Loosening Up Bk. 04 Ch. 26-31

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 26 – Hidden Talent

Owen strolled onto the patio Tuesday evening. Alice had heard his corporate jet land a half-hour earlier. With the daylight savings time and summer hours, the sky was light until almost nine o’clock at night. There was a comfortable dusk that evening, a light soft breeze of warm air that truly caressed the body, and then the pleasure that one feels when a lover kisses your lips with true desire.

“Welcome home.”

“Thank you. Julie should be up soon. She was getting some things ready in the plane for a trip she’s taking tomorrow to New York City.”

“Where were you two?”

“Hollywood. We decided to visit one of the studios I’ve invested in and talk about some additional investments. We left early by their standards so we could be home tonight. I bring a personal message for Dave from one of his fans.”

Just then Dave came out of the core living room. He came to Owen, and the two men hugged and shook hands. Owen spoke after a few pleasantries had passed between the men.

Owen said, “I happened to see Scarlett Johansson yesterday when I was at the studios. We were taking a break, and she stopped me. YOU have a fan. I guess the two of you had quite a chat when she was at your Halloween party.”

“We did talk, but I didn’t think it was anything spectacular. On the other hand, she was spectacular and always is.”

“I can tell you that she was deeply impacted by whatever you talked about. She said your conversation contained a lot about the philosophy of love, your family, the Circle as a larger intentional and extended family, philanthropy, and then your spirituality. I think she remembers every word. You were impressive apparently, and I can assure you that she’s not easily impressed.”

Dave bowed to the messenger. “I’m glad I pleased someone. I liked her very much, and not because she was some celebrity. She’s got an inner warmth that comes through when she’s willing to set aside all the Hollywood falseness as she did that evening.”

“Oh, you did more than please her. She wants to visit with you again. I told her she could drop in, and that she could stay for as long as she wanted. I also told her she could bring he little girl, Rose. Matthew needs a playmate.”

Dave chuckled, “I don’t exactly see an A-list movie star hanging out with us, but I’d be overjoyed to be her host. She’s beautiful and has a thoughtful mind. I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world.”

“I’ll let you know if I hear anything further from her, but in the meanwhile you know you have a fan.”

Owen went off to his house leaving the couple.

Alice teased, “Hey, maybe you can get Scarlett to join the Circle. I bet she would if you gave her one of your super-orgasms. She’d become your sex slave.”

Dave chortled. “You know that’s not why I do that. I want to deliver the most pleasure I can to my partners. I want them to go to a whole new dimension in mind, body, and spirit.”

“Sex slave. Just what I said,” Alice teased.

Dave sat and stared up at the sky for a few moments.

Alice asked, “What do you really think about Alice Angel getting nominated for an academy award?”

“I think all of you deserve it. You did star quality performances in every one of your films, but I guess I don’t know what’ll happen if you win. You put a lot of effort into making those films look authentic and erotic.”

Alice added, “So did Emily and Kat. Anything that was really good only came about because of Mike’s directing and Kat’s editing. All I had to do was fuck like I meant it and I did.”

Dave pondered, “I wonder what it’s like to edit your own porn film. Do you suppose it’s harder because you knew what you were feeling or thinking about?”

“Ask Kat. We’re all nervous now. We want to win but we don’t.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I’d have to wear a disguise all the time to be Alice Angel – the best fuck in the world. Emily would be the best mature threesome fuck and cocksucker. Kat, too. Mike even got a laugh out of thinking of himself as some super-stud. We all think it’s a lark. At least around our hometown, I can hopefully escape the notoriety.”

“So, no one has ever outed you?”

“Emily is the only one that really got discovered by civilians – non-Circle members. She worried so much about what her friends would think of her, and then she found the opposite reaction. They idolize her. They keep asking her to set them up with a date to make a movie and get the stuffing fucked out of them.”

Dave asked, “And Mike’s not interested?”

“He politely told her he had his mature ‘star’ and planned to focus on her, but he’d think about their requests. Maybe YOU should just fuck their stuffing out sometime and call it an audition,” Alice teased.

“I have you, darling. I don’t need anybody else.”

Alice laughed. “You have three other wives and twenty-six or more other women who are in love with you gaziantep escortlar and who you also love. There’s always room for a few more. In this case I remember some quote by Benjamin Franklin about having an older woman as a mistress because they enjoyed being sneaky about it, were unlikely to get pregnant, and they were so grateful.”

