Lola and Joey Ch. 10

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Double Penetration

Whew! What a day! She didn’t know if she was going to make it a few times! Five kids were sometimes overwhelming! She made it though, and she was proud of herself! Mrs. G was right. Thank God she had honed her routine with Catherine and Amanda! She could do it! What a difference a month made!

It was exactly a month ago that she was trying to keep from choking up in Mrs. G’s office because she had to quit. She thought her life was over or at least massively sidetracked!

It all started with Sean O’Malley. God, he was good looking, and he was such a sweet talker! He charmed the pants off her, literally, within a few weeks. She was smitten. She couldn’t get enough of him. He was so much fun to be around and great in the sack. They eventually moved in together. He was getting a trade, and she had graduated from secretarial school and had landed a great job with Mrs. G as her administrative assistant. She made decent money. The future looked bright!

Then she got pregnant. Sean was not very happy even though his dick did the deed. He was not very supportive during and after the pregnancy but she was used to that from the men in her family. Unfortunately, Sean started going out more and more often. He rarely helped with Nathan. It wasn’t long before she noticed the signs. She confronted him about cheating. He denied it, and they had a big fight. The process repeated itself for months until one day he didn’t come home. Shortly after that Sean stopped paying the babysitter.

She couldn’t afford the payments on her own, and she couldn’t afford a lawyer to go after Sean. Her parents had passed away, and her brothers and sisters were far away. She was going to have to quit work and go on assistance until Nathan was in school next year. How quickly your life could fall apart!

“So Nathan will be in school next year?” Susan asked.

“Yes.” Tara sniffed.

“You come from a big family right?”


“Are you comfortable around little kids?”

“Yes. I’ve babysat lots of kids.”

“Have you ever thought of running a daycare?”

“You mean babysitting?”

“No. I mean starting up a daycare business. People pay gobs of money for daycare these days. If you had four or five kids, you could easily cover your expenses, and I know of two potential customers, one of which is low maintenance.”

“What do you mean?”

“My daughter has twins. I would like her to finish her degree. She can’t do that while watching two little kids. I could pay you to look after them. We could have a test run so you could get everything set up and establish your routines. If it worked out, then you could advertise for a few more kids, and you would have some good references. What do you think?”

“Really? I don’t even know what to charge.”

“I do. People will pay a lot if they think you’re competent and I know you are.”

“I never really thought of babysitting for a living.”

“Don’t think of it as babysitting. You will be providing a valuable professional service. There is nothing more important than taking care of people’s kids, and it’s not easy! My daughter Lola is incredibly smart but my granddaughter Catherine can bring Lola to her knees in about ten minutes if she puts her mind to it. Fortunately, Amanda is the most soothing little girl you will ever meet. Something about her makes make my maternal instincts kick into overdrive, and when she sits in my lap, all my problems melt away. I don’t know what it is about her, but she’s a real gem.”

“How much are you paying in rent?”

“Eight hundred a month plus utilities.”

“Would you like to pay seven hundred a month, total? I own an apartment building, and a spot is opening up. I’m moving out, and Joey and Lola are moving into my unit. You can have their place if you want it. It will save you some rent, and you’ll have two built in customers and a guaranteed payment from me every month.”

She couldn’t help it. The tears started to flow. Eventually, she could speak. “That would be fantastic Mrs. G. I can’t thank you enough!”

“Good! We will have to register you as a business. People will pay a lot more if they think you’re professional. I’ll help you with it. You need to start collecting some toys and books and children’s DVDs and posters. It looks good when the parents walk in and see all the ‘educational’ material, and it will help keep the kids entertained. You can get it cheap at second-hand stores. You need to think of a name for your business then we can get business cards. If you have any trouble, let me know. My daughter has the gift of the gab. She can come up with something grandiose for you! We’ll do up a little contract for the parents. It sets expectations and looks good. Do you have a car?”


“I’ll ask Lola and Joey if they can help you move and drive you around to pick some of the stuff up.”


“You know, Joey from work. The one who regularly visits your PC. My son?”

Tara’s face turned pink.

“Sound escort şişli good?”

“Yes! Thanks so much Mrs. Granger!”


She didn’t know what to do about Lola and Joey’s offer to share meals.

