Long Distance

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She leaned back against the door with a sigh. It had been nice spending time with the girls, especially with the men away on a business trip that had turned into a weeklong all-boys bonding trip after the two weeklong business trip had finished.

But female companionship is not what she needed right now. She needed her husband. No make that she ached for her husband.

Yvonne Reeves made no secret of the fact that she loved and desired her husband. Her desires for him were immeasurable, which is one of the reason’s she took everybody’s key to their condo back. You never knew what you would walk in on with those two. Even his parent had quickly learned to call before coming over after the couch and then the stairs incident.

Yvonne sighed as she headed upstairs to their bedroom. Trying to put him out of her head never worked, it only served to increase her need for him. She stripped out of her clothes and lay on the bed with a frustrated groan. She rolled over and picked up the portable phone by the bed.

“Charles.” She said her voice thickened, husky as she lounged across their bed.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked, voice instantly tight with worry and tone mixed with concern.

“I miss you.” She sighed.

“I miss you too.” He laughed, “And you’re horny.”

“Yes.” She cried frustrated into the phone. “Me and Mr. Yardman are going to have to have a talk. These two week trips aren’t going to work. How can we expect to have a baby if you’re gone while I’m ovulating?” Yvonne groaned, “It’s going on six weeks now. Six weeks without more than your voice to keep me warm. Six long weeks without the feel of your body pressed against mine. And while I’m adapt at foreplay and masturbation, I need more than that. I want to come. Good, hard and fast. Like I do when you’re inside me.”

“And just what are you going to tell him?” Charles chuckled, “I can picture it now. You in his office, arms crossed, lips pressed together, foot shaking, demanding that I get less travel time so we can have sex.” He let out a slow, deep breath. “I’m sorry baby. And I know it’s frustrating but please be patient, just a little while longer.” He paused, “Besides, one of those weeks was my fault. I could have come home, and I know how much we want to have a baby, but I haven’t spend any real time with the fellas in a while. And with the boss sending us to this conference together, it seemed like the perfect time.”

“Yeah. No women. No work. No interruptions.” Sefaköy escort She sighed, “I’m not blaming you, it’s just that either he stops sending you away for these long trips or he’d better give you a few days vacation after every one.” She ran a hand over her body, shifting so she could put the phone on speaker. Yvonne raised the volume slightly before replacing the receiver in the base.

“Oh and why is that?” Charles said his voice thickening.

“Because you’re going to be tied to this bed for a week.” Yvonne groaned. “I mean it Charles. It’s never been this bad before. I can’t take it.”

“I can’t exactly fix it right now and I’m not exactly free to talk.”

“I don’t care what you say baby.” She spoke, voice low as she absently stroked her pubic hairs. “I just want to hear your voice.” She said in a gentle tone that Charles recognized all too well.

“Yvonne?” he whispered. “What are you doing?”

“I think you can guess babe.” She said. “Just talk to me. Hell just say the alphabet, you know what your voice does to me. I can come with just one word from you.”

“Really?” he whispered quickly exiting the room. He began to walk back to the elevator and go to his room for some privacy. “What word is that?”

“My name. I love when you say my name.” She whispered as she allowed her hands to roam her body, imagining they were his hands that were touching her. “Where are you baby?”

“In the elevator.” He told her, his voice a low, seductive whisper like silk running over her. His own desire for her evident by the rather large, noticeable bulge in his pants.

“Oh.” Her breath quickening slightly, “I’ve always wanted to do it in an elevator.”

“Yvonne.” His voice a husky whisper as he made his way, quickly, to his room. He shut the door with his foot and she could hear the sharp slam it made and laughed.

“In a hurry.” She whispered.

“Not anymore.” He stripped out of his clothes quickly. Charles was grateful that the maid had already come that day. He pulled the pillows from under the covers and piled them up. He lay back against them with a sigh as he took his dick in his hand.


“Yeah baby?”

“Make me come.” Yvonne moaned.

“Yvonne.” He breathed as he felt his cock stiffen even more in his hand. He moaned involuntarily.

“Ooh.” She sighed excited by the mental image of her husband playing with himself.

“I wish you were here right Escort Yenibosna now.” She spoke in a soft, low tone but loud enough for him to hear. Her voice was rich with desire, fuller as she told him what she wanted, “touching me. That it was your hands rolling and tweaking my nipples like you like to do.”