“Realist,” Dave said sotto voce. “I’m doing just fine on my own without someone recruiting candidates for me.”

Alice laughed.

Dave added, “I might just make an exception for Scarlett Johansson.”

“She’s younger than you.”

“She’s also considerably richer and has considerably more talent than I have.”

* * * * *

A few mornings later Dave awoke with someone paying great and careful attention to his cock. He lay on his back with his eyes closed, but his soft moan let the fellatrix know he was alert and happy about what she was doing. For his part, he tried to guess the identity of his benefactor.

Dave had reached a state of solid fulfillment and then some and was thinking about a morning fuck when he finally cranked one eye open and looked down his body. He smiled. “Good morning, mom.”

“Good morning, Davey.”

Dave pulled the older woman up his body until she was situated with her manicured cunt directly over his stiff cock. Elise lowered herself onto the shaft, groaning as each millimeter penetrated her quim.

“God, you feel so good inside me,” she moaned.

“It’s pretty good from this side, too.”

“Why didn’t we start doing this when you were fourteen? I feel bad about all those lost opportunities. Just think, you could have fucked your way through high school and college and never have left home.”

“You could have involved Gail in the mix, too.”

“Do you know you swell inside a pussy after you get going. I think your girth doubles and becomes very stretchy. There’s not a pleasure spot inside me that you don’t rub against … except maybe that A-spot place you know about. You really know how to get me off. As for Gail, she’s the one that called my attention to your wonderful capability.”

The pair slowly fucked. Dave sucked on Elise’s breasts a lot, enjoying the skin-on-skin sensations in addition to the coupling. He’d rolled them over into the missionary position so he could accept part of the effort in their lovemaking. After a while, they shared a matched set of orgasms. Dave pulsed a lot of cum inside her relatively small frame.

As they lay there kissing, Julie appeared next to the couple. She broke in and kissed Elise, and then went down on the couple, cleaning Dave’s cock and then sucking up the cum from Elise’s pussy. Elise enjoyed a further orgasm from Julie’s efforts.

Julie was dressed in a nice pants suit, and had apparently been getting ready to go to work when she discovered the couple. As Dave watched her, he could see pussy juice and his cum around her chin and cheeks.

Dave commented, “You’ll have to wash your face before you head off to work.”

“Might not. Smells good. Tastes better,” Julie replied with a broad grin. “I do need to go, however. I wish I could stay around for round two. Rain check. I’m flying to Miami to check up on a few of the foundation’s grants and whether they had the impact we hoped for. Back for dinner and sex. Bye.”

Julie was out the door in a flash as Elise lay in Dave’s arms. She asked, “Is there a round two?”

“Sorry. No. I have to go to work, too; and I do have an early meeting.”

Elise stood and gave a sexy stretch beside the bed as Dave shifted and prepared to get out. “We could shower together, if that interests you,” he offered.

She smiled and pulled him up. As they walked to the bathroom, Elise said, “You have to thank Pam and Alice for giving up the space next to you, so I could sneak into your bed next to you.”

“When did you get in?” Dave asked, since Elise hadn’t been present at dinner the night before.

“About ten-thirty. Things were pretty quiet, although I did find Aaron, Bobbie, and Maddy fucking up a storm in the gazebo. I think it’s so cute that Bobbie and Maddy wear matching engagement rings.”

“So did you just watch them?”

“Oh, no. I joined in. After all, they were right outside the window of the little studio apartment I use. I actually got Aaron to plunder my tight little twat with his big bad cock. We girls did a daisy chain, too. It was a great hour.

“Anyway, just to liven things up, I decided I needed to start the morning off right with you, so I came over to see whether I could get a rise out of anybody.”

Dave kissed his mother as he pushed her under the warm shower nozzle. “I love you in so many ways.”

“What’s your big meeting about this morning?”

“Hurricanes again. The president is concerned, but then he doesn’t allocate enough funds to harden the lines and poles throughout the power system.”

“Boring” was Elise’s one word comment.

Elise flattened her lithe naked body against Dave’s and made out with him for a while. Dave was late for his meeting.

