Locked In

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Authors Note: This story takes place sometime in the past. While it is not necessarily probable that two people could stay locked inside a school building without being discovered, it was certainly possible decades ago.

As always, if butch/femme pairings and large age differences are not your thing, skip this story. Otherwise, please enjoy!


Long after the last bell rang through the vast halls of F.W. Harmony High School, Joanne Didier stood just outside room 326. She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder from time to time. Her heart felt like a pair of delicate hummingbird wings, fluttering erratically from random bursts of nervous adrenaline. She figured she’d waited long enough, laying low while dozens of hormone-addled teens pushed and shoved their way towards the first available exit. It was Friday afternoon, the start of another weekend. Joanne did her best to stay focused as she reflected on what she hoped was soon to come.

She’d called home during lunch period and told her mom that she was sleeping at Charlotte Peterson’s house. This was a favorite lie used interchangeably with her best friend whenever one or the other was up to no good. Charlotte told her friend that it was no problem. “Just don’t get caught.” She’d said during math class as she gathered her books in her arms and headed out the door for her locker.

The endless hallway on the 3rd floor was dark and eerily silent. Gone were the students, trying (and often failing) to dodge the hall monitors stationed at each end. Gone were the teachers who dashed from classroom to workroom in the hopes of being at the head of the line for the lone ditto machine. Gone were the janitors who lazily pushed their deck brooms over the shining terrazzo floors while checking the wall clock, anticipating their next break.

Joanne ducked inside the nearest girls’ room and stood in front of the large mirror over the bank of sinks to straighten her hair. At 18, Joanne Didier is an All-American sort of beauty. She has an angelic, childlike face framed with cascades of thick copper-colored hair that flows past her shoulders. She produced a brush from her book bag and ran it through her hair a few times before leaving the safety of the bathroom. Once she was back in the empty hall, she turned her sapphire blue eyes to room 326. Her careful breath drew in a hint of chalk dust and slight apprehension.

This was not the first time she’d waited for her algebra teacher, Miss Wright. Ever since the school year began, they have been meeting each other for one reason or another. After a while, they’d built up enough of a rapport that they started passing each other notes in the hall during passing period. The note might be hidden in a textbook that Joanne would “accidentally” drop, or the two might literally bump into each other in the crush of students trying to fight their way like salmon travelling upstream to their next class.

Miss Bobbie Jean Wright sat alone in room 326, grading the last of her 6th period algebra tests before turning to write something in her gradebook. Miss Wright is in her early to mid-40s—perhaps 50 for all Joanne could guess. She is a well-groomed, rather prim looking butch woman with rather pale skin sprinkled modestly with freckles. Her boyishly cropped light strawberry blond hair paired well with her clear, ice blue eyes. For all intents, Miss Wright looked more like a gym teacher than a math teacher. Two nights a week, Miss Wright coaches the girls’ varsity cross country. It was actually through cross country that Joanne and Miss Wright struck up their unusual friendship.

Joanne put a hand over her mouth, trying to stifle an errant giggle while she watched Miss Wright getting out of her seat. The older woman was facing the blackboard while she glanced down at the lesson planner balanced in the crook of her arm. She took up a stub of chalk and proceeded to fill one side of the blackboard with equations meant for the next chapter’s lesson. She must have heard the giggles because she suddenly dropped the chalk stub and cursed softly to herself when it shattered into a mass of jagged crumbs and white powder.

Miss Wright was aware of Joanne watching her in the doorway. The beautiful senior wanted to walk inside, but she hesitated. She’d already exhausted any and every excuse she could think of to see her teacher every day after school. She’d already gone for tutoring, and she was in cross country. She tried to keep things discreet, but she was paranoid that some of her classmates would start talking. Even though she was certain the building was mostly empty at this time of day, she decided to stay at the threshold. One can never be too careful!

With a small whisk broom and dustpan, Miss Wright did her best to sweep up the little mess caused by the broken chalk stub. When she finished, she regarded the beautiful copper-haired girl with a stern expression. The teacher dumped the contents of the dustpan into the wastebasket by the door, and set Escort it in the hall for the janitor to pick up. Joanne had to jump out of the way as her teacher did this.

