Long Walk Home

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Having finally come to terms with the fact that I was a full-blown exhibitionist, I found my self constantly fantasizing of new and different ways to explore my fetish. I found all kinds of websites where people would share and discuss their own exhibitionist tales or fantasies with each other under complete anonymity. These would range from simple flashing stories or accidental exposure incidents to full blown public nudity. These were the ones that caught my attention the most.

One night while searching through various blogs I came across a link to a website I hadn’t seen before. The site was called ‘The Exhibitionist Dare Page’, and it gave users the opportunity to give each other various dares or challenges to perform.

I spent hours reading through the existing posts, thrilled by the creativity of the different users. There were hundreds of different dares covering l different scenarios, but there was one that I kept coming back to. The post was titled ‘The Charity Bin Dare’.

“This dare is a simple one,” the post read, “but can be made more challenging depending on how far you are prepared to take it. Quite simply, you must find the nearest charity bin to your home. The large metal dumpster kind for clothing donations. The object of the dare is to place all of your clothing into the bin leaving you naked. There are escalating levels to this dare and you may choose how difficult you want it to be. Each level builds on the one before it. They are as follows.”

Level 1: Park close to bin, undress in the car and quickly dash out to the bin and throw your clothes in.

Level 2: You must park at least 50 metres from the bin.

Level 3: You must get undressed at the bin before walking back to the car. (No running!)

Level 4: You must get undressed one item at a time, throwing it into the bin before you can take off the next item.

Level 5: Once completely naked you must stay by the bin for a full 30 seconds (Optional challenge – Do jumping-jacks or a handstand).

Level 6: You must walk home.

It was the final level that had me returning to this post over and over again. I could not shake from my mind the incredible idea of walking home naked. In all of my exhibitionist experiences so far, no matter how out of hand things had seemed, I always had access to my clothes or car nearby leaving me with a safety net of sorts.

The post however, did not finish at level 6. There was one final option.

Level 7: For those who are unable to make a decision, you may roll a dice. If the dice lands on an odd number, you must perform Level 1. If it lands on an even number, you must perform Level 6!

I knew deep down that this was my only option. I didn’t trust my self not to chicken out and pick an easy option so I decided to let luck decide. I found a single die in an old board game and after a moment of hesitation, I rolled it across my desk. It took me a moment to gather enough courage to look at the face of dice. I could feel my heart pounding in my throat as I lifted my eyes up towards where it lay. There looking back at me were six small white dots facing upwards. I felt excitement and arousal course through my body as I realised that my fate was now sealed.

The nearest charity bin that I knew of was about a 15-minute walk away, at the back end of an open-air car park behind the local shopping area. I decided that if I were going to complete the dare to the letter, I’d have to wait until the late hours of the night to even have the slightest chance of pulling it off.

I spent that evening anxiously watching the clock, waiting for minutes then hours to pass as I anticipated what lay before me. Dressed in a pair of shorts, t-shirt and some old running shoes I waited until the clock showed 2.30am before slipping out the back door. It was a warm night, but the anticipation of what lay ahead had me covered in goosebumps. The streets were empty and in the part of town that I lived in there weren’t many street lights so my chances of being seen were relatively slim, especially given that it was past 2am on a weeknight. Still, despite the lack of lighting, there was also a distinct lack of places to hide along the street. If I did encounter anyone on my walk back I would have a hard time hiding myself.

Eventually I came upon the rear entrance to the car park. The dim lighting of about 4 separate light posts didn’t offer much illumination, but I could still make out the line of charity collection bins across the far end of the lot. Starting to tremble now, I slowly made my way across the car park. There was only a single car parked about halfway across the lot and I made sure to check inside to confirm that it was empty. It looked like I had the whole place to myself.

Now standing in front of the wall of dumpsters I took a moment to let the reality of my situation sink in. The dumpsters had a similar design to that of a post box. You had to pull a chute forward, load it up and then close it, dropping everything into the cavernous bin. Once inside, sincan escort there was no way to access the bin without a key. No turning back. I would be stuck in the middle of a car park in my neighbourhood stark naked.

