She had been wet with anticipation all morning and he could clearly see her dew drops of nectar that had collected towards the bottom of her slit.

He marveled at Mandy’s vagina because in truth, hers was the first one he had ever actually seen when she had pulled her car up to the front portico of The Canyons just a week earlier. A lot had happened since then. He had seen the wet spot she had left on the seat of her Corvette and he ran his finger through it and he had smelled and tasted her tanginess. It was all he could do to keep from beating his meat right then and there.

When she came back for her car, she had sucked his dick right there in the parking lot – also his first, at least from a female anyway. He was fired the next day for violating all sorts of company policies but was saved when he got a strange phone call from a stranger suggesting he call Mandy about a job.

Now here he was, kneeling next to the same beautiful girl, his head not more than a foot away from her sex and a raging boner in his pants.

“Well go ahead. It’s not going to bite you,” Mandy said with a laugh.

Shane looked around briefly, making sure no one could see him this time. He had nothing to worry about since the massive penthouse terrace extended the entire West side of the building closest to the mountains and was blocked from anyone’s view on the sides. With nothing between the veranda and the front range, only a high-flying hawk (or a drone) would be able to peer down on them and neither was flying that day.

Shane went for her labia lips and he gently pried them apart with his thumb and forefinger exposing more of her inner folds and the entrance to her vagina. Mandy helped him by pulling the fabric all the way away, now fully baring her juicy quim to him. Shane was tentative with his touch and almost in a sense of awe and wonderment as he explored a pussy for the first time.

Sensing his hesitation, Mandy asked, “Have you ever seen a woman’s private parts before Shane?”

“Um, not really Miss Hall.”

“Oh my god! You’re a virgin?” she asked excitedly.

“Uh, yeah, I guess so.”

“What about last week at The Canyons? Was that your first…?”

“Oh no, I’ve had those before!” he gushed proudly.

“How old are you Shane?”

“I’m twenty,” he said sheepishly. “But I’ll be twenty-one in a couple of weeks!”

Mandy was instantly relieved to know that at least he was of age. Heck, he was almost 3 years older than her at that! And then she thought of all the guys she’d been with in her short time on the planet and here she was with a virgin, well kind of. Then she thought about all the fun she was going to have with this kid…she could show him all sorts of things. That thought alone sent lightning bolts through her pussy.

“Very cool. Well, don’t worry about anyone seeing us up here,” she said, spreading her legs wider as a not so subtle hint for Shane to refocus.

His index finger felt her damp slit, his touch causing her to jump slightly. He ran his digit up the inside of her pussy, not penetrating yet, but enough to see how very wet she was becoming. As he explored her, his finger tip ran up under her hood and touched her sensitive clitoris causing Mandy to jump slightly.

“Ooh, that feels good Shane.”

Taking his cue, he ran his fingers up and down her lips several times, always pausing to rub her clit. Her pussy was now soaked as she leaned back on the chaise lounge, her eyes closed behind her sunglasses. Her breathing was becoming heavier and Shane took this as a sign he was doing it the right way.

As he massaged her clit, Mandy unconsciously reached up and moved the tiny triangles away from her nipples and began rolling them between her index and middle fingers. As Shane watched her do this, his dick got even harder in his pants. He got bolder and the next trip down to the bottom of her slit, Shane pushed his fingers into her well-lubricated vaginal opening causing her to gasp.

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