“I have a few things I’ve got to take care of, Joanne.” Miss Wright said in a low, brusque voice. “I think you should wait downstairs.”

Joanne silently turned away from room 326 and smiled to herself…but not too wide. Joanne had planned this for weeks with Miss Wright. In a flurry of secretly passed notes and spoken code after cross country practice, both teacher and student hatched a plan that most sane people would dismiss as utterly preposterous and wholly inappropriate. Joanne Didier could hardly believe it when Miss Wright reluctantly agreed to go along with her nutty idea of staying overnight in the school basement!

To Joanne, the idea at the time seemed perfect—foolproof! The basement level of F.W. Harmony was undergoing a partial remodeling. There were plenty of halls and unused rooms down there where anyone could easily hide if they wanted the privacy. Of course, Joanne Didier wanted nothing more in the whole world than to hide away with Bobbie Jean Wright. It was Joanne’s senior year, but she couldn’t wait! She wanted to savor the older woman’s kisses in privacy rather than having to steal errant pecks on the off chance no one was looking. She was so sick of trying to find excuses to stay after school or wait around after cross country practice to have the chance to spend time alone with Miss Wright. Until she came up with the idea a few weeks ago, she was certain she’d really have to wait until graduation to enjoy solitude with her teacher.

It was so late now! The halls of F.W. Harmony echoed with each careful step Joanne took as she hurried down the three flights of stairs to the basement level. All that was left now was darkness and a lingering aroma of textbooks, chalk dust, and musty gym equipment.

The basement is a sprawling dark maze consisting of several classrooms and the cafeteria in one wing, and a group of empty rooms often used for gym classes in another. Joanne headed in this direction and dashed down a blackened hall filled with stacks of boxes, debris, and old desks and chairs. There was a pair of solid wood doors indicating the girls’ and boys’ PE offices respectively. The gorgeous girl’s eyes settled on the right hand door, her destination.

She’d visited the confines of this office several times for different reasons. Sometimes it was to discuss grades with her gym teacher, Miss Neal. Other times she would stay here after cross country practice to help Miss Wright put away equipment and talk. On the off chance that no classmates were lingering, Joanne would find herself lost in a passion-charged embrace with Miss Wright. Their mouths would mash together, and their tongues fought for the other’s touch before a noise would startle them both, and they’d reluctantly break their kiss.

The pool and the girls’ locker room were a couple doors down. Joanne would try valiantly to make their trysts last. She’d jokingly offer sometimes to shower for Miss Wright, but her teacher always regarded her student with a chilling expression before flatly ordering her to go home. Miss Wright was always so professional, so proper! But sometimes when Joanne left the locker room after her post-practice shower, she’d notice a soft yellow light pouring out from the gap near the floor. She imagined that poor Miss Wright was probably sitting behind the desk working on something; the hardened features of her face rapt with errant lust.

A sudden wave of distress caused Joanne’s stomach to cramp up. She realized that the offices were probably locked, and she needed a suitable place to hide in case any of the gym teachers were still in the building. They might be hanging around trying to wrap up their lesson plans for the week, or (funnier still) doing the same thing she’d been doing for the last few weeks with Miss Wright after cross country practice!

Joanne remembered that first encounter with her teacher months ago. The gorgeous senior was terrible at algebra. She needed tutoring after school to raise her grades so she’d be eligible for cross country in the spring. Miss Wright suggested the idea of staying after school a few nights each week to practice polynomials…before they knew it, they began to talk about other things.

Beneath Joanne Didier’s innocent beauty lay a heart and mind that was taken instantly by her teacher’s decidedly masculine appearance. Bobby Jean Wright walked the halls of F.W. Harmony with a confident swagger that put most people off—including Principal Nelson. Her deep voice was often terse and brusque, but softened just enough when she was alone with Joanne to convince her that her teacher was indeed very much a woman with all the needs and desires that implied. Of course Miss Wright could also be quite sharp when she had to be. She was all business and no nonsense. But she was always soft and loving towards Joanne whenever the moment allowed. This was what Joanne was drawn to. It was what she dreamed of constantly when she sat in algebra class under her teacher’s stern watchful eye.

