Long Distance Pt. 02

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This chapter is a collaboration between me and another author named ViWriter. When the characters go to different locations, he writes Kelly’s perspective and I write Julia’s. The ? symbol indicates switching perspective.

Contains: doing things in public, orgasm control/denial, gentle dom/sub.

She unlocked the door to her apartment and stepped inside, sighing to see everything dark and empty. Only one more day. She set down her purse and turned to lock the door.

“Hey babe,” a voice said, a hand landing on each of her shoulders.

She shrieked and jumped about a foot in the air before spinning around to see her wife grinning. “Jesus, you scared the shit out of me- Kelly!” She dove into a hug, split between joy and surprise.

“Good to see you too, Jules,” Kelly murmured, holding Julia tight, rubbing her back, taking in her warmth and the sweet scent of her hair.

“I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow,” Julia mumbled into her chest.

“I managed to get an earlier flight. I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Julia snorted softly. “It was. My heart’s still pounding.”

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you that much.” Kelly stroked a hand down Julia’s long auburn hair.

“Mm. It’s okay.” She looked up and stood on her tiptoes, bringing her lips to meet Kelly’s. She only broke away when she was forced to breathe. “I missed you so much.”

“Me too.” Kelly kissed her. “God, I thought about you every night.” She met their lips again, more urgently, her hands sliding down Julia’s body. She pulled Julia’s jacket off and tossed it to the side, starting to lead her wife down the hall.

Julia giggled. “So we’re doing this again? Straight into the bedroom until we collapse?”

“Are you complaining?” Kelly murmured, fumbling with the buttons of Julia’s blouse.

“God no.” Kelly captured her mouth in another kiss, but Julia gently pulled away. “I did just get home, though. I need to freshen up.”

Kelly’s lips curved up. “I wasn’t gonna say anything, but…”

“Don’t finish that thought,” Julia warned, smiling. She gave her wife one last kiss before extracting herself from Kelly’s arms and going to the bathroom, calling over her shoulder, “I’ll just be a minute.”

It was only a little while later that Kelly called out, “Uh, babe” from the bedroom. Julia poked her head around the doorway with her toothbrush sticking out of her mouth, finding her wife flopped across the bed with her shoes still on.

“‘eah?” Julia mumbled around a mouthful of foam.

Kelly rubbed at her eyes. “I’m actually wiped. I didn’t realize until I laid down, but I’m falling asleep right now. I don’t know how much I can do.”

“Ish only-” Julia turned and spat the toothpaste into the sink. “It’s only six, is that the jet lag talking?”

“Yeah. And the twelve-hour flight.” Kelly sighed. “Sorry. I can still manage if you’re up for it, but I don’t think I can do more than one round.”

Julia rinsed out her mouth and came to sit on the bed, resting her hand on Kelly’s leg. “It’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself. Honestly, I’m pretty tired too.” She smiled at her sleepy wife. “You shouldn’t just pass out, though. You’re going to wake up at three in the morning if you go to sleep right now.”

Kelly groaned, sitting up with her head in her hands. “You’re right.”

“I usually am.” Julia smirked. “I’ll pinch you if you start snoring.”

“Har har.” Kelly glanced over at the clock. “What are we supposed to do for a couple hours? I don’t think I can concentrate on a movie or anything like that.”

“Hmm…” Julia glanced around the bedroom, considering. “Scrabble?”

“That puts me to sleep on a good day.”

Julia gave her an accusing look. “You said you liked Scrabble.”

“I like playing on a team with you, that’s fun. I just get bored on my own.”

“Oh, okay.” Julia hummed as she thought. “Mario Kart?”

Kelly laughed. “You always beat me.”

“Sounds perfect,” Julia said, grinning.

Kelly smiled and shrugged. “Oh, why not. It’s got enough flashy colors to keep me awake for a while.”

