Lonely Twenties: An Accidental Step Outside the Bubble.

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The cost of living was unbelievably high in a major world-class city where a six-figure income, for the most part, was to be expected. The city was loaded with successful people and millionaires were not so uncommon. In the city, there was an invisible line between the rich and the poor which was rarely crossed. Most of the times, the rich looked down on the poor areas; going there, let alone hanging out with anyone from such a place was a social risk. One could say that a vast majority of the wealthy people in the city had a habit of living in a bubble.The bubble mindset was even more pronounced among young professionals in their twenties who only spent time with others just like them. Professionals who went to good schools, worked high paying jobs, attended exclusive social events at wealthy bars and often bragging about their success were the norm.At the age of twenty-nine, Dev seemed to have it all. Dev moved to the city about three years back after graduate school, grabbed up a lucrative offer, and was living in a wealthier part of the city. The best part about it is that Dev still had his handsome young looks. Dev stood at six-foot-two, had a well toned frame, and looked almost exactly like Zayn Malik except with more deep set eyes.On a hot and humid summer night, Dev headed to his apartment after an embarassing night at a rooftop bar party where he had been ridiculed by a banker mocking him by speaking in an Indian accent. Dev didn’t have an accent at all but still managed to make a lot of other people at the party laugh at him. The night ended earlier than usual and on the way to his apartment, Dev gave into temptation. Seeing a strip club that had opened up recently and no one he knew around, Dev decided to go in. The club was in a rich part of town, so obviously a lot of wealthy guys must go to it. Dev’s girlfriend left him a couple of months ago and he needed some female intimacy, not from the snobby girls in the bubble, at least. The door guys saw the way Dev was dressed and knew he was rich; they welcomed him in.”Come on in, sir,” said the door guy.”On my way,” said Dev.Dev stepped into the strip club, seeing a lot of beautiful women walking around topless: Blondes, brunettes, redheads, Asian women, black women, Indian women, and Latinas. Since this was late Akbatı escort bayan into the night, a lot of the strippers were covered in sweat from the dancing. Dev sat down until one of the men at the strip club, who worked there, greeted him. “No friends joining you tonight, my man?” asked the man, who looked a lot like Vince Vaughn.”No, I am here alone,” replied Dev.”Well, I am Paul and I work here, lots of hot girls, huh?” asked the man.”Yup,” replied Dev, smiling.”Well enjoy the place, my man,” said Paul.”Sure will,” replied Dev.Dev watched the strippers dance on the pole as other guys joined him. A couple of strippers maintained eye contact with Dev who was a relatively handsome guy with exotic looks. Dev walked around to explore other places until a stripper bumped into him from behind, and he heard a whisper in his ear.”Hi,” said the stripper.”Hello,” said Dev, turning around.What Dev saw was a tall, slim woman with dark hair, a ponytail, sweaty tanned skin, and overall the exact same look as actress Lymari Nadal. Dev was in awe, he had mainly slept with white women his entire life and here he saw this tall exotic looking beauty who stared into his eyes and smiled.”Grab my hand, let me take care of you,” said the woman in an accent, standing a couple inches shorter than Dev.The woman led Dev to a nice private room in the strip club where she shut the door, looked at him, smiled, and started to dance. Covered in sweat, the woman’s body shined as she danced, and Dev could smell the arousing smell coming off of her body. The stripper sat on Dev’s lap and put her arms around him, being only a tan lighter than him in terms of skin tone. Dev felt the stripper’s soft skin as her arms coiled around his neck, her odor and touch arousing him.The way the stripper moved, a shining glow, soft skin, and a supermodel build with just the right amount of curves had Dev more aroused than he had ever been before. The stripper was unlike anything Dev usually experienced from her looks to her demeanor; she was exotic and loose compared to the prudish girls he was usually around. Dev’s penis had grown massive and thick, almost coming down to his knees as the stripper glanced over. Now it became a matter of what was going to happen to close the Escort Aksaray deal as strippers were known to be tough to take home.”So what brought you