After cross country practice at Gates Park one Thursday afternoon, Joanne pretended that she needed to ask Miss Wright something about the upcoming meet against Talcott on Saturday. She made sure no one was paying attention when she produced a tightly folded note which she passed as discreetly as she could to her teacher while they talked. The beautiful senior blushed when she reflected back on that awkward written declaration of her…love? Perhaps the shy teen was only experiencing infatuation for the old dyke teacher, but to her it sure felt like love!

Just the same, Joanne was blown away by the shock she felt when on the following Monday, Miss Wright quietly confessed that she too was taken with such a “pretty young lady” as she’d called her. Joanne’s body warmed with a shrill, prickling heat as she recalled the first time she kissed her teacher.

They were alone in room 326. Joanne was gathering her algebra text and the assignment they were working on when that same prickling heat washed over her. She could feel the soft cotton fabric of Miss Wright’s short sleeved shirt and the lean firmness of the old dyke’s body pressing—almost thrusting against her.

“Just a minute, Miss Didier…There’s one more thing…”

Miss Wright’s gruff voice wavered noticeably as she tried to speak softly lest someone should hear. Joanne barely had any time to process what happened next. She felt it; like building static electricity, the older woman’s hot mouth pressed against her own moist full lips. The girl parted her lips, and she felt the teacher’s tongue slipping inside. Their tongues danced while a pair of strong hands held her little body firmly in place.

A soft cooing sort of sound escaped Joanne. She felt her body go limp, sinking into the old dyke’s arms. Miss Wright embraced the girl completely as they kissed. Her small, nearly flat chest smashed against Joanne’s plump, newly ripened breasts. In seconds, the gorgeous teen’s nipples grew sharp and erect, creating a distinct impression through the light blouse she wore that day.

Even now Joanne’s breasts felt tight and swollen as she remembered the sounds of Miss Wright’s heavy ragged breaths filling her ears. The older woman’s breath felt hot and damp, carrying a slight odor of stale black coffee and starlight mints.

“This is wrong…we shouldn’t be doing this!”

“What? What’s the matter?”

Joanne was startled by the sound of her own voice breaking the eerie silence in the hallway which by now was almost completely blackened by the impending night. She remembered that moment when as quickly as they kissed, an intense guilt seized the math teacher. It nearly broke poor Joanne’s heart!

“This isn’t right! I’m your teacher!”

The old dyke was pushing the words through her teeth. From Joanne’s perspective, it was obvious she was trying to keep herself from breaking down.

“I’m much too old for you, Joanne!”

But in spite of any misgivings she’d had, it seemed Miss Wright felt just as strongly for Joanne as she did for her teacher. Now here Joanne Didier was in the basement of F.W. Harmony waiting in the dark. She couldn’t leave—not now! She was locked in for the night. Joanne’s ears strained to hear the familiar sound of heavy deliberate footfalls in the distance. The footfalls grew closer until she could hear the jingling of a set of keys being removed and the turning of a lock.

Joanne retreated from her hiding place in a nearby storage room that had been carelessly left unlocked before heading back towards the P.E. offices. She could see a very dim flickering splash of golden light emanating through the solid old wood door left ajar. It was through this gap that Joanne observed Miss Wright rummaging through an otherwise empty file cabinet. There was an old desk and a metal couch shoved against the wall. Joanne remembered that the couch was supposed to be used in case any student was injured or felt sick during class. As far as she knew though, it had never been used for that. She noticed an overnight bag sitting on top of the desk next to a jar candle that Miss Wright had lit to keep from switching on any lights.

Miss Wright was fully aware of the stunning young girl standing in the doorway. Her heart raced from a mixture of adrenaline and raw lust. Bobbie Jean Wright’s attraction to Joanne Didier began from a simple admiration for the teen’s athletic abilities. She was a bright and beautiful angel with that glossy copper hair and soulful sparkling eyes that could break your heart—or stop it altogether. But it was her swift stamina on the track and those long lovely legs that captured the old dyke’s attention first. Poor Joanne was terrible with equations and algorithms, but when it came to running, her stunning little body could definitely go the distance!