It was nice, but she barely knew them. Well, she knew Joey from work, and he seemed pleasant, but she didn’t know him very much, not that she hadn’t tried, and she didn’t know Lola at all. All she knew about Lola was that she was Joey’s twin sister and some big physics brain. What if she was a massive nerd like Sheldon from Big Bang. She couldn’t stand Sheldon! What if she was stuck with a female Sheldon? That would be horrible! But then again, Lola did get knocked up so she couldn’t be a total Sheldon.

What if Joey couldn’t cook? She didn’t know any men that made meals. Guys in her family didn’t cook, and her ex couldn’t boil water. The concept of being fed by a male was alien. She would need to see it to believe it! She heard stories about university students existing on macaroni and cheese. What if that was Joey’s idea of a good meal? What if he could cook, but she didn’t like what he made?

What if they were doing it because they felt sorry for her? That would piss her off! She and Nathan could take care of themselves! She didn’t need any spoiled yuppies to take pity on her and Nathan, but maybe they were just trying to be nice.

Then there was Mrs. G. She’d helped her a lot. What if she didn’t get along with Lola and Joey and they said something negative to Mrs. G? Mrs. G might not hire her back, or maybe Joey and Lola would get someone else to watch their girls.

Damn! She didn’t know what to do. It would be rude to keep turning them down, and she couldn’t afford to piss them off. Maybe she’d go up on Friday. She hated cooking on Friday and used to take eat out, but she couldn’t afford it anymore. That sounded good! When Lola picked the kids up, she would ask her if Friday was okay and go from there.


“Hi, Tara! How were the girls?”

“Hi, Lola. They were good as usual.”

“Catherine and Nathan broke a lamp mommy!” Amanda blurted out with a very concerned, tattle on my sister, look.

Tara smiled. “Nathan and Catherine seem to have taken to each other and were rough housing a bit and knocked over a lamp. It’s no big deal. The bulb broke. On a different note, is your meal offer still good? If so, what about Friday? I hate cooking on Friday.”

“Definitely! Joey and I thought we were never going to see you and Nathan! Any food preferences or allergies? Chef Joey can make just about anything. He’s a pretty good cook! Give him some ideas today, and he’ll get the stuff for Friday. I know what you mean about cooking on Friday. I used to hate it! But then, I used to hate cooking anytime, and Joey used to hate eating what I made! I kept burning the food until he couldn’t take it anymore and then he took over the cooking. I haven’t cooked since. Being fed every day is wonderful! My job is to set the table and supply the spirits! Do you like wine? White or red? I like both, and we don’t need to worry about what Joey likes! He hardly drinks at all. I don’t drink much anymore either, but it is Friday, and you’re an important guest! Right?”

“That sounds great Lola. I’ll give Joey a meal suggestion and wine would be excellent. It’s been a lot more work having the two babies. I’m sure a drink will hit the spot by the end of the week! Thanks!”

That went well, she thought. Lola didn’t seem nerdy at all. In fact, she seemed kind of playful in an impish naughty way. Her curiosity was piqued! What would supper be like at the Granger household? Would the adult Granger twins be as friendly as the girls? Did Joey share the family work as much as he claimed at work? Catherine and Amanda called him ‘Daddy’ so he must be doing something. The more she thought about everything, the more curious she became! Her first few days with all five kids had been exhausting! Some wine and adult company on Friday sounded good! Maybe she would get to know Joey better. Hmmm!


She felt drawn in the minute Lola opened the door. The smell of delicious food wafted past her nostrils, the girls ran over and gave her a big hug, and even Lola gave her a hug. The apartment was a riot of color. She felt like she was entering a tropical jungle. There were lush plants everywhere, and the walls and floor and furniture were all different colors but matched perfectly. It was energizing and soothing at the same time! Before she could even move, Lola placed a glass of wine in her hand.

“Pretty cool, isn’t it? My mom redid the whole unit. It was the first time she ever got to decorate a place exactly the way she wanted. She let me come along and help pick things out. It was lots of fun choosing everything. I find the look very soothing and relaxing. Mom says the plants detoxify the room from nişantaşı escort all my hot air!”