here, handsome?” said the stripper, dancing on him as her sweaty body hit his face and aroused him. The accent the stripper had was a Spanish one.”Just one event after another,” replied Dev, grabbing his erect and hard cock which was ready to bust out of his pants.”What’s your name?” asked the stripper, grinding on his lap.”Dev, what’s yours?” he replied, sweating and breathing hard.”Spice, not used to strip clubs?” she asked, looking him in the eyes as her hand grabbed the erect area of his pants.”No, your accent,” said Dev, slowly while breathing hard.”First time having a Latina with you, huh,” replied Spice, grinding on him some more.”I guess,” he replied, laughing.”You look like the kind of guy that just gets with white girls,” she said.”Its true, how’d you know?” asked Dev.”Doesn’t matter, let’s see what you do after tonight!” replied Spice, putting her soft arms around him as she stripped off her top.Dev saw the nice puffy brownish nipples that went well with her lighter olive skin tone and dark hair, staring at them and wanting to suck on them. The only thing Spice had on now was a black thong that barely covered anything at all, most of her pussy showing. Dev was mesmerized by the way Spice moved her body as well as the touch from her soft skin, making him take deep breaths. Being that it was a strip club, Dev laid back and looked the beautiful stripper in the eyes as she smiled.”Take these off, grab it and take them off,” said Spice, putting his hand over her thong.Dev grabbed the thong and pulled it down with Spice on his lap but as it came to her knees, she moved upside down with her back over his body and her legs in-between his face. Now Dev was taking deeper breathes as he grabbed and pulled on the thong, desperately wanting to fuck the stripper. After getting it down to her feet, he easily took it off and whiffed it, making loud moaning noises.”Our time is almost up,” said Dev, taking deep breaths.”Where are you at?” asked Spice, her pussy against his face.”The apartment a couple blocks down, room 4021,” replied Dev.”Bold,” she replied.”Well, if you ever want these back,” Ankara escort said Dev, now grabbing her thighs and gently squeezing as she moaned.”I am almost done for the night, we can’t head out together because my boss will get mad,” she said.”Its okay, I will just head out myself and you know where to find me if you want,” said Dev, his nose against her pussy but fighting the urge to eat it.”If I want,” said Spice, smiling as she grabbed his erect cock but could only do so much since he had his clothes on.Dev got up and grabbed her nice sexy butt, gently squeezing it while looking at her and smiling. Spice smiled back and Dev knew there was something there, but right in the height of it all, he walked out. Dev had to be careful not to ruin his reputation by messing with outsiders to the circle. Covered in sweat, Dev headed out but had to make sure he was not caught by anyone that knew him. As fast as he could, Dev walked to his apartment with a massive erection and made his way up. As soon as he arrived, Dev stripped down to his briefs and laid on the bed. Somehow, Dev had to figure out what he was going to do with this massive erection he had. If Dev was to rub one out, he would be done if Spice was to come. The temptation was too strong and Dev was taken away, he went from normally getting with prudish suburban girls to this exotic woman. Dev tried to use books to distract himself or think about things to stress over but none of it was doing much good, while the erection was dying down the urge was still there. After an hour had passed, Dev wanted to call an escort that had the sort of look Spice had, maybe that would do. Dev got on to a site and looked at nearby escorts but a lot of them were booked. A few did have the looks Spice had but they were not quite Spice. Now, Dev wanted to make do. Out of nowhere, Dev got a call in his apartment; apparently, someone wanted to see him. The way the apartment worked, visitors had to wait as the attendant called the apartment number to confirm if it was okay to let them in. Dev asked who it was and he was informed it was someone he had just “chatted” with an hour earlier that needs something they let him borrow. Containing the excitement, Dev calmly informed them to let her in. A few minutes passed and then he heard the knock on the door, checked to see who it was, and it was her.”Come on in,” said Dev, answering the door. Spice wore some yoga pants, a hoodie, and a tanktop while glowing with sweat.”Making yourself at home, huh?” said Spice, grabbing his shoulders.”You should, too,” replied Dev, shutting the gate.

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