It was pretty obvious to Joanne that although Miss Wright protested her idea of staying the night together in the school basement, she’d spent considerable time preparing for the evening. She brought an overnight bag small enough to stash inside the empty file cabinet. It was large enough to contain a change of clothes, a few toiletries, and a couple of carefully packed containers of food. Joanne also planned accordingly. She’d gone to her locker earlier and retrieved her own overnight bag containing a change of clothes and toiletries.

From a second locked drawer, Miss Wright produced a thick quilt and blanket. She dashed out into the hall and to the storage room where Joanne had been hiding. After a couple of minutes, the girl saw that her teacher had returned with two pillows.

“How did you get away with hiding all this stuff?” Joanne couldn’t help but wonder out loud. The girls’ PE office was shared with three gym teachers and a few coaches. Hiding things in such a high traffic area was no mean feat!

“Let’s just say that I had to move around a lot of files, but I managed. Lucky for us, Miss Neal and Miss Bennett are using the file cabinets in the boys’ office next door while the remodeling is going on.”

Miss Wright pulled the metal couch away from the wall after shoving the desk aside. That was when Joanne discovered that the couch was in fact an adjustable cot of sorts. She watched as her teacher fiddled with the back until she was able to lower it into a flat stable position. Next she spread the blanket and quilt over the thin, worn out pad that served for a mattress. She tossed the two pillows on top before reaching over to position the candle flickering in its glass jar safely away from the edge of the desktop.

Joanne stepped over and took a seat beside her math teacher on the cot in the rather cramped space. What was otherwise a brightly lit office crammed with girls asking their cross country coach this or that after practice was now transformed into a snug little nook bathed in gentle golden light…they were truly alone now!

Miss Wright was staring at Joanne. The candlelight picked up the lines etched deeply around the older woman’s eyes and mouth. The shadows cast against her cheeks made them appear somewhat hollow; like she was wasted and frail. Miss Wright’s voice cracked a little when she spoke:

“You know, we really shouldn’t do this. We should wait until you graduate, Joanne. We already see each other too much during school…people might start noticing.”

“But I love you, Bobbie!” Joanne protested anxiously. “And I know that you love me too! You said so yourself! I mean—if this bothers you, I could just come to your house…”

“Oh God no, Joanne!”

Miss Wright nearly shouted before catching herself. Even though the building was probably empty, she still felt the need to keep her voice down.

“You’re—you’re so young, dear…what would people say if—besides, I’m still your teacher! I could lose my job!”

Her voice was positively shaking now. There’s no chance that Miss Wright would lose her job even if Joanne decided to report her to Principal Nelson himself—not that she ever would! Who would ever believe her anyway? Miss Wright is one of the most respected teachers at F.W. Harmony. She’d have to practically murder someone, and even then most of the teachers here would circle the wagons and defend her to the bitter end. Miss Wright turned to Joanne, favoring her with a weak smile. It was clear that the older woman was fighting back tears.

“If you can wait until you graduate, dear—just a couple more months—you can visit me at my house as much as you’d like…”

Miss Wright gazed into Joanne’s beguiling sapphire eyes and drew a little closer. The old dyke stifled an errant sob. This was such torture!

“…if you’ll still have me.”

The old dyke couldn’t take it anymore! She took the gorgeous teen in her arms. Their lips locked in searing hot passion as they embraced each other fully. Almost instantly Joanne could feel her teacher’s warm, slightly calloused hands exploring her curves through the soft fabric of her blouse.

Miss Wright’s tongue was so eager, hot, and wet! Her mouth nipped here and there insistently between Joanne’s slender neck and her superb little rosebud lips. The gorgeous teen melted in her older lover’s arms, surrendering to those urgent, fiery kisses. Joanne gagged a little at first, but after a few seconds, she relaxed enough to allow her mouth to receive the intruding tongue that seemed to penetrate her soul with each swipe and jab.

Joanne, by her own admission, wasn’t particularly good at kissing. Since junior high, she’d kissed a few boys on dates. But those kisses were usually nothing more than a prelude to some cringeworthy frenzied attempts at initiating sex. It wasn’t Joanne’s fault—not entirely. It’s just that when a boy she liked wanted sex, she balked, leaving them angry and humiliated. She just wasn’t interested in boys, beautiful as she is. Joanne wanted something much deeper; more satisfying and fulfilling.

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