Kelly awoke with an unladylike snort, jerking away from Julia’s shoulder and sitting up straight on the couch. She blinked in the morning light, rubbing at her cheek and finding the corner of her mouth wet with drool. Wiping her face against her t-shirt, she wondered what had made her wake up so suddenly. Her temples throbbed. Julia mumbled something in her sleep, her head lolling to the side without Kelly to support it. Her wife had changed into a loose tank top and pants after they had decided to stay up and now had mussed hair and smeared makeup. Kelly gently moved her to a more comfortable position, wincing at the stiffness in her back. She rubbed at her nose, strangely feeling sore there, too, and looked around the living room, trying to remember what had happened last night. Two controllers lay between a pair of wine glasses and some snack containers on the coffee table, wires running out of the mess Starzbet to the still-running console that was displaying the times and positions of the last race. She reached for the remote to turn off the TV, but something about the screen made her pause. Wasn’t I player two…? But that’s first place…

Memories started trickling back into her mind, hazy and incomplete. They had stayed up until it was a reasonable time to go to bed, then sleepy logic and a desire to stay in each other’s company made them stay up even later. Julia had broken out the good wine to celebrate Kelly coming back, and judging by the level left in the bottle, they had ended up drinking quite a bit of it before passing out. Kelly groaned as she dragged a hand over her face, realizing why she felt a bit of a hangover.

“…morning…” Kelly turned to see Julia rubbing at her eyes.

“Hey.” She gave her wife a kiss. “How’re you feeling?”

“My head…” Julia moved to massaging her temples, wincing. “How late did we stay up…?”

“No idea, but too late.” Kelly stroked a hand over Julia’s hair. “Do you have work?”

“Uh… fuck.” Julia groaned. “Yeah. I took tomorrow off ’cause I thought you were coming tonight.” She lifted her head, trying to focus her eyes. “What time is it?”

Kelly picked up her phone from the table and peered at the screen. “Seven twenty-one.”

“Christ.” Julia struggled to her feet too quickly and staggered, almost falling back to the couch before Kelly steadied her waist. “I have to be in by eight.”

“Oh.” Kelly stood up more carefully beside her as Julia collected herself. “Anything I can do to help you get ready?”

“Um… If you could pick out some clothes. And make me lunch, while I shower.” Julia started unsteadily towards the bathroom, and Kelly made her way to the kitchen, rubbing at her face. A panicked half-hour later, Julia stood at the front door. “How do I look?”

Kelly looked her up and down, amazed at how well her wife had prepared herself. She had somehow transformed herself from a groggy hungover mess into a sharply-dressed professional. “You look great.” She presented Julia with a packed lunch and a thermos. “I made you a sandwich, snacks, and some coffee.”

“You’re the best.” Julia slung her purse over her shoulder and took Kelly’s offerings, going up on her toes for a brief, toothpasty kiss.

Kelly opened the door for her, smiling. “I love you. See you tonight.”

“I love you too, see you.” Julia waved with her hands full as she stepped out, matching Kelly’s smile.


Kelly stood in the entrance to their house for a while longer, wearing not much more than her favorite, slightly drool covered t-shirt and a comfortable pajama pants. She wrapped one arm protectively around her waist to shield herself from the outside cold while the other was lifted high up into the air to wave back at her wife until Julia turned around to see where she was going and continued her walk towards the end of the street.

Kelly anxiously waited to see whether her love would glance back one final time before turning the corner. When she did, she blew her a quick kiss just before Julia vanished from her sight completely. Finally contented, Kelly happily went back inside to let the heat warm her back up.


Julia hailed down a taxi on the second try, waving her packed lunch desperately at the driver. She didn’t normally take a cab to work, but it just might be possible that she could make it on time this way, or at least not end up being fifteen minutes late. She made some small talk as they started moving, still smiling after being waved off by Kelly. Normally on a morning like this she’d be flustered and annoyed with herself, but all she could think of now was that her wife was home. Her wife was home!

She drank the coffee so thoughtfully prepared by Kelly, unable to keep the dopey grin off her face. She couldn’t wait for tonight.


Kelly twitched her nose from a slight irritation, like an invisible force pressing lightly against her nose, while she made herself a healthy breakfast to fight the lingering hangover. Once her stomach was filled, she felt a little stronger again. Her grogginess fading away together with the soft throbbing in her head, Kelly let out a sigh and leaned back into her chair… only to be painfully reminded of the soreness in her back when it flared up again, she and Julia having spent last night sleeping in each other’s arms, curled up on the couch together.