Yvonne’s hands followed her words as if on automatic pilot. She takes her nipples between her fingers and rolls them as she has seen Charles do so many times. “Charles.” She purred.

“What else do you imagine me doing?” he asked running his hand up and down his cock picturing her small hand around it as she loved to do.

Yvonne slowly inserts two fingers into her mouth and pulls them out slowly, she goes back to her breasts and plays with the hardening buds. “I wish it were your soft, wet lips licking and loving my tender nipples instead of my two wet fingers.” She says in a low, seductive tone.

“Touch yourself for me baby.” Charles demanded in a thick, husky voice, “I want you to touch yourself like I would if I were there.”

“Charles. Oh God Charles.” She breathed running her hands down along her body until she reached her center, her pussy. “I’m touching myself baby.” She whispered as she stroked her clit and rubbed her fingers up along her pussy lips, “Now what?” she panted as she inserted one finger and then another between the lips and inside her pussy.

Charles groaned and his grip tightened around his cock as the mental picture of his wife finger fucking herself came into his mind. “What would I do if I were there?” he asked his voice deep and desirous.

“You would first play with my clit. Rubbing and stroking it until you had me writhing and thrashing. Then you would use your tongue and gently stroke my pussy up and down before sucking me with your mouth. And you’d play with my clit, flicking it and blowing on it while fucking my pussy with your tongue while I screamed your name.”

“Do it for me baby. Let me hear you.” His breathing quickened and he could hear the soft moans escaping from her lips as she delved deeper into her pussy with her fingers.

“Charles…” Yvonne moaned, “Aah baby… Aaah…. Aaaah.” she said called out. “Ooh shit baby. That’s it. Right there.” She panted, imagining that it was his fingers inside her pussy, playing and dancing instead of her own, “I love it when you fuck me with your fingers Charles. Ooh God. Baby.”

“Aahh.” He moaned, knowing that she Halkalı escort bayan was close, Charles quickened the motions around his cock. He stopped briefly to lube his hand with the lotion he had left by the bed on the nightstand, “You know what I wish.”

“No what?” she said as she heard him moan again. Yvonne rolled her thumb over her clit, moving it in gentle, slow circles. “Mmm. Charles. I love to hear you come.”

“My God Yvonne.” He growled, a low guttaral sound deep from within, “What you do to me woman?” he said. He increased the rhythm and speed of his strokes along his cock. Stroking and running his hand along the shaft. Up and down, speed increased, “Ugh. Oooh. Yvonne.” Up and down, down to the base and back to the head again. “I wish it was your hands that were going up and down my cock baby.” He breathed, “I can just picture you hands around me and how you gently play with my sac before you take me into your mouth and suck me off.” His voice a husky whisper. “How you caress me with your tongue, your saliva dripping down as you suck me with your mouth going deeper and deeper. Using your tongue to play with the head of my dick. I love the way you suck my cock.” He moaned, “Ooh baby. I’m close baby. So close Yvonne.” He said, voice barely above a whisper. “So close.” He moaned, growling as he increased the speed of his strokes, “I wish I could feel you wrapped around me with me sheathed inside you and the tiny spasms that run through you before you come.”

“Charles.” Yvonne panted, “Oh God Charles.” She said breathlessly. With her thumb furiously rubbing circles with her clit, she inserted another finger inside the hot wet walls of her pussy expertly as she pictured his hands on her and in her “I’m going to come baby.”

“Let me hear you come baby.” Charles said his sac tightening.

“I wish you were inside of me so that I could slowly milk you to your orgasm as I come.” She told him.

“Yvonne.” Charles said with a growl. “Baby. Please.” His moan excited her and was the catalyst for her orgasm.

“Ooh. Aah. Charles.” She cried his name, as she is sent spiraling over the edge she writhed against the pillow and her other hand moves upward, caressing her stomach and up further, she pinches and pulls at her nipples. “Charles.” She cried out again as she is sent over the edge with the final wave of her orgasm.

“Yvonne.” He cried as his sac tightened further and he spilled over on to his hand and onto the cover. “Aaah. Ooh.” He moaned. “Baby?” he said finally after a few moments as his breathing returned to normal.

“I’m still here.” She whispered.

“Basking?” he said, tone full and playful.

“Yeah, though it’s not nearly as fun without you.”

“For me either baby.” He sighed, “Soon.”


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