“My mom wanted to take the plants to her new place, but I begged and groveled until she agreed to leave them here. It just wouldn’t be the same without the plants. Mom threatened my life if I killed them, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job, don’t you?”

“They look fantastic Lola! You must have a green thumb!”


Lola and Tara both looked down to see Amanda standing in front of them with her little arms crossed and little eyebrows furrowed.

“Ummm, sorry honey,” Lola said somewhat embarrassed. “Amanda helps me with the plants.”

“Mommy!” Amanda repeated even louder.

“Okay! Fine! Jeez Louise, Amanda! Do you have to be such a stickler for the details!” Lola said in an exasperated tone. “Amanda looks after the plants, not me. I’m not very good with plants, and they weren’t faring too well under my care. Mom was not pleased and was ready to take them back. Amanda likes the greenery even more than I do and asked mom she could look after them. Amanda is mom’s favorite, so she spent some time showing her what to look for, and a few weeks later, the plants looked healthy again. Amanda seems to have inherited mom’s green thumb. I often see her touching the plants and sticking her finger in the soil. I think she even talks to them. Whatever she is doing seems to work, and she has been in charge of the plants ever since.” Lola looked over at Amanda. “There! Are you happy now?”

Amanda smiled and skipped off.

“Can Amanda even carry the watering can or reach all of the plants?” Tara asked.

“No. That’s where I come in,” Lola said and puffed up her chest. “Amanda lets me know when a plant needs watering or pruning or turning or whatever and I do it while she watches. It’s a bit humbling, and Amanda can be very bossy as you just saw, but it works. The plants are healthy, and mom is happy!”

“Come sit down Tara. The food is ready.”

The food smelled delicious. It was her standard chicken parmesan recipe, but it smelled better tonight. Must have been because she was famished and someone else made it! The food tasted just as good as it smelled and she was feeling quite content from a full stomach and the wine. There was even dessert! She could easily get used to this kind of treatment! The kids were playing with each other, and Joey was doing the dishes in a very short pair of shorts. She offered to help with the dishes, but Lola said Joey volunteered to do them and play with the kids later to give her and Lola a chance to talk and relax. Lola proceeded to talk about all sorts of things, but occasionally, the same bulge in Joey’s pants that used to distract her at work distracted her again. She didn’t notice that Lola had stopped talking and was watching her watch Joey.

“You like him don’t you.”

“What?” Tara said as Lola’s voice pierced her gazing.

“You like Joey, don’t you.”

Tara’s face turned red as she realized Lola had caught her.

“It’s okay. I’m not upset. I like Joey too. I don’t know what I’d do if he weren’t here. I can’t imagine life without him.”

“I don’t know what other twins are like, but we’ve always been close. We drifted apart during high school but became close again when we moved in together here. Joey was like a loving husband when I got pregnant. He went to the maternity classes with me and was at the hospital when I had the girls and helped me through the hell of the first few months. Joey’s like a father to the girls, and he treats me like a queen. I don’t force him to stay. He wants to. Why would I want to give that up? Why would I want the girls to lose that?”

“Won’t it be hard for the girls though when you meet someone, and Joey has to move out?”

Lola got a serious look on her face. “No guy will ever come between Joey and the girls. He will always be able to see them.”

“What about sex though? Don’t you miss it?”

Lola’s serious look instantly became playful. “Who says I don’t get sex? Nothing is stopping me from going out if I want plus I have several toys to help me out when I’m in need. And I do get to sleep with a man every night! Joey sleeps with me,” she said with a naughty smile.

Tara didn’t know what to say. Was Lola pulling her leg? “Joey sleeps with you?”

“Ya, but it’s no big deal. We used to sleep together when we were little. Both of us tried sleeping on the couch, but it hurts your back after a few days, so we bought a queen bed. There’s lots of room for both of us, and Joey doesn’t bother me except when he’s aroused.”


“Ya, sometimes I’ll wake up, and Joey will have his hand draped across my side or my stomach or my breast. I just push him back. He doesn’t even wake up or remember the next day. Sometimes though, I’ll wake up with an erection against my back. Usually, it’s when he sleeps in the nude.”

“He sleeps in the nude?”

“Mostly, except in the winter when it’s fatih escort cold. I usually sleep in the nude too. I know it sounds weird, but you have to understand, we’ve seen and known each other our whole lives. I’ve seen Joey a million times over the years. It’s no big deal.”

