Long Tongues

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Long TonguesLong TonguesHank moves in: I was being transferred by my company from state to state on the average of once every two years. When I moved into a rental home in Southern California, everything seemed normal at first. My neighbors, the Smiths, had a buffet lunch poolside as a “welcome to the neighborhood” party for me. That was when I met their twin daughters. Average girls, I remember thinking. Boy was I wrong.Paige and Phoebe were both young slender teens with almost non-existent curves. They both wore braces and glasses. They were blondes with lovely tans. Their bright blue eyes were unnaturally large, giving them an almost startled expression on their faces at all times.After the meal, Bill and Chrissy, the parents, and I were sitting and talking when I became aware of the interaction between the girls. They were on each side of the diving board sticking their tongues out at each other. They were trying to demonstrate different things they could do with their tongues. Each had an extra-long tongue, thin and pointed at times and broad and thick at other times. Each had some skill wielding their tongues. Paige would do a trick and then Phoebe would try to repeat it.Paige touched her tongue to her chin. Phoebe easily repeated it. They went through a long list of tricks that they had obviously done before. They touched their noses, licked their elbows, flicked their tongue tips rapidly up and down like hummingbird wings, twisted their tongues 90 degrees sideways, waggled it back and forth like a bell clapper, bent their long tongues into a spoon handle shape, and cupped the end like a small ladle. Then Paige must have tried something new. She laid her tongue along her cheek and, using her hand to help her, forced the tongue tip close enough to her eye to lick the eyelid. Phoebe struggled but could not quite make contact. I was fascinated watching them.Their parents finally noticed my lack of attention and turned to see what was distracting me.Chrissy: Girls, stop that this instant! If you cannot behave, go inside!They slowly went inside, giggling all the way under their parents’ stern gaze.Hank: I’ve never seen such long tongues. Is that a family thing?Chrissy glanced at her husband and then slowly stuck out her tongue and touched her chin. Yep!A few days later, Chrissy and Hank asked me to babysit the twins. Their parents were hardly on the road before I asked the girls to show me their tongue tricks. For me, it was like the first time I went to the circus! After a while, I asked them if they had ever kissed anyone. They looked at each other and quietly admitted to kissing each other… but NO boys!I asked them if they ever touched tongues while kissing. They giggled but admitted to having done that. I told them that I always wanted to kiss a girl with a talented tongue like theirs. Paige: We’ll be right back. We girls need to talk.I could watch them from across the room as they worked out the problem. Some minutes later they returned. Phoebe: We’ll kiss you but it has to be a BIG SECRET. You cannot tell our parents… EVER!I agreed and asked who would kiss me first. Paige said she was the oldest (by 11 minutes) and she got to go first. Obviously something they had worked out beforehand. I made my lap available and Paige wiggled her tiny butt onto my legs. I gently kissed her cheek first, to break the ice. Paige then put her soft lips against my mouth and pressed firmer and tokat escort firmer. I opened my lips and her mouth opened with mine. I felt her tiny tongue enter my mouth and touch my tongue. Her little tongue then went nuts! I was in heaven. We tongue kissed until we were both breathless. After ten minutes, Phoebe yelled “Time”, something else they had agreed beforehand.I caught my breath for a few short minutes when the girls switched places I gave Phoebe a cheek kiss just like I had started with her sister. Then… for the next ten minutes, I experienced Heaven all over again. After we had finished and were taking a soda break, I decided to up the stakes a bit. Hank: You two are incredible. I have never been with girls so beautiful and sweet. (They smiled.) And you are so talented… especially with your tongues. (They laughed.) I wish I were younger so I could ask one of you to be my girlfriend.Paige and Phoebe (simultaneously): WHICH ONE?Hank: Since you are both such beauties, I would ask you both to be my girlfriends!That provoked three broad grins all around. They went off for another pow-wow. Paige: We both will be your girlfriends but we really don’t know HOW to be a