* * * * *

Dave got home early on Friday. He drove directly over to the Townhouse 2 project, to check on the progress. The exterior walls and roof was on, and he noted that the roof had been sealed with some kind of film to keep moisture off of the plywood and tarpaper had been laid down atop that. The sides were in the process of being closed in, and he could see that many of the interior walls had been framed in with metal studs, as well.

Ty pulled up behind him in his car and walked up to his friend and neighbor. “Looking good for eight weeks in. I talked to the GC this morning. He’s got plumbers, electricians, and HVAC guys in next week, all starting at the same time. He says it’ll be havoc, but he thinks the place is big enough that they’ll stay out of each other’s way.”

“What about inspections?”

Ty shrugged. He walked over to a large permit box on a post in front of the building and opened up the box. He examined several of the permits in the box and called out. “The inspector was here today and signed off on everything so far.”

Dave said, “While I have you thinking about housing, are there any issues we need to talk about at the board meeting on Monday night?”

Ty chuckled, “Only when to start Townhouse 3. Actually, I had another speculative request to build a house on the land somewhere on our acreage. Bjorn, Tan, and Nathan mentioned it to me casually last weekend they were with us. They’re hoping to become members and want a residence.”

“Derek wants one, too. Any others?”

“I could imagine that the Stecklers might like to move out of the townhouse if they had the opportunity. Paul mentioned that he felt they were living on top of each other in there. If we opened the door there might be others.”

Dave turned around and looked over the fields in each direction, and then down towards the airport. “I’d have to think about where to put any other homes. We don’t want them right across the street from us on Circle Drive; anything there would shut off the nice views we have of the open space and the palm groves.”

Ty said, “What if we allowed houses on the other side of the palm groves along the main road? If they had a limited profile height we wouldn’t see them.”

“It’d be a longer walk from there than from the airport, but that might satisfy the demand or stop it all-together if we said ‘No’. Let’s checkout the height issue tomorrow. I can get my drone out. It shows altitude on the controller, so we could figure out a maximum roof height that way.”

“Good idea. Right now, I need some scotch on the rocks. I believe you’re the bartender; so what the heck are you doing over here and not behind the bar preparing my drink?” He laughed.

“Beats me. Let’s go.”

Dave found Tan, Bjorn, and Nathan sitting at ‘his’ bar when he finally got to the patio after changing clothes. “Hey guys. Orlando just doesn’t cut it for you?”

Tan responded, “If we’re going to ever become members we’d better get to know the other members. You’ve told me that almost every time you’ve seen me, so here we are.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you three. Unless you bring it up, I am assuming that there is no InDrex business you need me for.”

“None,” Bjorn said. Nathan nodded in agreement.

Nathan added, “I do want you to know that we navigated from the office in Orlando all the way to your front gate without touching the steering wheel or any of the pedals on the car, and that included coming through the rush hour traffic out on Interstate 75.”

Dave grinned, “The self-driving car is alive and well. I can hardly wait. Maybe we’ll make one with windows tinted so heavily that no one can see in, and then people can ride around making love to one another.”

Nathan laughed, “That idea works for me if threesomes are allowed.”

Tan added, “We’ll need to go back to bench seats that recline and also provide extra hooks for clothing and such.”

Bjorn said, “Maybe some roads would be made to intentionally undulate and be bumpy in just the right way to facilitate the lovemaking going on inside.”

Dave laughed, “Sorry I started this, but I am sure we’ll have something close to that situation in the not too distant future. Maybe at night on long stretches of road out in the west where it’ll be unlikely that anyone would see into a normal car.”

Dale came up to the group and greeted Tan with a huge hug and kisses. “I’m so glad you’ve decided to come and play with us.”

“Oh, we just love to play,” Tan teased. “If you’re available after dinner maybe we can play some special games.”

“What about your friends?”

Bjorn laughed, “By the end of dinner, I assume we’ll also have discovered some playmates for the first part of our evenings.”

“Where are you staying?”

Tan said, “Officially in Dave’s extra guest room. Unofficially, wherever we get an invitation to sleep, providing it’s with someone loving and cuddly.”

Dale laughed, “I’m loving and cuddly.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” she said seductively. Tan put her arm around Dale’s waist and pulled him closer to her. She kissed his pecs.