Slowly peeling off my shirt, I felt the warm night air across my bare chest. Wanting to follow the dare step by step, I turned to the bin and pulled down on the chute handle. I was immediately greeted by the ear-piercing screech of metal on metal. I froze on the spot, hyper alert, waiting to hear the sound of footsteps or see the glow of a light switching on in a nearby house. After a full minute of standing dead still I figured that I was safe, but not wanting to push my luck I decided to throw everything in one go.

Trembling more than before, I quickly kicked off my shoes, threw them into the chute, took a deep breath, and in one quick motion pulled my pants down to my ankles and stepped out. Panic and doubt coursing through my body, I quickly loaded my remaining clothes into the chute, then slowly and quietly pushed the lid back into place. With a soft, muffled thud, I heard the pile slide its way into the depths of the bin. I was butt naked, standing in a car park with nothing to cover myself.

The warm night air was dancing across my pale body. I looked down at my bare feet on the grimy car park road, tracing my gaze up past my trembling legs to my small, hairless cock and balls. If anyone were to come along now, they would have a clear and unobstructed view of my naked body, shaking and defenseless in this dirty car park.

I let my mind wonder and began to imagine the car park as I had seen it so many times in the daylight, full of cars and packed with people coming and going as they ran their daily errands. I lived in a fairly wealthy part of town, and I wondered how these people would react to seeing a skinny, pale twenty-something strutting around naked in the middle of the road. Would they shout at me? Call the police? Try to offer me clothes? Or just stand and laugh at my embarrassment and my tiny cock? The idea of this sent another wave of excitement and arousal through my body. I could feel my little cock starting to get hard. The thought of complete strangers being able to see every part of my body unclothed has always been my greatest fantasy.

Well, they wouldn’t have seen everything, I thought to myself. Not if I’m just standing face on. In order to complete my humiliation I would need to truly expose myself. Still picturing in my mind a car park full of people, I turned so my back was facing the lot, bent at the waist and pulled my ass cheeks apart. Straight away I felt the foreign sensation of the warm night’s breeze caressing my puckered anus. Gripping harder, I pulled my cheeks further apart until my asshole was completely exposed to the car park, and the dozens of imagined shoppers crowded there. I felt more naked than I had ever felt in my life, wantonly exposing myself to the night. If anyone were to walk past the entrance to the car park they would have a clear view of my sordid display.

I held this pose for thirty seconds, counting each silently in my head feeling the excitement build inside me. I found myself hoping that someone would walk in to the car park and find me displaying myself like this. When I reached thirty, I stopped and turned back around. The parking lot was unchanged, empty but for the single car in the middle.

I turned to face the exit and began my walk home. The rough gravel road was cutting into my bare feet but I didn’t mind the pain, each step I took just served to remind me how naked I was. More confident now, I felt sure that there was no likelihood of me running into anyone on my walk home. I straightened my back, squared my shoulders and turned the corner onto the street. I felt empowered walking down the pavement of my neighbourhood, proudly exposing my naked body. I began to imagine the street in the daylight, dotted with joggers and locals walking to the shops. I imagined how they would react to seeing me casually walking along their street, my little naked cock bouncing up and down with each step.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear the car until it was too late. As it rounded the corner its headlights swung across the pathway in a wide arch, briefly illuminating my pale body. I froze on the spot, terror and arousal tearing through my body. My mind had gone completely blank and I found myself paralysed, my feet cemented to the ground. As the car lined itself up with the street and began moving forward I started praying that maybe they hadn’t noticed me. But my hopes were instantly dashed as the black sedan pulled up to a stop alongside me.

There was a tense moment where I thought that maybe they would drive away. The car was a new model BMW, expensive and sleek. With the windows up I could hear the muffled pounding of heavy bass music vibrating the vehicle. Suddenly the music stopped, and the front passenger window slid smoothly down. Whilst it had been too dark çankaya escort to see through the glass a moment before, I could now see the two occupants of the front seats illuminated by the interior light. They looked to be a couple of years older than me, late twenties at the most, both dressed in designer street wear, flat caps, typical ‘suburban gangster’ type clothing. They were the kind of guys I would silently judge when I passed them in the street or pulled up next to them at the lights. But tonight I was in no position to be passing judgement.