girlfriend. You will have to teach us… train us… we want to be big-girls. Phoebe: The boys in our school ignore us and we don’t know why. If you help us, we will be willing to do anything you tell us. We overhear gossip and the boy-girl stuff sounds scary and dangerous. Paige: Will you be gentle with us?Twins together: We won’t tell a soul!I sat there for a few minutes acting as if it was a tough decision. Right!Hank: Well… OK. Since your kisses are already big-girl kisses, we will have to start on something else. Sit on the couch together while I kneel in front of you.Once we were in position, I slowly unbuttoned each twin’s shirt. They watched my hands closely and each other as I unveiled their chests. Paige’s pretty boobs were first (I understood the seniority they were using). They were small mounds with raised puffy nipples that pointed upward… perky nipples. The nipples were the type that never got hard but were always tasty. I brushed the back of one of my hands against one and Paige jerked with pleasure. Next, I unveiled Phoebe’s. They were nearly identical to Paige’s with a few small differences. Phoebe’s were not exactly the same size. Her right one was slightly larger than the left. Phoebe’s nipples were slightly pinker than Paige’s. I was trying to treat them the same so I lightly touched one of Phoebe’s too. Phoebe didn’t jerk, but she did visibly shiver.I had Paige lay back and slipped her jeans down and off. I took her slender legs and pulled them up and back. I had Paige hold her own feet and I started to caress the front of her panties. Within a few minutes, she began to breathe deeply and moan softly. Her silk panties started to darken with juice. I left her like that and brought Phoebe to the same stage. By the time I returned to Paige, I could see a slight bump under her wet panty. When I put my finger under the panty crouch and moved it aside, I discovered that she had a slightly larger than normal clit. It was very slender but it had extra length (like her tongue). It protruded past the top of her pussy lips and could actually rub against her panty. Her clit was gorgeous. I tickled it slightly and her legs jerked as if she were a little frog trying to jump. I returned to Phoebe and repeated escort tokat everything. Phoebe’s clit was even a bit longer than her sister’s.Soon I had two very wet young ladies with their pink pussy-flowers wide open laying in front of me. I kissed each pussy gently (no tongue) and told them that this was enough for the first “date” and I wanted them to get dressed because their parents were due back soon. At the mention of their parents, they both dressed quickly and I got them some snacks from the kitchen. We were all laughing and talking when Chrissy and Bill walked in. A week later, I had another babysitting session with the twins. This time I introduced them to my cock. I sat between them and kissed them alternately until they were both panting. Each time I kissed one twin; I took the hand of the other and used that hand to rub the bulge in my pants. Each girl became fascinated with my bulge. I stopped my training for a moment and stood up. I faced them and dropped my pants and underwear. I caressed my cock in front of them until it got completely stiff. Their eyes WERE startled… for real this time. I sat down and took two little hands (one from each) and put them on each side of my cock and gently stroked myself using their hands.Hank: Ladies, this is my cock. All boyfriends need their girlfriends to take care his cock. The first way is to stroke it. Later I will teach you to kiss it, suck it, and eventually ride it. They were silent… just watching me train their little hands. I removed my hands and let them continue on their own. They were testing the loose skin for softness and squeezing the underlying stiffness. They eventually reached down and touched my balls. After a while, I had four pretty hands caressing me. Hank: Keep doing what you are doing and your boyfriend’s cock will do something amazing.My dick soon erupted; spraying cream on my belly, lap, and all over their hands. They watched closely then looked up at me. Their grins were a mile wide. So was mine!Two days later, I was babysitting again. Chrissy and Bill were treating me like an old family friend. This time, I showed the twins how to use their tongues in a different way. I had each one get on her knees on each side of my cock facing the other twin. I had Paige wrap her tongue under the shaft and try to touch her upper lip. My cock was too large for that to happen but by opening her mouth wide vertically like she was putting an open-mouth kiss