While waking up in her wife’s embrace that morning had been very nice, the couch simply wasn’t made for two people to sleep on it at the same time, and now she was paying the price for it. ‘I hope Jules is faring better than me,’ she thought to herself as she rubbed some of the stiffness from her neck. How neither of them had managed to fall off during the night was anyone’s guess.

Kelly lazily pushed back her chair and stood up, carefully stretching her aching muscles while she stumbled back into the living Starzbet Giriş room. Since Julia had been in such a rush to leave that morning and Kelly had been helping her prepare, everything stood where they had left off last night. The mostly empty bottle of wine standing on the edge of the coffee table. Their game controllers laying in between their wine glasses and some snack containers. Mario Kart running on the game console. The screen opposite the couch still showing the times and positions from their last race. Player 2 still showing as having won first place…

And for the life of her, she still couldn’t remember how the fuck she’d done it… “I was definitely Player 2 last night… Did getting drunk give me super racing powers?” Kelly smirked at herself before dismissing the silly notion, then went to work cleaning up the mess they had made.

Kelly stood up straight once she was done, surveying the cleaned up kitchen. “I guess I have the whole day to myself now,” she said to no one in particular. Kelly let her thoughts wander to Julia, wishing her wife was home with her to spend the time with. She let a sly smile cross her lips as she imagined what she’d do to Julia if she were here with her.

“I don’t exactly have to wait until she’s back to play with her though, do I?” She grinned as she picked up her phone from the charger and opened the app that controlled Julia’s vibrating clit ring, setting it to a slow, up and down wave pattern which would be just enough to gently tease her wife from afar. She could feel a slick drop of arousal start to well up while she imagined Julia’s reaction to the sudden motion between her legs and wondered whether she had made it into the office yet.


Julia tensed in the back seat of the cab as it pulled up outside her work, taking a deliberate breath and letting it out slowly as the faint buzz began against her clit. She paid the fare and hurried inside, inwardly groaning even as an involuntary smile came to her lips. If Kelly was starting this early in the day, it meant she was in for a long, deliciously frustrating time. Now she had even more than coming home to her wife to look forward to – she had a earth-shaking orgasm waiting for her.

Oh God, she hoped her wife would let her come. Kelly only rarely denied her during the week because consecutive days of edging started to seriously impact her ability to work, but she knew Julia had tomorrow off. Then it was the weekend. One day of teasing might turn into two, or three, or four…

Julia shivered with nervous excitement, feeling herself start to grow wet and trying to not look her coworkers in the eye as she rushed to her desk. She really couldn’t wait for tonight.


Kelly smiled and pressed her thighs closely together while she watched her wife’s arousal levels rise on the screen. She could never get over just how hot it was to have so much control over Julia’s pleasure. With a simple swipe of her fingers she could press her lover right up against the edge of orgasm, only to leave her dangling just a knife’s edge away from tipping over while “Tease Mode” was selected. The ring had been carefully calibrated to measure how close Julia was, and took appropriate measures to keep her from coming for as long as Kelly wanted to.

When Kelly had first read about the ring’s almost magical, seemingly unreal capabilities in an online advert during one of her business trips abroad, she immediately knew that she had to have this. She quickly went and did some research to find out whether its bold claims were true, and after finding a public forum where people openly talked about its effectiveness, she had relayed to her wife that she knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday that year.

Of course, they had discussed it beforehand. Despite how much Kelly loved the idea, her dominance in the relationship could make things like this tricky, and she made it very clear it was Julia’s choice. Initially, Julia had been hesitant about getting the ring, having little to no fondness for piercing such a delicate part of her body, but the thought of her wife controlling her with it was incredibly hot. After they had a lengthy conversation and Julia was given a bit of gentle persuasion, talking about all the fun things they could do with it, or rather… all the fun things Kelly could and, in most likelihood, would do with her, she had agreed to it.

Kelly still fondly remembered the day they went to get the piercing. They had both been so nervous, but the procedure ended up being quite simple. They were told to leave things alone for at least a week or two until everything had properly healed before trying out the ring’s functions. Those two weeks had been the longest in their lives, both of them scared that there might be an infection, so they carefully followed each of the piercer’s instructions. At the same time, they were getting increasingly anxious about trying the ring out. Then the day finally came that everything had properly healed up and they finally Starzbet Güncel Giriş got to test out their new toy by breaking out all the stops to see everything that it had to offer.