Bjorn turned to Dave, “Oh, I am reminded by the mention of the guest room that the three of us would like to contribute financially in some way for all the sponging we’ve been doing on the Circle hospitality. How do I do that? Also, we must be able to do something for your generous hospitality.”

“Just having you three around is payment enough for the Prentiss family.” Dave pointed down the patio where Julie was sitting in conversation with several other Circle members. “Julie Prentiss, my wife, is the treasurer of the Circle. See her regarding the larger picture – meals and such. We’ve done this before and she’ll have a recommendation for your contribution and knows how to do what you want to do. You’re not the first to want to help out.”

Bjorn nodded. “I’ll talk to her later.”

Dave said, “If you’re looking for a playmate for later, she might be your match.”

“Thanks. She’s beautiful.”

Dave listened as Tan got Dale talking about his security and private investigations business. As he talked Dave got a better picture of what Dale was doing, and also what he had Amanda doing. He was kind of shocked that he’d not had that discussion with his friend. Amanda even came over and joined the group.

Dale said, “Amanda’s been in training for the past couple of months. She’s a quick study, which is nice from my viewpoint. This week she did her first surveillance job. She’s ideal because she looks so UNLIKE any PI on television.”

Bjorn asked, “What’d you do?”

Amanda looked to Dale for guidance and finding none except for a nod to answer responded, “Wife surveillance for a jealous husband who thinks she’s having an affair. The job might be kind of boring except when you find out that there’s actually some fire in the smokescreen BS she’s been feeding her spouse.”

Bjorn said, “So, she’s actually doing something?”

Dale stepped in, “Amanda, you can talk about the job so long as you don’t give names or other information that would reveal who the client and suspect are.”

She nodded, “I guess if you spend three hours midday in the local No-Tell Motel and the man isn’t your husband, and he’s been curious about her activities in that regard, you might say so.”

Nathan asked, “Did you take pictures?”

Amanda smiled, “With a telephoto lens.”

Dale said in a low tone, “We also had the room wired and a hidden cam. We have a lot of ammunition to pass along. I don’t know what all he’ll do with it, but he’ll have it tomorrow. This is a no-fault divorce state, so he might move in that direction.”

Tan asked, “There’s no such thing as infidelity in the Circle, is there?”

Dale responded, “Not among the members. One of us might get in a romantic situation with an outsider, for instance. I know Dave met you at the leadership course we were at in Arizona. What if you’d been married but decided to have a fling. Dave wouldn’t be committing any infidelity from his side, but he’d be party to yours.”

Tan nodded, “Sure, but don’t you all engage with outsiders occasionally?”

“With a few rules and some common sense.”

“Which are?”

“Rule: the outsider must have had a recent STD test. The logic there is that if a ‘bug’ got caught it would spread inside the Circle like wild fire. Commonsense: don’t do something with an outsider if that will create friction or turmoil in a relationship that person has. Those are a couple of ‘rules’, for example; maybe the most important ones.”

Tan agreed, and so did Bjorn and Nathan.

Dave chuckled, “Our college girls are hosting a party here the end of May. You’re invited, by the way, but they have been propagating those rules to the people they are inviting just in case there’s some hanky-panky that happens to go on at the party. The four girls are betting that some of that fooling around will be between Circle members and some of the attendees.”

Tan smiled, “We’ll be here and adhere to the rules and the commonsense. What do you do, ask?”

“I think the girls are doing some kind of stamp on people’s hand as they come in and show their paper. The relationship thing, you’ll just have to ask unless it’s obvious for some reason.”

“Does having four wives make it obvious?” Tan teased.

Dave smiled, “You’ll just have to find out later.”

Bjorn had gone on talking with Dale and Amanda about the security and PI work. When Dave tuned back into their conversation he heard, “Is any of what you do dangerous?”

Dale nodded. “It could be, for instance, if you get caught doing surveillance or planting monitoring equipment. I’ve been lucky but I’m trained. We’re also getting Amanda trained.”

Dave asked, “Trained? In what?”

Dale lowered his voice, “In martial arts and weaponry.”

“Whoa! What do you mean?”

Dale said, “Dave, I don’t spread it around. I hold a black belt in Krav Maga. The Mossad trained me. I’m having Amanda do karate at a school in town. She just started, but she’s in an accelerated program.”

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