on my cock, her tongue tip did finally touch her upper lip. Her tongue and mouth made a circle going all the way around my shaft. I used my hands to help guide her tongue and mouth to do this. Phoebe watched closely and was able to duplicate this circle fairly quickly when it was her turn. I then showed Paige how to slowly move her head left and right to make her tongue-circle slip back and forth along the shaft. I was getting a tongue fuck rather than a mouth blow job. They took turns until I climaxed. They caught my cream in their hands and swallowed it all.We took a break for dinner and then I showed them how to do their old tricks in a new location. I explained it to them carefully and answered all their questions. Then I lay across a pillow on the bed. Phoebe held my ass cheeks open and Paige got the honor of rimming my asshole with her amazing tongue. Every five minutes (I was the timer), they switched. The most amazing trick was when either of tokat escort bayan the twins inserted her tongue deeply and then twisted their tongue like rotating a key in a lock. Ninety degrees to the left, ninety degrees back. Left and right, left and right. I also loved feeling little hummingbird wingbeats from their tongue tips on the outside of my asshole. They kept trying old stuff and experimenting with new stuff. Oh my. I was soon in tongue heaven. When the parents arrived, I was asked if I felt well. I looked weak and confused as I stumbled home. If they only knew…One day I noticed a family photo with not two but THREE k**s. I was then told about Harry. He was slightly younger than the twins and had been spending the summer with the grandparents. Chrissy’s dad had had a minor operation and Harry was helping his grandma while granddad was recovering. He was due home in a week or so. What I noticed from the photo was that Harry looked a lot like his twin sisters. I wondered if his little tongue was as agile.Paige and Phoebe continued our games. I began fingering their asses while they did their magic on my cock. When they sucked on my cockhead, they would look up at me with their startled blue eyes. Each twin strived to be the better girlfriend but it was always a tie.Harry had been home several days before I met him. As he moved about playing around the pool, I noticed that the main difference was that his bottom was fuller and firmer (and cuter) than his sisters’. He was just as pretty as his sisters with a high voice. In the right clothes, he could pass as one of his sisters. He was a femboy to be sure.The next time I babysat, I was left with all three. While Harry was in his bedroom, the girls came to talk to me.Paige: We may have lied.Phoebe: About not ever kissing a boy.Paige: But… we may not have lied.Phoebe: It’s complicated.Hank: I am not mad if you kissed a guy. I still want both of you to be my girlfriends.The looked relieved. Paige: We have another confession…Hank: I won’t be angry with either of my beautiful girlfriends, no matter what.Phoebe: (Deep breath)… we told Harry about us.Paige: He won’t tell either…Phoebe: If he can join in.Paige: Please… please… pretty please.Hank: (Thinking for a minute, but smiling inside)… Well, OK.They grabbed my hands and led me to Harry’s bedroom.When we got there, Harry was waiting. I was floored to see him dressed as a girl! He had his longish blonde hair in short pigtails and wore a crop top with a tiny plaid skirt… some of his sisters’ clothing I guessed. He walked up to me and pulled my face down for a kiss. I got the answer to my question; his sweet tongue was just as agile as his sisters’. The girls pulled us to the bed and laid me across a pillow. Paige explored my mouth with her lively tongue while Phoebe spread my ass cheeks. Harry must have demanded no timer because he spent about 30 minutes or so using his tongue up my asshole. I climaxed onto the pillow. After I could finally move, I kissed that sweet boy and told him he could be my girlfriend too. Harry had the biggest smile… in fact, we all did.I spent the rest of the summer feeling their tight love holes sliding up and down my cock. I squirted more cream during those months than I ever had before. I filled mouths, bellies, pussies, and asses until I was drained.One summer afternoon, I lay quietly in bed with my eyes closed while they gave me a tongue bath all over. It was pure tongue torture. I thought I would die! I was so very happy!One night, all alone in my bed… I had a dream of FOUR girlfriends: Harry, Paige, Phoebe, and their mom! I would have to come up with a plan before I got transferred again.

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