The shorter of the two was sitting in the passenger seat and turned to the driver. “Holy shit, he is naked. What the fuck?” he said to him before turning back to me. “Oi! What the fuck are you doing walking around naked for?” he yelled to me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I was lost for words. The lump in my throat felt like a fist squeezing my windpipe. The shorter of the two turned back again, this time facing the back seat. I heard him say, “Are you seeing this shit Mike?” Apparently there was a third person in the car.

I heard the driver pull the handbrakes and then dim the headlights. One by one each of the guys in the car opened their door and stepped out. The third passenger, Mike, looked a little younger than the other two, closer to my age, and he was staring me up and down with an appraising look that both terrified and excited me.

They walked over and formed a rough semi-circle around me. With my back to the garden wall of the house behind me I stayed rooted to the spot. No escaping now. The shorter one took a step closer to me and in a menacing voice said, “I asked you a question mate. What the fuck are you doing naked and alone on a dark street?”

I painfully swallowed, trying to calm myself before responding. Despite my best efforts, the voice that escaped my mouth sounded meek and pathetic. “I…I lost a bet…had to walk…home…” my voice trailed off, the lump in my throat returning.

“So where are you clothes then boy?” he demanded, taking another step towards me and staring down at my limp hairless cock.

“I…I don’t…they’re gone…Sir,” I replied, the last word escaping my mouth before I could stop it. These guys were my age, why on earth was I calling him sir? The three of them laughed derisively at me before the shorter one turned to the other two and said “Sir? Well at least the little bitch knows his place.” He turned back to me, casting his gaze across my body from head to toe, lingering for a moment at my little cock which, despite the warm night air, had shriveled to a pathetic two inches.

“You’re not packing much are you mate?” he asked with a smirk. Without waiting for a reply he continued, “Well we can’t have you walking around the streets like a naked little slut now can we? We don’t know what kind of trouble you’d get yourself into. I think it’s only fair that we do the right thing and drive you home. What do you say Mike?” Mike silently nodded his approval all the while staring into my eyes sneering.

The tallest of the three took a step forward holding up his hand. “Now hang on a second,” he said, “I can’t have his naked little ass grinding on my back seat. We need to check he’s clean first.” Without another word he walked around behind me. I was still frozen to the spot and before I could react I felt his strong hands gripping me behind the knees. In one swift motion he lifted me into the air so that I was stuck in an awkward seated position, my back pressed to his chest and my legs bent at the knees supported by his hands. “Mike, would you do the honours?” he asked, laughing.

As he said this he pulled my legs apart so I was now obscenely on display. My hands were gripping the sides of his arms to so I didn’t fall sideways which gave me no chance to cover myself. I could feel my ass cheeks pulled apart as he spread my legs and could only imagine how the view would look like from below.

Mike stepped forward, leering at my exposed body, and at the same time pulled his phone from his pocket and turned on the torch. Crouching down in front of me he shone the light upwards directing it squarely at my puckered asshole. I felt blood rush to my face as the embarrassment of the situation hit me. I suddenly got another shock as I felt the rough caress of Mike’s fingers sliding across my smooth skin. He dragged his fingertips across my inner thighs moving towards my crotch. Briefly sliding them across the smooth skin of my ball sack he continued across my taint and slowly circled my anus.

“He’s clean alright,” came Mike’s voice, breaking my trance. “Not a hair or speck of dirt in sight. And he’s liking it by the looks of it.” The shorter of the two laughed cruelly at this last comment. I looked down and with a wave of shame realised that I was now completely hard. Although only a couple of inches at its longest, my cock was now pointing straight up and I could see the telltale glisten of precum leaking from the tip.

Mike joined eryaman escort in the laughter. “Better get him in the car before he makes a mess of himself then,” he said, turning back to the car and opening the rear door. The one holding me lurched forward, effortlessly carrying me towards the back seat. Before I could say a single word of protest he had dumped me into the car and closed the door. The three of them then returned to their seats, slammed their doors and started the ignition.

