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LOOKING BACKI,m an old man now-not so old I don,t like pussy, but my wife,s health means seldom and rare. I recall the days when I first dated wife Sarah and how shy I was when we were on our own. I suspected Sarah knew a little about sex as she,d been dating a british fellow for six years before I met him, but it had never got serious on her part. In 1967 I was an airman in the US Air force based in what was then West Germany and had taken a ten day leave to come to england. I,d had a stroke of luck on the fruit machines at the hotel in West London then leased by the US Department of Defense and I felt it had been due to meeting her, but when I asked to take her out as a thank you she refused saying her parents had warned her not to date american servicemen as the two girls who had her job before had married americans and moved to america. Eventually the parents relented and we went to a “news cinema”. konya escort I had no idea what that was nor that she had ulterior motives as I soon discovered the place had only a few viwers and the lights were3 dim, even reduced more as some were smoking then. She led me to seats at the very rear and well away from other people and once we,d consumed our popcorn and soft drinks she excused herself to use the toilet. She soon returned and in seconds we were snogging like old lovers using tongues and all. I didn,t know whether to make the first move as I wasn,t all that innocent at sex, but she grasped my right hand and pulled it to her right breast which I could feel warm and soft to my touch. “Where,s your bra?” I asked. “Took it off in the loo!” she answered. She had on a sweater so it was easy to reach inside and fondle and squeeze her large tits and nipples making them like tiny bullets. As escort konya we kissed even more passionately, her breath shortening she again took my right hand and pulled it under her mini skirt to soaking wet pubic hair and a hot pussy. “Where,s your panties then?” I asked letting my fingers play inside her heat. “Took them off in the loo, too!” she giggled. “Thought you might like to play with me” Then she leaned over and unzipped my flies and carefully released my stiff cock so she could start to stroke up and down my shaft. As I stroked her cunt harder and deeper her breath grew shorter and she began to pant. After five or so minutes of frigging her her pussy suddenly stiffened along with her body, she groaned softly against my kissing lips and copious spurts of pussy juices oozed out over my fingers and down her thighs, a very strong musky pussy smell wafting through the air which was cloaked konya escort bayan by the cigarette smoke. “Wow-do you ever get juicy!” I sighed as she leaned against me to recover from her orgasm. “That,s me Juicy Lucy!” she chuckled lightly. “That was super, but now you deserve a reward.” she sighed and slowly slipped to her knees., The only couple who might have seen what we were doing were too preoccupied fucking if the strategically placed coat placed over the mans hips was anything to go by-having to grab at it now and then as it threatened to fall away. Meanwhile I felt soft lips on my cock and soon Sarah was giving me one of the best blow-jobs I,d ever had. I thought she might stop, but no she brought me to the brink, then held on and gulped down every spurt and licked me clean. “Did you like that?” she asked. “Absolutely Loved it!” I sighed as I tried to regain my senses. I just wanted you to know that I will suck you off and swallow you every time, but no way do I have a man Fuck me till I am a bride.” she sniffed. “Fine with me.” I agreed. Of course I was the one who made her my bride and in that respect she Was a virgin!.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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