That day had easily been the third best day of her life, right after the day on which Julia had proposed to Kelly and she had unhesitatingly accepted the engagement, letting tears of sheer joy flow freely from her eyes. And of course their wedding day itself…

Kelly had to stop herself from ruminating on their past, and returned to the present where she lifted her hand up to brush back a few stray strands with her fingers. Her hair had been left to grow for a couple of months now, and her usually short black hair was reaching down to her neck and eyes. Kelly contemplated going out for a haircut, but before that she could really use a shower herself.

Kelly glanced back at her phone and smiled to herself when she saw Julia’s arousal level steadily rising, her status having changed from ‘Normal’ into ‘Turned-on’ when the pre-programmed looped wave pattern hit its peak and prepared to slowly wind down again. Then Kelly put the device down onto the dinner table and slowly started undressing herself while she made her way towards the bathroom.

Moments later Kelly stood leaning over the bathroom sink, judging her visage in the mirror. As she had suspected earlier, her hair had grown out too much for her liking, and their night on the couch had left it in a bit of a mess. Her clear blue eyes inspected the face of her reflection and its somewhat angular features. The particular way in which the strong line of her jaw made her chin stand out. The lightly tinted thin curves of her lips, and the almost candle straight bridge of her nose. She noticed a small red blotch near the tip of it which had slowly been clearing away. It seemed like she might have accidentally squashed her nose in her sleep, explaining the odd sensation of unexplained pressure that morning.

Letting her eyes roam downwards, their next stop was at her modestly sized bust. While not nearly as deliciously soft and full as those of her wife, she found them well suited for her leaner body type. Besides, they were quite perky and her nipples were nicely sensitive to the touch. Kelly’s gaze moved further down towards her nethers. A light shadow seemed to cover her mound, indicating that a patch of stubble had set in. Kelly also thought that she could see a faint glistening from between her lower lips which brought a smile to her lips. Her mind wandered back to Julia once again and imagined her wife squirming in her seat while the vibrating ring teased her lover’s clit even now.

Steam had begun to rise from the falling water behind Kelly, which told her that it was high time for her to step into the shower and get herself properly wet. She smirked at herself as she pushed herself off from the sink’s edge and turned around towards the cabin, closing the sliding glass door behind her and letting the warm water cascade down her body.

Almost immediately she could feel the aches in her back and neck start to dissolve as the water seemed to wash them away, loosening her tightened muscles. She turned her face into the stream while lifting her hands towards her head and brushing back her hair, letting the water thoroughly soak through them before picking up the shampoo bottle and liberally lathering her hair with it until her head was covered in a thick foam. Then she leaned back into the stream to let the water rinse it off again, causing flakes of foam to flush down the full length of her slender body.

While Kelly had long been taller than average, she didn’t really mind being able to reach the top shelves or standing out in a crowd, literally. And she figured that her more extreme growth spurt in her early teens had caused her body to eat up most of her baby fat, making her into the slim tall beanstalk she was today. Though her wife stubbornly seemed to prefer the word ‘beauty’ over beanstalk. She was glad though that her sudden increase in length hadn’t taken away all of her fatty tissues, leaving just enough to form her firm breasts, rounded buttocks, and the hint of a shapely set of hips.

Wanting to look her best for when Julia came home that evening, and not contented with simply removing the patch of stubble from between her legs, Kelly decided to shave the rest of her body as well. She picked up the can of razor gel and proceeded to cover her arms with a thin coating before letting the blades of her razor smoothly glide down the length of it, removing the thin fine strands of hair. She repeated the motion several times until she was satisfied with the results, then did the same for her other arm, which caused her some light difficulty since she had to shave it with her non-dominant hand. She quickly followed suit on her legs, leaving them bare and smooth to the touch.

Kelly’s mound necessitated a little more careful consideration to shave, since it lay so close to such a sensitive area of her anatomy. She spread her legs wide for better access which caused her nether lips to pull apart. With interest she noted that her inner labia had puffed up slightly and, while difficult to tell the difference, she was quite certain that not all the moisture down there had come from the rush of falling water around her.

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