“Hang on a minute,” said the tallest one, now back in the driver’s seat, “We’re forgetting something. Nobody gets a free ride, and I’m guessing our new friend here doesn’t have any cash on him.”

The two in the front turned to look at me, waiting for my reply. I looked over at Mike, unsure of what to say. Then I looked down. Mike had dropped his pants down past his knees and his throbbing cock was standing straight up. Already rock hard, it looked at least 10 inches from base to tip and about as thick as a can of deodorant. My heart was racing as I sat there staring at it, imagining the taste and feel of it. I realised my mouth was hanging open and quickly closed it and looked back to the front.

“Well,” said the tall one, “I think you get the idea. You take care of our buddy back there, and we’ll take care of you. You don’t get dropped off until you’ve finished, so we might need to take a little detour.”

They could clearly tell how excited I was and knew I wasn’t going to make an objections. Silently nodding, I turned back to Mike as they slid the car into gear and started down the street. The space in the backseat seemed much smaller than it had from the outside of the car. I awkwardly shuffled onto all fours positioning my face near Mike’s crotch and my ass facing the door. In this cramped space I had to arch my back to fit down which caused my ass to stick up in the air, my cheeks parted, giving anyone who looked through the window a clear view of my asshole and balls hanging beneath it. I wondered to myself where they would be driving. If we went onto the main roads we were almost guaranteed to pass other cars, even this late at night.

I turned my attention to the job at hand. Mike’s enormous cock was swaying slightly, inches from my face. He placed a hand on top of my head as if to signal that I should start. I leant forward, running my face along the length of his shaft, savouring the musky smell and the feel of his skin on mine. Sliding back down, I stretched out my tongue and traced it along his balls. He was shaved completely smooth around his sack and the base of his cock, but the rest of his crotch was neatly trimmed. I could feel the sharp bristles scraping at my face as I ran my tongue over ever inch of his sack.

Mike let out a sigh and slid further down in his chair, pushing his legs wider apart to give me easier access. I leant further forward, my ass sticking further up, and took both of his balls into my mouth. I started to slowly suck on them, feeling them roll slightly in my mouth, my tongue pushing and pulling them. Opening my mouth wider, I took them completely into my mouth. From this angle I could suck them both while letting my tongue slide out underneath and lick at his taint. The taste of his sweat and musky balls was intoxicating.

Letting them both slide out of my mouth, I turned my attention to his cock. Tracing the tip of my tongue from the base to the tip and working my way back down again; I slowly teased him, feeling him tense up overtime I came close to the end. Finally lining up my lips with the tip of his cock, I wrapped them around the head and sucked the precum into my mouth. Mike gave a shudder and moan and I felt the hand on top of my head push slightly down. Opening my mouth and lining it up with his cock, I was about to slowly slide my lips down when the car took a sudden corner. I was lurched forward, mouth open, as the entire length of Mike’s cock was crammed suddenly down my throat.

“Oh, fuck yes!” he moaned as he gripped my hair forcing my face down. I held my breath for as long as I could before starting to push against the seat of the car, trying to pull Mike’s cock from my throat. He held me for a few more seconds before letting go. I pushed up with a gasp of air, saliva trailing from my mouth to his tip. I only had a second to catch my breath before I was pushed back down again. This time however, Mike didn’t hold my face down, instead pushing and pulling my hair until I fell into a rhythm, my head bobbing up and down along his shaft. When he was satisfied with my pace he eased his hand from my head and leant back in his seat. I kept bobbing up and down, eagerly taking the length of his shaft down my throat, sucking on the tip of his cock every time I pulled it from my mouth.

I was so lost in the rhythm of this that I hadn’t noticed that the lights overhead had grown stronger. We had clearly left the suburban back streets and pulled onto the main road where the street lights were bright and abundant. I found myself hoping that maybe someone out driving would pull up alongside our car and see my shameless display. I didn’t have to wait too long. I felt the car slide to a stop as we pulled up at a traffic light. The two in the front started laughing as I heard the driver say, “Looks like we’ve got company.”

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