Tara was already a little stimulated from glancing at Joey’s bulge, and the image of his hard cock against Lola’s bare back bumped her arousal up a notch. “What do you do?”

“Oh, usually I just push him away and tell him it’s time to take care of himself when he wakes up. Sometimes though, I’m horny, and I make use of his dick.” Tara was trying to maintain her composure, but Lola could see her starting to get a bit squirmy, and her face had become flushed. Lola couldn’t resist teasing her a bit more, plus it was all true! “Ya, I’ll fantasize it’s a real guy in bed with me, and I’ll frig myself and start to slide my back up and down against his cock until I can feel his slippery precum on my skin. It doesn’t usually take me long to come!”

Tara could feel her panties getting sticky.

“Once when I was super horny, I pressed his dick against the outside of my pussy and slid up and down against it until I came. It felt so wicked rubbing myself against my brother’s cock that I had a massive orgasm. I haven’t tried it since though because I don’t trust myself!”

Tara couldn’t believe what she was hearing and how hot she was getting!

“There was one time when I was exhausted with the girls, and his cock woke me up several days in a row, so I had to take drastic action. I turned around and started jacking him off as hard as I could until he woke up. He was shocked when he saw my hand on his cock. I told him to knock it off and made him sleep on the couch for the next few days. His cock didn’t bother me for quite a while after that!”

“So, maybe sometime in the future I may need a man, but for now Joey is the only man the girls and I need.”

Whew! Tara needed to take care of herself in a bad way plus it was getting near Nathan’s bedtime. She used the time to make a graceful exit and tucked a sleepy Nathan in bed and hopped into her bed.

Her hand quickly moved between her legs as she pondered the night. What a night it had been! She definitely wanted to pursue the meal sharing as long as Joey let her make some of the meals, and she had a great time chatting with Lola. There was nothing nerdy about her at all, and she was interested in getting to know her and Joey better, especially Joey! She had no idea twins could be so close! It would be difficult to get the image of Lola and Joey naked in bed out of her mind! Lola had provided her with a gold mine of masturbation material, and her fingers started to move into high gear! She closed her eyes and began to fantasize. It didn’t take long before the thought of Joey’s cock pumping into her pushed her over the edge!


The next morning she felt great! She felt energized and perky and upbeat about the day! It got even better when Joey knocked on her door and said he was going to get groceries and asked her if she wanted to come. Grocery shopping was a pain in the ass without a car! The store was a thirty-minute walk. It was a long walk for Nathan and even longer coming back with all the groceries. She could only handle so much at once which meant frequent trips. Not having a car sucked!

“That would be great Joey! Let me get Nathan.”

“Lola said she would watch him while we’re gone if that’s okay with you. I always find it quicker to get groceries without the girls. It’s a pain to put them in the car seats, and they want to stop and look at everything in the store.”

“That would be even better! Thanks, Joey! I’ll get him ready and send him up!”

What a bonus surprise! She saved an hour in walking. Her arms weren’t sore from dragging the groceries home, and she was able to get enough to last a whole week! Joey said she was welcome to come whenever he went.

The same thing happened with Lola a few days later. Lola was going to the mall and asked her if she wanted to go. Joey watched Nathan while the big and little ladies went out shopping. Life was getting better and better! It was a thirty-minute bus ride to the mall and Nathan was bored silly. Lola was grateful to have an adult female along. She said Joey hated shopping with a passion and refused to accompany her or always told her everything looked fine so he could leave quicker.

Every week she did a bit more with the Lola and Joey and gradually got to see different sides of them. The more she saw, the more she liked.

Lola was fun and perky and mischievous and mouthy sometimes, but if she got too tired, she shut right down. When she focused on her studies, you could detonate a bomb by her, and she wouldn’t notice. The girls quickly picked up on it and knew not to bother mommy when she was busy. Of course, that meant mom wasn’t watching them, and they could get away with more! Both of them knew daddy was a soft touch and took advantage of it.

Lola was an extrovert whereas Joey was more subdued and quiet. They were a good match for each other. Lola pushed Joey to be more outgoing, and Joey reined in Lola’s occasional excesses.

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