Lola Goes To Dinner Part 2: Dinner And A Movie

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Lola’s partner kept her on edge. However, although he reached for the remote, he did not engage the vibrator. Soon their food came, Lola’s partner received his steak and Lola her salad. Lola had just placed her first bite of salad into her mouth when she felt the vibrator buzz into life inside of her. Her partner had removed his hand from his pocket and had begun eating his steak, pretending not to notice that Lola, perceptively shaken, was now having difficulty eating. The vibrator inside of her was steadily pulsating and, with her legs spread and vagina exposed, she was incredibly nervous, adding to her excitement. She kept eating, with difficulty, in order to appear normal to those around her… moment by moment she came closer to orgasm. She watched her partner reach into his pocket and felt the vibrator switch to a wave motion. It was unbearable to her. He increased the intensity and she flexed all of her muscles, attempting to fight her public orgasm. Lola knew that she orgasmed somewhat explosively, always spilling large amounts of liquids upon her release. She knew that if she did this now, she would create a waterfall down the edge of the leather seat.Lola’s partner knew this as well and cared little about the restaurant’s leather seat. He loved watching Lola squirm and couldn’t wait to watch how she would handle her fountain of cum once she had orgasmed in front of all of these people. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long. He switched the intensity up one notch further and watched Lola’s face display a mixture of pleasure and dread. Lola had exploded Karaköy escort and created a puddle which dripped steadily down the seat beneath her. She turned crimson and her partner watched as she grabbed her napkin attempting to soak up some of the mess. He knew that it would never be sufficient. He took a peek beneath the table and noted with absolute satisfaction that drips of Lola’s cum were falling from the edge of the leather seat onto the floor. Lola trembled as she picked up her fork, aware that the only plausible action was to continue eating as if nothing had happened. She finished about half of her salad before her corset indicated that she could eat no more. She pushed the plate in front of her and lowered her eyes, feeling somewhat mortified. Her partner reached out his hand and gave her a small squeeze of encouragement and a coy smile. He paid their bill and handed Lola the mint which arrived on the tray. They walked out of the restaurant and Lola’s partner rested a protective hand on her lower back. He could feel her corset laces through her dress. He walked down the street, away from the car and movie theater, where they had planned to go after dinner. Lola was confused as to where they were going but knew better than to ask. He turned right sharply, into the alleyway. The alley was dark, though pools of light flooded the street on either end. Occasionally, a car would drive by. Lola’s partner gently pushed her up against the wall of the building and reached his hand beneath her skirt. Both sides of her calves were Kayaşehir escort bayan sticky and as he placed a single finger at her vaginal opening he could feel the incredible swell of her vagina. He barely inserted his finger into her opening before pulling it out, dripping wet. He grinned and lifted his fingers to Lola’s lips to suck clean.He then asked Lola to turn around. She did as she was told. He lifted up the hem of her skirt and took hold of the metal end of Lola’s butt-plug. He turned it left and right and pushed it in a few times so that she could feel the plug filling her ass. He thrust one last time and Lola felt her vaginal juice drip down her legs once again. She began to feel embarrassed, wondering if the streaks of her fluids were visible beneath her skirt. Lola’s partner turned her around once more and unbuttoned another button on the front of her dress. This left her chest dangerously exposed, as the dress was buttoned down to beneath her sternum. He reached his hand beneath her dress, took a handful of her delicious little breast, pinched her nipple, and removed his hand. Lola squealed with the slight pain of having her nipple pinched. Lola’s partner again placed his hand on the small of her back and guided her out of the alley and into the movie theater. He paid for the tickets and pushed Lola in front of him so that he could watch her delicious ass sway and watch the dim lights shine on Lola’s pussy-juice- covered thighs. This was a delight to watch. He guided Lola down his preferred movie theater Escort Küçükçekmece row and lowered his preferred seat for her. She sat and he took the seat beside her.  He reached his hand across the seats as if to lovingly take Lola’s hand, but instead pushed her thighs roughly apart so that they were opened as far as the dress would allow. Her partner couldn’t see Lola’s face turning bright red. She wished, desperately, to hide her gaping, dripping pussy which now threatened to leak onto the theater seat.Lola’s partner pinched her thigh to get her attention and she looked up into his eyes. Using his eyes, he traveled down Lola’s neck and fixed his gaze on her chest. He gestured with his hand to unbutton the dress further. Self-consciously, Lola raised her hand to the top of her dress and released a button. Her partner nodded and she released one more. At this point, her small, but perky, breasts were almost leaping out of her dress and the full image of her right breast was viewable from her partner’s position. Lola was mortified but her partner was very pleased. Lola’s partner reached his hand back across Lola’s lap to the bottom of her dress. Here he used his fingers to unbutton one, then two of the buttons which had helped to shield Lola’s already exposed pussy. Fortunately for Lola, the theater’s lights had just gone out because when she looked down she could see the base of her vaginal lips. She swallowed hard and her partner grinned. He casually cupped his hand over her mound and dipped his middle finger into her sopping wet hole. She gasped as he gently flicked his finger in and out. Lola was so vulnerable at this moment, she was practically naked and her partner was fucking her with his finger in the middle of the movie theater. She was mortified but incredibly turned on. Lola’s partner removed his drenched finger once he could see that her pleasure was mounting.

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